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									English 123, Section 951 Policies and Course Information

Office hours will be Tuesday from 11:00-12:00 and Thursday from
11:00-12:00 and 5:00-6:00. My office is in Greenlaw Hall, room
533. My office phone is 962-8480. I can be reached by e-mail at
Most of the course information and activities will play out at
http://teachmix.com/itsfiction. Consult the site regularly for
important tasks and to participate.

You will complete five major assignments

     Playlist

     Collage

     Annotation Assignment

     Video

     Podcast(s)
In addition a number of smaller projects will be assigned
throughout the semester, items like blog postings, research, and
group activities.
A good deal of activity will take place through our class blog.
You will be required to make at least three postings per week,
though you likely will post more. Your postings can either be
responses to readings or to the projects of your classmates. At
points throughout the semester you will write a brief reflection
on your postings.
You will also be required to work in groups during the term to
submit regular class activities.
Reading Podcasts

On each day that a reading is assigned you will be responsible
for coming to class prepared to discuss the material. At the
beginning of each class three names will be drawn randomly and
those three class members will give an introductory podcast
discussion of the assigned reading. You will be allowed one pass
during the semester—you can use this pass to get out of one

We will use portfolio grading, meaning you will revise your work
throughout the semester and submit it for evaluation at the mid-
term and at the end of the semester. We will also have lots of
opportunities to get feedback on projects throughout the term. In
addition to submitting the portfolio for evaluation for a grade,
to receive credit for the class you must

     fulfill all the criteria of the major and minor
      assignments. This will sometimes include drafts and review

     Make three participation postings per week and complete
      readings, podcasts, and group activities.

     You must also attend on time all of the class meetings and
      participate in class. (If you miss more than three classes
      or are late more than three times, you will not meet the
      attendance requirements and your grade may be lowered.)
Your portfolio will give you a chance to demonstrate that all of
your activities represent learning, effort, growth, and work of
the highest quality. You will also make additional revisions to
your projects as you collect them for the portfolios.
Your final grade will be based on meeting all of the requirements
in the course and on the work represented in your portfolios.

Computer Use Policy: You will be asked to use computers in and
out of class to conduct activities in this course. You must allow
time and seek assistance for any technical issues that arise when
completing computer-based activities (information and technical
assistance are available at http://help.unc.edu or 962-HELP). You
will need to backup your materials regularly and ensure that you
have access to a working computer. You should also be aware that
electronic class activities can be public in nature. The work
that you conduct may reside on computer networks and may be
viewed by an unknown audience. I will ask you to sign a
permission form indicating that your work may be shared
electronically or used for publishing and research. You must also
observe appropriate behavior during all computer-based activities
related to this class. Students must act with respect and
responsibility. Engaging in activities deemed to be offensive or
inappropriate will be considered violations of the UNC Honor Code
and will result in a failing grade for any related assignments.
Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session. Late
arrivals may be prevented from adding their name to the daily
attendance sheet. If you miss more than three class periods, you
will not be eligible to receive an A in the course and your grade
will be lowered based on the number of absences you have.
Plagiarism and Originality: Any student found plagiarizing work
in this course will be considered in violation of the UNC Honor
Code and the case will be forwarded to the Honor Court.

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