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									The History of Acne
                                  Acne is known to affect people even before humans
                                  could write. Some Egypt writings mention that
                                  Pharaohs used to suffer with Acne. It seems that the
                                  word ‘Acne' was invented in ancient Greece as people
                                  from there were also affected by this disorder.

                                  Here are some of the ways people used to treat Acne
                                  depending on the period they lived in:

                                  In ancient Rome, Acne was treated with baths. They
                                  used hot mineral water, combined with sulfur. Celsius
                                  on of the writers of Rome mentioned of this treatment in
                                  the book called ‘De Medicina'.

                                  Until 1800, the people did not discover any more useful
                                  treatments against Acne and have continuously used
                                  sulfur as they saw it can dry and exfoliate the skin.

In 1920, people began to use Benzoyl Peroxide which is still used nowadays. We can
find it in the composition of the anti-Acne cream called ‘Brevoxyl' in a concentration of

In 1930, Laxatives were being used for treating the affection called ‘Chastity pustules'.
People thought that virgins could not eliminate toxins from their body as they did not
have any sexual contact so they generally used laxatives against Acne. Still, they were
not far from the truth as nowadays doctors know that constipation can be a cause of Acne
as toxins accumulate in the body but sex has nothing to do with eliminating toxins.

In 1950, antibiotics were finally used in treating Acne caused by germs. Most of all,
tetracycline was used with great results, but nowadays it is no longer used as it has lost
her effect against some skin germs and her place was taken by more powerful antibiotics.

1960 is the year when 'Tretionine', also known as ‘Retin A' was discovered to have a
benefic effect against Acne. Later on the oral Isotretionine was made and the battle
against Acne became easier. These products are still used nowadays with the same great
effects on Acne. They are mostly used by US people.

In 1980, a famous anti-Acne product called ‘Accutane' appeared in the American
market. Its results on an Acne skin are astonishing and that is why it is still used in 2007.

In 1990, Laser Therapy made its first steps in treating Acne and now it has perfected in
such a way that it does not only cure Acne but it can clear the skin from recent and even
old scars left by Acne. Of course the process if quite expensive but the result of laser
therapy is a perfectly normal skin which all people suffering of Acne are dreaming of.
Further more, it does not hurt at all and you are not obliged to hide in the house for a few
days as you have to do after chemical peeling procedures.

In 2000, the blue/red therapy has developed along with laser therapy and Acne can be
treated easily. Seeing what our ancestors did to cure Acne shows us how the humanity
has evolved and also makes people suffering of Acne hope, that in a few years they will
not have to deal with this infection any more.

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