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        A-level courses 2011
                     Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

“Students speak with
great enthusiasm about
their achievements...”

College Information               40   Film & Media Studies Courses   62    Music Courses
                                  41   Film Studies                   63    Music
 3 Principal’s Introduction       42   Media Studies                  64    Music Technology
 4   Inspection Report                                                65    Advanced Musicianship
 6   Outstanding Students and     44   Humanities Courses                   “Virtuoso”
 7   Exam Results                 45   Critical Thinking
 8   Students to be proud of      46   General Studies                66    Science & Mathematics
10   Oxbridge Support             47   Geography                            Courses
12   Academies                    48   Geology                        67    Biology
14   Support for Students         49   History 16th Century (Tudor)   68    Chemistry
18   Enrichment Activities        50   History 20th Century           69    Further Mathematics
24   Sporting Excellence               (American/World)               70    Mathematics
                                  51   History 20th Century           71    Physics
                                       (European Dictatorships)
Course Information                52   Law                            72    Social Science Courses
28    Business Courses            54   Philosophy                     73    Government and Politics
29    Accounting                  55   Religious Studies              74    Psychology
30    Business Studies                                                75    Sociology
31    Economics                   56   ICT & Computing Courses
                                                                      76    Sports & Physical Education
                                  57   Computing
32    Performing Arts Courses     58   ICT
                                                                      77    Sport and Physical Education
33    Dance
34    Drama and Theatre Studies   60   Modern Foreign Languages
                                                                      78    Visual Arts Courses
35    Performance Studies              Courses
                                                                      79    3D Design
                                  61   French
                                                                      80    Fine Art
36    English Courses             61   German
                                                                      81    Graphics
37    English Language            61   Spanish
                                                                      82    Photography
38    English Literature
                                                                      83    Textiles
39    English Language and
                                                                      84   Applying to Runshaw
                                                                      85   Admissions Timeline
                                                                      86   Important Information
                                                                      87   How to get to Runshaw
                                                                      88   Course Index

    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

                                      Welcome to Runshaw

                                Welcome to Runshaw College
                                As a student at Runshaw College, you      As a result, Runshaw was awarded
                                are at the heart of everything we do.     Beacon College status by the
                                Our simple ambition is that you are       Department for Education. Beacon
                                happy and fulfilled whilst achieving      College status is only awarded to
                                your dreams and ambitions during          colleges which are ‘Beacons’ of
                                your time with us.                        educational excellence. We are very
                                                                          proud to be the only Beacon College
                                We aim to provide:                        in this area.
                                • the very best teaching
                                • personal tutors and teachers who
                                  really care for you                     We have also worked very hard to
                                                                          make sure that you have the facilities
                                • a wide range of enrichment
                                                                          you deserve. In recent years we have
                                  activities from sport, music and
                                                                          invested over £25m in upgrading
                                  drama to visits, debates and
                                                                          college resources, including:
                                  students’ clubs
                                                                          • a new student restaurant
                                • additional support for those
                                  students who require extra help         • a new Student Services building
Kathy Passant Principal           with their studies                      • a new ICT and computer building
                                • a friendly, caring and safe               (Runshaw is a centre of excellence
                                  environment with high expectations        for IT)
                                  at all times                            • a new sports hall, fitness suite and
                                                                            two all-weather sports pitches
                                Visitors to the college frequently
                                                                          • new laboratories in the Sir Walter
                                comment on its happy and purposeful
  “Visitors to the college                                                  Norman Howarth Science Suite
                                atmosphere. I believe this comes from
  frequently comment on its     the friendly and respectful               • music, drama and performing arts
                                relationships which exist between staff     facilities
  happy and purposeful
                                and students, creating a college          • language laboratories
  atmosphere. I believe this    community where each person is            • the Arena – an outdoor
  comes from the strong         valued and can flourish.                    performance area
  relationships which exist     We are proud of our reputation and        We believe that we now have the
                                popularity. The successes of our          finest facilities in the region.
  between staff and
                                students over the years have led to
  students creating a college   widespread recognition.                   We are extremely proud of our
  community where each                                                    students. They are a delight to work
                                We are the only college in the country    with. I hope you will join us and I look
  person is valued and can      to have won the European Quality          forward to making you welcome at
                                Award for Excellence. In our Inspection   Runshaw.
                                of May 2008, Ofsted judged us to be
                                ‘outstanding’ in every respect; a
                                wonderful tribute to the staff and
                                students who make up the Runshaw
                                learning community.                       Kathy Passant

                                               Inspection Report

Outstanding in every way!
    Runshaw’s Ofsted report is a really glowing
    tribute to our staff and students.

    Every aspect of the college was graded as

    No other college in the county has ever
    received so many high grades with no
    weaknesses identified.

    The following comments sum up Ofsted's
    stunning verdict:

    “At Runshaw, every learner really does
    matter... the learner experience and the
    quality of teaching and learning are at the
    heart of every aspect of the college... for many
    students, the exceptional support they receive
    has changed their lives.... there is a very strong
    emphasis on developing the full potential of
    the students...and a sense of teacher and
    learner working together in the pursuit of

                                                         Inspection Report

Among other comments,                          about our staff:
inspectors also said.......                    ‘exceptionally good lesson planning...’

about our students:                            ‘staff are very well-qualified, highly
‘students enjoy their lessons and contribute   motivated and totally dedicated to helping
enthusiastically...’                           students enjoy and achieve...’

‘students speak with great enthusiasm          ‘there is extensive celebration of students’
about their achievements’                      achievements...’

‘attendance is very good’                      ‘the college has pushed the boundaries in
                                               developing innovative and creative practice
‘students make an excellent contribution to
                                               in lessons which supports highly effective
the life of the college and the wider
                                               ‘students enjoy their lessons, contribute
‘student progression to higher education,
                                               enthusiastically and speak very highly of
further education or training is excellent’                                                   Key Strengths
                                               the support they receive from staff in and
‘students are very well prepared for           out of lessons...’                             • Exceptionally strong focus on student
examinations and beyond’                                                                        enjoyment and achievement
                                               ‘staff work hard within a culture of high
‘students’ views... are used very well to      expectations, backed by strong support and     • Outstanding success rates for students
drive forward continuous improvements’         an excellent programme of staff                  aged 16 to 18
                                               development...’                                • Outstanding personal development
about our support:
                                               ‘teachers engage and motivate students to        of students
‘the college has continued to invest
                                               have ambitious aspirations and produce         • Excellent value added to learners’
significant resources to maintain high
                                               work of a very high quality...’                  previous attainment

‘the range of enrichment activities is                                                        • Innovative and creative practice leading
                                               Inspection Report Summary                        to high quality teaching and learning
                                               Runshaw achieved outstanding grades in
‘excellent promotion of equality of                                                           • Highly inclusive range of provision and
                                               every aspect of its provision.
opportunity...’                                                                                 excellent enrichment
                                               Effectiveness of provision
‘students value the inclusive nature of                                                       • Excellent partnership working to meet
individual support...’                                                                          local needs
                                               Capacity to improve
‘student progression to higher education,                                                     • Outstanding guidance and support
further education or training is excellent’                                                     for students
                                               Achievement and standards
‘there are extensive resources devoted to                                                     • Inspirational leadership
additional study support’
                                                                                              • Excellent performance management,
‘a culture of respect permeates the college’   Quality of provision
                                                                                                leading to consistently high standards
‘guidance and support are excellent...’                                                         and relentless focus on continuous
                                               Teaching and learning                            improvement
                                                                                              • Exceptionally competent and dedicated
                                               Support for students                             staff and excellent resources to support
                                               Outstanding                                      teaching and learning

                                               Leadership and management                      • Excellent financial management and
                                               Outstanding                                      deployment of resources

                                               Equality of opportunity                        No significant areas for improvement.

                                           Outstanding students

Outstanding students
This year our students have broken all records with their A-level achievement. More students
than ever before have places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The pass rate is 100%
with an unprecedented 36% A grades .

An amazing 280 of our students achieved 3 or more A grades at A-level.
87 students all achieved 4 or more A grades.

Name                       Grades   Name                        Grades   Name                      Grades
Charlotte Win Cheng        AAAAAA   Michael Burns               AAAA     Anna Jackson              AAAA
Catherine Waters           AAAAAA   Chelsea Carter              AAAA     James Jagger              AAAA
Jessica Allen              AAAAA    Rachel Rennie Cartwright    AAAA     Nicole Johannesen         AAAA
Ibrahim Arosi              AAAAA    Nicola Charlton             AAAA     Rosemary Carris Kelly     AAAA
Daniel Berry               AAAAA    Mark Thomas Chester         AAAA     Michael Kings             AAAA
Laura Jane Bradbury        AAAAA    Matthew Robert Cobain       AAAA     Roisin Mary Lancaster     AAAA
Rheanan Elizabeth Buckle   AAAAA    Harry Connor                AAAA     Jennifer Latham           AAAA
Rebecca Burns              AAAAA    Jack Anthony Cox            AAAA     Kirstie Lavery            AAAA
Victor Chow                AAAAA    Rebecca Crook               AAAA     Joel Livermore            AAAA
Rosie Anne Conroy          AAAAA    Shamuil Dalvi               AAAA     Alexander Martin          AAAA
Charlotte Dewdney          AAAAA    Olivia Dean                 AAAA     John McDermott            AAAA
Dheema Dookhun             AAAAA    Warren Michael Del-Pinto    AAAA     Hannah McKean             AAAA
Leanne Gradwell            AAAAA    Elizabeth Driver            AAAA     Kyle McManus              AAAA
Richard James Hartley      AAAAA    Colin Dykes                 AAAA     Debra Mitchell            AAAA
Taha Hazari                AAAAA    Laura Eccles                AAAA     Hannah Teri Monk          AAAA
Anante Jariwala            AAAAA    Charlotte Edmondson         AAAA     Joe William Edward Moss   AAAA
Sherrie Jones              AAAAA    Philip Ellis                AAAA     Haider Naweed             AAAA
Hannah McKenna             AAAAA    James Entwistle-Wilkinson   AAAA     Matthew Neat              AAAA
Elisabeth Nuttall          AAAAA    Kerr Fitzgerald             AAAA     Alexander Newlove         AAAA
Daniel Shaun O’Neill       AAAAA    Sophie Victoria Flynn       AAAA     Jennifer Nowell           AAAA
Kara Jayne O’Neill         AAAAA    Joseph Forshaw              AAAA     Claire Parsons            AAAA
Nicola Rawlinson           AAAAA    Karl Foster                 AAAA     Sitara Patel              AAAA
Matthew Rimmer             AAAAA    Abigail Jayne Fryer         AAAA     Pritesh Patel             AAAA
Uroosa Sheikh              AAAAA    Elisabeth Jayne Garside     AAAA     Charlotte Perry           AAAA
Micha Christy Waite        AAAAA    James Greer                 AAAA     Michael James Ramsdale    AAAA
Jayne Whittle              AAAAA    Charlotte Gregory           AAAA     Marie Robinson            AAAA
Aaqib Ali Akhtar           AAAA     Emma Dawn Haslam            AAAA     Kelly Roddy               AAAA
Laura Bannister            AAAA     Tom Daniel Heaton           AAAA     Alexander Roocroft        AAAA
Samuel Thomas Bentham      AAAA     Sophie Henderson            AAAA     Ashley Seetal             AAAA
Stephen Berry              AAAA     Rachel Hesketh              AAAA     George Sharp              AAAA
Devon Billington           AAAA     In Hei Ho                   AAAA     Hannah Shorrock           AAAA
Heather Elizabeth Blythe   AAAA     William James Holme         AAAA     Emma Smith                AAAA
Niall Dominic Boyle        AAAA     James Anthony Sean Hope     AAAA     Weng Sou                  AAAA
Matthew William Brown      AAAA     Thomas William Hopwood      AAAA     Lee John Stothert         AAAA
Gemma Louise Brown         AAAA     Stephanie Horridge          AAAA     Kate Rebecca Taylor       AAAA
Rory Brown                 AAAA     James Horrocks              AAAA
Stephen Bryan              AAAA     Lauren Illingsworth         AAAA
Alex Bukharin              AAAA     Emma Louise Jackson         AAAA

                                             Outstanding exam results

                                         Outstanding exam results
                                         Runshaw’s best ever Advanced level results have put the college in
                                         second place among the country’s 400 FE and sixth form colleges.
                                         Runshaw has consistently been in the top three colleges nationally
                                         for several years now.

                                         Government examination performance tables published in
                                         January 2010 show the following:

Student Profile                          Position     College                                               Points per
Weng (Michelle) Sou                                                                                         exam entry
Business, Economics, Further Maths
and Maths                                1            Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge              239.1
Michelle says, “I heard of Runshaw's
highly regarded reputation and I felt    2            RUNSHAW COLLEGE                                       237.6
really comfortable on the Open Day.
The wide range of people that you        3            Burnley College                                       231.2
meet allows you to develop great
interpersonal skills and the excellent   4            Woodhouse College, London                             230.6
teaching staff are always there to
help you.”                               5            Winstanley College                                    226.9

                                         6            Accrington College                                    223.9

                                         (Source: Government examination performance table, January 2010)

                                                                                     Beacon College Status
                                                                                     ‘Beacon’ status is only awarded
                                                                                     by the Government to schools
                                                                                     and colleges with outstanding
                                                                                     levels of excellence. Runshaw is
                                                                                     the only 16 – 19 college in this
                                                                                     area with Beacon College

                                                                                     Runshaw Adds Value
                                                                                     Other data published by the
                                                                                     Government in January shows
                                                                                     that Runshaw’s added value for
                                                                                     Advanced level students
                                                                                     outperformed other local
                                                                                     colleges and was second best in
                                                                                     the country.

                                                    Students to be proud of

Students to be proud of
Runshaw students continue to prove that they can compete with
the very best.

We currently have over 40 students studying at Oxford and
Cambridge universities.

In recent years,10 former Runshaw students have graduated with
first class honours degrees from Oxford and Cambridge
universities.                                                                             Student Profile
                                                                                          Alex Martin
Alex Marks graduated with first class          Carl Lewis graduated with first class      Further Maths, Maths, Music, Music
honours in Social and Political Sciences       honours in Maths and Computing from        Technology and Physics
from Cambridge.                                Churchill College, Cambridge.
                                                                                          Alex says, “Runshaw has great
Tom Sharples and Will Unsworth                 Hayley Lund graduated with first class     facilities which are what attracted
                                               honours in Law from Hertford College,      me when I came to look round.
graduated with first class honours in
                                                                                          I enjoyed the classroom atmosphere
Chemistry from Oxford.                         Oxford.
                                                                                          too. I was really excited to gain my
Sam Langfield graduated with first class       Kit Burdin graduated with first class      A grades that enabled me to go to
honours in Philosophy, Politics and Ethics     honours in Law from New College, Oxford.   the university of my choice. I am
from St Anne’s College, Oxford.                                                           now at the University of Oxford
                                               Joe Woodworth graduated with first class   studying Mathematics.”
David Tomlinson graduated with first class     honours in Law from King’s College,
honours in Economics from Sidney Sussex        Cambridge.
College, Cambridge.
                                               Both Kit and Joe intend to study for MA
Catherine Hartley graduated with first class   degrees in Law before joining the Middle
honours in English and French from Trinity     Temple in London as their Inn of Court.
College, Oxford.

