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                           Technology for Educators – Fall 2007
This is a great site for clip art. There are over 1,000 categories. These are easy to access
and each category has a lot to choose from.
It is a great site for clip art. This site is easy to access. The clip art is organized in
categories and has a lot of variety.
This is a great site for clipart. To access a lot of clipart options that are categorized just
choose clipart next to the home button. The variety was great.
This site has great clip art. The anatomy for example is clear and precise. It has great
This site is like a portal to other sites. It has a lot of options that link you to free clip art
This is a good site for clip art. It has a lot of user options. The browse clipart by
category helps you navigate quickly to what you are seeking.
There are over 3,000 clipart images. It was an easy site to navigate. The clipart was
categorized by school subjects to help in planning.
This site was one of the most varied sites. It included categories like African American,
patriotic a lot of varied choices. This is a site I will check in the future.
This site had a lot of categories. It was true to the name, pure clipart. It has a variety of
topics and designs as well as links to other free sites.
I liked this site. Although it is a primarily faith based site, many of the holiday choices
could be used in public schools. A great site if you find yourself teaching in a Christian
school, or faith based orphanage, or sending lesson plans to missionary children around
the world!

Awesome Clipart for Educators has FREE educator clipart, coloring pages, backgrounds,
fonts, icons, lines, worksheets featuring Birthday, Chinese New Year, Christmas,
Christian, Easter, Groundhog Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St. Patrick's Day,
Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Aliens, Americana, Animals, Asian, Cats, Creatures,
Dogs, Education, Robots, School, Sports, Toys, Weather, Fall, Spring, and Winter.

Discovery Education site has clipart for themes, holidays, different subject areas, food,
art, letters, and lots more.

A collection of education related, color clip-art and web graphics.**** This is a large
collection on one page----open the page and go get a nice cup of hot chocolate while it is

Pictures of critters, house wares, people, food, leisure, places, symbols, and much
more at a simple click of the mouse.

WiseGorilla is an educational website that offers clip art of Science, Geography, So cial
Sci ence and much more! This is simple site to maneuver.

Oxford Illustrated Science Encyclopedia

Choose from Plants and Animals, Humans, The Earth, Atoms and Molecules, Energy and
Forces, Light and Sound, Computers, Industry and Technology, Inventions,
Transportation and Space and Astronomy. This site takes a few seconds to come up, but
the pictures are great.

Classroom Clip Art

Choose from the many categories to find the clipart right for your project. Takes a few
clicks, but this site offers tons of pictures.

Animals Picture Archive

This site has some great large black line images and is very easy to access.

Royalty-Free Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction

This page contains a growing collection of clip art (simple line-drawings) to be used by
foreign language instructors. Drawings are designed to be culturally and linguistically
neutral as much as possible.

ABC Teach

ABC Teach offers lots of clipart for holidays, seasonal items, sports, food, animals, and
more! Site is very easy to operate.

