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									Attributes of GANJUL ARSH

Once the Prophet (SAL) was in the masjid. The Gabriel came in unknowingly, and communicated
the „Prayer‟ to him. He (the Gabriel) narrated the attributes of the “Prayer” as well. The most
important attributes are as follows:

- One who is punctual in the recitation of the “DUA” he she shall be privileged to have enhanced
sources of income
- Avenues of his/her being properous shall remain opened upon him/her
- The enemy of such a devotee of the “DUA” shall bow down to him her
- One who recites or keeps the “DUA” with him/her, he/she always be blessed with Allah
- Against non-believers he/she shall come out victorious
- Saved from the evenuality or inis-happening in a journey
- Saved from the witch-craft
- If the water mixed with the “DUA” is given to drink to a person under the spell of magic or witch-
craft, the person shall recover from the influence
- For all the other fatal diseases the “DUA” is extremely effective
                         Attributes of DUA-E-JAMEELAH

"Whosoever recites this Dua or keeps it on their person, their sins will be forgiven and the pains will be
eliminated at the time of death by the Palm of Almighty; they'll be safe from every magic, befriend
enemies, his/her face on Doom's Day will be bright like the moon. Recite dua upon breaking fast on the
15th Ramadaan for boundless credits. Whosoever recites it after Fajr Namaz gets credit of 300
pilgrimages equal to that of Hazrat Adam (pbuh); after Zhor Namaz gets credit of 500 Pilgrimages equal
to that of Hazrat Ibrahim (pbuh); after Asr Namaz gets credit of 100 Pilgrimages equal to that of Hazrat
Yunus (pbuh);after Ishai Namaz gets credit of 1 000 Pilgrimages equal to that of Hazrat Musa (pbuh); and
after Tahajjud Namaz gets credit of 100 000 Pilgrimages equal to that of The Holy Prophet."

The above words are represented on many a publication of this powerful dua. It was pointed out by one
learned in Hadith, namely, Sheikh Ighsaan Solomon of Athlone, that the above is in actual fact a tradition
passed on from generation to generation. It must be noted that the recitation of the Dua is commendable.
Criteria for rejecting a tradition as not being credible, the above satisfies this point: It promises great
rewards for minor deeds.
Conclusion: The people of old were wise in getting the next generation to follow their ways dutifully, they
exaggerated a bit. Nevertheless, their intentions were noble. The reward is great for reciting the Dua but
not as great as tradition states. Please continue to recite Dua-e-Jamielah and Asma-ul-husna.

There are numerous credits of Dua-e-Jameelah. Here only few are stated. That who recites it after
Namaz Fajr gets credit of three hundred Pilgrimages: equal to that of Hazrat Adam (PBUH). And
who recites it after Namaz Zohr get credit of five hundred Pilgrimages: equal to that of Hazrat
Ibrahim (PBUH). And who recites it after Namaz Asr gets credit of one hundred Pilgrimages: equal
to that of Hazrat Yunus (PBUH). And who recites it after Namaz Isha gets credit of one thousand
Pilgrimages: equal to that of Hazrat Musa (PBUH). And the one who recites it after Namaz Thahajjud
gets credit of one lakh Pilgrimages: equal to that of Holy Prophet.
Attributes of DUA AYYAMUL BEEL

This Dua was gifted to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from
Almighty Allah, and delivered to him by Jibreel (AS).

Benefits to the recitor:
- Each month on (Pora 13,14 &15) a person should fast and recite this
- Such person would devire the benefits of performing Holy Haj, and
- The recitor will cross the Sirathul Mustakeem bridge without difficulty
and reach Heaven peacefully.

The Dua can also be recited for a Haajath, the recitor should not be of
any impurity, then perform four (04) Rakats Sunnat Nafl Prayers. In
each rakat after Sura Fathiha Sura Iklass should be recited Ten (10)
times to receive benefits from such Hajaath. And remember always to
recite Salathun Nariya, before reciting this Dua.
Recite Salawaat and Derive its benefits

No amount of praise and thanks will suffice the great benefits that our
beloved Prophet has showered on us. In addition, Allah Himself has
requested us to recite Salawaat and Salaam on him. He encourages us
towards it by proclaiming that He and his angels too perform that
deed. Therefore it becomes part of our duty towards faith to recite

Allama Saqawi (Rah) has collected the various benefits of Salawaat
from a large number of Hadith and given them to us in a concise form.

