Introducing Ted Lord by tedlord


									Introducing Ted Lord
Ted Lord currently resides in Dreieich Germany; and is making a positive impact on his adopted
homeland through his charitable work. Mr. Lord’s career in finance has taken him to job postings
throughout the world and provided him with a lifestyle comfortable enough to pursue his passions and
make time to visit his family back home in the United States. Mr. Lord is an active participant in
Kinderschutzbund, a German charity that protects children from domestic violence. Mr. Lord is a
crusader for children in abusive and violent situations and often drops everything to provide aid to
children in need.

Nelson Mandela is a person Ted looks up to as a role model. It is easy to see how he has modeled his
life to live up to the former South African President’s standards. Mandela was the first President elected
in a fully democratic process. Mandela was a staunch anti-apartheid activist, and in fact spent 27 years
in prison for his beliefs in a democratic nation for South Africa. Mr. Lord is thankful for the path Mandela
took in his life and how he furthered the cause of equality in his own nation. It is what has inspired Mr.
Lord to take up the cause of abused children as his way of giving back to the world.

Also actively involved in promoting home ownership throughout the world, Ted knows that nothing can
give a struggling family a leg up quite like the pride in owning one’s home. Setting up a viable
infrastructure in inner cities is an integral part of a community’s success. If you have pride in your
community, it leads to a better, safer, cleaner environment for children to thrive in.

As an environmentalist, Ted is involved in and passionate about saving the world’s coral reefs from
development and environmental damage. He donates time and resources to organizations that work
exclusively to save coral reefs. He knows that education, tools and inspiration in local communities helps
people to become passionate activists for the reefs. It is his sole wish for the world that people develop
managed marine protected areas and sustainable businesses to benefit both coral reefs and people.

Ted takes a great amount of pride in his career. He has been one of the executives integral to bringing
the covered bond market to prominence. When he is not furthering his career or advocating for abused
children and coral reefs, Lord hits the ski slopes. He is an expert skier and travels the world searching for
the highest mountains, the longest runs and the best snow. When it is warmer weather he craves, he
heads for the ocean on scuba diving trips. It was these trips that originally alerted Mr. Lord to the plight
of the coral reefs.

Some fun facts about the accomplished Ted Lord: He speaks four languages fluently and his cousin
Winton was the U.S. Ambassador to China. Ted Lord leads a life to be admired. He is ambitious and
accomplished and driven while also having a charitable heart and love of his fellow mankind and our

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