This site offers animals, people, flowers, and lots more. Site takes a few clicks, but isn’t
difficult to locate what you are looking for.
This site has tons of great pictures. It would be suitable for any grade, and for teachers,
parents, and students. The user is able to choose from several categories and then search
through the pictures for the perfect one they need.
Here the user can choose from over 300 categories. There are many pictures under the
categories for the user to choose from. This site would be appropriate for an upper
elementary student and beyond. It could also be used by parents and teachers.
This site would come in handy for fourth/fifth grade and up. This site offers American
and other patriotic clip art images. I would suggest that it is useful for students, parents,
and teachers.
Here the student can retrieve pictures for holidays and other “funny” clip art images. This
site could be suitable for younger children, but will have to have help accessing the site.
These pictures are very basic.
This site is for teachers. Here they can find Word Art, Clip art, and Animated clips that
pertain to education. This is a great site with many links.
School-Clipart provides many categories of school related clip art pictures. I think that
this site is mainly for teachers but could be used by students and parents.
This sites name says it all. This site has many categories of awesome clip art pictures. It
is for educators to use. To find pictures you just click on the category, find the
subcategory use wish to use and find the pictures you want.
Students, parents and teachers can all benefit from this site. There are links for each of
them to choose from. Also, there are several links for different categories for the user to
choose from for what they are looking for.
Teachers would most benefit from this site. They can find educational borders,
backgrounds, images, and lines. There is also other categories once you choose the above
Here a teacher could find plenty of web page backgrounds, borders and clip art pictures.
Although it is made for teachers, parents and students could use this site.
This website lists many categories of clip art that students and teachers can use in
assignments, lesson plans, and quizzes. Some categories include Easter, pumpkin,
education, fairy and MUCH more!
These images are great for teachers to use in their newsletters and on other documents
they would like to jazz up a bit! The many categories include awards, letters and
numbers, and technology to name a few.
This site provides free educational clip art for teachers to use. The site also categories
include titles, headlines, month signs, and year signs.
This website includes free clip art for educators such as Birthday, Chinese New Year,
Christmas, Christian, Easter, Groundhog Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St.
Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Aliens, Americana, Animals, Asian, Cats,
Creatures, Dogs, Education, Robots, School, Sports, Toys, Weather, Fall, Spring, Winter
- updated weekly by Tom Brown and Judith Rajala.
This is a site for free clip art, clip art pictures, and illustrations. Just a few categories
include architecture, foods, plants, and so much more! Teachers will find this site very
useful and well as students.
This site is most beneficial and appropriate for teachers to use. Clip art categories
include cartoon, regular, and miscellaneous.
This website has a link to view clip art by an alphabetized list. Teachers will find this
site most useful when adding clip art to worksheets, and rewards.
Kids will love this site full of different selections of fun clip art. Categories inc lude
flowers, holidays, insects, sports, and even more. Teachers can also find this website
helpful for clip art images.
This website for clip art is particularly unique in that it provides thousands of clip art
images that have been photographed. These images have been have been donated by
students, teachers, and amateur photographers.
This site offers a collection of original holiday graphics. Teachers will love using clip art
images from this site around the holidays! - includes various types of clipart for all subject
matters and aspects of education. - includes all different types from agriculture to religion. - all types of clipart and word art. - educational clipart. - includes clipart from African American studies all the
way to construction clipart.
Over 1,500 free cliparts - easy to use - includes a lot of new and unusual clip art
images. - easy to use
clipart for in and around the classroom. - Includes free clipart and back grounds. – This website offers great, fun pictures for students to use in
many activities, and it is FREE!! – The site has tons of categories for clipart images.
It does however require a few extra clicks of the mouse, and it does state that there is a
maximum downloads in 24 hours for 30 download, and the maximum for 72 hours is 60
images. – This site has patriotic American & history clipart &
animals, school, food and drinks, people, etc. – Has several categories such as animals,
holidays, seasons, religious, and more general ones. – This one has a large variety of different clipart from
anatomy to weather. The pictures are very detailed. - For teachers to use for power points,
slideshows, or newsletters. – Has photos are acceptable to use in kids projects,
bulletins for teachers, or in the classroom. - This one has many categories from health
and safety to technology. But this site does have a limit of 10 images. – Has many categories like American sign language to
National Parks. – Animated images for kids, this site would be great to
use on power point presentations.
Free clip art designed to help motivate students. All of the clip art on this site is free and
has many different categories.
A collection of education related clip art and web graphics in both color and black and
white. From this site you can link on to many other educational sites.
Thousands of clip art pictures that can be used for coloring sheets, backgrounds photos,
etc. The pictures are easily located by category or theme.
Free clip art. Thousands of 3-D and animated pictures sorted out by topic.
