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					                                                                                                             Exhibitor Discounts
UNIVERSAL COMPUTER RENTAL                                                                                        Available!
12425 Mills Ave Unit A6 Chino, CA 91710
Voice 909-627-2089 Fax 909-627-2099

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                            *****PRICES ARE FOR ENTIRE LENGTH OF SHOW NOT PER DAY*****

                    Qty      Computers… 17” LCD Monitor Included                                       Show Rate      Extended Rate
                             Pentium 4 – 2Ghz 1GRam/60GHd,CD,56k Modem, 10/100 NIC                                           0
                             AMD Athlon 2.2Ghz X2 CPU,1GRam/80GHd, DVD 10/100 NIC                                            0
                             AMD Phenom II X6 Core 4GRam/500GHd, DVD/RW 10/100/1000Gigabit NIC                               0
                    Qty      Laptops…
                             Intel 2.8Ghz 1GRam/60GHd,DVD/RW, 10/100 NIC                                                     0
                             AMD Athlon 2.2Ghz X2 CPU, 1GRam/80GHd,DVD/RW                                                    0
                             Intel i5 X2 CPU, 4GRam/500GHd, HDMI, DVD/RW 10/100/1000 NIC                                     0
                    Qty      Monitors… 10% Off If Ordered With PC
                             17” LCD Flat Screen                                                                             0
                             19” LCD Flat Screen                                                                             0
                             22” LCD Flat Screen, VGA/DVI                                                                    0
                             22” LCD Monitor, HDMI/VGA/S-Video/RCA                                                           0
                             26” LCD Monitor, HDMI/VGA/S-Video/RCA                                                           0
                             32” LCD Monitor, HDMI Inputs With Pole Stand Included                                           0
                             42” Plasma With 72" Pole Stand Included                                                         0
                             50” Plasma HDMI Inputs With 72” Pole Stand Included                                             0
                             1500 Lumens LCD Projector                                                                       0
                             2500 Lumens LCD Projector                                                                       0
                             6’ X 6’ Screen                                                                                  0
                             42” – 54” Carts With Drape                                                                      0
                             72” Dual Pole Stands                                                                            0
                             Shelf For Dual Pole Stands                                                                      0
                             Wall Mount Brackets for 17” – 26”                                                               0
                             Wall Mount Brackets for 32” – 50"                                                               0
                    Qty      Printers… 10% Off if Ordered With PC
                             HP LaserJet 4200N                                                                               0
                             HP LaserJet 4250N                                                                               0
                             HP LaserJet 4350N                                                                               0
                             HP LaserJet 8100N Up To 11x17 Paper                                                             0
                             HP LaserJet 3600N Color Printer 1000 Prints Included, 12¢ Therafter                             0
                               Multifunction Laser Fax/Printer/Copier/Scanner                                                          0
                      Qty      Mac Computers
                               Mac Pro 8 Core 2.8Ghz Xeon, 2GRam/320GHd, DVD/RW Dual Gigabit NIC                                       0
                               Mac Book Pro Intel 2Ghz, 4GRam/320GHd, DVD/RW Wireless, Gigabit NIC                                     0
                      Qty      Accessories…
                               Presentation System With Wireless MIC & Speaker Combo                                                   0
                               Wireless Router 802.11 b, g                                                                             0
                               IT Services, Setup Your Equipment
                               PC Speakers 35 Watts                                                                                    0
                               PC Surround Sound Speakers                                                                              0
                               Wireless RF Keyboard/Mouse 50FT Range                                                                   0
                               VGA Distribution Amplifier 1 Input 6 Outputs                                                            0
                               DVI Distribution Amplifier 1 Input 4 Outputs                                                            0
                               8 Port Switch 10/100/1000                                                                               0
                               16 Port Switch 10/100/1000                                                                              0
                               24 Port Switch 10/100/1000                                                                              0
                               DVD Player With NTSC & PAL Support                                                                      0

                        Qty    If additional equipment is needed, please list them below or call 1800-294-3888

                                                                              Subtotal                                       $ 0.00
                       0                                                      Tax 8.75%                                      $ 0.00
                                                                              Installation                                     $85
                                                                              Union Fees 19% of Subtotal (if
                                                                              applicable)                                   $ 0.00
                                                                              Total                                         $ 85.00

SERVICE: 24HRS / 7 days on call service 1800-294-3888.
OFFICIAL EVENT: Onsite service desk & technical support at no charge on equipment ordered.
DISCOUNTS: Orders must be received by due date.
CANCELLATION: Fee is 50% if not received 48 hours prior to delivery.
DRAYAGE & UNION: Labor is not included and is the customer’s responsibility.
DELIVERY / PICKUP: A representative from your organization must be in the booth at the time of delivery and pickup to sign for the equipment. If a
repeat delivery is required an additional charge will apply.
CREDIT CARD: For your convenience we will use this authorization to charge your credit card for your advance order and any additional fees
incurred as a result of on-site orders by your representatives. These fees include any service provided by Universal Computer Rental or charges we
incur on your behalf.
RESPONSIBILITY: Customer is responsible for all loss and damage to equipment. All orders are subject to Universal Computer Rental standard terms
and conditions. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Order Comments / Instructions