Chaeli Cottage, 18 Cul m Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7800
                      Tel: 0861 CHAELI (242 354) Fax: 0861 242 353

                       3rd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                15 August 2007

It gives me great pleasure to report on the activities of The Chaeli Campaign from
September 2006 to August 2007. As our financial year runs from April to March the
2007 events (April – August) discussed in this report will only be reflected in the
2008 audited statement.

This, our third year as a Non-Profit Organisation, has been jam-packed with action.
We have run three programmes (Wheels Are Big Deals, Mobilising the Body,
Growing Tomorrow‟s Leaders Today) and have laid the groundwork for our Pay-It-
Forward Ambassadors programme (spearheaded by Andrew Swingler, a
communications student who is proving to be an invaluable resource as a hardworking
volunteer) whilst developing and seeking funding for an additional two programmes
(Mobilising the Mind and African Odyssey). In addition we have presented six
fundraising/advocacy events, which culminated in our quest to secure 200 pledge
partners to support our “14 Days for a Dream” campaign to purchase a house –
headquarters for The Chaeli Campaign. We moved into these headquarters, Chaeli
Cottage at 18 Culm Road, Plumstead on 6 August 2007 – our third Birthday. A busy
year indeed. Our sole purpose in existing is to change the lives of children with
disabilities and, at this time, we wish to pay our respects and acknowledge the way in
which our lives have been touched by three of our recipients who passed away over
the past year. Our respect and gratitude go to Cebisile, Siyanga and Giovanni for
touching not only the hearts, but also the minds, of many people.

Management Committee
Our grateful appreciation is extended to the Management Committee members of The
Chaeli Campaign for all the time, effort and expertise that goes into monitoring the
progress of and setting the policies for our organisation. Sincere thanks to Diane
Terry, Russell Mycroft, Patrick Terry, Mark Bowen, Terrance November, Cathy
Slade, Nafisa Baboo and Bruce Wilsnagh for the hours spent in meetings and, also for
the many leisure hours spent brainstorming and marketing The Chaeli Campaign.

To our Junior Committee – the young entrepreneurs without whom none of this would
have happened: We know that your first task is to be children and to live a full and
productive life as a 9-year-old, two 12-year-olds, a 14- year-old and a 16 year-old. The
fact that you DO pack a lot into your days outside of the work that you do for The
Chaeli Campaign is testimony to the calibre of young leader that each of you is.
Thank you for not only making time to perform all your tasks as Junior Committee
members, but also for doing all that you do in the line of duty with enthusiasm,
empathy and commitment to the life‟s work that you started three years ago. Your
example inspires adults and challenges peers – both important features in calling
people to implement change in society and to step forward in making a difference in
the lives of children who are often not in a position to help themselves. Your spirit of
selflessness is what underwrites the work of The Chaeli Campaign and we salute you.

The work load has necessitated growing our capacity and we now have four fulltime
employees: a CEO, an office manager, a designated fundraiser and an office assistant.
We continue to employ various contract therapists and facilitators, with the current
number of such contract workers numbering seven. At this time I wish to thank and
congratulate all our staff members, fulltime employees and contract staff alike, on the
quality of caring that they exhibit in their work with differently-abled children. You
have all gone the extra mile and we thank you for the pride that you take in your work
and the commitment to excellence that has been evident over the past year.

Funding, Fundraising and Finances
We wish to acknowledge the support of the following individuals and organisations
that have supported us in the past year (financial year end: March 2007):

Allan & Gill Gray Trust
2nd Kenridge Cub Pack
Aimee & Reg Sadie
Aljmira du Toit
Antony Kirk
BoE Trust
Caryl Phillips
Cameron Slade
Carris Family
Chester House
Crankhandle Club
DG Tinkler
David & Robin King
David Rae
Dawn Carter
Freight Solutions
G Nelson
Ian Wheeler
Jacquie Greenberg
Kim & Ian Marr
Longbeach Mall Ladies Club
Longain Group
Margaret Finlay
Mahone Trust
Memory – Adrienne Williams
Merle Forde
Michael Swart
Nelson Mandela Children‟s Fund
Nikki Berry
Olive Theron
Progressive Realty
Rondebosch Boys‟ Preparatory
Sergio Copellino
Smith Family
Snap Education
St Andrew‟s School, Bloemfontein
Yvonne Constable

