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									                                Side Effects of Botox

What is the quickest way to improve facial appearance? No points for guessing, as it is
botox. Botox cosmetic injections are an easy solution to achieve wrinkle free facial skin. It is
a useful tool when it comes to getting that 'perfect' smile and a younger face. Wrinkles and
frown lines are some of the indicators of old age, which can always be removed from the
face using botox treatment. Botox's ability to prevent formation of wrinkles on the skin is
simply remarkable and nothing short of a miracle.

Botox Side Effects
Although botox treatment that is generally administered through injections can work
wonders to treat wrinkles, there are a few side effects associated with it. However, the good
news is that botox side effects that have been reported are mild and not a cause of
concern. Some of them are listed below:

Immediate Side Effects: A bee stinging sensation might accompany while giving botox
treatment. This is similar to a mosquito bite or a pinprick, which is easily tolerable. The
person may experience mild to moderate pain which can always be decreased by keeping
a cold compress or an ice pack on the affected part of the skin. The injected site may turn
red, which is quite normal. Another outcome of this treatment might be a bruise (mild injury
to the soft skin tissue). Bruising and swelling at the injected site is likely to occur among
people with a sensitive skin.

Less Common Botox Injection Side Effects: People who have undergone botox
treatment, sometimes complain about about headache, nausea or dizziness. These side
effects that occur within a day or two indicate the body's response to botox and are not a
cause of worry.
Serious Botox Side Effects: In most cases, the body responds quite well to botox and
serious outcome after taking botox treatment is a rarity. Prolonged weakness or respiratory
infections such as sore throat are some of the side effects that can be bothersome. In some
cases, people experience eye sight problems such as blurred vision, eye drooping and
even trouble breathing. Botox can trigger an allergic reaction in the form of skin rash or
itching. Hives (outbreak of red bumps) is an indication of adverse reaction and in such
cases, the treatment must be immediately stopped. Severe side effects of botox require
consultation with a doctor, in order to get relief from these health problems.

Botox Side Effects on Brain
Studies on animals such as rats and mice suggest that botox treated on facial muscles
could move to the brain and lead to paralysis. However, one cannot conclude that the same
side effect might happen with humans. Nevertheless, overuse of botox should be avoided
to be on the safer side.

How to Minimize Botox Side Effects
Consulting an experienced dermatologist who has a thorough practical knowledge about
botox treatment, can greatly reduce the occurrence of botox side effects. Doctors with
minimal understanding of botox treatment are likely to give their patients a hard time in the
near future.

On the whole, the proper technique has to be implemented when it comes to giving botox
treatment. For instance, botox injections administered at an incorrect site on the face are
bound to cause botox side effects. Therefore, taking the help of a surgeon having extensive
experience in botox therapy is the best possible solution to get the desired result safely.

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