                                              Students to be proud of

                                         Runshaw currently has over 1000 former students at the most prestigious
                                         Russell and 1994 Group of universities.
                                         Students currently studying at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

                                         Name                    University/College                 Course
                                         Alice Baghdjian         Trinity College, Cambridge         Modern Languages
                                         Zoe Bellevue de Silva   Wadham College, Oxford             Biology
                                         Simon Bond              Keble College, Oxford              Maths/Computing
                                         Michael Burns           Regent’s Park, Oxford              PPE
                                         Chris Clare             Homerton College, Cambridge        Land Economy
                                         Craig Corrin            New College, Oxford                Law
                                         Adam Creamer            St Catherine’s College, Oxford     Chemistry
                                         Peter Daunton           Wadham College, Oxford             Engineering
Student Profile                          Jack Deamer
                                         Michael Dunne
                                                                 Homerton College, Cambridge
                                                                 Exeter College, Oxford
Catherine Waters                         Rebecca Finley          New College, Oxford                English Language & Literature
Fine Art, Further Maths, General         Catherine Garsed        St Hilda’s College, Oxford         Languages
Studies, Maths, Photography and          Philip Garsed           Clare College, Cambridge           Engineering
Psychology                               Rachel Garside          Clare College, Cambridge           Natural Sciences
Catherine says, “I found at Runshaw      Philip Haddleton        Jesus College, Cambridge           Land Economy
that there were so many great            Joshua Halstead         St Benet’s Hall, Oxford            PPE
teachers who are dedicated to            Rachel Hesketh          Emmanuel College, Cambridge        Economics
bringing out the best in you. I really   Paul Jefferson          Selwyn College, Cambridge          Economics
enjoyed the many different subjects      Matthew Kay             Emmanuel College, Cambridge        Economics
I could do.”                             Sarah Latham            Emmanuel College, Cambridge        Law
                                         Caroline Leonard        Wadham College, Oxford             Philosophy/Modern Languages
                                         Mohammed Madi           Trinity College, Oxford            PPE
                                         Alex Martin             Wadham College, Oxford             Mathematics
                                         Hannah McKenna          Jesus College, Oxford              German/Spanish
                                         Andrew Murphy           Trinity College, Cambridge         French/German
                                         Deborah Murray          New Hall College, Cambridge        Music
                                         Charlotte Nickel        Hertford College, Oxford           Law
                                         Chris Pilkington        Hertford College, Oxford           English
                                         Alan Rimmer             Christchurch College, Oxford       Classics
                                         Stephen Robinson        Hertford College, Oxford           Physiology
                                         Kelly Roddy             Wadham College, Oxford             English Language & Literature
                                         Andrew Royle            St Anne’s College, Oxford          Biochemistry
                                         Matthew Schofield       Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford         Maths
                                         Kirstie Scott           Hertford College, Oxford           Geography
                                         Richard Smith           Selwyn College, Cambridge          Natural Sciences
                                         Mark Spender            St Hugh’s College, Oxford          Maths/Computing
                                         Paul Tinton             Churchill College, Cambridge       Maths
                                         Jonathan Turner         Lincoln College, Oxford            Music
                                         Charles Underwood       St Anne’s College, Oxford          Biochemistry
                                         Phillip Unsworth        St Edmund Hall, Oxford             Chemistry
                                         Gavin Williams          Churchill College, Cambridge       Natural Sciences
                                         Jessica Williams        Clare College, Cambridge           Natural Sciences

                                         Former Runshaw students who graduated from Oxford and Cambridge in 2009
                                         Helen Caunce            Queen’s College, Oxford            2.1 in History
                                         Katie Crookes           Queen’s College, Cambridge         2.1 in Geography
                                         Matthew Foy             Homerton College, Cambridge        2.1 in Geography
                                         Sam Langfield           St Anne’s College, Oxford          1st in PPE
                                         Hayley Lund             Hertford College, Oxford           1st in Law
                                         Amy Roberts             Jesus College, Oxford              2.1 in Geography
                                         Ben Sutton              Jesus College, Oxford              2.1 in Law
                                         David Tomlinson         Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge   1st in Economics

                                                         Oxbridge Support

Oxbridge Support
Extra help to realise your dreams.

The Sunday Times newspaper gave Runshaw its highest AA
grading for the support given to applicants to Oxford and
Cambridge. No wonder. Every year an average of a dozen students
leave here for Oxford or Cambridge. Currently, over 1100 former
students are studying at the prestigious Russell group and 1994
Group of Universities.
                                                                                               Student Profile
These outcomes result from the extra            Runshaw is also the only state sector school
                                                                                               Jessica Williams
support we give to gifted and talented          or college to have produced TWO
                                                                                               Chemistry, Further Maths, Maths and
students. Such individuals need this to         Presidents of the Cambridge Students’          Physics
ensure they fulfil their potential. They also   Union, Pav Akhtar and Laura Walsh. Both
                                                                                               Jessica says, “I came to Runshaw as it
need special advice and guidance to gain        have visited the college to give guidance
                                                                                               was the most convenient college to
entry onto the most prestigious courses at      and information to prospective Oxbridge        where I live and there was a friendly
the most prestigious universities. Typically    applicants. They are a real inspiration and    atmosphere. I liked the wide range of
such courses will require A grades. They        show just what can be achieved by              social activities and clubs and I found
include Medicine, Veterinary Science,           Runshaw A-level students.                      there were lots of interesting topics
Dentistry and Law at most universities,                                                        in Physics, and the practicals were
Sport at Loughborough, Engineering at                                                          fun. I joined the Science Club in the
Imperial College, Mathematics at Warwick                                                       first year which I really enjoyed. I am
and of course, all subjects at Oxford and                                                      now at the University of Cambridge
                                                                                               studying Natural Sciences.”

Part of this support takes the form of our
Prestigious Universities’ Programme. This
includes lectures on what is required for
these universities, talks from visiting
academics and former Runshaw students,
membership of the National Academy for
Gifted and Talented Youth, and the chance
to make a residential visit to Oxford or
Cambridge. It is designed to de-mystify the
application process, especially to Oxford
and Cambridge and to clarify what
prestigious universities are looking for.
Above all, the programme raises
confidence levels and provides huge
encouragement for those thinking of             Pav Akhtar

Practical help with applications, personal
statements, aptitude tests and interviews is
also given. The Oxbridge selection process
is unique, so special assistance is provided
using the expertise which Runshaw staff
have built up through their relationships
with colleagues at Oxford and Cambridge.

                                                Laura Walsh
                              Oxbridge Support

We currently have over 40
students studying at Oxford
and Cambridge Universities


For those with a passion for learning                                                       Sports Academy
                                                                                            In the Sports Academy, students can:
In every subject at Runshaw, there is the opportunity to join an                            • have daily Academy sessions on
Academy. Each Academy provides opportunities for students who                                 their timetables
wish to challenge and stretch themselves and go beyond the                                  • have access to top level coaching in
confines of the A-level examination syllabus. There are no entry                              their sport from highly qualified coaches
requirements, but clearly joining an Academy is only for those                              • benefit from an individual development
students with a passion for their subject and who are willing to do                           programme which includes specialist
a bit extra in addition to the work required by the A-level course.                           skills, appraisals, personalised support
                                                                                              and mentoring
It’s not for everyone. But the rewards can be great.
                                                                                            • keep in peak shape through fitness
In many subjects, Academy students can take Advanced Extension                                testing and psychometric assessment
Awards which are academic qualifications pitched at a level above                           • make use of outstanding facilities
the top A-level grades. The following are just THREE examples of
                                                                                            • participate in competitions and
Runshaw’s Academies.                                                                          sports fixtures

Science Academy                              Music Academy
In the Science Academy students can:         In the Music Academy students can:

• receive extra tuition for Advanced         • join the Chamber Choir, Big Band or
  Extension Awards                             various ensembles: Brass, Clarinet,
                                               Saxophone, String etc
• join the Science Research Projects
  Club, the Forensics Club or the            • take further instrumental tuition in
  Medical Projects Club; the clubs             our specialist rehearsal accommodation,
  involve a period of research culminating     from tutors who are graduates of the
  in a gala evening where students             Royal Northern and other leading music
  present their findings to an audience of     schools
  fellow students, staff, parents and VIP
                                             • benefit from excellent staff including ‘FE
                                               Teacher of the Year’ – Sally MacGregor
• join the Science Book Club
                                             • sing for fun in our 100-strong choir
• lead the annual Science week which
                                             • hone their skills in performance: in
  includes a special lecture and other
                                               addition to many concerts and
  activities to commemorate the work
                                               productions, the Music Academy went
  of Sir Walter Norman Haworth, the
                                               on tour to Spain, provided the music for
  Nobel Prize winner from Chorley
                                               the ‘Further Education STAR Awards’, an
• go on a Science residential visit in the     Oscar-type ceremony in London, and
  Lake District                                performed in front of over 1200 staff at
                                               Leyland Trucks’ annual charity event
• represent the college in various
  national competitions                      • participate in master classes from
                                               visiting musicians: for example, our
                                               former student and international
                                               opera star - Amanda Roocroft led a
                                               master class rehearsal at the college
                                               with the Lancashire Sinfonietta


       Runshaw has taken honours as the
       North West number one college for
       sport every year since 2000.
       British Colleges’ Handbook

                            Supporting you to reach your full potential

Supporting you to reach your full potential
 Every individual matters
 Above all, we want you to be
 happy here and to achieve your
 full personal and academic
 potential. We have a great track
 record in supporting students.
 In our last three college
 inspections, our support for
 students was graded as

 We sincerely hope that the
 experience you have here, both
 academically and socially, will stay
 with you as happy memories for
 the rest of your life.

                                        Supporting you to reach your full potential

Pastoral Support                              Academic Support Tutorials                      Professional Studies
During your time at Runshaw, you may find     To achieve your full potential, you need        Some careers and higher education courses
that particular difficulties arise which      individual attention. So, in addition to the    demand that you have professional
prevent you from performing at your very      informal support which you can expect in        qualifications and experience in addition to
best and you may need support from            and out of the classroom, Runshaw also          your A-levels. You can participate in a
someone other than your Personal Tutor.       offers its unique provision of Academic         range of activities to help you develop an
On the A-level programme, we have a team      Support Tutorials (AST).                        understanding of your chosen career, such
of specialist support staff who are led by                                                    as work experience, volunteering, career-
                                              AST is timetabled support for individuals or
the Heads of Studies whose sole                                                               related enrichment and employability
                                              small groups. This allows teachers to meet
responsibility is to ensure that every                                                        workshops.
                                              the needs of students on a one to one
student is supported to achieve their full
                                              basis. The subject of the session could be to
potential. Our team of Pastoral Support                                                       Work Experience / Work
                                              clear up a topic which caused you a
Tutors and Learning Mentors are trained                                                       Shadowing
                                              problem during a lesson, review a piece of
and equipped to provide the support and                                                       We actively encourage work experience.
                                              coursework or agree an action plan to
guidance that will get you back on track.                                                     It will provide you with a valuable addition
                                              achieve or improve upon your Minimum
This may just be for one or two weeks, or                                                     to your curriculum vitae and will enhance
                                              Target Grade.
longer if necessary. They will liaise with                                                    your knowledge of your chosen career.
your subject tutors and, if required,         AST is in addition to the college’s Study       Recent placements include media,
external agencies and other support           Support Unit and offers extra assistance to     veterinary and doctors’ surgeries, care
functions within the college to ensure you    students with learning difficulties such as     homes, schools, law firms, scientific
get the appropriate support to help you to    dyslexia and who need extra help with           laboratories, accountants and theatres.
achieve your goals.                           some aspect of their studies.                   Work experience is undertaken during
                                                                                              holiday periods so it will not impinge on
                                              AST is certainly not just for students
Personal Tutor                                                                                your lesson time.
                                              experiencing problems. Students who want
When you join Runshaw you will be
                                              the very highest grades or who need extra
assigned a Personal Tutor. Your tutor will                                                    Parent – College Relationship
                                              help to move from very good to
guide you through your course, support                                                        We believe that your parents or guardians
                                              outstanding will also benefit from the
you through any difficult times and, above                                                    will play a vital role in ensuring your
                                              support received in AST.
all, celebrate your successes.                                                                success at the college and we are
                                                                                              committed to maintaining a productive and
Your Personal Tutor will help you to settle
                                                                                              successful relationship with them. We will
into college and agree an individual action
                                                                                              communicate with them on a regular basis
plan with you to help you to meet your
                                                                                              and will always welcome enquiries about
targets. They will carefully monitor your
                                                                                              your progress or any concerns.
progress and help you with careers
guidance, choosing university courses,
study skills, health issues and developing
your progress file.

                                             Supporting you to reach your full potential

Parents will Receive                            • helping you with language skills if
• an invitation to an induction progress          English is not your first language
  evening to meet their child’s personal        • identifying and exploring your
  tutor                                           individual learning needs
• prompt contact in the event of poor
                                                We also have a team of tutors and
  attendance or progress
                                                Educational Support Workers who work
• an invitation to attend progress              with students who have disabilities or
  evenings in each academic year                learning difficulties / differences e.g.
• a higher education guidance evening           Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome etc. Look at
  during the first year                         our booklet ‘Enabling Success’ (Disability
                                                Statement) for more information. Our
• progress reports twice a year
                                                Disability Equality Scheme will also tell you
• the opportunity to join a parents’ focus
  group which meets to discuss new
                                                about our work with learners with
                                                disabilities and our plans for the future.
                                                                                                Student Profile
  developments and any concerns                                                                 John Griffin
                                                Student Services                                Music Technology, ICT, Performance
Study Support                                   Your welfare is our priority and we will
                                                                                                Studies and Religious Studies
If you experience any difficulties coping                                                       John says, “I liked Runshaw for its
                                                help you to overcome any obstacles to your
with your college work or feel that you                                                         friendly and helpful staff who go
                                                success, achievement and progression.
could do better with some extra help, we                                                        out of their way to make sure you
have a dedicated study support team to          We will help you with:                          achieve. Also the support I've
help you.                                       • career decisions and higher education         received for my dyslexia from my
                                                  routes                                        personal tutor and study support has
They can assist you with:                                                                       been outstanding and has helped
                                                • applying for universities
• organising and planning your work                                                             me achieve my potential.”
                                                • job vacancies and employment
• managing your time effectively
• arranging for extra workshops in skills
                                                • managing your finances
  such as English, Maths or IT
                                                • work experience and volunteering
• developing your study skills to maximise
  your potential                                • individual counselling for your
                                                  personal difficulties
• arranging specialist equipment e.g.
  software for students with dyslexia

Supporting you to reach your full potential

                                  Ola!Our Modern Language
                                  Ambassadors welcome
                                  pupils from partner high
                                  schools to our European Day
                                  of Languages.

                              Enriching your college experience

Enriching your college experience

 Over the next two years you will
 have the opportunity to take part in
 a number of different enrichment
 activities. These will increase your
 enjoyment of your studies and equip
 you for further success.
 There are over 50 activities to
 choose from and here is a brief
 outline of some of them:

                                              Enriching your college experience

Cheerleading                                  Debating Society                                Band
Cheerleading is a sport that uses organised   Have your say on the debates that matter        Do you play any woodwind instrument,
routines made from elements of some           most!                                           drums or bass guitar? In the college band
tumbling, dance, jumps and stunting to                                                        you will have the opportunity to perform a
direct the event's spectators to cheer on     Christian Union                                 wide range of music from jazz to popular
sports teams at games and matches and/or      A dynamic society that brings like-minded       music.
compete at cheerleading competitions. So      people together to discuss issues and
come and join us!                             worship.                                        Choir
                                                                                              All are welcome at choir if you are a serious
Five a Side Football                          Runshaw Radio Workshops                         singer or a complete beginner; covering a
This is available for all to participate in   Want to have a go at being a radio              range of styles and participating in
leagues and tournaments, with medals and      presenter, reading the news and playing         performances here at the college and
cups for winners. A chance for tutor groups   your favourite tunes? Or learn about the        throughout Lancashire.
to form teams or groups of friends to play    technical details in running a radio station?
together, but if you are not part of a team   Well, book onto the College Radio               Music Theory
come along and join in – you soon will be!    Enrichment Workshops.                           Learn more about the theory of music at
Enjoy this fast pace game on state of the                                                     any level, read music more fluently, pass
art all weather surface.                                                                      exams, perfect your technical and
                                                                                              theoretical knowledge.