- Allah recites Salawaat on those who recite Salawaat.
- The angels too recite Salawaat.
- Salawaat helps to redeem his sins.
- Salawaat purifies his deeds.
- Elevates him.
- Leads to forgiveness of his sins.
- Commenmds the forgiveness of sins.
- Merits to the height of the hill of Uhadh is entered in his record of
- His deeds will be weighed in the larger scales.
- The requirements of this world and the next of the person, who
substitutes Salawaat for his Dhua and Awraat, are met and his sins are
- The merit of a slave being freed will be awarded to him.
- Mental peace will be achieved.
- The Prophet (Sal) will bear witnes on Judgement day.
- It behoves on the Prophet to plead for him on judgement day.
- He receives the acceptance and grace of Allah.
- He is saved from the anger of Allah.
- He will find rest in the shadow of the Throne of Allah (Arsh) on the
day of judgement.
- The scale with good deeds will lower in the Balance on Judgement
- He will enjoy the benefit of drinking the waters of Howlul Kavdhar.
- The eternal thirst on Judgement day will be quenched.
- There will be redemption from the fire of hell.
- The Siraat will be crossed with ease.
- He will see the heaven that will be his due even before his death.
- He will have many consorts in heaven.
- He will receive the rewards of over 20 battles in the cause of Allah.
- It will be the equivalent of Sadhaqa (voluntary charity) to those who
have no means.
- There will be improvement in wordly requirements and
accomplishment of over a hundred necessities.
- It is a deed because of which other good deeds are accepted.
- It embelishes and ennobles any gathering.
- It expels poverty.
- The person who recites Salawaat regularly will be close to the
Prophet in the next world.
- Its rewards will reach down to three generations.
- If recited for others‟ benefit they will receive its merit.
- It will assist to move closer to Allah and the Prophet.
- It will be the cause of discomfiture of enemies.
- It will cleanse the heart of hypocrisy.
- It will nurture love and affection among men.
- He will see the Prophet (Sal) in his dream.
- It will be guard against evil speech.
Surah Yaseen

Read Surah Yaseen every night: Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi
Wasallam said: “The perdon who reads Yaseen every night,
(he) will be pardoned.” (Baihaqi)

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “The person who
reads Surah Yaseen every night, thus, when he dies, he will die
as a sha‟heed (martyr).” (Tabaraani)

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “All things have a
reart, the heart of the Quraan is Yaseen. The person who reads
Yaseen, (once) Allah will record for its reader a thawaab
(reward) equal to reading the Quraan ten times. (Tirmizi,

Therefore, beloved reader try your level best to read Surah
Yaseen each night. Allah will reward you in abundance. This
Surah could be read at any time between Maghrib and bedtime.
Surah Kahf

Recite Surah Kahf. The complete Surah should be recited. It
shall become a „Noor‟ (light) for the recite which shall stretch
from the earth upto the heavens. It will become a source of
light on the Day of Qiyaamah. All the minor sins committed
since the previous Friday shall be forgiven. One shall be
protected from all Fitnah (trials) for eight days. If the first ten
and the last ten Aayahs of Surah kahf are memorized, then one
shall be saved from the Fitnah of Dajjal. In one narration it has
been stated that the person who often recites the first three
Aayahs of Surah Kahf, will be safeguarded from the Fitnah of
Dajjaal. The Salaatut Tasbeeh shoud be permormed.
Surah Sajdah

Read Surah Sajdah every night. Sayyidina Jaabir‟ R.A. says that
Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam would not sleep until he
would read Alif-lam‟meem Tanzeel-as-sajdah and Tabarakallazi
Biyadihil-Mulk. (Bukhari, Tirmizi)

Prophet Muhammad (SAL) said: “The person who
reads Tabarakallazi Biyadihil-Mulk and Alif-lam‟meem Tanzeel-as-
sajdah between Maghrib and Esha. The reward (for reading
these to two Surahs) will be as though he (the reader) had
stood awake during (the night of) Laylatul-Qadr.” (Ibn-
Mardawayh, Ruhul-Ma‟aani)

