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District Long Range Curriculum Plan Cedar Ridge School District


District Long Range Curriculum Plan Cedar Ridge School District

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									                  Cedar Ridge School District
                    Long Range Curriculum Management Plan
Following the Three L’s of Curriculum Management designed by Dr. Debbie Goodwin,

               ay It Out

   L           ine It Up
               ayer It

The Cedar Ridge School District will horizontally and vertically align the taught
curriculum to match with the curriculum assessed by the ADE. This alignment process
will take place in three phases: Horizontal curriculum mapping (Lay It Out), Vertical
Curriculum Alignment (Line It Up) and vertical alignment of student expectations and
assessments that increase in rigor as the students progress through the grades (Layer It).

Step One: Lay It Out
Each staff member in the District will create a horizontal map of the taught curriculum.
This step should be completed and the horizontal maps placed on the District Web site by
September 15, 2007.

Step Two: Line It Up
The district staff has been organized into seven K-12 Curriculum teams: Mathematics,
Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education and Health, and
Vocational Studies, to manage and vertically align the curriculum. The teams will meet
during the 2007-2008 school year to align the curriculum. Staff will have released time
to align the curriculum during the school day and will receive staff development credit
for the efforts. This phase of the alignment process will take place from October through
March of the 2007-2008 school year.

       The teams will meet on the following dates and at the following locations.
       Language Arts Team           October 2              CRHS
                                    January 29             NES
       Mathematics Team             October 4              CRHS
                                    January 31             CCES
       Science Team                 October 9              CCES
                                    February 12            NES
       Social Studies Team          October 23             CRHS
                                    February 7             NES
       Fine Arts Team               November 8             NES
                                    February 21            CRHS
       PE & Health Team             November 14            CCES
                                    February 26            CRHS
       Vocational Team              December 4             CRHS
                                      March 6                CRHS

Step Three: Layer It
This phase of the alignment process will take place in the summer of 2008. In this phase
the faculty will continue the vertical alignment process ensuring that not only the content
is aligned vertically , but that the rigor of the expectations in student activities and
assessments increases as the students progress through grades K-12.

                              Cedar Ridge School District
                               K-12 Curriculum Teams

Physical Education and Health
Eddie Emmerson      CCES                     K-6
Kevin Arms          NES                      K-6
Todd Lovell         CRHS                     7-12
Stephern Gould      CRHS                     7-12            Chair
Lori Craig          NES                      1st
Lavonda Huckabee CCES                        2nd             Secretary

Rita Wycough        NES                      K-6

Social Studies
Peggy Warren          NES                    K
Ken McSpadden         NES                    3rd
Phyllis McCance       CRHS                   10-12
Phyllis Blackburn     CRHS                   10-12
Marion Ardrey         NES                    4th
Jeanie Wagoner        NES                    GT              Chair
Bill Crotts           CRHS                   9th
Aralene Byars         CCES                   6th             Secretary

Martha Pelley         NES                    1st
Janet Seay            CCES                   Resource
Deena Bruce           NES                    2nd
Shawn Craig           CRHS                   7-8

Language Arts
Pepsi McCoy           CRHS                   9-12
Rhea Jennings         CCES                   7-8          Chair
Samantha Randleas     NES                    5th
Elizabeth Watson      NES                    K
Joy Cunningham        NES                    Reading Recovery
Sheila Gardner        CCES                   Reading Recovery
Julie Bledsoe         NES                    K
Susan McElmurray      CR                     Speech
Cindy Kalsnick        NES                    Lit Coach
Heather McFarland     NES                    1st          Secretary
Carol Woods         NES    3rd
Rebecca Walker      NES    6th
Denise Arms         CCES   4th
      Franks        NES    Resource
Paula Osborne       NES    2nd
Brandi Vanamburg    CRHS   8,10,11, Speech
Shirll Nelson       NES    K-6 Library
Andrea Milam        CCES   K-6 Library
Donna Walker        CRHS   English

Shelly Wilson       NES    5th & 6th        Secretary

Joyce Howard        CCES   5th & 6th        Chair
Ellen Harmon        CCES   K
Bekah Hyslip        NES    K
Connie Matthews     CCES   3rd & 4th
Nikki Childers      CCES   1st
Tina Foster         CRHS   7th & 8th
Lisa Barber         NES    Math Rec
Linda Barnett       NES    Resource
Holly Cash          CRHS   Resource
Kay Treadway        CCES   2nd              ELLA on October 4

Earlene Howard      CRHS   9-12
Ken McSpadden       NES    3rd
Paula Lovell        CRHS   9-12

Lesa Vaughn         CCES   K
Robin Courtney      CRHS   7,8,9            Co Chair
Vaughn Ward         NES    5th & 6th        Secretary
Jennifer Bruce      CCES   1st
Judy Barnett        CCES   3rd
Cindy Gilmore       CCES   4th, 6th & 6th   Co Chair
Larry McBride       CRHS   7th-12th
Heather Chadwick    NES    2nd
Harla Gavin         NES    4th
Brenda Robinson     CRHS   Resource
Teresa Yates        NES    3rd Grade

Fine Arts
Jim Miller          CR     K-6 Art      Chair
Billy Madison       CRHS   7-12 Band
Leia Parks          CRHS   7-12 Art     Secretary
Andrea Steward      CRHS   7-12 Vocal Music
Heidi Street        CR     K-6 Music
Ruthann McGlothin   CCES   K-6
Donna Walker         CRHS   9-12

Vocational Studies
Carol Curtwright     CRHS   FC Science   Chair
Kathy Franks         CRHS   FC Science   Secretary
Lynnette McKinney    CRHS   ALE
Larry Williams       CRHS   AGRI
Dana Manuel          CRHS   Counselor
Kimberly Jones       CRHS   Business
Carol Neiheisal      CRHS   Resource

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