A vote of thanks goes to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund for their ongoing
support of the work that we do through The Chaeli Campaign as we end the second
year of a 3-year grant from them. We thank them not only for their financial support
of our „Mobilising the Body‟ programme in Ocean View and Masiphumelele, but also
for all their guidance and advice which has been invaluable over the past two years.

New partners are the DG Murray Trust who embarked in partnering us in presenting
our “Wheels Are Big Deals” programme. We are deeply appreciative of their vote of
confidence in supporting this programme in such a significant way and look forward
to growing this relationship in the future.

The Mahone Trust once again showed their support of The Chaeli Campaign by
inviting us to be their charity partner for the 2 nd time. A huge thank you to Robin
Millerd and Stephen Fish for their ongoing support of The Chaeli Campaign through
the Mahone Golf Day.

For the 3rd year running The Chaeli Campaign has been the beneficiary of The
Crankhandle Club‟s Auto Jumble Sale. David Catlin has an inexhaustible enthusiasm
for running this event and we thank him for constantly thinking of ways in which to
support our events – you are a star!

Sale of various Chaeli Campaign goods: We continue to raise funds through the sale
of various custom- made Chaeli campaign goods, particularly through the Wheels Are
Big Deals programme. Chaeli – the essence of hope is still being sold in the duty free
shops at Johannesburg and Cape Town Internationa l Airports. We would like to grow
this means of income generation through our online shop and through greater
promotion of our Wheels Are Big Deals programme.

 Fundraising events this past year:
23 September: 2nd Ladies Mile Grand Prix
This event grew from 175 participants (including 4 corporate teams) in 2005 to 450
participants (including 34 corporate teams) in 2006. Besides an interesting show for
children presented by SABC 2‟s Dub, the craft market created a focus of interest that
kept spectators involved. We also invited other organisations in the disability sector to
man a stall, free of charge, in order to raise funds for their own organisations, as long
as they did a display of the services they provided so that the general public could be
further educated on the needs and potential of the disability sector. The focus of this
event is to stage a team wheels challenge that is fully inclusive –where disabled and
able-bodied participants pit their skill against one another – as equals. One person
needs to be on a wheeled object (anything from a wheelchair to a shopping trolley)
and two team members provide the people power required to get the entire team of
three through the 1,5 km course down Ladies Mile Road, through the heart of
Bergvliet. Special mention must be made of Godfrey and Jenny Needham who are the
starter and recorder for this race. They volunteer hours of their time and are passionate
supporters of this event. Thank you for your selfless giving – we truly appreciate it!

4 November: 1st Embracing Perfection Fashion Show at Kelvin Grove
Another inclusive event: a fashion show that has no professional models and supports
no fashion house. The models are our Junior Committee members and their friends
modelling their own clothes, with our disabled recipients from Ocean View and
Masiphumelele also modelling their own clothes. Entertainment was provided by
Glad‟s Dance Sport ballroom dancing for the disabled (leg partners with disabled
partners – either in wheelchairs or intellectually disabled). This was an intimate venue
with all the action happening on the dance floor of the Ballroom. Mayor Helen Zille
was the keynote speaker and was blown away by the spirit of inclusion, which led to
her allowing us to use her quote: “The Chaeli Campaign has opened the door to
embracing disability”.