                                              Enriching your college experience

Chamber Choir                                 Rock Music Workshop                            Arts
A more specialised choir for those with       Designed for students already playing an       • Creative Textiles – you can learn felt-
more musical experience.                      instrument or singing: at 40 weekly sessions     making, experiment with sheer and
                                              with a professional rock musician,               soluble fabrics, transfer painting, hand
For those wishing to be part of an intimate
                                              collaborate and develop your rock music          stitching and cutwork appliqué, all
musical group you can check out the
                                              skills.                                          taught by a professional external textile
• recitals
                                              Performing Arts                                • Screen Printing - produce exciting and
• percussion group
                                              • College productions - ranging from             colourful images of your choice, ideal
• string group
                                                musicals to Shakespeare                        for students doing Photography, Fine
• folk group
• saxophone group                             • Dance Academy – to further enhance             Art, Graphics or Textiles to extend and
• clarinet group                                your dance techniques                          enhance your course work
• flute group                                 • Street dance – for all aspiring street       • Drawing - improve your drawing skills;
• brass group                                   dancers                                        use a range of media including charcoal,
                                              • Choreography workshop - for students           pencil, graphite, ink and pastels
Recreational Sport                              with some dance experience. Learn            • Life Drawing Skills - working with a
The Courts, our new refurbished all             dance techniques in a range of styles;         professional model, improve on your
weather pitches, are open everyday for          create performances for yourself and           established skills using traditional and
recreational sport e.g. football, netball,      others. Learn basic principles of              contemporary working methods; also
basketball and futsal; just bring your          choreography and work towards regular          develop an understanding of how
trainers and join in at anytime.                performances                                   famous artists gain their knowledge
                                                                                               from life drawing
                                              • Media Workshop, for those with an
                                                interest in films, broadcast, magazines,
                                                newspapers or journalism

                                    Enriching your college experience

                                    Creative Writing                               Sport
                                    Learn the skills of becoming a creative        • Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby,
                                    writer: let your creativity run wild!            Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton,
                                                                                     Tennis, Archery - for anyone who wants
                                    Computing and Games                              to have a go at being in a team, for fun
                                    Computer Gaming - take part in computer          or even playing in matches at home and
                                    gaming against your friends using a variety      away
                                    of PC games.                                   • Conditioning - resistance training,
                                                                                     cardiovascular work and flexibility
                                    First Aid                                        exercises
                                    Learn basic life-saving skills on this short
                                                                                   • Trampolining - learn how to trampoline
                                    course and gain a certificate of
                                                                                     and stay fit at the same time
                                    competence. Courses run for half a day
Student Profile                     throughout the year.
Rosie Conroy
Biology, Chemistry and Maths        Counselling Skills
Rosie says, “I came to the open     If you’re thinking of working in the caring
evenings and the courses I had in   professions attending this course could
mind looked really good. Everyone   make your CV stand out from the crowd
was very welcoming and friendly.    and you'll have fun along the way! Courses
I wanted to do Medicine so the      run in six-week blocks throughout the year.
Medical Club, which is unique to
Runshaw, was very appealing.”

                                             Enriching your college experience

Outdoor Activities                           • Survivor days – a short course covering    • Mountain rescue course – based at
If you are interested in pursuing outdoor      leadership, team working and problem         Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Base
activities ranging from mountain biking to     solving using a range of outdoor             at Dunsop Bridge; take part in a search
rock climbing to cycling fitness, then         scenarios; increase your personal            and rescue exercise in the Forest of
register your name and take part in            development and interpersonal skills         Bowland; learn how to co-ordinate
something different:                         • Snorkelling - this practical one-day         searches, use radios, conduct emergency
                                               course covers the selection and use of       procedures, casualty evacuation and
• Duke of Edinburgh Award - take part in
                                               equipment/snorkel and diving                 helicopter landing site management.
  this internationally recognised award,
                                               techniques; follow the British sub aqua      This is suitable for all abilities
  which is well regarded by universities
  and employers. Attend the information        club snorkel diver syllabus leading to     • Climbing and abseiling - a practical
  sessions at the beginning of term            certification; cover a range of              course covering climbing/abseiling skills,
                                               techniques, health and safety and rescue     belaying/rope work, selecting and
• Caving - this one-day course will allow
                                               drills and the possibility of trying a       fitting equipment and climbing safely.
  participants to navigate through several
                                               scuba dive                                   Suitable for both beginners and
  famous pot holes. You will cover
                                             • Skiing - skiing and snowboarding trips       experienced. The course will take place
  selection and use of equipment. All the
                                               and tuition for beginner and advanced,       both indoors (climbing wall) and at a
  kit will be provided and the course is
                                               visiting the Chill Factor ski slopes in      local crag – subject to weather
  suitable for complete beginners and
  those with experience                        Manchester

                                                Enriching your college experience

Social Events/Charity/Fun                       How to enrol onto an activity                    Have your say
Activities                                      The programme of enrichment activities is        You have an opportunity to represent your
Runshaw College is renowned for its ‘sell       continually developing and at enrolment          tutor group on the Personal Tutor
out’ social events! These include the           you will be able to register your interest in    representatives’ group. You could also
‘Freshers’ Party’ in September, (a chance to    the activity of your choice and pick up          become a member of the Student Council.
make new friends), the ‘Christmas Tree Ball’    some information. At the beginning of
                                                                                                 The Student Council is the voice of students
in December and the ‘Leavers’ Ball’ in May      term we hold ‘Freshers’ Fayre’ when you
                                                                                                 from across the sixth form college.
which provide a great opportunity for you       can try out activities and enrol. Details of
                                                                                                 Its members represent the views of
to mark the end of your time here at            new activities will be advertised at the
                                                                                                 students to staff as well as working closely
Runshaw.                                        Freshers’ Fayre and throughout the year.
                                                                                                 together as a team on many cross college
Runshaw adopts a charity each year and we       Some courses run weekly for the whole            activities and issues such as the Freshers’
organise lots of events throughout the year     year. Some are block courses that only run       Party, the annual Leavers’ Ball and
to support this and have fun, e.g, Easter       for a few weeks but may be repeated              Christmas Tree Ball, charity events and
activities, an ice rink, Chill Week, Children   several times during the year. Some              student welfare.
in Need, Comic Relief, Breast Cancer            outdoor activities/courses run just for a day.
                                                                                                 If you would like to be more closely
Awareness, Respect Week, Make Poverty
                                                                                                 involved with college events and activities
History and many more!
                                                                                                 and have your say then there are excellent
                                                                                                 opportunities to do so.

                                      Runshaw is one of the top colleges for sport

Runshaw has been the top college
for Sport in the North West
since 2000
Runshaw is the place to come if you are serious about sport
and are willing to work hard. We will endeavour to enable                               Student Profile
you to make the most of both your sporting and academic                                 Lauren Finch
                                                                                        Biology, English Literature, Physical
talents. We will help you to fulfil your potential, encourage
                                                                                        Education and Dance
you to be responsible for your own actions, be innovative                               Lauren says, “I decided to come to
and take the initiative.                                                                Runshaw because I felt it was the
                                                                                        best college in the area; it has great
                                                                                        results year on year and has
Sporting highlights
                                                                                        excellent success in sports.”
• The Academy Football team were quarter finalists in the National Cup

• The Girls Academy Football team are currently top of the North West League and will
  now compete in the National Finals at Loughborough

• The Academy Rugby League team got through the semi-finals of the National Cup

• The Academy Rugby Union team made
  it through to the semi-finals of the
  Lancashire Cup

• The Academy Basketball team
  made it through to the
  National Finals in Nottingham.
  They also came a fantastic
  4th in the Belgium European
  tournament and have now
  been invited to play in

• The Academy Hockey team
  have qualified for the
  National Finals in

• The Academy Netball team
  have won the North West

• In terms of individual sports
  Runshaw sporting students
  have gained places at the
  National Finals in cross
  country, badminton and tennis.

                                          Runshaw is one of the top colleges for sport

                                                Two of our Runshaw students,
                                                Rebecca White and Olivia Dean,
                                                pictured right, have excelled in
                                                Netball this year.
                                                Olivia’s achievements include:
                                                • Member of the British Colleges’ squad
                                                • Player of the Season – Runshaw
                                                • National finalists with YWCA Bury
                                                  Netball Club
                                                • Player of the Season – Bolton Ladies
                                                  Netball League
                                                • Runners up Premier League Bolton
                                                  Ladies Netball League
"Up and under, down under"
Runshaw Rugby League ace Josh Jones             • Winners Division One Bury Ladies
shines on Aussie tour (pictured above).           League

Runshaw student Josh Jones successfully         Rebecca’s achievements this year include:
represented St Helens Rugby League in           • Played in the Nationals
their 3 week Foundation Academy tour of         • Runners up at Leyland Motors
Australia U’16. Josh is the England School      • Member of the North West Regional
Boy Captain and a former Bishop                   Squad
Rawstorne student.

                                                                                            Dean Heapes
                                                                                            Accounting, Maths, Physics and
                                                                                            Physical Education
                                                                                            • Ranked 7th nationally 200m Breaststroke
                                                                                            • Regional Champion 200m Breaststroke
                                                                                            • Lancashire County Champion 100m and
                                                                                              200m Breaststroke
                                                                                            • District Champion 50m, 100m and 200m
                                                                                            • 2 national qualifying times100m and
                                                                                              200m Breastroke
                                                                                            • Came 2nd in Regional College Gala
Olympic hopeful - Tutor Fay Nash                                                              100m Breastroke
Former Runshaw student and current England player Fay Nash has returned to the              • British Biathlon Champion
Langdale Road campus to help inspire her pupils to success. Fay has been selected to        • Member of winning Runshaw Swimming
represent England at the next Olympic Games in London 2012 (pictured above left).             team

                            Runshaw is one of the top colleges for sport

Runshaw has been the top college
for Sport in the North West
since 2000
The ethos of our Academy is excellence in both academic
achievement and sporting performance. To join our Academy                  Student Profile
you don’t need to take a sports course at Runshaw and                      Tom Hopwood
                                                                           Biology, Maths, English Literature
selection is based on your performance in your sport. If you               and Chemistry
have expressed an interest in joining our Academy you will                 Tom says, “ I was attracted to
                                                                           Runshaw because of its friendly
be invited in for trials during the summer term.                           atmosphere along with its impressive
                                                                           Sports Academies.”
There are currently Academy teams in rugby league and
union, basketball, netball, football, golf, hockey, badminton
and tennis but we also cater for every individual sport and
currently offer training in cycling, athletics, fell running and
trampolining. You will be allocated six hours per week
training, plus sporting fixtures on Wednesday afternoon.

Runshaw’s Rugby Champions

                                       Runshaw is one of the top colleges for sport

Women’s Football                             Louis Mayers                                   Badminton
Runshaw’s Women’s Football squad is very     Louis studied Sport at Runshaw and was a       After a successful year, A-level student,
strong and a number of players are           member of the Football Academy.                Jennifer Salisbury, can now count herself as
members of local clubs and play regularly    Achievements:                                  the Number One College Badminton player
at the highest level. The team are North     • Reached the last 30 of the English college   in the country after beating the country’s
West 5 a Side Champions and were Bronze        trials                                       best at the National Finals in
Medal winners in the National Finals at      • Played semi-professional outside of the      Loughborough.
                                               college – Squires Gate FC in North West
Loughborough securing their position once
                                               Counties Premier Division
again as one of the best teams in the
                                             • Spent three years at Manchester City and
                                               a year at Blackburn Rovers before coming
Our current goal keeper, Danielle Gibbons,     to college
pictured above, has been selected for the
England squad and we wish her every

                                             Tennis doubles players, Stuart Gent, Adam
                                             Francis, Sam Stuart and Tom Hopwood
                                             have been hard to beat this year. A-level
                                             students Sam Stuart and Stuart Gent are
                                                                                            Betti Worth
                                             now ranked 4th best college tennis players
                                             in the country after testing their abilities   Betti studied Sport at Runshaw and was a
                                                                                            member of the Football Academy.
                                             against the best and coming 4th in the
                                             National Tennis Finals.                        Achievements:
                                                                                            • Represented England Colleges U19s
                                                                                            • Captained England Colleges U16s and
                                                                                              won the Rose Ball International
                                                                                              Tournament two years running
                                                                                            • Has two England Caps
                                                                                            • Plays Centre Mid Field for Manchester
                                                                                              City 1st Team
                                                                                            • Captain of Manchester City Reserves
                                                                                            • Manager’s Player of Year for Manchester
                                                                                              City and Runshaw Football Academy.

                                  Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Business Courses
Accounting • Business Studies • Economics

Business Courses achieved 100% pass rate with 78% of students
achieving A-B grades. Business courses are consistently awarded
Grade 1 from Ofsted inspections indicating outstanding provision.
The school has also shared best practice via Ofsted events and the
Best Practice database.

The Inspectors said, “The provision in the School of Business is more
outstanding than it was when it received the Grade 1 last year.
There is something very special about Business at Runshaw.”

Students’ studies are enriched by guest speakers and trips. Trips for
2009/2010 included New York, USA to visit NBC, NASDAQ, United
Nations and the Federal Reserve; Florence in Italy to visit
Lamborghini, Ducati and Perugina chocolate factory; Shanghai in
                                                                         Student Profile
                                                                         Joshua Halstead
China to focus on their economic situation by visiting the Baoshan       Biology, Economics, English
Steel Works and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. These trips were so         Literature and Psychology
successful that they, or similar, are to be repeated for 2010/2011.      Joshua says, “I came to Runshaw
                                                                         because of the pleasant locality.
Students are also encouraged to join the Academies for the courses       I would really recommend the
offered which feature activity based learning focused on developing      teachers at Runshaw and all the
students’ practical skills for their CVs and university applications.    friends I have made have been great.
                                                                         I enjoyed getting involved in college
There is currently a team of 22 experienced and professional tutors      life and was part of the Rugby
                                                                         Academy. I am now at Oxford
committed to delivering the A-levels in the School of Business who
                                                                         University studying Philosophy,
will support and enhance your academic achievements. Many of the         Politics and Economics.”
tutors are current examiners and there is even an experienced
Principal Examiner working within the team.

                                                                    Business Courses

Accounting                                             Students in Accounting consistently achieve         Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                       grades well above the national average. In          • Business Studies
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  2009 100% of students achieved grades A-E,          • Economics
Accounting?                                            with 58% achieving grades A or B; this being        • ICT
If you want to become an accountant or work            22% above the national Accounting average.
in business, Accounting will provide you with                                                              • Languages
excellent skills to enable you to do this. The         The Accounting department has also                  • Law
main objective of a business is to make a profit       successfully supported a number of students         • Mathematics
and Accounting will provide you with an                being accepted onto the world-class Ernst and
understanding of how a business calculates its         Young degree at Lancaster University and Price      What will the course prepare me for?
profit, along with many other skills required by       Waterhouse Cooper degree at Newcastle               This course provides an excellent base for
accountants.                                           University.                                         students progressing onto a wide range of
                                                       Students also enhance their wider business          degree courses at university including
To enjoy the subject and be successful you will
                                                       knowledge by participating in visits to industry    Accounting, Finance, Business Studies,
need to be logical and confident working with
                                                       in the UK, USA, Asia and Europe, which allows       Management and Economics.
numbers. You do not need any previous
knowledge of the subject.                              them to develop their broader knowledge of          It will also provide an excellent foundation for
                                                       business and finance.                               the further study of Accounting at professional
Subject tutors bring an abundance of
                                                       Recent trips to New York have included visits to    level, as well as equipping you with the
experience of real life situations to the
                                                       the Federal Reserve, NASDAQ, and United             essential accounting skills needed in the
classroom, in a range of lively learning activities;
                                                       Nations. Other visits have taken place to           business environment.
they are enthusiastic and committed to student
achievement and provide support both in the            Shanghai, European Parliament, Berlin and
                                                       Florence.                                           How is the course examined?
classroom and individual subject support. Tutors
                                                                                                           • There is a written examination in each of the
have strong links with the examination board
                                                       What will I study?                                    four units.
and are senior examiners; this allows them to
support the development of crucial examination         The aim of the course is to give you an
skills to the high standard required.                  understanding of the concepts and principles
                                                       that underlie accounting theory and practice
                                                       and its importance in a variety of organisations.

                                                       You will study.
                                                       • Accounting principles
                                                       • Accounting applications
                                                       • Company accounts and interpretation
                                                       • Management accounting.

                                                       We encourage the use of computers and
                                                       specialist accounting software is available.

