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									   SC Archery in the
  Schools Newsletter                           Archery/Take One Make One Hunt
Issue 3 Vol. 4                                 The Department of Natural Resources
                                               Education section has been able to
October 15, 2010
                                               successfully merge two of their most
                                               popular programs. The Take One Make One
                                               Program (TOMO) had a hunt featuring
Welcome Back Teachers                          Archery in the Schools students. “The
                                               TOMO Program provides more than 30
Well it is time for another exciting year of
                                               different hunts a year but has only talked
Archery. Many of you have already started
                                               about an archery only hunt until now,“ says
your Archery unit yet some are still waiting
                                               Lynwood Kearse (TOMO Coordinator).
for equipment. The SC Archery in the
                                               The TOMO program was the brainchild of
Schools program is growing fast. We added
                                               current South Carolina Department of
35 new schools in 2009-2010. As a result
                                               Natural Resources (DNR) Director John
South Carolina was awarded two plaques at
                                               Frampton. After a year of development, the
the State Coordinators Conference last May.
                                               program was implemented in the summer of
We are one of 20 other states that surpassed
the 100 schools mark. Additionally, with a
total of 176 public and private schools we
were recognized for 10% of the total schools
of SC in participation.        Thank you!
Teachers, Coaches and Administrators.

Virtual Tournament
Yes, we will have a virtual tournament this
year in 2011. This year each Coach will be
able to submit their scores to the NASP
website starting on Jan. 10, 2011 – Feb. 18,
2011. Back in April DNR officials invited
first place team Coaches to discuss several    TOMO is an innovative approach to
issues concerning the Virtual and State        introducing and re-introducing the youth and
tournaments. One result of that meeting is     families of South Carolina to hunting,
that now your scores must be verified by a     fishing, and shooting sports, and other
DNR official, a coach from another school      outdoor recreation. The program has the
or an Administrator. More information          ultimate goal of halting the local and
about the changes will be sent out by mid-     national downward trend in participation in
December.                                      these activities. TOMO is designed to teach

students about the total outdoor experience,     World Tournament
and to increase their awareness of the value
of wildlife and the natural environment by       We had two teams and several individuals
encouraging experienced adults to “pass on”      from South Carolina to compete at the
traditional    outdoor     skills.     TOMO      NASP World Tournament in Florida
emphasizes        teaching         background    October 8th and 9th 2010. There were overall
knowledge, skills, safety considerations,        974 participants from 21 states and 4
responsible behavior, conservation-related       countries at this Tournament. In the team
issues, and character education.                 standings Midland Valley High (Aiken)
                                                 placed 7th out of 12 teams and Blaney
“After the overwhelming turnout at the last      Elementary (Kershaw) placed 6th out of 11
Archery in the Schools State Tournament          teams. There were also a few individuals
(over 450 archers) our staff knew it was time    from Georgetown Middle School that
to make the transition” says Lt. John “Billy”    participated in the tournament.
Downer II. This hunt would not have been a
success without David Shull president of the     Andrew Atkinson the Midland Valley team
Bowhunters of South Carolina and his             captain finished 1st place in the world in the
                                                 high school male division and 3rd place in the
members who acted as guides for the
                                                 world in the overall.
students. Seven students from Georgetown
Middle, Mid-Carolina High (Newberry Co.)         In 2008 Ms. Giampietro started an Archery
and Burgess Middle School (Horry Co.)            club at Burgess Elementary school. Last
participated in the hunt. The four girls and     year Savannah Futrell decided she would
three boys hunted using two crossbows, four      like to join the club Savannah was 10 at the
compound bows and one traditional bow.           time and had never shot a bow and arrow.
Tom Jeffery from Jeffery Archery fitted          She competed in the Burgess Tournament in
each archer with a bow as the staff of our       February and placed 4th which allowed her
hosts at Millaree hunt club prepared a lunch     and 4 team mates to compete in the SC State
for all. “This hunt is one of the greatest       Tournament in March 2010. Savannah
ideas by DNR to fill our ranks with more         placed 3rd there and was on her way to
hunters and fisherman,” says Tom Jeffery.        compete in the National Tournament in
                                                 Kentucky where she placed 5th. After the
Although no game was harvested on this
                                                 Nationals she was eligible to compete in the
particular hunt several of the archers came
                                                 2010 World Tournament in Florida in
back with a story they could tell in school on
Monday. Each archer was able to enjoy the
sights and sounds of the outdoors which
supports our departmental theme “Life is
Better Outdoors”. (For more information on
similar    opportunities    please     contact
Lynwood Kearse @

                                                make the best use of equipment and
                                                manpower. For more information about this
                                                tournament please contact Sgt. Kim
                                                Leverich @ (