20 April 2007: Chaeli Campaign Classic @ Woodmead, Jhb
We were left with just eleven working days in which to organise this event, a fter
being let down by organisers who had offered to organise our 1 st ever Golf Day (in
Johannesburg) at Country Club Johannesburg. This led to a much smaller event than
we had originally hoped for, but it was an amazing event, through which we made
valuable contact with several Gauteng-based companies. We have established a basis
for future such events in Johannesburg and are thrilled that we pushed on in the face
of adversity. This proved to be a worthwhile marketing and network experience.

14/15 June: Fundraising Freedom/Leadership for Life Conference
We held our 1 st two-day conference with Day One dedicated to Fundraising and the
2nd day focused on Leadership. This conference was aimed at
individuals/therapists/organisations in the disability sector and all therapists who
attended were awarded 10 CPD points (allocated by Wits Health Consortium, after
evaluating our conference content). We had 45 delegates and received
overwhelmingly supportive and positive feedback on this conference having been a
valuable and moving learning experience for all.

16 June: 2nd Embracing Perfection Fashion Show
Although we initially deemed this function to be a fitting close after our two-day
conference it proved to be a logistical strain and we‟ll pace ourselves better in future!
Having been our keynote speaker at the first Fashion Show in 2006, we approached
the Mayor of Cape Town to host this year‟s event (on 16 June) as a mayoral function.
We were privileged to not only have Mayor Helen Zille host this event, but also to
have our Embracing Perfection Fashion Show supported and sponsored by the City of
Cape Town as one of only two official City Youth Day celebration events.

14 Days for a Dream
Our 42 square metres of rented office space at The Learning Centre became totally
inadequate to have four people function effectively, act as storage space for o ur goods
and allow for counselling, promotions and marketing activities. We have also had
funders state our „third party‟ involvement in presenting therapies as a reason for
withholding funding, all of which made us look to the necessity of finding new and
independent headquarters for The Chaeli Campaign. Tanya Jovanovski came up with
the masterplan of approaching individuals to pledge R100 per month towards paying
off the instalments on a bond. We put in an offer on our dream house and had 14
working days to get enough pledge partners to secure a bond from the bank. 160
pledge partners later we got a bond from ABSA and moved into Chaeli Cottage on
our third Birthday, 6 August 2007. That same evening we celebrated our birthday with
an “Open House” Purple Party to which we invited all our pledge partners, without
whom this dream of our own headquarters would not have been realised. Chaeli
Cottage will serve as the administrative hub of Chaeli Campaign activities, we will be
creating a media resource centre where people could do online research and peruse
books/video material on various issues around disabilities, school children would be
able to arrange work parties to collate our goods and support our work as part of their
community service programme and we will also be establishing a therapies centre on
site (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech facilitation). Although we currently
offer informal counselling/support sessions amongst interested parents, we envisage
growing this service through eventually employing a social worker – as and when
funding allows. What has been affirmed through this exercise is that in order to realise
the dream one has to have the courage to dream BIG. We are indebted to Tanya
Jovanovski for her vision and support and to The Business Network for the
opportunity to promote this dream at network meetings. Three-quarters of our pledge
partners come from The Business Network and we are inspired that so many people
share our vision to be agents of change in the lives of children with disabilities.

Future events to finish off the 2007 calendar year:
22 September: 3rd Grand Prix
19 October: Chaeli Campaign Challenge @ Clovelly, Cape Town
December: Art & Poetry Exhibition

Our grateful appreciation to the following organisations with whom we have a
working relationship, who generously support us in various ways and to whom we are
Fish Hoek/Kommetjie/Noordhoek Welfare Association – It has been a privilege to
partner FHKN Welfare Association through our Mobilising the Body programme at
their Centres (Ocean View and Sinethemba). We have learnt a lot from the interaction
with this organisation (both on an organisational and on a programmatic front) and
we thank all the members of the management committee, as well as the staff
members, for their generosity of spirit in growing a relationship where all of us have
the welfare of the children we serve as the commo n thread that binds us together: for
laughter and learning – we thank you!
Eric Atmore and the Centre For Early Childhood Development – our mentor and
one of our most faithful friends, ever ready to offer advice and support. Your
contribution to the growth of The Chaeli Campaign is difficult to describe, because it
includes support on so many different levels – in so many different ways.

