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									Chief Communications Officer: Associate Vice President for Strategic
Communications and Marketing
Reporting to the president, the Chief Communications Officer: Associate Vice President
for Strategic Communications and Marketing will lead a unified University
Communications Office that advances the university’s global mission. This office will
coordinate all aspects of the university’s strategic communications and marketing, both
externally and internally. As a member of the senior leadership team, the CCO will be
involved in developing institutional communication messages and strategies as well as
working collaboratively with all institutional units to champion integrated, strategic
communications and marketing.

Specific responsibilities include:


      Provide strategic recommendations to the President about the most effective
       strategies to unify institutional and unit communications
      Lead the use of market research and data-driven analysis to evaluate and
       improve the impact of institutional messaging to achieve institutional goals and
       foresee market trends in order to preserve Webster’s brand in a competitive
       higher education environment
      Leverage communications strategies and vehicles to e xpand the institution’s
       regard as a premier international university
      Develop and implement guidelines for the highest quality and effectiveness in
       institutional branding and all university communications
      Serve as principal communications advisor and support for executive
      Initiate and direct a comprehensive approach to marketing and internal and
       external communication
      Effectively manage crisis communications and high-profile communications

Strategic Communications and Marketing Management

      Manage the various means of promoting the university’s core messages through
       wide use of media and strategies, including print, web, and new media
      Plan, create, and allocate institutional resources for media relations; publications
       production; special events communications; design and photography; marketing
       and advertising; new media outlets; and Internet content, navigation, and visual
      Lead integrated marketing for purposes of student, faculty, and staff recruitment
      Coordinate public relations and institutional communications activities
      Provide coordination and support for interactions and relations with external
      Advance effective communications with donors and alumni
      Oversee content and quality of all institutional publications
      Promote and support internal communications cohesion and effectiveness
      Provide coaching, mentoring, and professional development of communications
       staff at institutional and unit levels


      The CCO: Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications and Marketing
       will be a skilled and experienced professional with at least 5-7 years of broad
       communications experience, with experience in both internal and external
       communications roles and a record of making actionable recommendations of
       tested impact and effectiveness to senior leadership. S/he will ideally have
       experience in a variety of traditional and new media in progressively more
       responsible and impactful roles.

      The CCO will have the following experience and attributes:
      Bachelor’s degree with master’s highly preferred.
      A persuasive communicator, with proficiency in communicating effectively with
       diverse audiences, through writing and speaking.
      Mature and proactive, with evidence of having worked a in a complex entity. If
       coming from the for-profit world, nonprofit, higher education consulting and/or
       board experience preferred.
      Demonstrated excellence in managing resources—time, finances, people—to
       accomplish ambitious goals.
      Strong analytical skills and experience interpreting a strategic vision into an
       operational model.
      A collaborative and flexible style, with a strong service mentality and experience
       with creating incentives for coordinated, unified quality improvement initiatives.
       Needs to be seen as a team player who is committed to lifelong learning and
       working effectively with all the institution’s constituencies.
      A hands-on manager with integrity and a desire to work in a dynamic, mission-
       driven environment.
      Strong commitment to developing team members.
      Demonstrated commitment to the social sector with a passion for the
       organization’s mission is essential.
      Excellent people skills, with experience collaborating in a multi-disciplinary,
       diverse, and dynamic team.
      Experience should include coordinating and unifying functions and staff within
       distributed environments.
   Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, proposing new ways of
    creating efficiencies, and guiding investment in people and systems.
   Proven effectiveness leading professionals in all the strategic communications
    and marketing areas reporting to this position.

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