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					                  Business Job Descriptions
An organization which is formed to satisfy the needs of people, other
businesses and government bodies is known as business. Its main
purpose is to earn profit. Very few people think of doing a business in
their span of career because risk taking ability is the important
quality required for any business. Many individuals instead prefer
jobs in companies. However if you have confidence and daring to
face challenges in life, then business can be the best career option.

    Sample Business Analyst Job Profile and
A business analyst manager is in charge of performing detailed quantitative
analysis to develop strategies for the success of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities
 The main job of a business analyst officer is to handle business portfolio
   analyst, manage various statistical models and help in formulating
   portfolio strategies
 He also has to make and conduct campaign management and analyse
   strategies by competitors related to various stages of customer and
   product life cycle
 He must perform in-depth analyst for portfolio management and
   undertake strategy development
 He must submit reports regularly on the basis of these analyses
 He needs to conduct research studies to identify loopholes in their
   strategies and also discover new opportunities or areas to focus in
 Some of them also have to develop business models related to customer
   modeling, customer segmentation and business forecasting.
 He needs to document and analyze the required information and data
 He needs to work with different business units and develop product
   propensity model which deal with acquisition, usage and retention and
 He needs to have a deep understanding of customer’s needs,
   transforming them into application and operational requirements
 After identifying those requirements, he needs to provide solutions to
   meet company targets
Skills and Specifications
 A business analyst officer must show strong analytical and problem-
   solving skills
 He must be able to work in a team, leading and motivating them
 He should be aware of the basic technical software and applications need
   in this line of work
   Good communication skills, both written and verbal are important
Education and Qualifications
Those interested in this field need to a bachelor’s degree in mathematics,
statistics, economics, finance or operational research. One can also go for an
MBA and study marketing analyst. Besides this, prior experience in customer
relationship management and credit risk management will also be helpful.


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