Business Women’s Association of SA – It is such a pleasure to be affiliated to this
organisation and to network with the members who belong to this organisation. Thank
you for presenting us with opportunities to grow as individuals and also to promote
our organisation.

Begvliet Kwikspar and Bergvliet Sports Association - Thank you for your ongoing
partnership with The Chaeli Campaign in running our annual Ladies Mile Grand Prix:
our flagship event. Your commitment to this event indicates your commitment to the
community as well. Special mention must be made of Scholtz van Wyk and David
Bowen who go beyond the call of duty to ensure that this event is a success.

Progressive Realty, KZN – We are truly humbled by the level of ongoing support that
we receive from a company so far away from us in geographical terms. We look
forward to networking more closely with Progressive Property Group in the future
and to doing more work in KZN.

The Business Network – This network has been a source of inspiration and support
that is truly phenomenal! Network members form the backbone of our pledge partner
system which has enabled us to purchase Chaeli Cottage. The Chaeli Campaign is
also co- franchisee of the Noordhoek Business Network, which enables it to grow its
business contacts in the Fish Hoek area.

Longbeach Mall – as co-franchisees of the Noordhoek Business Network, Longbeach
Mall has gone way beyond the call of duty in supporting us with marketing material,
signing up as pledge partners and also engineering various advertising and
promotional opportunities. Thank you to all at Longbeach Mall, and especially to
Wendy Radford, for your truly exceptional support.

King James Advertising : Mnemonic – King James. Mnemonic and RSVP have been
helping us to grow our professional image through doing our design work and running
our website pro bono. This has been a labour of love that has already spanned more
than two years and we are truly indebted to you for your creative input and your
genuine interest in the work that we do. You have shared and grown our vision of who
we are and how we should share that information with the rest of the world by
developing our storybook brochure, designing our posters for events, reshaping our
logo/slogan, designing our tattoos and fragrance packaging … the list goes on and on.
Thank you seems insufficient to express the immense role you have played in The
Chaeli Campaign over the past three years. A HUGE thank you to Alistair, James,
Bruce, Jenny and the entire team!

Paul Barker: Actinic – Actinic has donated superb software that will help us to
revolutionise the way in which our online shop will run. Paul has also put in many
hours of work to ensure that online banking facilities are available for online
donations. We are excited at the thought of growing our relationship and look forward
to ways in which we may be of mutual support in the future.
IT Outlook – Frank and Donne Holder continue to support the Chaeli Campaign in a
tangible way by donating all our cartridges for our office computers. This makes a big
difference to our budget and we thank them for their tangible support!

Freight Solutions – René and Alistair MacDonald have supported us for over two
years by not only making financial donations, but also footing the bill of the numerous
courier drops we need to make. This impacts significantly on the funds saved and we
are extremely appreciative of their ongoing and generous support!

Jovanovski Properties – without Tanya Jovanovski‟s creative mind the pledge partner
scheme would never have seen the light of day and Chaeli Cottage would not have
become a reality in such a short space of time. Thank you to Tanya and her team for
engineering our “14 Days for a Dream” campaign and for finding the perfect „ home‟
from which we can run The Chaeli Campaign. You will always hold a special and
significant place in the history of our organisation.

