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					A blind on the revolving chair !

      Composed by: Bhupi Serchan

      Translated by: Raj K Pandey, MBS, MA
         Fleeing sleepy on own emptiness like a dry bamboo for whole day;
     Fleeing guilty for whole day, and hurting to the chest by own chops exactly
                          like the activity of the sick pigeon;
                      And, scratching the wounds for whole day!

Crying slowly due to the deep-rooted and unexpressed sadness at an aloof pine fores
 Exactly like a folio-mushroom in a far distance between the enormous earth and sky;
                       Burying own’s legs in a small narrow place;
                        Protecting self through a small umbrella;

                                      At evening
                          When Nepal turns into Kathmandu;
                       Kathmandu converts into New road; and
                 New road lies under the feet of enormous pedestrians;
          It divides and becomes shops of the newspapers, tea and coffee.

            Diversified noises keep on in-and-out in the different outfits;
            Newspapers walkout exactly like a recently egg hatched hen;
           And, it rides in the dark perambulator paths at different places;
                   Scared due to the lights of the running vehicles;
   And, I wake-up due to the fear of bites of the several bees and their humming.
        I wake-up exactly like a divine soul on the day of the final justice;
                    And, not achieving forgotten ‘lethe’ river;
                          I dived into the glass of wine.

                    And, completely forgot my previous story;
                              Previous life and death.
               On this way, always, a sun rises through a tea kettle;
                  And, sun sets on the empty wine-glass, daily.

                 The earth, where I am living, is revolving as usual;
Merely, I am totally unknown with the surrounding changes, panoramic views and
Exactly like a blind man, sitting by force on the revolving chair, which is kept on
                                   the exhibition.
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