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					Magdalen Graduate Freshers’ Guide
On behalf of the Magdalen Middle Common Room (‗MCR‘) community, welcome to
Magdalen College! This Guide has been prepared by the MCR Committee and answers
some of the questions you might have about College life as a New Graduate (‗Fresher‘).
We encourage you to read this Guide before you arrive in Oxford. If you have any
additional questions which are not answered in this Guide, please feel free to contact the
Fresher Representative, Harriet Gee (email: look forward
to meeting you in Michaelmas Term!
If coming from overseas, what should I bring to Magdalen?

·     (important documents) In addition to bringing your passport, you should bring
    some spare passport photos, copies of bank statements, letters relating to scholarship
    awards and the letter(s) of confirmation of a place on your course from the University
    and Magdalen – these may be needed on your arrival if you want to open a bank
    account (see pages 2-3).
·      (formal dress) For occasions like matriculation, examinations and graduation, when
    ‗Sub Fusc‘ is worn (see page 4 for more details), men will need a dark suit, white shirt
    and white bow tie, and women require dark pants or skirt, dark hose and a white shirt.
    Also, Oxford has a large number of formal occasions which require men to wear black
    tie (i.e. a tuxedo or dinner jacket) and women to wear evening dresses.
·     (health) Have medical and dental checkups before arriving. Bring with you
    chemical names of any prescription drugs, as the proprietary names may be different
    here. Do not bring prescriptions themselves, as pharmacists do not accept non-UK
    ones. Bring with you prescriptions for spectacles or contact lenses. It is worth
    considering bringing spares if you do not already have them.
·     (electrical appliances) Be aware that if you bring electrical appliances, the English
    electricity is 240/220 volts and 50 Hz. It is usually easier to buy transformers in your
    own country.
·     (miscellaneous items) If you have space in your luggage, you might consider
    bringing expensive household or personal items rather than buying them in Oxford,
    e.g. a bike helmet (and other bike accessories).
How do I get to Magdalen?

·     From Heathrow: The Oxford Bus Company X70 bus service from Heathrow
    (Central Bus station for Terminals 1-3, or Terminal 4 Bus Area) to Oxford runs every
    20 minutes. The nearest stop to Magdalen is High Street, Queens Lane: see
·    From Gatwick: The Oxford Bus Company also runs a service from Gatwick to
    Oxford every hour. The nearest stop to Magdalen is High Street, Queens Lane: see
·     From Stanstead: A bus service operates every 2 hours from Stanstead to Oxford. It
    takes approximately three hours. Alternatively, there is a Stanstead-London (Kings
    Cross) express train service.
·     From London: Three bus companies go between London and Oxford regularly.
    They are Oxford Express (, Oxford Tube
    ( and Megabus ( These bus services pick
    up and drop off in different locations: please check the websites for schedules and
    travel information. There is also a train from Paddington to Oxford: see for details.
·     Taxi: There are several taxi companies operating in Oxford which can transport you
    from any bus stop or the train station to Magdalen. Phone numbers of companies
    include +775577 and +794000.
When should I arrive?

Oxford University and/or Magdalen will recommend when you should arrive in Oxford.
In any event, you should arrive in Oxford by the evening of Sunday 2 October 2005, the
first day of Noughth Week, throughout which the University, College and MCR will run
induction sessions and activities for new Freshers.
What do I need to do on arrival?