Beloved reader, read these two Surah each night, either
between Maghrib and Esha, or after Esha. Insha‟allah, Allah will
reward you in abundance, and also protect you from the Azaab
of the Qabr, and you will receive a reward equal to staying
awake during Laylatul-Qadr.
Surah Ar-Rahman

Prophet Muhammad (SAL) said: Reciting Surah Ar-Rahman
regularly gives the merit of rendering thankfulness to Almighty
Allah‟s bounties, Neumath;

To recite regularly day and night helps to ward off Calamities;
facilitates Almighty‟s forgiveness;

Hazrath Kwhaja Mueenuddeen Al Jisthie (Ral) stated that its
continuous recital regularly day and night guarantees against
ill effects of prolonged sickness;
Recite regularly Al-Waqiah; Ar-Rahman; Al-Hadeed and be
assured of good tidings of this world and the hereafter, stated
Rasoole Kareem Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam;
Surah Dukhaan

Prophet Muhammad (SAL) said: „Whosoever recites Surah
Dukhaan on the night of Jum‟ah, seventy thousand Malaa‟ikah
ask for forgiveness of that person until the morning.
Surah Waaqiah

Read Suratul-Waaqiah every night. Sayyidina Abdullah Ibn
Masood R.A. relates that I heard Prophet Muhammad (SAL)
say: „The one who reads Suratul-Waaqiah every night, poverty
will not befall him.‟ (Abu-Yala, Baihaqi)

Prophet Muhammad (SAL) said: “Suratul-Waaqiah is Suratul-
Ghinaa (The Surah of wealth). Therefore, read it, (YOURSELF)
and teach it to your children.” (Ibn Mardawayh, Suyuti)

Say‟yidina Abdullah Ibn Masood R.A. says that I heard Prophet
Muhammad (SAL) say: “The person who reads Suratul-Waaqiah
every night, poverty will never befall him. Say‟yidina Abdullah
Ibn Masood R.A. says: I have instructed my daughters to read
it every night.
Surah Muzammil

If recited daily you can see our Holy Prophet (PBUH) in your
dreams and all Evil Charms will not affect you. If recited 7
times you will be saved from starvation and all your worries
will cease. If you visit a person in High Office he will oblige and
help you if you recite this surah before you meet him.
Suratul Mulk

Read Suratul-Mulk every night. Rasulullhi Sallallahu Alayhi
Wasallam said: “Verily, a Surah from the Quraan consisting of
thirty Aayah (verses) interested for a person until he was
pardoned (by Allah), and that was Tabarakallazi Biyadihil
Mulk. (Tirmizi, Haakim)

Sayyidina Abu-Hurairah R.A. narrates that Suratul Mulk will
continue interceding on behalf of its reader, until he (the
reader) is pardoned (by Allah). (Ibn Hibbaab, Hisnul-Haseen)
Rasulullhi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “The Surah of
Tabarak is a great protector and deliverer, it protects and frees
one from the Azaabul-Qab‟r (the punishment of the grave).
Surah Anam

- To obtain forgiveness from god
- To obtain some want
- To obtain protection from god
- To be protected from danger
- To be protected from disease
- For a fulfilment of desire
- To enter heaven without inquiry
- Relief from mental agitation and thirst
- To be unsighted by an evil person & to calm the cyclone
Surah Manzil

Recital of this Manzil daily will safeguard you against Evil
Spirits. Evil Charms, Insanity, Thieves, Evil Eyes and all other
evil effects and calamities.
Surah Ahadu Naama

Recite at least once in lifetime, you will have the end of Iman
salamath, so said Prophet (Sal) wasallam. Further Hazrath
Jabir (Ral) said “There are Three Thousand ailments in human
body, Thousand are diagnosed and treated by the medical
science. Balance Two Thousand diseases remain a mystery to
the medical science.

Whoever recites Ahadu Nama regularly in the morning, Allah‟s
mercy will look after him from the balance Two Thousand

The one who recites Ahadu nama committed to memory, is safe
from poisonous snakes, Evils of Charms, and the disease that
possesses the human tongue.

Ahadu Nama could be recited to the memory of departed souls.
They will benefit by it. Recite it regularly and attain the merit
accrued from Almighty Allah.

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