                                                     Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Business Studies                                       What will I study?                                  What will the course prepare me for?
                                                       You will study the internal dynamics involved in    The majority of students go on to university,
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  planning and financing a business, which            where Business Studies represents the largest
Business Studies?                                      involves looking at:                                single subject in the university sector. For
Business Studies achieved a Grade 1 in the last        • starting a business                               potential employers, Business Studies with its
Ofsted Inspection with both teaching and                                                                   broad study base and balance of numerical and
                                                       • financial planning
learning graded as outstanding. Business                                                                   written skills, is an ideal foundation for the
Studies consistently achieves pass rates and           After which you will have an externally assessed    recruitment of students for managerial
high grades well above the national average.           examination.                                        positions.
For example, in 2009, 100% of candidates
                                                       This is then followed by the next unit of
achieved A-D grades, with 80% of students                                                                  How is the course examined?
                                                       Managing a Business:
achieving A-B grades.                                                                                      • case study-based examinations
                                                       • finance
All the subject tutors have a wealth of                • people in business                                • mini-part data response questions
experience and teach the subject with                                                                      • essays
                                                       • operation management
enthusiasm and passion. This helps in bringing
                                                       • marketing and competition
the subject to life in the classroom through a                                                             What’s great about studying Business at
range of ‘active’ learning experiences, reflecting     In the second year of the course, first year        Runshaw?
the dynamic nature of the subject material. In         subject material is explored in more depth, with
                                                                                                           What our students say...
addition, the majority of the tutors are               emphasis on decision-making at boardroom
                                                                                                           “I got the chance to go to Shanghai with
examiners, therefore aiding in the development         level. The first half of the second year will
                                                                                                           Business Studies. It was a fantastic trip which
of crucial examination skills. All tutors are          consider strategies to ensure a more successful
                                                                                                           was both educational and great fun; I would
committed to student achievement and                   business and the final unit will assess the
                                                                                                           recommend it to anyone!”
providing support in and out of the classroom.         business environment including the economy,
                                                                                                           Sarah Lygo
This success and commitment was also                   ethics and managing change. In addition there
recognised nationally when the department              is the opportunity to analyse problems              “Business is a very interesting and enjoyable
won the prestigious Beacon Award.                      encountered by real-life businesses and develop     subject, made even better by fantastic
                                                       effective solutions as part of a research task.     teachers”
Business Studies students enjoy annual visits to
                                                                                                           Matthew Adam Langhan
industry in both the UK and further afield. Trips      The second year of the course considers
in the UK have included local theme parks,             strategies for larger businesses and how            " Business is a subject that keeps you up to
breweries and Coca Cola. Recent trips abroad           managers might measure the performance of           date with the latest news in the world, giving
have included a visit to a concentration camp          the business. Finally it considers the effects of   you an up to date knowledge. It is very
near Berlin, United Nations, the European              external factors and the ways a business can        interesting"
Parliament, the Lamborghini and Ducati                 plan for, and manage, change.                       Daniel Hassan
factories near Florence in Italy, New York’s
                                                                                                           “One word – brilliant!”
Federal Reserve Bank, NBC and Macy’s.                  Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                                                                           Luke Parkinson
The most recent trip was to Shanghai, where            • Accounting
students visited The Baoshan Steel Works and           • Economics
the Oriental Pearl TV Tower amongst other
                                                       • English
                                                       • ICT
Students can also opt to join the Business             • Law
Academy, where additional activities and events        • Mathematics
allow them to refine their business skills
                                                       • Modern Languages
through practical activities, workshops and
                                                       • Psychology
guest speakers, and there are numerous Gifted
and Talented activities taking place.                  • Geography
                                                       • Sociology

                                                                Business Courses

                                                                                                        thinking skills; others may just want to achieve
                                                                                                        a deeper understanding of government policy,
                                                                                                        unemployment, inflation or the way in which
                                                                                                        markets work.

                                                                                                        Economics covers all of these in both a
                                                                                                        theoretical and analytical approach, providing a
                                                                                                        better understanding of how the world works.

                                                                                                        You will study:
                                                                                                        • markets and how they work
                                                                                                        • balance of payments and international trade
                                                                                                        • developing countries and globalisation
                                                                                                        • economic growth and economic recessions
                                                                                                        • economics of Europe: the Euro and the
                                                                                                          European Union
                                                                                                        • economics of transport
                                                                                                        • government economic policy
                                                                                                        • inflation
                                                                                                        • the budget
                                                                                                        • UK economic performance
Economics                                            Economics students can also take part in
                                                                                                        • unemployment
                                                     competitions, e.g. the Bank of England’s Target
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                2.0 competition and ‘The Young Economist of
Economics?                                                                                              Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                     the Year’ competition, and a regular discussion
Students in Economics consistently achieve high                                                         Economics can be combined with a variety of
                                                     group in order to further their understanding
grades, above national benchmarks. In 2009,                                                             other subjects in business, social services,
                                                     of, and passion for, the subject.
100% of candidates achieved A-D grades, with                                                            humanities, languages or mathematics.
71% achieving A-B grades and 58% A grades.           Economics provides students with the skills to     • Accounting
                                                     analyse issues to a high standard, and provides    • Business Studies
Economics offers a unique insight into how the       an excellent foundation for higher education in    • Geography
world works and will help students to                such areas as economics, finance, business,
understand many of the big questions facing                                                             • History
                                                     management and accountancy, politics and
people today such as:                                                                                   • Law
• Should Britain join the Euro?                                                                         • Mathematics and Further Mathematics
                                                     At the end of the A-level course students will     • Modern Languages
• Why are footballers paid more than nurses?
                                                     have gained an appreciation of the arguments
• What is quantitative easing and why could it                                                          • Philosophy
                                                     involved in a wide area of issues, and will be
  lead to higher inflation                                                                              • Politics
                                                     able to discuss such issues to a high level.
• What can we do about global warming?                                                                  • Psychology
                                                     Former students have said that the ‘Economic       • Sociology
• Should patients be charged for hospital
                                                     problem is everybody’s problem’ and that the
                                                     ‘study of Economics is actually useful’; it        What will the course prepare me for?
• Are recessions inevitable and what can be
                                                     enables you to ‘understand how elements of         Economics students develop the kind of skills
  done to enable economic recovery?
                                                     the economy fit together’.                         that employers demand and often progress to
The subject is therefore of particular interest to                                                      work for large corporations, banks and the
                                                     Economics therefore allows students to learn
students who follow current affairs and seek                                                            government. A qualification in Economics can
                                                     and apply their learning in a stimulating and
answers to topical questions, in a stimulating                                                          also be valuable support in a career like
                                                     engaging environment, and provides the
and rewarding environment.                                                                              marketing, law, journalism or teaching. Recent
                                                     foundation for further study and employment.
The department runs a number of residential          Students develop a wide range of skills,           students have progressed to degree courses at
visits each year; for example, a trip to London,     including problem-solving, evaluation skills and   Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of
including visits to the Bank of England and Stock    they develop the ability to make informed          Economics, as well as the MORSE degree at
Exchange. In March 2010 there was a trip to          judgements.                                        Warwick University and various other related
Florence in Italy and students visited the                                                              courses at other universities.
Lamborghini factory, Ducati factory and other        What will I study?
businesses. In addition, students enjoyed trips to   Students may choose Economics for different        How is the course examined?
New York, including visits to the U.N. and US        reasons. Some may wish to pursue a career          • There is a written examination in each of the
Federal Reserve, and a visit to Shanghai in China.   which requires strong analytical and critical        four units.

                                 Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Performing Arts Courses
Dance • Drama and Theatre Studies • Performance Studies

Why should I come to Runshaw to study Performance Studies, Drama
and Theatre Studies or Dance?

The Performing Arts staff at Runshaw are all enthusiastic, dedicated
and have a vast amount of professional and academic experience.
This not only makes studying on these courses both exciting and
hugely rewarding, but also leads to outstanding A-level results.

43% of Performance Studies students achieved an A grade and 96%
of Theatre Studies students gained an A or B grade.
                                                                        Student Profile
                                                                        Matt Hawksley
All three performing arts courses involve some assessment that is       Performance Studies, Dance, Music
based on practical performance work, so they are an excellent choice    and Religious Studies
for students who enjoy performing. It is important to remember that     Matt says, “I'd recommend Runshaw
                                                                        because of its dedicated staff who
the tutors adopt a very professional approach and students must be
                                                                        encourage all students throughout
prepared to demonstrate discipline, commitment and focus if they        their work. I also think that the
intend to take these subjects.                                          college facilities are incredible.”

Students are encouraged to audition for one or more of the four
high-quality college shows that are performed each year. Past
examples include Blood Brothers, Antigone, The Pillowman, Brassed
Off, Julius Caesar, Little Voice and many more.

Dance students also perform in two major Dance shows each year to
a public audience and have the opportunity to audition for the
Runshaw Dance Academy - an elite group of the most talented
performers who complete in local and national competitions.

Theatre Studies students are invited to become part of the Theatre
Studies Academy – a weekly extension activity designed to broaden
their experience of theatre practitioners through a combination of
practical work and textual study.

A number of students have progressed to prestigious institutions such
as The Royal Academy of Dance, The Arden Drama School, Italia Conti
Academy of Theatre Arts and many more.

                                                       Performing Arts Courses

Dance                                             What will I study?                                Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                  During the A-level course the main style of       • Biology
Why should I come to Runshaw to study             dance studied is Contemporary although other      • English
Dance?                                            styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Latin and Ballroom
                                                                                                    • Performance Studies
Dance was introduced to the curriculum in         have now been introduced. It is an exciting and
2005 and over the last four years has gone                                                          • Sport
                                                  dynamic subject for those with a strong dance
from strength to strength.                        background.
                                                                                                    What will the course prepare me for?
As well as offering A-level Dance we run a full   Year 1                                            This course prepares students for study at a
range of enrichment activities; two technique     • solo choreography and performance               higher level in Dance at university or specialist
classes per week are on offer as well as tap,                                                       dance schools or to work in a dance profession.
                                                  • duet/trio performance
jazz and street classes during lunch breaks.
                                                  • written examination                             Recently, students have progressed to a number
We produce two shows per year in which all
students can be involved.                                                                           of prestigious dance colleges such as Rambert,
                                                  60% of the units are practical and 40% are
                                                                                                    LIPA, The Royal Academy of Dance and Italia
                                                  written examinations
2008 saw the introduction of ‘Extension 12’,                                                        Conti, whilst others have gone on to study for
our fantastic new Dance Academy for the most      Year 2                                            Dance degrees at John Moores and the
gifted dancers. Our students have a great         • group choreography                              University of Surrey.
opportunity to perform in competitions in the
                                                  • solo performance
UK and abroad and to experience workshops in
                                                  • written examination
many varied styles.
                                                  50% of the units are practical and 50% are
Some formal dance training eg Grade 5 ballet
                                                  written examinations.
or GCSE Dance is preferred, but all applicants
will take part in an exciting and focused day-
long audition process, with successful
applicants being offered a place on the course.

                                                   Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Drama and Theatre Studies                            explore their work both practically and             • analyse play texts through performance and
                                                     analytically. The course encourages a critical        discussion
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                and sensitive response to the complexities of       • examine the theory and apply the practice of
Drama and Theatre Studies?                           theatre, using live theatre productions and play      theatre practitioners
As well as the outstanding quality of teaching,      texts in class as stimuli.
Runshaw has an excellent purpose built drama                                                             Which subjects complement this A-level?
studio and the Amanda Roocroft Theatre that is       Theatre is constantly changing, so as well as
                                                     giving excellent knowledge of classical             • Dance
equipped with state of the art lighting and
                                                     theorists, playwrights and practitioners that       • English
sound equipment.
                                                     have changed the face of theatre, the               • History
96% of students achieved an A or B grade at          department insist on selecting the most             • Languages
A-level and 54% achieved an A grade at this          accessible texts from more contemporary             • Media/Film Studies
level. This means that more than twice the           writers too. Students get the opportunity to
                                                                                                         • Music
amount of students get an A grade in this            respond to the texts from the perspective of
subject than they do nationally.                                                                         • Performance Studies
                                                     actor, director or designer.
You will be taught by two highly experienced         As well as studying set texts, practitioners and    What will the course prepare me for?
practitioners of Drama and Theatre Studies,          analysing live theatre in the two years, you will   The academic nature of the course makes it an
providing you with an eclectic and dynamic           also produce a group-scripted and group-            excellent foundation for any arts or humanities
learning experience drawn from their wealth          devised performance:                                study at university. However, University is not
of specialist expertise.                                                                                 the only route; many past students have
                                                     In Year 1 you will work in groups of two to
Enrichment opportunities mean you will be                                                                progressed to drama schools including RADA,
                                                     eight performers, and select, rehearse and
taken to professional theatres regularly, seeing                                                         LAMDA, Central School of Speech and Drama
                                                     perform an extract from a published play.
a variety of theatrical events to inform your                                                            and The Arden School of Theatre.
work as a theatre critic and performer. We also      In Year 2 you will work in groups of two to
offer extension classes in the Theatre Studies       eight performers and develop and present a          How is the course examined?
Academy, aiming to extend and develop your           devised piece of drama in a theatrical style of     • 60% written examination
skills by exploring more unconventional and          your choice.                                        • 40% practical examination
controversial plays and playwrights through          Students will:
debate and practical activities.                                                                         Anything else I should know?
                                                     • study a variety of styles, genres and             Due to the high level of written elements on
                                                       practitioners both classic and contemporary       the course we request a B grade in your English
What will I study?
                                                     • create and perform an original piece of           GCSEs. Previous experience of drama is not
The course aims to introduce students to a
                                                       drama                                             necessarily required, but a commitment and
range of practitioners and writers of drama and
                                                     • perform an extract from a play                    passion for the subject is essential.

                                                           Performing Arts Courses

Performance Studies                                  Which subjects complement this A-level?             How is the course examined?
                                                     • Dance                                             Year 1
Why should I come to Runshaw to do                                                                       • 30% - devised performance that
                                                     • English
Performance Studies?                                                                                       incorporates all three art forms
                                                     • Media Studies
In June 2009, Runshaw College gained
                                                     • Music                                             • 30% - a single written examination on the
outstanding results for A-level Performance
                                                                                                           techniques of specific performing arts
Studies; 43% received A grades and 90%               • Drama and Theatre Studies
gained A or B grades. These results were not
                                                     What will the course prepare me for?                • 40% - written coursework evaluating the
only the best in the North West, they were
                                                     This course is an excellent foundation for study      process of creating performance
amongst the best in the entire country.
                                                     at degree level at university or specialist drama   Year 2
The course is delivered by highly-trained and        school. It is also a valuable subject for
professional staff; the course leader is one of                                                          • 30% - a single written examination exploring
                                                     combined honours at university or for                 postmodern performance in dance, drama
the senior moderators for this subject. All the      progression straight into the profession.
Performing Arts staff are also fully committed                                                             and music
                                                     Past students have progressed to a range
to helping every student meet their potential.                                                           • 70% - devised and repertoire performances
                                                     of universities and to
Many students comment on how approachable                                                                  in two of the three art forms
                                                     prestigious institutions
and helpful the tutors are, even with things         such as The Arden Drama
that do not directly relate to lessons such as       School, Rambert Dance
coaching for university audition pieces.             Company and
Although, like all A-levels, Performance Studies     Birmingham
is hard work it is also very enjoyable. This         Conservatoire.
subject involves a lot of practical performance
work, so for many of your lessons you will be
on your feet, rather than sitting at a desk and
writing. To take this subject, you will need to
pass an audition in which you demonstrate
competent skills in at least two art forms. The
audition will normally take place in early May.

What will I study?
Performance Studies is a subject that combines
the three art forms of drama, dance and music
within one A-level. The course focuses on how
performers communicate with their audience
and explores similarities and links between the
art forms. You will have three classes each
week, one in drama, one in dance, and one in
music; each class is taught by a specialist tutor.
In these classes, you will be learning
performance techniques in three art forms and
devising performances that include these
techniques. You will also be expected to
analyse the process of creating some of these
pieces by writing a coursework commentary
that discusses the three performance stages of
improvisation, rehearsal and performance. You
will study specific practitioners in dance, music
and drama such as George Gershwin, John
Godber and Matthew Bourne and then sit a
written examination on their techniques and
approaches to creating performance.

                                    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

English Courses
English Language • English Literature • English Language and Literature

Why should I come to Runshaw to study an English A-level?
“English is a flexible and adaptable subject that opens up a wide
range of career choices. You develop the insight of an artist, the
analytical precision of a scientist and the persuasiveness of a lawyer”.
(Professor Maureen Moran, Brunel University.)