·     Collect your keys at the Porter’s lodge: Upon arrival make your way to the
    Porters‘ Lodge (on the High Street) and receive the key to your room and a Late Gate
    Key from a Porter. You can then borrow a trolley from the Lodge to transport your
    luggage to your room.
·     Collect your Bod Card: Your ‗Bod Card‘ is your photographic ID card issued by
    Oxford University. On the back of the Bod Card is a magnetic strip which allows you
    to access various facilities around Magdalen (including the Library, the MCR, the
    JCR, the Gym, the Computer Room and the Post Room) and the University, and also
    acts as a debit card for paying for food in Hall and for buying drinks at the bar. You
    will need to collect your Bod Card from the Deans‘ Secretary, Susan Burton, Ground
    Floor of Grammar Hall - the small ivy-covered building opposite and to the left of the
    Porters‘ Lodge.
·     Activate your University and College computer accounts (inc email addresses):
    You will need your Bod Card to do this. Since 1st December 2004 all new students
    have a Herald email account set up for them automatically. New Herald accounts can
    be activated by visiting Once you have activated
    your Herald account, your email account can be accessed at
    or you can set up a local client on your own computer. General information about
    Herald and email can be found at
·     Subscribe to the MCR mailing list: The MCR runs a mailing list on email which
    sends out information about activities, events, ballots and other information and
    reminders. The information is not usually duplicated through the post so it is important
    to subscribe to it and check your email regularly. To subscribe send an email to: with nothing at all in the body of the text. The
    subject field will be disregarded. You will then need to reply to the authentication
    message. You can also do this on the MCR website at If you want to unsubscribe from the MCR
    mailing list, send a blank email to and reply
    to the authentication message. If you have any problems please contact .
·     Get insurance and computer security: It is very important that you organise
    insurance for your belongings in your room as the College insurance does not cover
    these. In particular, if you own a laptop it is essential that you insure it as soon as
    possible. The cost of the insurance is relatively small and the protection is invaluable.
    Although we don‘t want to scare you, the Colleges can be prime targets for thieves,
    and every year a number of laptops are stolen out of rooms or libraries. There are a
    number of insurers. One which is popular with students and offers special rates for
    students living in College is Endsleigh on the High Street. To secure your laptop, we
    also highly recommend purchasing a laptop lock. This will be particularly useful in
    the library as you can‘t leave your laptop unsecured on your desk without serious risk
    of theft.
·     Open a Bank Account: Opening an account in the UK can be difficult and time-
    consuming. In some countries, you may be able to open a UK bank account in
    advance. Some banks may be able to open a bank account for you in advance of your
    arrival (e.g. HSBC/Thomas Cook can arrange for a bank account to be opened in
    advance). To open a UK bank account, you will need your passport, , copies of recent
    financial statement(s),an initial deposit, and a letter from the College Secretary, Nancy
    Cowell, confirming your admission into the University and Magdalen. Your official
    letters of acceptance are NOT sufficient for this, and you do have to get a separate
    letter from Nancy Cowell. There are four banks in Oxford that most students use:

    1. Barclays – located at Little Clarendon Street, Cornmarket, High Street, and off
       Broad Street. To start an account, go to the branch on Cornmarket (student
       accounts are upstairs). However if you are an international student, Barclays may
       not give you a credit card or overdraft facility, and may require that you maintain
       a minimum balance of up to £1000!
    2. HSBC – corner of High Street and Cornmarket. HSBC offers a graduate student
       package which gives you a credit card and a good sized overdraft. This deal is
       usually still available to international students.
    3. Lloyds TSB - corner of High Street and Cornmarket.
    4. NatWest (National Westminster) – High Street and corner of Cornmarket and
       George Streets.

   You should also be aware that international students are not usually able to obtain the
same benefits that UK citizens receive at these banks. Some banks, for instance,
NatWest, do not offer
    current account services that allow international students to obtain cheques.
·     Telephone: The College has a number of different telephone systems in different
    rooms. The way in which to connect your telephone depends on the location of your
    room. You should ask the Porters on arrival if you have a phone number allocated to
    your room. If your telephone operates on a pre-paid card system (―Dog n Bone‖), the
    Home Bursar will forward you a pre-paid card. If you are not sent a card or need a
    replacement, contact the Home Bursar‘s Secretary. Cowley Place operates on the
    NTL system and the handsets already in the rooms belong to NTL. Each room has
    been allocated its own number and there will be a ‗welcome pack‘ from NTL which
    will explain how the system works. If a handset goes missing from a room the student
    concerned will be charged a fine.
·     Mobile: There are a number of mobile phone companies in Oxford which sell pre-
    paid and contract phones. You will find most of the mobile phone shops on
    Cornmarket. Some phone companies (eg Vodafone) sell re-conditioned handsets at a
    discount price.
·     International calls: Various international companies offer cheap rates for
    international calls, including Planet Talk or First National international calling cards.
    You can also make very cheap phone calls over the internet by downloading Skype
    ( and opening an account.
·     Internet connection: Most College rooms now have Ethernet ports which allow
    you to log on to the internet and to your email in your room. These ports are also
    available in the Magdalen Library and Magdalen Law Library. To use the port in your
    room you will need an Ethernet card / Ethernet port activated for your computer and
    will also need an Ethernet cable (these are available from the Oxford University
    Computer Shop, 13 Banbury Road (this place is very cheap!) and local computer
    stores). To activate the Ethernet connection in your room, see You will need to fill in an
    Ethernet application form.
·     Computer Rooms: There are two Magdalen computer rooms available to graduates.
    One is in Cloisters Staircase V. It is accessible with your Bod card. The other is in
    Holywell Ford Staircase V, which is accessible with your late gate key. The computer
    rooms also have a scanner and a printer for graduate use. In order to use these
    computers you need to join the MCR computing scheme and you will be allocated a
    user name and password. For further information, see
The who, what and where of Magdalen:

·     Porters: These are amongst the most important people in College life! They‘ll be
    your first point of contact, and between them they know practically everything you
    might ever want to know about College. You can phone the lodge to be put through to
    any member of staff or College department, or to get a number for another student,
    and if you remember to give them your phone number, they can phone important
    messages to you, and let you know if you have large parcels that need collecting.
·     Keys: You should receive a key to your room, a key to your house or staircase and a
    Late Gate Key. This last one is essential because it opens all the external doors to
    College after 11pm when they are shut to the public, and certain gates on the Grounds,
    like the gate at the end of Addison‘s Walk, leading to Holywell Ford. If you are a law
    student, you will also be entitled to a Law Library Key.
·     Post Room: The post room is where your mail, messages or notes will be delivered
    into a mail slot (‗pigeon hole‘) with your name. When you walk out of the Lodge turn
    right and travel about 40 metres into the Chaplain‘s Quad. The entrance to the Post
    Room should be on your right. You will need to swipe your Bod card to get in.
·     Pigeon Post: The University runs a Pigeon Post system whereby mail is hand
    delivered between the Colleges and Departments a number of times a day. The charge
    for this service is incorporated into your Batells, so there is no extra fee to pay. To
    send mail by Pigeon Post write the name and College or Department of the recipient
    on the front, and post it in the wooden post box in the Lodge.
·     Middle Common Room: the MCR is your common room which is in the Cloisters,
    Staircase VIII (adjacent to the JCR). You can access the MCR with your Bod Card 24
    hours a day. There are daily newspapers, magazines, games, a TV, video machine,
    table football, DVD and a CD player. Perhaps the most popular feature is the espresso
    machine and the biscuit tin (full of chocolate biscuits).
·    Junior Common Room: the JCR is located in the Cloisters, Staircase IX. You are
    welcome to use that Common room as well as you are also members of the JCR.
·     Noughth Week - 0th Week: This is the week before the first week of term. During
    this week, the MCR plans a whole lot of social events and it‘s a great way to meet
    your MCR and really settle in to College. Come along to as many events as you can.
    You will receive a timetable of events on your arrival.
·     Freshers’ Fair: Also don‘t miss Freshers‘ Fair - you will be amazed by the
    diversity and number of clubs you can join and activities you can participate in at
    Oxford. At the Fair all the clubs turn up and have stalls so you can meet the organisers
    and find out about the clubs, sports and activities available and pick up joining
    information. The Magdalen JCR also runs a Magdalen Freshers‘ Fair in Noughth
    Week which allows you to sign up to the College clubs and sports.
·     Sub Fusc and Gowns: Sub Fusc is the name for the formal attire that you have to
    wear to formal occasions (e.g. matriculation and exams). For men, Sub Fusc is
    composed of a dark suit, a white bow tie, and an academic gown and cap. For women,
    Sub Fusc is dark pants or skirt, dark hose, white shirt, a black ribbon-tie, and an
    academic gown and cap. You can purchase your gowns and caps on the High at
    Shepherd & Woodward or Ede and Ravenscroft (founded 1689!) or you can probably
    borrow them from a second-year student.
At Magdalen, other than Matriculation and Exams, Gowns are worn for Sunday Formal
Hall (a slightly more formal meal in Hall for which you can choose to sign up) and on
formal visits to the President. You may also wear gowns to Chapel services (although
this is not compulsory).
·     Matriculation: Matriculation is the Oxford ceremony which marks your admittance
    into the University. You will dress up in Sub Fusc, have your photo taken at College,
    and then attend a ceremony in the Sheldonian Theatre. After the ceremony, the MCR
    organises a Champagne celebration to help you feel the part, after which you can tour
    some pubs while still in Sub Fusc.
·     Car Parking: Car parking in Oxford is not easy! Magdalen has a number of car
    parking spots which are allocated to graduates at the start of term. If you are not
    allocated a parking spot and you have a car, life can be pretty difficult! One option, if
    you are in a house outside of College walls, is to apply for a resident‘s pass to park on
    the street.
Hall: During term Hall is generally open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (no booking
required), but out of term Hall is only open for certain meals. The list of meals that Hall
will be providing is available in the Lodge. The College Bar also serves food and has
outdoor seating. Hall times are: Breakfast 8-9:15 am, Lunch 12:15-1:30pm, and Dinner
6:15-7:30pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday there is only dinner from 6:14-6:45. Formal
Hall: In addiction to canteen food, there is a separate, smart, catered sitting on
Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 7:15 pm. A gown is required, and smart dress is
needed on Sundays. Sign up for formal hall is online at
·     The Home Bursar: the Home Bursar oversees all accommodation issues. If you
    have any questions about the accommodation, the lease or about furniture, you should
    contact his Secretary.
·     Maintenance: if you need anything repaired you need to notify Maintenance either
    by leaving them a message in the Lodge or by popping in to talk to them directly.
    They can be found in the buildings adjacent to the Lodge (next to the Bridge, entry on
    High Street.)
·     Scouts: the Scouts are the college cleaners. They will clean the kitchen and
    bathroom daily during the week and will clean your room and change your sheets once
    a week. Generally if you need your rubbish bin emptied you can leave it outside your
    door. Also if you need a new light bulb you can ask the Scout or leave her a note.
    Scouts, like Porters, are very helpful – be kind to them!
·     Batells: This is the bill issued by the College which is payable at the start of each
    term. It includes accommodation, college fees and other expenses incurred (such as
    optional formal dinners).
·     After hours gate: If you are leaving/returning college after the 11:30, the porter‘s
    lodge door will be closed. Instead, you have to use your late gate key to enter the after
    hours gate on High Street next to the Library, or the Longwall street gate.


