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									. .   Fก     ก   52181020224
           ก ( . )
    F   F F           ก           F                     ก ก pronoun
              ก   F                       F F ก       ก     pronoun

                      F F   F F                   ก                       F

ก         ก                           F


                                                           . .   Fก           ก
Types (                    )
Personal Pronouns (                )
ก    F Personal Pronouns
Possessive Pronouns (          F
Reflexive Pronouns (                   )
Definite Pronouns
Indefinite Pronouns
Interrogative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns
                       Pronouns (                   )
                      Types (                           )
Pronoun (                )              F                              (
nouns- equivalent )               ก   ก กF              ก                  F
ก F F          F F           F                                  FF   F F       F
                                 (pronouns ) ก ก            7
  •   Personal Pronoun (                      ) F I, you, we, he , she ,it,
  •   Possessive Pronoun (                  F    ) F mine, yours, his,
      hers, its,theirs, ours
  •   Reflexive Pronouns (                      )           - self
        F      F myself, yourself,ourselves
  •   Definite Pronoun (        Demonstrative Pronouns
                ) F this, that, these, those, one, such, the same
  •   Indefinite Pronoun (                F       ) F all, some, any,
      somebody, something, someone
  •   Interrogative Pronoun (                     ) F Who, Which,
     Relative pronoun (                      ) F who, which, that
1.Personal Pronouns (                )                  F
             ก               3
      1    F กF F                I, we
      2     F กF F               You
      3      F กF F               he, she. it , they

                              Possessive Form            Reflexive
                          Adjective       Pronoun         Pronoun
      I         me           my              mine          myself
    we          us           our            Ours         ourselves
   you         you          your            yours         yourself
     he        him           his             His          himself
    she        her           her             Hers          herself
     it         it           its              Its           itself
   they       them          their           theirs      themselves
I saw a boy on the bus. He seemed to recognize me.
         ก                                             F ( He
                    a boy me            I                )
My friend and her brother like to swim. They swim whenever they
               F                    F       ก      F     ก
     ก ( they                         My friend her brother
ก        F Personal Pronouns        F                  ก
Personal Pronoun                ก                    ( preposition
) F F        ก          F
Please tell him what you want.          ก             F ก (
            ก tell )
Mr. Wilson talked with him about the project.
              ก ก ก            ก (                 with )
                  Fก       verb to be                       F
                   ก     F            F                           F
    Fก              F กก       F
It was she who came here yesterday.
                       ( F she               Fก               )
It was her whom you met at the party last night.
                                    ( F her                           ก                   you
met )
2. Possessive Pronouns (                 F            )                           F
                            F         F กF       F
   mine,ours, yours, his, hers,its,theirs
The smallest gift is mine.                       ก
This is yours.
His is on the kitchen counter.               F            F       F
Theirs will be delivered tomorrow.               ก                        F   F
Ours is the green one on the table .             ก                                    F
possessive pronouns                              possessive adjectives F
   กก F F ก
This is my book.
                      ( my                           possessive adjective
book )
This book is mine.
                        ( mine                     possessive pronoun
   F         F            F ( complement)          ก is )
3. Reflexive Pronouns (                     )
             ก F           F             ก ก F -self form of
pronoun F กF
   myself. yourself, yourselves, himself, herself, ourselves. themselves,
itself     กก F
  •      F       F            F     F      Fก ก                 F       F
                       F F ก F ก (object ) F                      ก         F
       She herself doesn't think she'll get the job.
       The film itself wasn't very good but I like the music.
       I spoke to Mr.Wilson himself.
  •               ก         ก                      ก          F

       They blamed themselves for the accident.
         ก                             ก (          ก                 blamed
       You are not yourself today.
                 F                 (        ก are )
    I don't want you to pay for me. I'll pay for myself.
           F ก F                F         F       F
    Julia had a great holiday. She enjoyed herself very much.
                              ก ก
    George cut himself while he was shaving this morning.
        F                          ก                F
           ก           F wash/shave/dress        F myself
•        F ก         F F                 F กก
    Who repaired your bicycle for you? Nobody, I repaired it myself.
          F      ก          F . F             F F
    I'm not going to do it for you. You can do it yourself.
             F (         ก F Fก F ) F                 F
    By myself                                           on my
    own F          ก        F
    on ( my/your/his/ her/ its/our/their ) own
    by ( myself/yourself ( singular) /himself/ herself/ itself/
    ourselves/ yourselves(plural)/ themselves )
      I like living on my own/by myself.             F       F
      Did you go on holiday on your own/by yourself?
      Learner drivers are not allowed to drive on their own/ by
        F               F F            F       F
      Jack was sitting on his own/by himself in a corner of the cafe.
          F       F              F
4. Definite Pronouns           Demonstrative Pronouns
  F            F F               F
 this, that, these, those, one, ones, such, the same, the former, the latter
That is incredible!                    (F              )
I will never forget this.        F            (F             ก F
Such is my belief.                    (F            F          กF
    F )
Grace and Jane ar good girls. The former is more beautiful than the
  ก                   ก    F F       ก(ก )         กF             ( )
5.Indefinite Pronouns (             F        )                          F
            F        F                  F                  F
everyone   everybody          everything     some         each
someone    somebody           all            any          many
anyone     anybody            anything       either       neither
no one     nobody             nothing        none         one
more       most               enough         few          fewer
little     several            more           much         less
Everybody loves somebody. ก F                     กก          ก
Is there anyone here by the name of Smith?                  F
One should always look both ways before crossing the street. ก
                        F กF F
Nobody will believe him.       F
Little is expected. ก             F F ก
We, you, they ก           personal pronoun            F    indefinite
pronoun      F               ก F                            F
We should prepare ourselves to deal with any emergency. (
        )                 F     F               ก F ก )
You sometimes don't know what to say in such a situation.
  ก ก FFF             F            ก F F .
6. Interrogative Pronouns (                )
                     F กF Who, Whom, What, Which            Whoever,
Whomever,Whatever,Whichever F
Who want to see the dentist first?      ก F
  ก? ( who                      )
Whom do you think we should invite?          F             ?
( whom             ก - object )
To whom do to wish to speak ?        ก       ก ? ( whom
       ก - object )
What did she say?          F       ? ( what ก           ก say
Which is your cat ?                   ? ( which          )
Which of these languages do you speak fluently?
        F             F F ? ( which ก           speak )
          which     what               F    interrogative
adjective    who, whom , which                F relative
pronoun F
7. Relative Pronouns (                        )                   F
         กF       F              F     F          F ก      ก          F
                     F                ก    F      F      who,
whom, which whose ,what, that , indefinite relative pronouns F
whoever, whomever,whichever, whatever
Children who (that) play with fire are in great danger of harm.
The book that she wrote was the best-seller
He's the man whose car was stolen last week.
She will tell you what you need to know.
The coach will select whomever he pleases.
Whoever cross this line will win the race.
You may eat whatever you like at this restaurant.

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