English at Runshaw is taught in a vibrant, dynamic and friendly
environment. There is a 100% pass rate in English with over two
thirds of students getting an A or B grade.
                                                                           Student Profile
                                                                           Alex Villers
The department has a team of talented, committed staff who are             English Literature, Law and
passionate about their subject. Many of the staff are senior               European History
examiners, published authors and hold higher degrees. Tutors are           Alex says, “I thoroughly enjoy all
                                                                           aspects of my chosen subjects,
accessible and helpful and believe in creating the best possible
                                                                           however I particularly enjoyed
atmosphere of support and encouragement for all their students.            reading the book "the Kite Runner"
                                                                           in English Literature. I also love the
Our A-level English courses were awarded a Grade 1, indicating             opportunity in Law to get a taste of
outstanding provision, in our recent college inspection.The inspectors     what it would actually be like to be
said, “Pass rates are excellent in all AS-level and GCE A-level courses    a lawyer.”
in English. Students are highly motivated and focused on their own
success and perform well relative to their previous GCSE grades.
The standard of students’ work is excellent. Student attainment is
particularly impressive in debate, discussion, analysis and original

A full programme of enrichment activities has included a cultural trip
to Russia, visits to theatres in London, Stratford and the North West         Inspectors
and University lectures in Manchester. Literature students went to            commented on
London to visit the Dickens Museum, Combined students followed                the following:
Wainwright’s walking guide in the Lake District and had two days in           • high pass rates
London seeing the sights and a production of Hamlet. World Book
                                                                              • highly effective
day was celebrated with a book sale in college and a visit from a               teaching
visiting poet as well as a performance of Chaucer’s “The Miller’s Tale”
                                                                              • excellent academic
by the famous “Chaucer Man”.
                                                                                monitoring and support
For Gifted and Talented English students, there is an English Academy         • outstanding enrichment
where students undertake extension activities. There are also                   opportunities
Oxbridge preparation classes taught by an Oxford graduate. Several
of our students have won prestigious poetry competitions such as the
Foyles Young Poets Award and the Christopher Tower Poetry
Competition. Five of our students in recent years have scored in the
top five nationally in their A-level examinations.

                                                                English Courses

English Language                                   • English Society and English Academy                • Are you fascinated by language?
                                                   • Debating Society                                   • Do you want to get to grips with grammar?
Why should I come to Runshaw to study
                                                   • Language conference held in-house by a             • Do you enjoy being at the ‘cutting edge’ of a
English Language?
                                                     Chief Examiner                                       subject?
English Language achieves excellent
                                                   • Day visit to Edge Hill University                  • Are you curious about language and
examination results; the pass rate is 100% and
the success rate at A2 is ‘outstanding’.
                                                   What will I study?                                   • Are you keen to discover how we acquire it
You will be taught by enthusiastic, dedicated      Something that is a world away from GCSE               and why children learn it so quickly?
and experienced tutors, with extensive             English!                                             • Do you ever wonder why accent and dialect
knowledge of setting and marking papers for                                                               do matter?
                                                   Expect your linguistic journey to be both varied
national examining boards. The team always
                                                   and challenging. You will explore language           • Are you eager to carry out your own research
has your best interests at heart, providing
                                                   from ‘every which way’ taking you inside               into language?
additional support and expert guidance outside
                                                   language to see how it works and outside to          • Are you happy investigating how language
the classroom as a matter of course.
                                                   see what influences it. Along the way it will          works?
Lessons offer a rich variety of activities,        become obvious why it’s the main language of
                                                                                                        English Language at A-level enables you to:
including active learning strategies, paired and   over one billion speakers – at least one in five
group work along with the use of computers,        of the world’s population. You will also learn       • develop skills of linguistic analysis
interactive white boards and online study          why it has variously been described as a hoover;     • explore language usage in a wide variety of
through the internet and moodle.                   as slippery as cream buns and the mirror of our        situations and social contexts
                                                   society.                                             • investigate spoken language use in an area
There are opportunities to participate in a wide
                                                                                                          of your choice
range of enrichment activities such as:            So, how do you decide whether it’s definitely
                                                                                                        • respond to written, spoken and electronic
• Creative Writing Society                         for you? Just check out the questions below – if
• Poetry Club                                      you answer ‘yes’ to all or most, then this is your
                                                   subject:                                             • study child language acquisition and
                                                                                                          language change

                                                                                                        Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                                                                        • Mathematics
                                                                                                        • Media Studies
                                                                                                        • Modern Languages
                                                                                                        • Music Technology
                                                                                                        • Psychology
                                                                                                        • Sciences

                                                                                                        What will the course prepare me for?
                                                                                                        English Language opens the door to an
                                                                                                        incredibly wide range of career opportunities,
                                                                                                        including administration, publishing, journalism,
                                                                                                        media, law, personnel, management and
                                                                                                        teaching for which it is a core subject of the
                                                                                                        National Curriculum. In addition, the great
                                                                                                        variety of skills acquired are highly regarded by
                                                                                                        both employers and universities and also
                                                                                                        valuable in their own right. You will also
                                                                                                        develop the ability to express informed and
                                                                                                        independent opinions.

                                                                                                        Apart from supporting other subject areas,
                                                                                                        English Language offers an ideal preparation
                                                                                                        for a university degree in English or a related

                                                                                                        How is the course examined?
                                                                                                        • 60% written examination
                                                                                                        • 40% coursework

                                                     Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

English Literature                                     You will also have the opportunity to hear          Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                       visiting speakers and take advantage of the         • Drama and Theatre Studies
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  English department’s excellent intranet site.       • History
English Literature?
                                                                                                           • Law
English Literature achieves excellent                  What will I study?
examination results, with a 100% pass rate and                                                             • Media Studies
                                                       An eclectic mix of texts that take you on a
70% A to B grades                                      literal global journey, travelling through time-    • Modern Languages
                                                       spans that include Boston and New York in the       • Sciences
You will be taught by an enthusiastic and
knowledgeable team that always has your best           1940s (Death of a Salesman), a pre-Christian
                                                       England (King Lear), a fantasy fairy tale (Goblin   What will the course prepare me for?
interest at heart.
                                                       Market) and a very recent Afghanistan (The Kite     English Literature opens the door to a wide
Additional support and expert guidance is              Runner).                                            range of career opportunities, including
available outside the classroom. You can also                                                              publishing, journalism, media, law and teaching
participate in enrichment activities such as:          “Studying English Literature was my first, and      for which it is a core subject of the National
                                                       probably my biggest, step towards mental            Curriculum. The great variety of skills acquired
• Creative Writing Society
                                                       freedom and independence.” Ian McEwan,              are both highly regarded by employers and
• Poetry Club
                                                       Novelist.                                           universities and also valuable in their own right.
• English Society and the English Academy
                                                       If you have enjoyed exploring plays, poems and      You will develop the ability to express informed
• Debating Society
                                                       novels at school you will be well suited to         and independent opinions. As well as
Lesson activities are varied with active learning      English Literature at A-level. Achieving success    supporting other subject areas, English
strategies, paired and group work and the use          within the course involves good, evaluative,        Literature offers an ideal preparation for a
of computers and the internet. You can                 close reading and detailed writing skills. Twelve   university degree in English or a related subject.
contribute to designing resources for set texts        set texts are studied in total, four of which
which are then shared by your group.                   comprise the coursework.                            How is the course examined?
                                                       You will study:                                     • 60% written examination
In English Literature we love enrichment
                                                                                                           • 40% coursework
activities! Trips often include theatre visits. So     • drama
far, on separate occasions, we have seen, not          • novels
one, but two Hollywood stars performing                • poetry
Shakespeare. Trips also include full days out to       • Shakespeare
locations such as London to visit sites of famous

                                                                 English Courses

English Language and                                 We want our students to explore the world of       Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                     English outside the classroom and have had         • Arts
Literature                                           trips to London, to theatres and even walking      • Business Studies
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                up mountains in the Lake District to encourage
                                                                                                        • History
English Language and Literature?                     travel writing skills!
                                                                                                        • Media Studies
English Language and Literature achieves
                                                     What will I study?                                 • Modern Languages
excellent examination results, and has done so
consistently for several years, these include over   English Language and Literature is a stimulating   • Psychology
68% A-B grades. We are a Grade 1 subject             and varied subject at A-level. The course is an
according to Ofsted who assessed our lessons         excellent choice for students who have enjoyed     What will the course prepare me for?
as exciting and lively and our success rates as      both areas of English at GCSE level and who        English Language and Literature is highly
truly outstanding.                                   are just as interested in non-fiction and non-     regarded by universities, and can lead to a
                                                     literary writing as they are in great plays and    degree course in English or in a range of other
You will be taught by enthusiastic, dedicated                                                           subjects. It can pave the way to a variety of
and experienced tutors, with a wealth of                                                                occupations, after all anything you are likely to
experience and qualifications, from writing          You will study an Anthology in your first year     do will involve using English! A recent survey
textbooks to setting and marking papers for          which comprises a fascinating mix of texts         indicated that English graduates enter careers
national examining boards. Many of the tutors        based around the theme of travel. You will also    varying from management and marketing to
also have advanced degrees including Masters         study two novels separated by time but linked      journalism and the arts.
and Doctorates.                                      by the theme of ‘horror’. They are Frankenstein
                                                     and In Cold Blood. In your second year (the        How is the course examined?
Additional support and expert guidance is also
                                                     majority of Language & Literature students
available outside the classroom through our                                                             • 60% written examination
                                                     carry on to the second year) you will study a
Study Tutorial programme so you can get the                                                             • 40% coursework
                                                     Shakespeare play and learn to ‘transform’ texts
personal input needed to ensure you meet your
                                                     from a variety of genres.

You can also participate in enrichment
activities such as:
• Creative Writing Society
• Poetry Club
• English Society and the
  English Academy
• Debating Society

                                 Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Film and Media Studies Courses
Film Studies • Media Studies

Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Film or
Media Studies A-level?

Both Media and Film Studies offer students the chance to develop all
important critical evaluation skills. They are dynamic academic
disciplines which focus on close textual analysis of film and media

At Runshaw the Film and Media department is run by enthusiastic
specialists who promote a wide interest in contemporary issues and      Student Profile
the subjects offer students a chance to undertake detailed study into   Arnold Bennett
two of the most influential aspects of modern life. Members of the      Film Studies, English Language and
team are examiners, published authors in the subject and the course     Literature, Graphics and General
leader for Media Studies is a principal examiner for the awarding       Studies

body.                                                                   Arnold says, “Runshaw's prestigious
                                                                        reputation convinced me that it
Film and Media students achieve exceptionally well at Runshaw and       would be the best place to study to
                                                                        enhance my learning. The standard
A and B grades in both subjects are substantially above national
                                                                        of teaching is very high. I
standards with over 60% (Film Studies) and 78% (Media Studies) of       particularly enjoy the class
students achieving either A or B grades. Lessons are lively and         discussions in lessons which I find to
challenging and students are encouraged to take part in debates and     be an excellent way of learning.”
group work.

                                                            Film and Media Courses

Film Studies                                          The course uses DVD and digital projection         Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                      technology to enhance the close study of key       • Art
Why should I come to Runshaw to do                    sequences and frames, and to enhance the           • Drama and Theatre Studies
Film Studies?                                         quality and expertise of student presentations.
                                                                                                         • English
A-level Film Studies at Runshaw offers an             This is achieved through the use of PowerPoint
excellent opportunity to develop critical and                                                            • History
                                                      and interactive white boards. We also use PC
analytical skills for dedicated film viewers who      based edit facilities for the study of narrative   • Law
want to understand how film functions as an           and narration and for research and the             • Media Studies
art form. The art of cinema is placed into its        development of IT skills.                          • Psychology
industrial context through a study of                                                                    • Sociology
contemporary and historical modes of                  High achievers in Film Studies will be offered
production, distribution and exhibition.              the opportunity to take part in lectures, master
                                                      classes and trips with the Film and Media          What will the course prepare me for?
The staff are dedicated to helping students           Academy. The Academy publishes a critical          Film Studies can enhance media and art based
develop their own critical ideas in film              journal of the best student work and seeks to      subjects in higher education. It helps to develop
interpretation. Analytical and essay writing skills   develop analytical skills, theoretical             the skills of observation, critical analysis and
are nurtured through case studies, by exploring       understanding and essay writing to                 reflection. Students can progress into careers
critical perspectives and by an introduction to       undergraduate standard.                            and higher education in broadcasting,
the cinema from around the world. Hopefully                                                              journalism, media production and marketing.
this will enable students to become                   What will I study?                                 Film Studies is compatible with a range of
sophisticated and constructively critical viewers.    The course aims to develop each student’s          humanities degree pathways.
Students taking Film Studies achieved 96% A-C         knowledge and understanding of how a film
grades which was well above the national              works as a text through analysis and evaluation.   How is the course examined?
average. Over 78% achieved an A or a B grade          Students will investigate how meanings and         • coursework
by the end of year 2.                                 values can be read into a film and also how the    • written examination
                                                      cinema functions as a business and institution.

                                                      Students will eventually develop a broad
                                                      knowledge of film theory and spectatorship by
                                                      viewing case studies of individual films.

                                                     Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Media Studies                                          What will I study?                                   Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                       Media Studies is a dynamic contemporary              • English Language
Why should I come to Runshaw to do                     subject which supports the development of            • English Literature
Media Studies?                                         analytical skills and enables students to develop
                                                                                                            • Film Studies
Media Studies is a popular A-level which               critical autonomy, independent research skills
provides students with high level analysis and                                                              • History
                                                       and the application of theoretical concepts to a
evaluation skills. Students choose Media               range of media texts. The first year focuses on      • Philosophy
Studies for a number of reasons: some may              introducing students to the main issues              • Psychology
wish to follow a media-related career at               impacting on contemporary media production           • Sociology
university, others may have a keen interest in         and consumption and looks at the relationships
one or more aspects of the modern media and            between traditional media forms (film,               What will the course prepare me for?
have a curiosity as to how it works, what              television, newspapers etc) and e-media using a      Students can progress onto a wide range of
influence it has on us as individuals and on our       case study approach. There is also an                related courses at university. A-level Media is
culture. Taking A-level Media Studies at               opportunity to work on the creation of media         excellent preparation for the study of English
Runshaw College offers students a range of             texts. The second year allows students to            and cultural studies courses, film studies and
insights into one of the most influential aspects      specialise in a self selected academic area and      other humanities based degrees. Some students
of modern life – the mass media.                       develop their practical skills further whilst also   study practical media production at university.
The teaching staff are experienced and have a          investigating more advanced conceptual and
                                                       contextual issues. The course focuses on             How is the course examined?
range of academic and professional specialisms
and are also writers and examiners. Students           debates such as the media’s influence on             • coursework
will have access to technical equipment and the        contemporary culture and the way meaning is          • written examination
department has its own reference library.              constructed in and by the mass media.

In addition enrichment activities are available to     As all assessments involve essay writing, a B
students who may wish to develop practical             in English, preferably English Language,
media skills including helping produce the             achieved at GCSE is one of the
student magazine or joining the Video                  requirements for entry onto this course.
Production and/or Film Club.
The department runs a Media
Academy which offers
extension seminars and                        has
close links with universities.

A-level Media Studies
runs a range of trips
including a residential
trip to New York and,
closer to home, academic
visits are made to
universities, cinemas
and museums.

The Media department is
proud of the success of
its students. 80% of
Runshaw Media students
regularly achieve an A or a B
grade. Much of the students’
work was assessed as being
the best in the country.

                         Film and Media Courses

Our Politics students appeared in
Granada’s ‘Party People’ during the
general election campaign.

                                    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Humanities Courses
Critical Thinking • General Studies • Geography • Geology
History – 16th Century (Tudor) • History – (20th Century American/World)
History – (20th Century European Dictatorships) • Law • Philosophy
Religious Studies

Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Humanities A-level?

History, Religious Studies, Critical Thinking and Geography achieved
a 100% pass rate with over 67% A and B grades.

Humanities courses were awarded a Grade 1 indicating outstanding
provision in our last inspection.
                                                                           Student Profile
                                                                           Taha Hazari
The inspectors said, “Pass rates and higher grade A-B pass rates are       Chemistry, Economics, Maths and
consistently outstanding on AS-level and GCE A-level courses, and          Further Maths

AS-level pass rates are high, well above national averages, in all         Taha says, “I decided to come to
                                                                           Runshaw mainly because of the
subjects. Many students achieve grades which are well above those          breadth of subjects and enrichment
predicted by their GCSE achievements. Students use knowledge               activities on offer, but also because
intelligently and there is an appetite for learning. Teaching and          of the university style campus. It was
learning are very good.”                                                   the perfect half-way house between
                                                                           high school and university.”