·     Groceries: Sainsbury‘s (Westgate Shopping Centre, Queens Street) and Tesco‘s
    (Cowley Road) are the main supermarkets and are probably equidistant from
    Magdalen in either direction. There is also a smaller Sainsbury‘s Local (Magdalen
    Street) just past the corner of Cornmarket and George Streets, next to Borders.
    Tesco‘s and Sainsbury‘s have delivery services (costing only 5 pounds). Many grads
    order communally with their flatmates from Tesco‘s and have regular deliveries made.
·     International: The Asian Shop (Hythe Bridge Street towards the train station) has
    quite a good range of foods and there are also a number of small deli like shops which
    are worth investigating on Cowley Road which stock Indian/Pakistani and Asian
    foodstuffs, Hallal meat, and Mediterranean food.
·     Covered Market: Entrances off Cornmarket and High Street. This houses several
    sandwich shops, unique stores, fresh meat and fish, bakeries, fruit vendors,
    delicatessens and florists. A great place to bring visitors or lunch guests or just for a
·     JCR shop: Magdalen operates a very small tuck shop in Cloisters IX where you can
    get milk, cereal, ice cream, etc.
·     JCR Winestore: In addition to the JCR shop, the JCR also operates a wine sale and
    video rental store next to hall M-F evenings. Here you can buy (or batell) wine, beer,
    and port, as well as rent (for free) from a small selection of videos.
·     Eating out: If the subtle delicacies of Hall don‘t suit your tastebuds, there are
    numerous cafés, restaurants and pubs in Oxford that serve a diverse range of food.
    The biggest range of eateries is along Cowley Road and Walton Street, Jericho. For
    more information see
·     Take out and delivery: There are numerous take-away places nearby in the Cowley
    area. For home delivery, there‘s: Qumin‘s (indian) 01865247093, Golden Wok
    (chinese) 01865248158, Rice box (01865202138, Pizza Roma (italian) 01865790606,
    as well as Domino‘s Pizza 01865200222
·     Household items: Argos (New Inn Hall Street, behind Clarendon Centre off
    Cornmarket) sells practically everything via a no-frills catalogue-order system.
    Boswells (Cornmarket), a large and relatively inexpensive store with everything from
    pillows to kettles, offers a discount for students. Second-hand items are available at
·     Books: Oxford has three main bookstores:
1.     Blackwell‘s (Broad Street): An award-winning store which has an extensive range
of academic and non-academic books (bigger than most libraries). There is a second-
hand shop on the top floor of the main store. In addition, Blackwell‘s has Art and Music
stores on the opposite side of Broad Street, just down from the Sheldonian Theatre.
2.   Borders (Magdalen Street) has an extensive collection of books and often runs a
20% student discount on or before First Week, Michaelmas Term.
3.    Waterstone‘s (corner Broad Street and Cornmarket) is a huge UK chain with good
new releases and a limited range of academic books. It offers a student discount.
·     Stationery: WH Smith (Cornmarket) and Ryman (High Street) have a good
    selection of supplies. Ryman‘s offers a 10% discount with your Bod card. If you
    don‘t mind a slightly longer walk, Office World (14-16 Park End Street) has a huge
    range of stationery, as well as laser- and inkjet-printers and accessories.
·     Post offices: The Main Oxford Post Office is on St. Aldate‘s opposite Christchurch.
    There is also a post office on Cowley Road and one on Woodstock Road, just down
    from the language centre.
·     Dry cleaning: Unfortunately, dry-cleaning services in Oxford are often over-priced
    and under-effective. The best dry-cleaners are on New Inn Hall Road, Cowley Road
    and Woodstock Road.
·      Haircuts: For guys, there are two barbers that tend to be most popular (£8-10 per
    cut). One is on High (near Queen‘s College) and the other is on Turl Street. Two
    cheaper hair-cutting options (£6-7 per cut) are located up Cowley as well. For
    women, the best places to go are Mahoganies (Little Clarendon Street) and Paolo
    Gianni (St. Giles/Woodstock Rd). Mahoganies is expensive but reliable. While Paolo
    is a bit cheaper, so is the cut. Toni & Guy‘s (George Street) is also popular.
·     Bicycle: Bicycles are the most popular form of student transport and can be really
    handy to bring your shopping back from the stores! Warning: if you do buy a bike,
    buy a good lock to go along with it — bike theft is rampant. In fact, some would
    suggest buying a used, moderately-beat-up bike rather than a brand-new bike in an
    attempt to ward off the discriminating thief. The Union Society sponsors the sales of
    used bikes from the Yellow Van at the beginning of the term — a great way to get
    cheap bikes. You should also bring a helmet or buy one. Bike shops are in the
    following locations:
            o      Cycle King (On Cowley Road): This recently opened shop has the
                distinction of ‗superstore.‘
            o      Reg Taylor Cycles: 285 Iffley Road
            o      Bee-Line Bicycles: 61-63 Cowley Road
            o      Pennyfarthing Cycles: 5 George Street
            o      Bike Zone: Market Street (also good for repairs)
·    Torch: If you live in Holywell Ford, you will often have to brave the unlit
    Addison‘s walk at night. A torch can help prevent you from falling into the stream.
 Where are the libraries?