Wheels Are Big Deals
Generally Chaeli, Justine and Zelda visit mainstream schools to share the story of The
Chaeli Campaign and to challenge the able-bodied learners to raise funds (through
buying our products) for a specific child‟s wheelchair. Once the funds have been
raised the mobility device is handed over at the school, creating an opportunity for
learners to see whose life they are touching and changing. The following schools have
been visited over the past year:

Wynberg Girls‟ High School
Wynberg Boys‟ Junior School
Bergvliet Primary School
Kirstenhof Primary School
Rondebosch Boys‟ Preparatory
Forest Town School (Johannesburg)
Parktown Girls‟ High School (Johannesburg)
Herzlia High School
Herzlia Middle School

Mobilising The Body
This project entails the provision of therapies at three centres: Ocean View Special
Care Centre, Sinethemba (Masiphumelele) and Sive Nathi (Blackheath).
Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and communication facilitation occurs at these
centres. We also run parent support groups and distribute newsletters (home language)
in Ocean View and Masiphumelele. This programmes is supported by our Wheels Are
Big Deals programme which provides various assistive devices to ensure that the
therapies are supplemented by correct seating and exercise devices.

Mobilising The Mind
At this point Chaeli serves as our pilot project, being in Grad e 7 at a mainstream
school, and preparing to enter a mainstream high school in 2008. We are seeking
funding to grow this programme so that more able-bodied children will be able to
benefit from rubbing shoulders with and being taught life lessons by our differently-
abled children.

Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
Our Junior Committee continues to work hard as members of our Management
Committee, performing the following functions:

Tarryn Terry (16): Secretary & Digital Newsletter
Erin Mycroft (14): IT/Promotions & Digital newsletter
Chaeli Mycroft (12): Promotional Talks & Digital Newsletter
Justine Terry (12): Promotional Talks & Digital Newsletter
Chelsea Terry (9): Promotional Talks

Our Junior Committee members have had a number of opportunities to hone their
public speaking skills, one of these occasions being delivering a talk at our
fundraising conference in June. Another Friend of The Chaeli Campaign, Jenna Lowe
(11-year-old author) co-presented a talk with Zelda. Andrew Swingler‟s involvement
in leading our Ambassadors programme also forms part of this programme.

Pay-It Forward Ambassadors
Andrew Swingler volunteered to get involved with this programme earlier this year as
part of a College project. The great news is that after handing in the project Andrew
volunteered to run this programme as a volunteer and get it off the ground. Herzlia
High School learners have already signed up as Ambassadors and we‟re currently
restructuring our website so that this programme can be driven on- line. Watch this
space for more exciting news…

African Odyssey
The Chaeli Campaign has supported a group in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, consisting of 16
families with children with disabilities over the past year by providing three transport
wheelchairs. Never and Sibongile Chanengeta were invited to be guest speakers at our
conference in June and they also attended our Embracing Perfection Fashion Show.
Never and Sibongile have registered an organisation called “Hope in Motion” and see
this organisation as a sister organisation to the Chaeli Campaign. Most of our support
over the past year has been on an emotional level, offering guidance and support to a
group of people desperately in need of hope and a way forward. Advice and
information will also be given regarding running a parent support group and
information around leadership and coping skills.

Programme Impact
Through our various programmes we can measure the following impact created over
the 1st three years of our existence:
     We have provided over 150 mobility aids to children with disabilities
         (wheelchairs, hearing aids, laptop computers, standing frames, side
         positioners, etc.)
     We are active in 5 provinces of South Africa and also support 16 families who
         have children with disabilities in Chinhoyi (Zimbabwe)
     We have spoken at more than 40 mainstream school and shared our story of
         hope with more than 30 000 able-bodied children
      Our story has appeared in 40 magazines/newspapers over the past 3 years
       (twice in You/Husigenoot), read by an estimated 4 million readers
      Television programmes (twice on YO!-TV, Zaka, Iketsetse, Roer, SABC
       News, Free Spirit, Kids News) have ensured that television coverage has been
       on a national level – to an estimated 3 million audience