Over 10,000 free clip art pictures in over 300 different categories. Pictures are easily
found through a Google search toolbar on the site.
Free educational clip art that has been accumulated from other teachers and divided up by
category for free downloads.
More than 150,000 free images and sounds available for download on this site. There are
special pages for holidays and for schools.
Over 170,000 free images in 50 different categories. This website provides you with
links to hundreds of other websites for free downloadable pictures.
Over 58,000 clip art images in over 1050 categories. All pictures are free on this site and
can be searched by category. There is a section for weekly specials.
This site is called the Clip Art Warehouse. The images on this site are free if you provide
them with a link to another site to access clip art so they can add it to their website to
provide others with more links.
The site is easy to find what you are looking for. They are in categories and have lots of
pictures. It also includes coloring pages and puzzles.
Lots of clipart with different categories. Page is very colorful which might attract more
This site is clip art dealing with graphs. It would be a good site for a social studies
This site contains real photographs. It has a section where the viewer can see different
pictures from different states.
These are real photographs. They have many different categories and are easy to search
It has over 3,000 images and also includes animated clip art. Pictures are easy to find and
the site is colorful.
Clipart is grouped into categories with plenty to view. Teachers can find just about
anything that they want. It also has other links to teacher related sites.
This site has lots of clip art and also a box where you can search for exactly what you
This site is sponsored by Microsoft but gives free clip art. It is easy to locate the right
This site has many pictures that relate to schoo l, which would make it a good site for
teachers. It is easy to get around and not confusing.
Free download, but once it’s downloaded you have it on your computer.
This site has lots of free clip art. There are all kinds of categories. I liked the seasonal
section. The Halloween pictures were really cute.
This site has 30 categories. You may not use these for profit purposes.
This site had lots to choose from. There were lots of pictures for education. There is a
Usage Guide with terms you need to follow.
This site has cute seasonal clip art, but not a lot to choose from. Christmas and
Halloween were my favorites. I searched the site for “teacher”, “classroom”, and
“education”, found a few, but not many.
For this site, you have to have a valid license for Microsoft Office Suite. I selected one
of the classroom pictures and it saved to my Clip Art file. This was easy to use.
This site was easy to move through. I found lots of pictures on several different subjects.
I like this site and will use it in the future.
This site was also easy to maneuver. There are lots of categories and the pictures are big
enough so that you can get a good look at them. The colors are bright. I found great
pictures on fire safety. I wish I had known about this one when I did my Story Sack.
This site had clip art and lesson plans. I was able to move through this site easily. I
found a cute lesson plan with pumpkins.
Some clip art, but not a lot to choose from. Lots of Army clip art. There were several
dinosaur pictures. This site could be useful when doing a unit on dinosaurs.
This site had lots and lots of clip art for education. They were easy to save and looked
really good on a document.
This is an easy website to move around in with a large variety of clipart to choose from.
This is a straight forward easy site to use. There is a wide selection of clipart. There is a
choice of using image size and formatting. This site includes a citation source as well.
You can use fifty images of the clipart with out permission.
This site is easy to maneuver around and is fun to use. It has free software to download to
go along with the clipart to get creative. It even includes a software catalog. There is a
area for you to search for books, that you may need. One other interesting resource they
have is that it contains a freedom Document site for something particular you are looking
This is a simple site to use and really self explanatory. If you use more than a couple of
images just email that site and let them know what you think. It is wonderful to use with
elementary students but can be just as useful with middle and high school students.
This site has many areas you can maneuver in such as Title/ Headings, Clip Art with text-
Word Art, Month Signs, and School Subject Signs, Year Signs and Unit Theme Titles.
You can even do a Word Art Generator. There are printable pages and other resources
available such as lesson ideas. You can even create a class website. This is really fun to
This is a easy and wonderful site to use with many options to choose from. Such as
coloring pages, fonts, worksheets, backgrounds. This is a great site to visit and try out.
This site is easy to use and simple to understand what you are looking for. It is used as a
Foreign/Secondary language course.
This is easy to use. There is also graphics to be used along with the clipart. There is also a
site for viewing purposes only.
This is a easy site to use with many images to choose from.
This is a easy and hassle free cite with no pop- ups. It easy to maneuver around and it has
plenty of clip art to choose from.
Very easy to use!
Quick to get to.
A few clicks to get to.
Easy to get to.
Easy to use.
Very organized.
Quick and easy.
Easy to use.
Easy to use. very friendly, user friendly. Arts & Humanities » Fine Arts

Social Sciences » Social Issues and Social Welfare » Crime
C:\Documents and Settings\k136-19\My Documents\Freeze Clip Art\index.html – has a
lot of junk accounts attached at the beginning but you can delete them. - is ok to work with - not easy to use. - great for classroom work. - added bonus for other applications in school rooms - best one of all. - Easiest to work with. - Best one for teachers.

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