The first thing you need to realise is that while Oxford may have every book your heart
wishes, actually getting it into your hot little hands may be quite a challenge.
·      The Bodleian Library (aka ―the Bod‖) is Oxford‘s main library and, as a copyright
    library, has virtually every book published in England. Be forewarned about a few
    ways in which the Bod may be different from your undergraduate university‘s
    1st: The hours. It doesn‘t have 24-hour access. Opening hours vary according to
    whether it‘s term-time or vacation, and are not the same across all parts of the library:
    details on
    2nd: You can‘t take it with you. Unfortunately, because it‘s a copyright library, you
    are not able to check books out of the Bod. In other words, unless you can find your
    books at one of the other libraries in Oxford (or at a Bookstore), be prepared to camp
    out in the Bod.
    3rd: Photocopying. ―Ah,‖ you say. ―I won‘t have to sit in the Bod all day. I‘ll just
    photocopy my chapters and then mosey back to my room‖. Sadly, the Bod are strict on
    copyright law, and actually make you fill out a form for photocopying, and then they
    photocopy your pages for you. However, think of all the money you‘ll save!
·      Magdalen Library: Found in Longwall Quad, just next to the High Street, the
    College library can be used 24 hours a day. Entrance is once again with your Bod
    card, and the librarians are very friendly. You‘ll probably be taken on a tour in your
    first week here.
·     Magdalen Law Library: This is located in the Grove Building, adjacent to
    Longwall Street. All law students are issued with a Law Library key and can access
    the Law Library 24 hours a day (handy for those doing the BCL). Similarly to the
    Bodleian, this is a non-lending library. There is, however, a photocopier for which you
    need to supply your own paper. A photocopy card will be issued to you by one of the
    Law Fellows.
·     Public Library: One of the best libraries at Oxford isn‘t really at Oxford. The
    Central Library for Oxfordshire Studies is Oxford‘s public library and is located near
    the Westgate Shopping Centre on Queens Street. Unlike what the University offers,
    this library is quite user friendly. It‘s free to join, you actually get to take the books
    home, and you can check out videos and CDs for £1 per week! Bring along proof of
    residency (a bank statement) and a photo ID to register.
Out and about:

There are numerous extra-curricular activities to get involved in during your time at
Oxford. The University and College will send around some information. You should
also look at Daily Info, Oxford‘s own internet information resource:
·     Gym: Every member of the college is given a free membership to LA Fitness on St
    Ebbe‘s Street. All you need is your Bod card to enter, and they have a pool, gym
    equipment, and various classes (spinning, yoga, etc). In case that doesn‘t suit your
    taste, the main University Gym is The Iffley Road Gym (10 minute walk down Iffley
    Road on the right). Its facilities are pretty decent and its prices are good. But you go
    early in term to join because there are only limited places and you will miss out if
    delay. Also remember to take a passport photo when you go to join. Another option is
    the Magdalen College School Gym (near Cowley Rd). They offer a limited number of
    student discount places during term and have some very good facilities. If you‘re
    interested drop them a line on 01865 458490.
·     Language Classes: The University runs a number of free language classes out of the
    Language Centre ( Enrolment takes place in person at the Centre,
    12 Woodstock Road, generally during first week. The enrolment date and time vary
    for different languages and can be found on the Centre‘s web page.
·     Joining the Union (Oxford Union Society: The Union is
    Oxford‘s famous members-only debating society (one of the oldest societies in the
    English-speaking world!) which hosts an array of well-known speakers, sportspeople,
    politicians and celebrities. It also offers members facilities including a restaurant and a
    bar (with very cheap drinks). However, be warned that the Union has a life
    membership fee (£170) and is dominated by undergraduate political aspirants. Also
    the speakers can be disappointing, so you‘ll want to check out the facilities and the
    speakers list before signing up and consider carefully how often you‘ll actually go.
    You may also want to look into the European Affairs Society which hosts a great
    schedule of interesting speakers.
·     Magdalen Film Society: The Magdalen College Film Society shows regular films
    on the big screen in Magdalen‘s state-of-the-art Auditorium during term. Check your
    pigeon holes in Noughth week for term cards and subscription forms.
·     Pubs: Here‘s a quick review of some of the highlights:
    The King‘s Arms (‗KA‘): Centrally located (right across the street from the Bodleian
    Library). Decent drinks, but a bit touristy. This is the place that we all tended to go in
    our first few weeks at Oxford (because we couldn‘t find any place else). Also serves
    The Turf: The Turf is a bit harder to find than the KA: it‘s right near New College (on
    something called Bath Place). Among the more popular pubs in Oxford, the Turf has
    one of the better atmospheres. There is excellent outdoor seating for drinks on a hot
    The Bear: One of the oldest and smallest pubs in town. This place was built in those
    Napoleonic times when men were short. It‘s located near Merton, Oriel, and them
    there Southern colleges.
    The Eagle & Child (St Giles): CS Lewis drank here. It‘s a pretty good place to meet
    people since it‘s quiet, easy to find, centrally located, and has plenty of places to sit.
    The Lamb & Flag (St Giles, opposite the Eagle & Child): a large pub owned by St.
    John‘s College. A student favourite.
    The Angel & Greyound (St. Clements, just over the bridge and past the roundabout).
    A nearby, close favorite with billiard tables and games to keep you entertained.
    The Radcliffe Arms: Located in Jericho on the side street next to the Phoenix Cinema.
    This place has some great, cheap food and some good drinks. Sunday afternoon offers
    Head of the River: At the bottom of St. Aldate‘s. Fantastic outdoor seating on the Isis
    and some of the finest pub cuisine in Oxford. The Sunday afternoon roasts in winter
    are delectable.
    Purple Turtle: Subsidised by the Union and the truly cheap prices (for Oxford) show
    it! It gets good reviews whether you are looking for the Simpsons or dancing on the
    The Trout: Last, but certainly not least. A real gem located on the river up by
    Godstow bridge. It‘s about a 1-hour walk through Port Meadow, or you can catch
    either the #6 or #6A bus to Wolvercote.
    Merton‘s (High St): When you can‘t be bothered walking more than 100 metres from
    College and don‘t mind paying a randomly-calculated cover charge, Merton‘s is good
    for a drink and it‘s open past 11pm.
    Duke of Cambridge (Little Clarendon Street, Jericho): A cool, trendy bar with an
    amazing happy hour (1/2 priced cocktails) from 5-8:30 during the week and 5-7:30 on
    the weekend. Definitely worth the hike.
    Raul‘s (Walton Street, Jericho): A tiny, hip bar with extremely delicious cocktails that
    are outrageously expensive. Sigh.
    Clementines (St. Clements, just at the roundabout) With a dance floor downstairs, it‘s
    a decent place to start the party.

