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					TO: WCE eWaste Committee                FROM: Timothy Anderson, WCE President               1 March 2007
                                      Are you willing
WCE content items to                  to revie w
be linked to IDRC tool Do you know a content
kit web site for Latin lot about this developed by a Content Page Links for future:
America and the        topic?         WCE
Caribbean (LAC)                       researcher on
                                      this topic?
A. Toxins found in
computers and             Y or N     Y or N         IctToxins
B. Location of the toxins
in computers and          Y or N     Y or N         IctToxins
                                                    AnTimony, ArSenic, BaRium, BeryLlium, BrominatedFlame_retardants,
                                                    CadMium, ChloroFluorocarbon, ChromiumVi, Fate_of_Mercury,
C. Impact of toxins on
                                                    Fate_of_PBDE, How_do_these_toxins_Enter_the_Environment, LeAd,
the environment and      Y or N      Y or N
                                                    LiThium, MerCury, NicKel, PolyChlorinatedbiphenols,
human health
                                                    PolybrominatedBiphenyls, PolybrominateddiphenylEthers,
                                                    PolyvinylChloride, TetraBromobisphenola, ToxIns, ZincSulfide
D. Cause, scope and
impact of landfilling or   Y or N    Y or N         ProblemOverview, What_is_eWaste
burning dead computers
E. Names of individuals
and organizations
(businesses, universities, Y or N    Y or N         Topic Research Links
NGOs) that are
addressing e-waste issues
F. Informational Spanish
language sites on the e- Y or N      Y or N   Acerca_de_Ebasura
waste problem. Sp
G. E-waste recycling
                          Y or N     Y or N   .
centers that exist in LAC
H. LAC companies that
accept hazardous /
                            Y or N   Y or N   Potential Market Places for Ewaste Recycler
nonhazardous waste for
recycling Sp
I. Computer repair and
refurbishing centres in     Y or N   Y or N   ComputerRefurbishing, ComputerreburbishersTable, ComputerParts
J. Organizations that
accept used computer        Y or N   Y or N   ComputerDonations
donations in LAC Sp
K. NGO's that provide
ICT training as potential
                            Y or N   Y or N   .
sites for refurb/recycle
training Sp
L. Individuals and
organizations(businesses,                     SUR in Chile, PROYECTO INVESTIGACIÓN APLICADA SOBRE
universities, NGOs) that Y or N      Y or N   RECICLAJE DE COMPUTADORES Environmental Organizations
are addressing e-waste                        Ministers of the Environment
issues in LAC Sp
M. IDRC projects that
impact the e-waste issue Y or N      Y or N   .
in LAC Sp
N. LAC organizations
that may be joined by
computer owners, IT
                            Y or N   Y or N   .
people, LAC tech
teachers, Internet café
owners etc. Sp
O. Take back programs
and extended producer
responsibility programs     Y or N   Y or N   ManufacturesTakeback
by LAC branches of
computer manufactures
P. Preventative
maintenance procedures
                            Y or N   Y or N   PreventativeMaintenance
to prolong the life of
Q. Diagnostic software
assist the repair of non-   Y or N   Y or N   .
functioning computers
R. How-to maintenance
guides for replacements
of hard drives, power    Y or N      Y or N   ComputerRepair
supplies and disassembly
of dead computers
S. Strategies for
upgrading computers as a Y or N      Y or N   SoftwareOptions
reuse strategy
T. Free and Open Source
                        Y or N       Y or N   SoftwareOptions, WindowsFloss, SoftwarelibreWindows (espanol)
Software(FOSS) that
would reduce the need to
replace computers
U. Information about
purchasing "green
computers" and identify
                            Y or N   Y or N   ShutdownSettings, StandbyPowerDraw
strategies for reducing the
energy consumption of
V. Training material for
use by workers in e-waste
                          Y or N     Y or N   TrainingMaterial
recycling and computer
W. SME /
Entrepreneurship training
and financing programs Y or N        Y or N   EntrePreneurship
that would support e-
waste recyclers in LAC
X. Alternative models
from developed /
developing countries for   Y or N    Y or N   EwasteModels
computer reuse and
Y. Cradle to grave value
chain for computers in     Y or N    Y or N   .
Z. Existing lesson plan on
                           Y or N    Y or N   LessonPlans
the topic of e-waste
AA. LAC ministers of       Y or N    Y or N   EducationMinisters Educational Organizations in LAC
education & LAC
educational organizations

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