                                                Tournament Format Changes
                                                Those of you who have attended the
                                                Nationals may know that the format for
                                                competition has changed.         First of all
                                                shooter within a flight will complete the 3
                                                ends at 10 meters and 15 meters before their
                                                team mates can shoot. For example, if you
Savannah is now ranked 3rd in the World in      have a team of 21 archers. 10 would be in
the 4th grade girls division. She has her eye   flight 1 and 11 would be in flight 2. Flight 1
on the tournaments scheduled for this year      would shoot 3 ends of five arrows from the
and is looking at taking 1st place. Savannah    10 meters and then from the 15 meters.
hopes this big win will spark a greater         (This should take one hour). A 15 min
interest in Archery for the girls in her        intermission will usher in the 2nd flight.
school.                                         (second half of the team)

Horry County Archery                            The State Tournament will be held on
Tournament Feb. 5, 2011                         March 24, 2011 for Elementary Schools
                                                and March 25, 2011 for Middle and High
Horry County Schools and the Sandunes           Schools.
Archery Club will be sponsoring a
                                                 The National Tournament will be in
countywide tournament. This tournament
                                                Louisville, Kentucky on May 13 & 14,
will meet the Virtual tournament
requirement that each school must complete
in order to qualify for the State tournament    Last Basic Instructor Training of the year
in March 2011. The tournament will be held      will be held on December 11, 2010 at
on Saturday February 5, 2011 at the Burgess     Waccamaw         Middle      School     in
Elementary School gymnasium. Any NASP           Georgetown County. Please contact
school in Horry County will be able to          Sgt. Leverich at
participate.   We are pleased to have           or 843-870-5574 for registration and
Volunteers from the Sandunes Archery Club       additional information.
to assist. Sandunes will also have a booth
set up with information about other youth       EQUIPMENT
and family target shoots sponsored by their
                                                Easton is now producing another colored
club. We encourage schools within a district
                                                NASP arrow for tournament use.           In
to combine virtual tournaments in order to
                                                addition to the blue shaft NASP arrow there

will also be a gold (rust) colored arrow.              Aiken Elem. -Todd Moore, Lori Secrist
Both are acceptable. You will not need to              Ridge-Spring Monetta - John Bundrick
purchase them but they will make scoring                Mark Rogers
                                                       North Aiken – Alma Finnie
easier for tournaments. The two will be                SCDNR – Jim Edwards
used in the State and National Tournaments.
                                                       Georgetown Training
New Schools and Teachers to the
Program                                                Carvers Bay High-Daniel Howard
                                                       Marion County Technical Ed. Ctr.-Rupert Smith
Laurens Training                                       III, Linwood Chestnut
                                                       J.V. Martin-Shirley Carter
Chapin Elementary – April Carnes                       Macedonia Middle – Susan Hill
Covenant Christian School- Gary Collier                Waccamaw Middle-William Dwyer
Gray Court – William Wilcox Jr., Suzanne Fay,          Georgetown Middle- Justin Johnson, Dana
Jerry Poole                                            Edwards
E.B. Morse Elem. – Andre Lytes                         St. James Middle-Samantha Anken
Ford Elem. – Kris Krystyniak                           Socastee High-Sarah Ray
Laurens Middle/Elem. – Chris Johnson, Laralynn         Haut Gap Middle-Jeffrey Fain
Harlen                                                 St. Andrews Middle-Matthew Mason
Laurence Manning Academy – Maria Rowland
Manning High – Frank Ladson                            Union County
Camp Fellowship- Kevin Cartee
                                                       Blythewood High – William Ely, Ruth Dennis
                                                       Robert E. Lee Academy- Brian Scott,
                                                         Jessica Guarneri, Darren Griggs
                                                       Hampton Park Christian Academy - Beau Asire
                                                                                 Jeremy McMorris
                                                       Holly Hill Roberts- Christopher Glover
                                                       Jonesville Elem./Middle – Rachael Brewington
                                                       Union Christian Academy – Preston Bennett,
                                                       Alice Riddle
                                                       North Central Middle- Rebecca Greenway
                                                       Palmetto Independent Educators-Vickie Boyd,
                                                       Paul May

Teachers prepare to shoot as if they were in a wheel   Reminder: The surveys are sent to you in
chair.                                                 April. Completion of this short survey is a
                                                       condition of your agreement as well as giving
Aiken Training                                         our Department vital information about the
Aiken Performing Arts     Cecil Atchley                program.
Belvedere Elem.           Linda Dukett
JD Lever Elementary       Mark Bolton
Silver Bluff High         Kim Kirk
South Aiken               Kristen Holmes


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