                                                                              commented on
                                                                              the following:
                                                                              • outstanding pass and
                                                                                retention rates
                                                                              • the exceptional value
                                                                                added to students’
                                                                              • very good teaching and
                                                                              • vigorous assessment
                                                                                and monitoring of
                                                                                students’ progress
                                                                              • excellent student
                                                                                support and guidance
                                                                                in academic and
                                                                                personal tutorials
                                                                              • very good leadership
                                                                                and management

                                                            Humanities Courses

Critical Thinking AS-level                         You will also work from a variety of materials,    Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                   from newspapers to current affairs                 Critical Thinking would complement most
Why should I come to Runshaw to study              programmes, and including use of a massive         subjects, in particular those that involve logic
Critical Thinking?                                 interactive Critical Thinking website specially    and essay skills.
Do you want to become a razor-sharp thinker?       designed for students of this subject.
Would you like to become more effective in                                                            What will the course prepare me for?
essay writing and debates? If so, Critical         The teaching staff have a long experience of
                                                                                                      Critical Thinking will give you important
Thinking could be the course for you!              teaching thinking skills, whilst a variety of
                                                                                                      analytical skills that will be expected of
                                                   learning styles are used to ensure the course is
Critical Thinking is an intensive 1½ hour per                                                         university students and will also be very useful
                                                   both rigorous and enjoyable.
week course which runs throughout AS year.                                                            in the world of work. Several universities,
                                                   In the recent Ofsted inspection, Critical
Students with a strong set of GCSEs are                                                               including Oxford and Cambridge, are now
                                                   Thinking achieved a Grade 1 indicating
allowed to choose this subject, if they wish to,                                                      setting tests in Critical Thinking for subjects like
                                                   outstanding provision. Last year 92% of
alongside their other four AS subjects.                                                               Medicine and Law in order to select the best
                                                   students achieved a grade A or B.
                                                                                                      students. This number is likely to increase, and
Critical Thinking will train you to strengthen                                                        students who have taken Critical Thinking AS-
your thinking skills. You will study arguments     What will I study?
                                                                                                      level will have very useful preparation for these
using a wide variety of teaching and learning      You will study the different parts of an
styles. You will learn how to analyse the          argument and learn how to spot the flaws and
structure of an argument to spot flaws and         assumptions that people make when they try to
                                                                                                      How is the course examined?
assumptions.                                       persuade others. You will also learn how to
                                                                                                      • 100% written examination?
                                                   develop good arguments of your own to help
                                                   you with class debates and essay writing.

                                                Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

General Studies                                   Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                  A-level General Studies is usually taken
(Only available in Year 2)                        alongside three or four other A-levels. It goes
Why should I come to Runshaw to do                well with all A-levels and will broaden your
General Studies?                                  academic profile. It is delivered in a small
General Studies is recognised by many             number of lessons and is usually chosen by our
universities, so can help you get on to the       gifted and talented students.
course of your choice. It is a varied and
interesting course with a range of topics.        What will the course prepare me for?
General Studies improves your academic skills     General Studies increases your chance of
and your general knowledge.                       success when applying to university and is
                                                  accepted by a wide range of universities such as
What will I study?                                Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. It can also act as
Topics covered include:                           a safety net if another A-level grade is
• arts                                            disappointing.                                       Student Profile
• current affairs                                                                                      Rebecca Burns
                                                  How is the course examined?
• education                                                                                            English Literature and Language,
                                                  • 100% written examination
• language                                                                                             Geography, History and Religious
• media                                                                                                Studies.
• religion                                                                                             Rebecca says, “Being a student at
• science                                                                                              Runshaw has really given me the
                                                                                                       opportunity to meet my goals in life.
                                                                                                       I am so pleased with my results as
                                                                                                       they have enabled me to study
                                                                                                       American Geography at Lancaster
                                                                                                       University. My results were better
                                                                                                       than I ever thought possible.”

                                                                Humanities Courses

Geography                                              What will I study?                                 Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                       Geography is a skills-based course and you will    • Biology
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  study:                                             • Business Studies
                                                       • the world at risk – natural hazards and          • Chemistry
73% of students achieved A or B grades.
                                                         climate change                                   • Economics
Tutors are well qualified, enthusiastic,
experienced and caring. There is an extensive          • going global looks at globalisation,             • History
range of multimedia resources that, together             migration, megacities and urban issues           • Law
with the experience of the teaching staff, will        • crowded coasts - revealing how increased         • Sociology
help you to investigate contemporary                     development is testing our ability to manage     • Sport
geographical issues.                                     these valued environments

Fieldwork is an essential part of Geography and        • rebranding places focuses on how we need         What will the course prepare me for?
you will use the local area around college,              to re-image and regenerate rural and urban       Students progress to university degree and
Morecambe, Manchester and the Lake District.             places                                           diploma courses, work-based skills training and
There is also the opportunity to take part in a        • energy security, water conflicts, biodiversity   careers in management, accounting, civil
residential trip to Italy in the first year. Many of     threats, super power geographies and             engineering, leisure and tourism, teaching,
the field courses are undertaken during study            bridging the development gap                     planning and environmental fields.
days to minimise disruption to the teaching
programme. There are also visiting speakers                                                               How is the course examined?
from universities and other organisations. There                                                          • 100% written examination.
is also the opportunity to join the Geography
Academy and attend Geographical Association
lectures at Manchester University for students
who wish to take their studies beyond the A-
level syllabus. It is not necessary to have studied
Geography at GCSE.

                                                    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Geology                                               Which subjects complement this A-level?        How is the course examined?
                                                      • Arts/Humanities-based subjects               • written examination
Why should I come to Runshaw to do
                                                      • Geography                                    • coursework and practical work
                                                      • Science-based subjects
The course is often practical and applied it will
give you the opportunity to take part in
                                                      What will the course prepare me for?
enjoyable and relevant fieldwork. You will be
                                                      Students go on to study subjects such as
taught by an experienced member of staff in a
                                                      Geology, Geography and Environmental Science
friendly and supportive environment.
                                                      at university. Other degrees such as Civil
                                                      Engineering, Oceanography and Archaeology
What will I study?
                                                      also have a geological component. Careers in
Geology is a rapidly expanding subject with
                                                      the energy industry, mining, surveying and
appeal to both Science and Humanities-based
                                                      engineering are open to Geologists.
students. It is a diverse and interesting subject
with a mixture of applied and theoretical work.
You will study the following topics over the
course of two years:
• plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes
• rock types and properties
• commercial geology, energy, water and
• palaeontology and fossils

                                                  Humanities Courses

                                                                                            What will I study?
                                                                                            The Tudor course is a fascinating journey into
                                                                                            one of the most remarkable centuries in history.
                                                                                            Students will be confronted with a wealth of
                                                                                            stimulating course material.

                                                                                            This period of history begins and ends with the
                                                                                            creation and close of the Tudor dynasty. The
                                                                                            focus is on the political and religious
                                                                                            developments of the 16th century which began
                                                                                            after Henry VII’s success at Bosworth in 1485,
                                                                                            through the dramatic changes in government
                                                                                            and the reformations of Henry VIII, Edward VI,
                                                                                            Mary and Elizabeth which transformed Catholic
                                                                                            England into a Protestant nation by 1603.

                                                                                            Foreign affairs, European aspirations, the
                                                                                            embryonic concept of a ‘Great Britain’ and the
                                                                                            British Empire emerging under Queen Elizabeth
                                                                                            form the major ingredients of this course.

                                                                                            Students are able to opt for this course with or
                                                                                            without prior knowledge of GCSE History.

                                                                                            Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                                                            • English
                                                                                            • ICT
                                                                                            • Mathematics
                                                                                            • Media Studies
                                                                                            • Modern Languages
                                         History – 16th Century                             • Philosophy
                                         (Tudor)                                            • Politics
                                                                                            • Psychology
                                         Why should I come to Runshaw to study
                                         Tudor History?                                     • Religious Studies
                                         As well as links with Lancaster University, the    • Sociology
                                         University Of Central Lancashire and Edge Hill
                                         University, students will enjoy specialist days    What will the course prepare me for?
                                         with visiting academics including Professor        This valued A-level, and the skills obtained can
                                         Michael Mullet, a leading academic on 16th         give potential progression to a wide variety of
                                         Century history and Cambridge’s Richard            university courses and subsequent careers.
                                         Partington lecturing on medieval history.          History graduates can progress into careers in
                                         Studies have been further enriched by trips to     law, journalism, media, marketing,
                                         specialist conferences and lectures, a trip to     management and teaching. Specialist careers
                                                                                            would include museum curator, archaeology,
Student Profile                          Hampton Court and the Tower Of London.
                                         Academy students are introduced to the role of     archivist, researcher etc.
George Fletcher                          personality in shaping history through
                                         biographical research of Henry VIII, Wolsey and    How is the course examined?
World History, Physics, Mathematics
and Chemistry                            Elizabeth I.                                       • 2 written examinations in Year 1
                                                                                            • 1 piece of coursework and 1 written
George says, “I enjoy my course at       The department uses multi-media resources to
                                                                                              examination in Year 2
Runshaw as I can learn new things        deepen and extend the students’ knowledge.
everyday as well as being confident      All the staff are experienced, well qualified,
that I will find the work interesting    enthusiastic specialists. The head of department
and challenging, which gives me a        is an A2 senior examiner and course work
sense of self-satisfaction once I have   moderator for a number of examination
successfully completed it.”              boards. Last year 68% of History students
                                         gained a grade A or B.

                                                   Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

History – 20th Century                                What will I study?                                  Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                      America is the greatest power the world has         • English
(American/World)                                      ever seen. The study of this 20th century           • ICT
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                 colossus, the only remaining super power,
                                                                                                          • Mathematics
American/World History?                               provides a unique insight into many of the
                                                                                                          • Media Studies
In addition to the links with Lancaster               major events of the recent past.
                                                                                                          • Modern Languages
University, the University Of Central Lancashire
                                                      The social and economic character of the            • Politics
and Edge Hill University, students will enjoy
                                                      course will appeal particularly to those students
specialist open days with visiting academics                                                              • Psychology
                                                      who have enjoyed studying British industrial
including Dr Ruth Henig, Dr Stephen                                                                       • Sociology
                                                      and social change for GCSE as well as a
Constantine, Dr Rex Pope and John Kentleton,
                                                      modern world option.
a specialist in American history. Enrichment                                                              What will the course prepare me for?
activities include day trips to specialist            A number of themes run through American             This valued A-level and the skills obtained can
conferences and a possible trip to the USA, in        history and help to give the course some unity.     give potential progression to a wide variety of
partnership with the Politics department.             Five crucial and inter-related forces were          university courses and subsequent careers.
                                                      particularly important in shaping the US; the       History graduates can progress into careers in
The department has an extensive multi-media
                                                      evolution of American democracy, the pressure       law, journalism, media, marketing,
collection which includes Channel 4’s “Cold
                                                      of regionalism (East v West, North v South), the    management and teaching. Specialist careers
War.” The department also uses ground
                                                      persistence of racial and ethnic conflict, the      would include museum curator, archaeology,
breaking films such as “The Defiant Ones”
                                                      impact of industrialism and urbanisation, and       archivist, researcher etc.
(1958), “In the Heat of the Night” (1967) and
                                                      the American relationship with the outside
“Mississippi Burning” (1989) as resources for
                                                      world.                                              How is the course examined?
the option on Civil Rights. The use of film and
history has been extended into Academy                Specific topics are studied to illustrate the       • 2 written examinations in Year 1
activities for selected students.                     operation of the following themes:                  • 1 piece of coursework and 1 written
                                                      immigration, industrialisation and urbanisation,      examination in Year 2
All the staff are experienced, well qualified,
                                                      the great crash and new deal, the world wars,
enthusiastic specialists. The head of department
                                                      McCarthyism, Vietnam and modern black
is an A2 senior examiner and course work
moderator for a number of examination
boards. Last year 68% of History students             Students are able to opt for this course with or
gained a grade A or B.                                without prior knowledge of GCSE History.

                                                              Humanities Courses

History – 20th Century                               What will I study?                                  Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                     This is an in-depth course which focuses on the     • English
(European Dictatorships)                             political ideologies of fascism and nazism.         • ICT
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                Students will evaluate the policies and
                                                                                                         • Mathematics
European History?                                    personalities of the dictators, which
                                                                                                         • Media Studies
In addition to the links with Lancaster              transformed the fate of millions often to their
                                                     detriment.                                          • Modern Languages
University, the University Of Central Lancashire
and Edge Hill University, visiting speakers are in                                                       • Politics
                                                     The course will begin by looking at the fragile
attendance, including Dr Ruth Henig,                                                                     • Psychology
                                                     nature of democracy in Italy and Germany. The
Dr Stephen Constantine, Dr Rex Pope, Professor                                                           • Sociology
                                                     impact of both World War One and the Great
D. Dutton and Professor J. Tongue. Enrichment
                                                     Depression of 1929 will be studied as a key
activities include day trips to specialist                                                               What will the course prepare me for?
                                                     reason for the coming to power of Mussolini in
conferences and lectures, and in previous years                                                          This valued A-level, and the skills obtained can
                                                     Italy, and Hitler in Germany. After their
students have enjoyed a visit to Berlin.                                                                 give potential progression to a wide variety of
                                                     consolidation of power, students will focus on
                                                                                                         university courses and subsequent careers.
All the staff are experienced, well-qualified,       the ‘style of rule’ and the methods used to
                                                                                                         History graduates can progress into careers in
enthusiastic specialists. The head of department     retain power including repression and
                                                                                                         law, journalism, media, marketing,
is an A2 senior examiner and course work             propaganda. Lastly key groups in society, elites,
                                                                                                         management and teaching. Specialist careers
moderator for a number of examination                women, youths, Jews etc will be considered as
                                                                                                         would include museum curator, archaeology,
boards. The department also uses multi-media         to how the two dictatorships changed the lives
                                                                                                         archivist, researcher etc.
resources to enhance learning. Academy               of people before their downfall and defeat in
provision focuses on the range of historical         World War Two.
                                                                                                         How is the course examined?
debate that Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mussolini
                                                     Students are able to opt for this course with or    • 2 written examinations in Year 1
have provided, via access to primary sources
                                                     without prior knowledge of GCSE History.            • 1 piece of coursework and 1 written
and biographical research. Last year 68% of
History students gained a grade A or B.                                                                    examination in Year 2

                                                    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Law                                                   each year for the best essay and a prize of a
                                                      mini pupilage is offered for the winner of the
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                 Charity Mock Trial competition.
Runshaw Law students were winners of the              What will I study?
Regional Finals of the prestigious Bar National       The study of Law is interesting and extremely
Mock Trial Competition in 2007, 2004 and 2000.        informative for both would-be lawyers and those
68% of students are awarded A and B grades            merely wishing to study something that they
with 100% pass rate.                                  have not studied at high school:
                                                      • Police powers (know your rights if you are
Fabulous enrichment activities which include:           ever arrested)
• a seven day residential to New York and             • The sentence of the courts and the aims
  Washington D.C.                                       behind sentencing
• visits to London/Nottingham
• the Runshaw Spring Law Society Ball
                                                      • Legal personnel (know the training routes to
                                                        becoming a solicitor or barrister)                Student Profile
• visits to Wymott Prison                             • The difference between civil and criminal law     Paul Jefferson
• visits to the Magistrates and Crown Courts          • How to appeal                                     Economics, Law, Maths and
• Charity Mock Trial Competition                      • Alternatives to going to court                    Psychology
  Law Academy:                                        • Where does our law come from?                     Paul says, “I chose Runshaw because
• join the Law Mooting Group                          • Mode of trial and the classification of           of its great reputation and excellent
• join the Law Society and act on behalf of             offences                                          results with a high quality of
  Law students as well as organize the Spring         • Access to justice                                 teaching. The location near Worden
  Law Society Ball                                    • The general principles of contract and            Park is great and I loved doing the
• Mock Trial competitions                               consumer law                                      Bank of England's Target 2.0
• LNAT entrance exam preparation                                                                          Challenge and the Charity Mock Trial
                                                      Which subjects complement this A-level?             in Law. I am now at the University of
Five of the Law tutors are experienced examiners                                                          Cambridge studying Economics.”
                                                      Any subject will complement A-level Law;
for OCR and prepare students well for
                                                      however, the following is a list of the most
examinations. The Head of Law has been a senior
                                                      popular subjects that our current students study:
examiner for OCR for the past seven years.
                                                      • Accounting
Student testimonials tell us how much better          • Business Studies
students cope studying Law at degree level,
                                                      • Drama
having a prior knowledge of the law, than those
                                                      • English
students who have not studied Law at all.
                                                      • Geography
Runshaw Law Department have excellent links           • History
with UCLAN and Salford University and during
                                                      • ICT
the course of the first year, students can visit
                                                      • Psychology
Salford for a Law Careers Convention where they
will meet barristers, solicitors and judges who       • Science
will tell them about the opportunities of working     • Sociology
within the legal profession.
                                                      What will the course prepare me for?
Also at the end of Year 1 students will have the      Implicit in the course are the development of
opportunity to take part in a Charity Mock Trial      research and communication skills, and problem
competition, with the final taking place at the       solving. Many of our Law students go on to
UCLAN mooting hall, which is set out like a real      study Law at University; in fact currently, there
court, wearing wigs and gowns. Plans are also         are six of our past A-level Law students studying
going ahead to construct Runshaw’s very own           Law at Oxford and Cambridge. However, other
court room to facilitate mock trials, legal moots     careers such as the police, accounting, the
and other debating exercises.                         probation service, forensic science, criminology
Lessons are supplemented with presentations           and management are a natural progression too.
from legal practitioners, including judges,
magistrates, solicitors and barristers, the           How is the course examined?
probation service and the police. A money prize       • 100% written examination
of £50 is donated by a firm of local solicitors

Humanities Courses

               Joe Woodworth (left) and
               Kit Burdin, both with first class
               honours degrees in Law from
               Oxford and Cambridge
               Universities, are now studying
               for the Bar before joining the
               Middle Temple in London as
               their Inn of Court.