Highlights of 2006/2007
    The entire Junior Committee (Tarryn Terry, Erin Mycroft, Chaeli Mycroft,
       Justine Terry and Chelsea Terry) was awarded the Louis Volks Humanitarian
       Award (highest national accolade) for service to community by the Bergvliet
       Lions Club.
    Zelda Mycroft was awarded a Melvyn Jones Fellowship (International Award)
       by the Lions International Foundation.
    Chaeli Mycroft received a Woman of Courage Award from the Western Cape
       Jewish Women‟s Union
    The Chaeli Campaign was acknowledged as the Nation-Builder of the Year at
       the 2007 Proudly South African Homegrown Awards
    Chaeli Mycroft was a finalist in the Emerging Women of Worth Awards

Friends of The Chaeli Campaign
We have created a silver pin to award to people who have gone beyond the call of
duty in supporting The Chaeli Campaign (July 2006). The full list of these special pin
recipients are:

Eric Atmore
Wendy Radford
Antony Kirk
Rosemary Duncan
Ronelle Colyn
Mjaimbo Katamzi
Alistair King
James Barty
Jonathan Buckley
Sian Buckley
Tanya Jovanovski
Amber Gardiner
Jenna Lowe
David Bowen
Scholtz van Wyk
Sue Chevallier
Melanie Lowrie
Robin Millerd
Etienne Grobler
Kevan Edwards
Helen van Rhyn

Membe rs of The Chaeli Campaign
In November 2006 it was decided to start five loyalty clubs, named after our five
founding members. Individuals and companies are invited to „Join the Club‟ and
become members of The Chaeli Campaign. Three of the clubs invite individuals to
pledge an annual subscription to The Chaeli Campaign (Family/Adult/Junior
members) and two clubs indicate inclusion as part of the Wheels Are Big Deals
programme or corporate participation (Corporate members). Life members are our
major funders (over R50 000 per annum). Thank you to all our members of The
Chaeli Campaign for your generous support!

Justine Club: Family Members (R1000 p.a.)
Helen, Johann, Paul & Thomas Maree
Norman, Val, Andrew, Richard & Michael Carris
Ian & Kim Marr
Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, Paul, Natasha Berman

Erin Club: Adult Members (R500 p.a.)
Ian Wheeler
Michael Morris
Olive Theron
Caryl Phillips

Chelsea Club: Junior Members (R120 p.a.)
Cameron Slade
Lara Abbott
Heather Spreckley

Tarryn Club: Corporate Members (incl. Wheels Are Big Deals)
St Andrew‟s School, Bloemfontein
Rondebsoch Boys‟ Preparatory
Greenfield Primary School
Wynberg Girls‟ High
Progressive Property Group
Freight Solutions

Chaeli Club: Life Members (donations over R50 000)
Nelson Mandela Children‟s Fund
Astron Money Managers
Jonathan & Sian Buckley
David & Robin King
COMAP t/a Aqua-Touch (Pty) Ltd
DG Murray Trust

Special Thanks
It would be remiss not to thank a few people who have been vital in growing The
Chaeli Campaign over the past year. Di Terry, our Financial Manager, is a kingpin
figure who has rendered essential advice and guidance over the past year. Eric Atmore
is in a class of his own as a mentor, advisor and friend: thank you! The Junior
Committee members continue to inspire and grow their work through promoting and
marketing The Chaeli Campaign and we commend their sense of responsibility and
ownership of the work started in 2004. Tanya Jovanovski‟s chutzpah and vision has
partnered us into a new era and we‟ll always be greatly indebted to her for the faith
she has in The Chaeli Campaign.
I‟d like to especially thank the families of our recipients for allowing us to share your
journey of love as you move alongside your differently-abled child, exploring
potential and exhibiting the love of supporting your child/sibling. And last, but
definitely not least, a huge thank you to all our recipients, for trusting us to make a
difference – for the absolute pleasure of being able to learn from and with you. You
humble us, inspire us and teach us things that only you can teach – each lesson
unexpected and incredibly valuable. Thank you for opening windows of experience
and sharing that enrich our lives. We respect and thank you for your fortitude and
perseverance in the face of adversity and have great admiration for your ability to
minister to an able-bodied world through being differently-abled. Thank you

Chief Executive Officer

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