·     Clubs: There are numerous clubs in Oxford, which range from really sketchy to just
    somewhat sketchy. Nevertheless, if dancing, watching people dance, or trying to pick
    someone up in the presence of people dancing is your thing, then you should try Park
    End (Park End Street), Club Latino (St Clement‘s), Filth (Westgate Shopping Centre),
    Zodiac (Cowley Rd), Po-Na-Na‘s (St Giles), Old Fire Station (Gloucester Green) or
    Freud‘s (Walton Street).
·     Travel Agents: There are two main student travel agencies in town.
    STA Travel – STA is probably the most popular travel agency among students.
    Unlike Campus Travel, STA focuses only on airline travel.
    Campus Travel – Campus Travel can usually find you really cheap prices to
    wherever you want to go. In addition to booking airline flights, you can also book train
    travel here!
    Online – There are many excellent search engines for cheap flights online:,, and Also, the
    discount airlines RyanAir and Easyjet fly across Europe and often have outrageously
    good sales.
    You‘ll definitely want to purchase an ISIC card at your travel agent. It entitles you to
    low-fare tickets and can get you into museums and other attractions throughout the
    world for cheaper prices (or for free!). The card costs £7 (and, as always, be sure to
    come prepared with a passport photo). A National Express Student Coachcard can be
    purchased quite cheaply (for £10 for a one year card and £19 for a three year card).
    They save you approximately 30% on each trip. The Young Person‘s Railcard, which
    costs £20 per year, pays for itself after 2 journeys. You can purchase it at the train
    station, but you must bring along a passport sized photograph.
Contact Information
Fresher Representatives email :                 
Porters‘ Lodge                                                              + 76000 or +
President Professor David Clary                 + 76100
President‘s Secretary, Carolyn Tucker                                          + 76101
Tutor for Graduates,      Dr Mark Pobjoy               + 76099

Deans‘ Secretary, Susan Burton                                                + 76021
College Secretary, Nancy Cowell                                                        +
Home Bursar, Mark Blandford-Baker                                             + 76050
Home Bursar‘s Assistant, Catherine Hughes                                      + 76051
Secretary, Home Bursary, Marilyn Evans                                         + 76052
Steward, Sheila Collett                                                      + 76006
Maintenance Administrator, Sabina White                                        + 76039
Deans of Arts, Dr Robert Gilbert and Dr Robert Douglas-Fairhurst               + 76062
Dean of Divinity, Michael Piret                                               + 76027
Note: All telephone numbers are internal. Within UK add + 01865 2. From outside UK
add + 44 1865 2.
All of the above may also be contacted via e-mail (

Frequently asked questions:

I lost/broke my BOD card, what do I do? Call the Dean‘s Secretary, Susan Burton, and
she will arrange a new card for you.
I need to send/receive a fax. Can I do this at Magdalen? Yes, for a small fee. Go see
the dean‘s secretary.
I have a problem with my room. Help! See the Home Bursar‘s Assistant, Catherine
What do I do if my computer/internet/computer room code doesn’t work? Take a
deep breath, realize some problems take a while to get fixed, and contact the computing
centre or MCR Computer Rep.
I’m bored. What’s going on in Oxford? has tons of event listings
for every day of the week. Or, just go to the pub.