                                                     Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

                                                                                                                  Student Profile
                                                                                                                  Marie Robinson
                                                                                                                  Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics
                                                                                                                  and Psychology
                                                                                                                  Marie says, “Last year I took part in
                                                                                                                  an extended project which involved
                                                                                                                  me emailing people all around the
                                                                                                                  world. This gave me the opportunity
                                                                                                                  to make lots of new friends.”

Philosophy                                             What will I study?                                 Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                       The word Philosophy is from the ancient Greek,     Philosophy combines with a wide variety of
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  meaning “the love of wisdom”. It involves          other A-levels but is particularly enhanced by
Philosophy?                                            tackling major problems with direct relevance      Religious Studies and/or Critical Thinking.
Runshaw is one of the few local colleges to            to our daily lives and thinking about them more
offer this exciting and dynamic subject. It is led                                                        Other related subjects are:
                                                       clearly. Such questions as:
by well qualified and experienced teachers who                                                            • English
                                                       • Do we learn about the world around us
present a challenging and enjoyable course                                                                • Government and Politics
                                                         purely through experience?
through a variety of teaching and learning                                                                • History
                                                       • Are some ideas or capacities we have innate
strategies.                                                                                               • Law
                                                         i.e. ‘built in’?
If you are not afraid of challenging ideas and         • Is there a ‘real’ world or only a socially       • Mathematics
new perspectives, then Philosophy is the                 constructed one?                                 • Psychology
subject for you. You will encounter some of the        • Do we have free will or is this an illusion?     • Sciences
biggest questions humanity has ever asked, and                                                            • Sociology
                                                       • Are all our actions in fact determined by
be trained in techniques for discussing them
                                                         social, psychological, and economic factors?
intelligently in order to reach perceptive                                                                What will the course prepare me for?
                                                       • What would be the implications for moral
conclusions. As 20th century British philosopher                                                          Philosophy enables one to be better equipped
                                                         responsibility if determinism is the case?
Bertrand Russell put it, “Through the greatness                                                           to study other subjects by enhancing evaluative
of the universe which philosophy contemplates,         • Why do we value art?
                                                                                                          and analytical skills, and by developing your
the mind is also rendered great”.                      • What does it mean to be human?
                                                                                                          capacity to go to the heart of any issue and
                                                       There is also the Philosophy Academy in which      bring the important questions into the light.
                                                       to extend your studies through watching films,
                                                       reading extracts from texts, and contributing to   How is the course examined?
                                                       informal discussions.                              • 100% written examination

                                                            Humanities Courses

Religious Studies                                 What will I study?                                  Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                  In studying this course students will experience    Religious Studies can be greatly enhanced by
Why should I come to Runshaw to do                life-enhancing learning in that the topics          the study of Philosophy / Critical Thinking
Religious Studies?                                covered can have a real impact on moral             alongside. Other subjects include:
Runshaw has an outstanding record of success      thinking and the dilemmas we face as people.        • English Literature
in Religious Studies, with 100% pass rate for     The course explores philosophy, religion and        • Government and Politics
the past five years and 67% A and B grades        some ethics within a modern context. It looks
                                                                                                      • History
last year.                                        at questions such as:
                                                                                                      • Law
The Religious Studies teachers have expert        • Does the order and purpose of the world
                                                                                                      • Mathematics
subject knowledge and are committed to              imply a designer?
                                                                                                      • Psychology
making the course both challenging and            • Is religion a human construct?
                                                                                                      • Science
enjoyable, through various teaching styles,       • Can we talk meaningfully about religion?
including the use of IT. They will aim to make                                                        • Sociology
                                                  • Does God exist?
your lessons varied and interesting.
                                                  • What is atheism?
                                                                                                      What will the course prepare me for?
Religious Studies appeals to students who like    • Is spirituality a type of religious expression?   Students who take this course can progress to
to debate key philosophical issues and get to     • Do near-death experiences prove that there is     read a wide number of degrees at university as
the heart of why people hold religious beliefs.     life after death?                                 it will be non-restrictive. Careers include
They are interested in the world in which they    • What are miracles / do they still happen?         teaching, journalism, social work, medicine,
live, in current affairs and how religion has                                                         law, the police, research, broadcasting and
                                                  • Does the existence of evil and suffering in
been, to some extent, marginalised, by modern                                                         television.
                                                    the world mean that there is no God?
developments, such as the developments of
science.                                          You can also join the Religious Studies             How is the course examined?
                                                  Academy to extend your studies.
Students do not have to have any religious                                                            • 100% written examination.
commitment to study this course and can be
from any religious background. Rather, the key
quality for this course is to have a lively and
enquiring mind.

                                  Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

ICT and Computing Courses
Computing • ICT

Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Computing or ICT A-level?

Computing and ICT courses were awarded Grade 1 indicating
outstanding provision in our recent college inspection.

The inspectors said, “Pass rates are high on all courses, often well
above national averages. On GCE A-level and AS-level courses, for
example, they are consistently well above 90%. Students regularly
achieve grades which are above those predicted by their GCSE
                                                                         Student Profile
                                                                         Robert Clarke
All lessons are taught in the Rydal building which is brand new,         ICT, French, Spanish and Geography
purpose-built accommodation on the Langdale Road site with nine          Robert says, “I chose Runshaw
computer labs.                                                           because of its excellent ICT facilities.
                                                                         The hardworking teachers are
                                                                         extremely supportive and want the
                                                                         best for all their students.”

                                                                              commented on
                                                                              the following:
                                                                              • high pass and retention
                                                                              • very good teaching
                                                                                and learning
                                                                              • good resources for
                                                                              • a wide range of
                                                                                provision to meet
                                                                                students’ needs
                                                                              • excellent support for
                                                                              • outstanding curriculum

                                                        ICT Computing Courses

Computing                                         What will I study?                                 What will the course prepare me for?
                                                  The course is ideal for any who are seriously      A-level Computing prepares you very well for a
Why should I come to Runshaw to study             considering a career working with computers.       range of degrees including: Computing,
Computing?                                        With the emphasis on Computer Science,             Software Engineering, Computer Games
We are keen for you to join us at Runshaw to      students will learn to become effective            Production, Information Systems, Forensic
study Computing because we believe it offers      designers and implementers of computing            Computing, Computer Technologies, Network
the skills that employers and universities are    solutions.                                         Management and Web Design & Services.
seeking. Not only do you learn about
programming concepts, we also actively            During your first year you will produce a          The school has excellent links with local
support and encourage you to become a             programmed solution to a scenario set by the       universities including Lancaster University,
proactive and independent thinker.                Board. In preparation for the written exam you     UCLAN, Manchester Metropolitan University
                                                  will investigate the following topics:             and Liverpool Metropolitan University.
The subject demands both logical discipline and   • Hardware and communication
imaginative creativity in the selection and                                                          How is the course examined?
                                                  • Organisation and structure of data
design of algorithms and the writing, testing                                                        Year 1
                                                  • Data types and data structures
and debugging of programs. It relies on an
                                                  • Algorithms and programming                       • A written paper of one section, presented in
understanding of the rules of language at a
                                                                                                       a question-and-answer booklet format
simple level and it encourages an awareness of    • Nature and type of software
                                                                                                     • Candidates analyse, design, implement, test
the management and organisation of computer       • Systems analysis and design
                                                                                                       and evaluate a solution to a given problem
systems. Further, it extends the students'        • Characteristics of computer applications
                                                                                                       requiring the production of original
horizons beyond the college environment in the    • Consequences of current trends in the uses         programming code
appreciation of the effects of computer             of computers
applications on society and individuals.                                                             Year 2
There is a gifted and talented programme          Which subjects complement this A-level?            • A written paper of one section, presented as
which we run in conjunction with Lancaster        Computing and Mathematics and/or Physics             a question paper requiring a separate answer
University for Computing and ICT students,        complement each other extremely well and             booklet
which involves visits to the University to        they are often taken together. However,            • Candidates analyse, design, implement, test
complete undergraduate-level work and             Computing integrates well with subjects across       and evaluate a solution to a substantial
working in teams with post graduate               the curriculum. For these reasons, Computing is      problem of their choice requiring the
researchers on the latest mobile technologies.    as relevant to a student studying Arts subjects,     production of original programming code
                                                  as it is to one studying Science subjects. The
                                                  computing qualification is relevant to a student
                                                  who intends to pursue a future career in the
                                                  Arts or Sciences, as well as Computing.

                                                    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

ICT                                                   • Use and impact of ICT on business and           Past students who wanted to specialise in ICT
                                                        everyday life                                   have frequently progressed on to ICT,
Why should I come to Runshaw to                       • Information systems                             Information Systems and Business IT degrees.
study ICT?                                                                                              Others have gained lucrative employment in the
                                                      • Project work based on real business
Runshaw’s ICT department has been rated as                                                              IT industry. Good links have been fostered with
outstanding in each of the last four Ofsted                                                             local universities, including:
inspections. This is a unique achievement for                                                           • UCLAN
any UK college. The pass rate for ICT is 100%,        Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                      ICT complements all subjects. ICT skills are      • Lancaster University
and the subject value added index is one of the
                                                      bound to be useful throughout further study,      • Liverpool Metropolitan University
very highest in the UK.
                                                      career or just life in general                    • Manchester Metropolitan University
Our well-equipped PC labs allow a comfortable
mix of hands-on and theoretical study with the        What will the course prepare me for?              How is the course examined?
emphasis on the practical. We use the full            A-level ICT can form the basis for study at       The full A-level is assessed as follows:
range of familiar Microsoft software                  university in ICT or other related courses such   Year 1
applications.                                         as Business or Computing. ICT skills will be      • Module 1: written examination
There is also a range of specialist resources         beneficial for virtually any course chosen at
                                                                                                        • Module 2: practical examination
including wireless laptops, mobile networking,        university, and are also considered an
                                                      advantage when applying for employment.           Year 2
PC build, maintenance labs and a games lab.
There is good access to PCs outside of class                                                            • Module 3: written examination
time with an excellent library and IT resource                                                          • Module 4: coursework
centre. Our virtual learning environment, allows
access to course notes, class exercises and past
papers from any internet-connected PC.

We actively encourage girls to consider this
subject as there is an unnecessary gender
imbalance in the IT industry at the moment,
offering even greater career opportunities.

There is a gifted and talented programme
which we run in conjunction with Lancaster
University for Computing and ICT students,
which involves visits to the university to
complete undergraduate level work and
working in teams with post graduate
researchers on the latest mobile technologies.
Activities of this kind provide an extra “wow”
factor for your university application.

There is a Computer Games Club at lunchtime
which is open to all, and there are a good
range of trips and visits, (for example in 2008 –
2009 we attended the ICT Live conference at
Disneyland, Paris) and there are specialist
enrichment sessions such as PC clinics and
hardware interfacing.

What will I study?
This course will give students a clear
understanding of how and why organisations
and individuals use computers and their
associated technologies. There are four
modules which cover the following areas:
• Computer systems and networking concepts
• Hardware, software and applications of ICT
• Business software packages

ICT Computing Courses

                        “Students enjoy their
                        lessons, contribute
                        enthusiastically and speak
                        very highly of the support
                        they receive from staff and
                        out of lessons...” Ofsted

                                  Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Modern Foreign Languages Courses
French • German • Spanish

Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Modern Foreign Language

There were 100% pass rates in French, German and Spanish with over
70% of students gaining A and B grades.

In our recent college inspection all our A-level Modern Foreign
Languages courses were awarded Grade 1, indicating that teaching
and learning in these areas is outstanding.
                                                                         Student Profile
The inspectors said, “Foreign Language lessons were conducted            Hannah McKenna
almost entirely in the language being taught and spoken at a brisk       English Literature, French, German,
pace, demonstrating how effectively students could express               History and Spanish
themselves and engage in complex discussions in their chosen             Hannah says, “Runshaw attracted
                                                                         me because of the wide choice of
language. Students achieve much higher grades than predicted by
                                                                         A-levels, the flexible timetable and
their GCSE achievements; pass rates are excellent in all AS-levels and   the opportunity to learn in a mature
GCE A-level courses.”                                                    environment where students are
                                                                         treated as adults. I am now at Jesus
                                                                         College, Oxford studying German
                                                                         and Spanish”

                                                                             commented on
                                                                             the following:
                                                                             • high pass rates
                                                                             • high retention rates
                                                                             • exceptional value added
                                                                               to students’ progress
                                                                             • highly effective teaching
                                                                             • very good resources
                                                                               supporting learning
                                                                             • excellent academic
                                                                               monitoring and support
                                                                             • outstanding enrichment
                                                                             • excellent support for
                                                                             • highly effective course
                                                                               leadership and

                                                  Modern Foreign Languages Courses

Modern Foreign Languages                           What will I study?                                  Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                   Year 1 topics include:                              • Business Studies
French German Spanish
                                                   • Leisure and Lifestyles - sport and hobbies,       • Economics
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                travel and tourism, healthy living                • English
Modern Foreign Languages?                          • The Individual and Society - relationships and    • Law
Because there is nowhere better in the North         responsibilities, youth culture, education and    • Physical Science students often benefit from
West to study modern foreign languages.              careers                                             language study in view of the increasingly
You will be able to:                               Year 2 topics include:                                competitive international scientific
• take part in study visits abroad                                                                       community
                                                   • Environmental Issues - technology, energy,
• watch satellite TV in our language media                                                             • Social Sciences
                                                     recycling, conservation
  centre                                           • Social and Political Issues - the media, the
• access on-line language learning resources                                                           What will the course prepare me for?
                                                     world of work, immigration, terrorism
                                                                                                       Linguists are the third most employable
• benefit from digital technology in classrooms
                                                   Furthermore, if you are really committed to         graduate category. Studying a foreign language
• perfect your speaking skills in small group
                                                   language learning you can complete a fast-          can lead to work in international business, law,
                                                   track A-level from scratch in Spanish, as long as   management, marketing, publishing,
And to top it all                                  you have proven ability in another foreign          journalism and living and working abroad.
• achieve outstanding examination results          language. There are also opportunities to
                                                   begin another language, such as Mandarin,           How is the course examined?
                                                   Chinese or Italian, as part of the enrichment       External examinations take place in the summer
                                                   programme.                                          of each year and assess oral competence and
                                                                                                       listening, reading and writing skills.

                                  Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Music Courses
Music • Music Technology • New Course – Advanced Musicianship

Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Music A-level?

Both Music and Music Technology achieved 100% pass rates and 75%
of Music students achieved A-B grades.

We are looking forward to starting the new Advanced Musicianship
Course in September 2010. This course allows a combination of
A-level Music, A-level Music Technology and a BTEC Diploma in Music
Performance, to allow for a real focus on music performance.
Students will take at least one other, non music, A-level subject.        Student Profile
                                                                          Hannah Fisher
Tutors are well-qualified and experienced; some combine professional      Music, Maths, Further Maths and
teaching and performance careers with solo and orchestral work, and       Spanish
all are graduates of prestigious universities and music colleges. Many    Hannah is a former Archbishop
of Runshaw’s students aspire to the same heights. Currently we have       Temple student and a very
                                                                          accomplished recorder player. She
former students studying Music at many different conservatoires,          applied to all the four conservatoires
including the Royal Scottish, the Birmingham Conservatoire and the        that offer training for recorder: the
Royal Northern College of Music, as well as at prestigious universities   Royal College of Music, The Royal
such as Oxford and Durham.                                                Welsh College of Music and Drama,
                                                                          Birmingham Conservatoire and
With a very lively and diverse Music enrichment timetable that is         Trinity College of Music. She was
                                                                          offered a place at all four
made around the particular talents of the current cohort, potential
                                                                          institutions, and accepted a place at
students can be assured that their own special talents will be nurtured   Trinity College of Music, where she
to their fullest capacity.                                                will study for the next four years.
                                                                          Hannah has performed in the ‘Early
Housed in a purpose built Music suite, Runshaw’s Music Academy            Music Group’, choir and the chamber
offers outstanding facilities.                                            choir at Runshaw, and she
                                                                          performed a solo at the Awards
                                                                          Evening in December 2009.

                                                                   Music Courses

Music                                                 College of Music, Manhattan School of Music       Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                      (New York), Oxford and Cambridge University,      A-level Music is considered to be a rigorous
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                 Lancaster University, Bangor University, Durham   academic course and therefore fits very well
Music?                                                University, Leeds College of Music and Leeds      with any combination of A-levels.
We have one of the biggest A-level Music              University, amongst others.
cohorts in the country, with superb Music                                                               What will the course prepare me for?
facilities, which include a specialist Music studio   Several of our Academy tutors are graduates of
                                                                                                        A-level Music is accepted by universities for a
with grand piano, digital piano studio and five       the leading UK Conservatoire of Music and are
                                                                                                        wide range of courses and a large proportion of
spacious, well-equipped practice rooms. Staff         professional musicians who perform extensively.
                                                                                                        students go on to study Music at either
are highly qualified, experienced teachers and        You would normally be expected to have a pass     university or music college. Career possibilities
examiners, who will enable you to develop your        at Grade 5 practical or an equivalent standard    include performance, teaching, arts,
skills, whether in performance, composition or        in the September of entry. If you do not have     administration, broadcasting, engineering,
theoretical research to a very high standard.         this qualification we may ask you to do an        sound engineering and music therapy.
Our results at A-level are excellent, with            audition. You would also need to be a fluent
consistent 100% pass rates and with 76% of            reader of music notation.                         How is the course examined?
students achieving A - B grades in 2009. There                                                          • performing: both as a soloist and as a
are many performing opportunities involving           What will I study?                                  member of an ensemble
instrumental bands and ensembles, choirs, rock        A-level Music covers all areas of composing,      • composition and harmony: assessed by
music workshop, concerts and concert tours            performing and listening.                           coursework
(both local and international).
                                                      You will:                                         • history of music and listening: a written
As a Music student at Runshaw you will join                                                               examination
                                                      • compose your own music and learn to write
the Runshaw Music Academy. Every year the
                                                        in the styles of different composers
Academy achieves outstanding results and
                                                      • perform as a soloist and as a member of an
several students progress to the UK’s leading
conservatoires and universities. Our students in
                                                      • listen to and analyse music
recent years have progressed to The Royal
College of Music, Trinity College of Music,           You may also undertake further
Birmingham Conservatoire, The Royal Northern          practical work such
                                                      as performing on a second
                                                      instrument or further
                                                      theoretical work such
                                                      as a project.

                                                     Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Music Technology                                       Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                       Music Technology is considered to be a rigorous
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  and academic course and therefore it fits in well
Music Technology?                                      with any combination of A-levels. For anyone
As one of the biggest Music departments in the         considering a career in music, sound
country, we have a range of facilities second to       engineering or music production, the following
none and are a registered training centre for          A-levels will be useful:
the internationally used music production              • Mathematics
software Pro Tools.
                                                       • Media Studies
Tutors are highly qualified specialists in the         • Music
subject with a history of 100% pass rates.             • Performing Arts
Lessons take place in a purpose-built music IT         • Physics
suite, housing a high-specification PC network
using a range of music software. Students also
have access to our purpose built recording
                                                       What will the course prepare me for?
                                                       A-level Music Technology is considered an
                                                                                                            Student Profile
studio, housing a wide range of industry               academic qualification and is therefore              Laura Leverington
standard recording equipment. The Music                acceptable to universities for a wide range of       Music Technology, Music and
department facilities include a suite of six           courses. There are now a number of courses           Performance studies
practice rooms containing electric and acoustic        offered by universities that specifically look for   Laura says, “I like the courses I am
pianos. All students get unlimited access to the       A-level Music Technology as an entry                 studying at Runshaw because all the
facilities outside of lesson times.                    requirement.                                         teachers are very encouraging and
                                                       It is especially useful for students considering a   allow students to reach their full
The department also organises a range of extra
                                                       career or undergraduate studies in any of the        potential. The enrichment activities
curricular music activities including instrumental
                                                       performing arts, sound engineering or music          also allowed me to have piano
bands and ensembles, Rock Music workshop,
                                                       production.                                          lessons and take part in several
choir, concerts and concert tours (both local
                                                                                                            music-orientated clubs and meet
and international).
                                                       How is the course examined?                          other like-minded students.”
Every year Runshaw students progress to a
                                                       Year 1:
number of leading HE institutions including the
                                                       • 70% externally assessed coursework
prestigious University of Surrey Tonmeister
                                                         (portfolio 1)
course, Leeds College of Music, LIPA,
Manchester University and Lancaster University.         • 30% externally assessed written examination

Our Jazz Academy will develop the skills of            Year 2:
students in this area of music.                        • 60% externally assessed coursework
                                                         (portfolio 2)
What will I study?                                     • 40% externally assessed written examination
This is a course for musicians who wish to
develop practical skills and theoretical
knowledge in music technology. The traditional
skills of composing and listening are placed in
an up-to-date technological context. You will
• arranging, transcribing using technology
• listening (audio production techniques,
  popular music and jazz from 1910 to the
  present day)
• computer-based midi sequencing and music
  production techniques
• audio recording

Please note that prospective students must be
able to read music fluently to do this course.
We would expect students to be able

                                                                   Music Courses

Advanced Musicianship                                • Composing:                                          What will the course prepare me for?
                                                       You will be given an opportunity to explore a       The course will be of particular benefit to those
“Virtuoso”                                             range of composing techniques, through a            with a passion for music performance, who
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  range of styles from film music, classical          wish to concentrate on this aspect of music in
Advanced Musicianship?                                 genres to popular song.                             higher education, either at university or
This is an opportunity for serious and gifted        • Improvising:                                        a music conservatoire. It will allow for
musicians to extend their skills by adding to the      On completion of this unit, you will have           greater focus on performance techniques:
Music A-level and/or Music Technology A-level,         developed an understanding of improvisation         how to practice and how to develop
the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Music                   and gained the confidence to perform                your skills to a very high level.
Performance.This unique course encourages an           improvised musical passages.This will, in
environment where learning will usually be             turn, lead to increased confidence in               How is the course examined?
individual, and will nurture a musician’s natural      composing and performing music and an               • For the Music A-level aspect:
creativity.                                            improvement in all-round musicianship.              • 40% performance (solo and ensemble); 30%
                                                                                                             composition – involving one free composition
                                                     There will be opportunities to take part in
What will I study?                                                                                           and harmony exercises; 30% a written and
                                                     master class sessions given by professional
The practical study will consist of three units in                                                           listening examination involving the study of
                                                     performers and composers.
the first year:                                                                                              set pieces of music
• Performance Techniques:                                                                                  For the Music Technology aspect:
                                                     Which subjects complement this A-level?
  You will be given an opportunity to explore                                                              • Portfolio 1 (three pieces of coursework
                                                     It will be of interest to those with a passion for
  different practice techniques and extend your                                                              (70%) – sequencing, recording and
                                                     music, in particular, for playing their instrument,
  solo and ensemble performance techniques.                                                                  arrangement) and 30% examination,
                                                     or singing, so Music and/or Music Technology
                                                     will complement this.                                        involving popular music and recording
                                                                                                                    listening skills and the study of two
                                                                                                                        popular music topics
                                                                                                                         • The vocational aspect of the
                                                                                                                           course is all course work

                                  Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Science and Mathematics Courses                                          Inspectors
Biology • Chemistry • Further Mathematics • Mathematics • Physics        commented on
                                                                         the following:
Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Science or                       • very high pass rates and
Mathematics A-level?                                                       very high retention
                                                                         • very high proportion of
The pass rates for all subjects in the School of Mathematics and
                                                                           A-B grades
Science was 100%. In Chemistry 69% of students achieved A-B grades
                                                                         • effective and stimulating
whilst in Physics 63% of students attained A-B grades and in
Mathematics 73% of students attained A-B grades.
                                                                         • excellent individual
Science and Mathematics courses were awarded Grade 1 indicating            support
outstanding provision in our college inspection.                         • very good curriculum
Inspectors said, “Pass rates on AS-level and GCE A-level courses are
outstandingly high. All GCE A-level courses have pass rates well
above the national averages and pass rates on the AS-level               In addition
programmes are also very high. The proportion of A-B grades on           students benefit
AS-level and GCE A-level courses are all above the national average      greatly from many
and most are very high.”                                                 enrichment activities
                                                                         such as:
                                                                         • Science club
                                                                         • Medical club
                                                                         • Biology book club
                                                                         • An extensive
                                                                           Mathematics Academy

                                              Science and Maths Courses

                                          Biology                                                units are the variety of living organisms,
                                                                                                 populations and the environment, and
                                          Why should I come to Runshaw to study                  control in cells and organisms
                                          Biology?                                             • a comprehensive study of all areas of biology
                                          Biology is a rapidly developing science which is       is made, including humans, animals and
                                          at the forefront of many important                     plants
                                          developments in all aspects of society. A-level
                                                                                               • modern applications of biology are
                                          Biology is a fascinating subject and involves a
                                          study of all the traditional areas of biology as
                                                                                               • there is an assessment of practical and
                                          well as an examination of technological
                                                                                                 investigative skills
                                          advances in areas such as cloning, genetic
                                          engineering, gene therapy, industry and              • there will be consideration of How Science
                                          agriculture.                                           Works, principles and ideas

                                                                                               Students are given up-to-the-minute careers
Student Profile                           The Biology department has excellent, well-
                                          qualified teachers. In the last four years           advice and a Science Academy and Medical
                                                                                               Club is available for those wishing to progress
                                          students have attained a pass rate of 100% in
Sam Bentham                                                                                    into medically-related careers. Also students
                                          Biology, and A-B grades have been well above
Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics                                                             can receive assistance in obtaining places on
                                          the national average. The subject has excellent
and General Studies                                                                            medisix and vetsim courses.
                                          student retention rates, and the high grades are
Sam says, “In addition to the
                                          rated among the best in the country. In recent       Biology students are offered an excellent range
studying, it is things like the Medical
                                          years, two of our students have achieved marks       of enrichment activities, such as visits to
Club which has really helped me as I
                                          which placed them in the top five students in        universities and to other institutions, lectures
want to study Veterinary Medicine.
                                          the country.                                         and participation in master classes. Students
I have also had the opportunity to
                                          The Biology department has developed a wide          will also have the opportunity to participate in
do other things like the Duke of
                                          range of study materials to support student          residential and local fieldwork, work
Edinburgh Award and archery. There
                                          learning. There is a Science Academy and             placements, visits to Chester Zoo and
is so much to do and not enough
                                          Medical Club for the gifted and talented, and        Manchester University, and in regional and
                                          students are encouraged to participate in the        national Biology competitions.
                                          activities, such as undertaking a research
                                          project, and involvement in other enrichment         Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                          activities. Every year, ten to twenty of our         • Chemistry
                                          students have progressed to study Medicine,          • Humanities (wide range of subjects)
                                          Dentistry and Veterinary Science.                    • Physics
                                          Ofsted inspectors rated the department as            • PE
                                          outstanding in teaching and learning.                • Psychology

                                          What will I study?                                   What will the course prepare me for?
                                          At Runshaw we offer the AQA A-level Biology,         Biology students progress to a variety of courses
                                          which offers a background in biological science      and careers. Many students opt to study
                                          and its applications. For example, students          medically-related courses at university and
                                          study cells, biochemistry, enzymes, physiology       progress into careers as doctors, dentists, vets
                                          and genetics. Practical work is an essential part    etc. A large number of students move into
                                          of the course and all traditional areas of biology   science-based careers such as genetics,
                                          are studied in detail, as well as contemporary       biochemistry, biotechnology and laboratory
                                          issues such as genetic engineering, cloning,         work. Many students progress into non-
                                          cancer, obesity and bioethics.                       biological courses and careers (law,
                                                                                               accountancy, business studies) but find the key
                                          • the course is divided into four units, each
                                                                                               skills developed in their studies are directly
                                            with a central theme. There are two units in
                                            each year, and in each the related biology is
                                            studied in relation to the central concept.
                                                                                               How is the course examined?
                                            For example the first unit is about disease
                                                                                               • written examination
                                            and how it affects the body systems. This
                                            involves studying the basic physiological          • practical work
                                            systems and examining how they are
                                            affected by disease processes. The other

                                                   Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Chemistry                                            Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                     • Biology
Why should I come to Runshaw to study
                                                     • Mathematics
                                                     • Physics
64% of all students taking Chemistry achieved
an A-B grade. The department’s pass rates are
                                                     What will the course prepare me for?
consistently well above the national average, as
                                                     The course will equip you with the essential
are student retention rates. Ofsted recently
                                                     skills required for a career directly aligned to
rated this subject as outstanding in teaching
                                                     Chemistry. There are large and highly successful
and learning.
                                                     chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the
Teachers are dynamic and are highly committed        UK, (ICI, BP etc), that employ a large number of
to their students’ success. One-to-one or small      Chemistry graduates.
group tutorials, which provide extra support in
                                                     Many of our students are interested in
addition to normal lessons, are available to all
students. The subject is accommodated in
                                                     medically-related careers including pharmacy,
                                                     medicine, veterinary medicine, ophthalmology
                                                                                                        Student Profile
large, modern, well-equipped laboratories. All
                                                     and dentistry. These all require applicants with   Aunkit Vaja
students are provided with a supportive study
                                                     excellent grades in A-level Chemistry.             Biology, Chemistry, Maths and
environment, with a comprehensive range of
study materials.
                                                     How is the course examined?                        Aunkit says, “I have always wanted
There is a Science Academy for gifted and            • written examination                              to be a dentist. It is an excellent
talented students. Activities include a Medical      • practical coursework                             profession and it really interests me.
Club, Forensics Club and Science Projects, each                                                         Being at Runshaw has enabled me to
culminating in a final event to which friends                                                           sit the exams I needed to and get
and family are invited.                                                                                 the brilliant results to allow me on
                                                                                                        to Dental School. I was absolutely
Enrichment takes various forms and can include
                                                                                                        ecstatic when I got my results. I am
competitions, trips and talks by visiting
                                                                                                        now at the University of Liverpool
                                                                                                        studying Dental Surgery.”
The Science department offers a professional
studies module for medically-related careers,
where guest speakers will discuss how students
can further progress after college with
Chemistry. Approximately one third of the
course is practically based to develop
manipulative skills and problem-solving

What will I study?
Do you want to know how to make antifreeze,
TNT, alcohol, aspirin and antacids, and why
reaction rates vary? YES? Then you will need
knowledge of the following three main areas of
• Organic chemistry: the study of the
  compounds of carbon. These compounds
  are used to make a vast range of useful
  products – plastics, fuels, pharmaceuticals,
  food and all living things
• Physical chemistry: the “hows and whys” of
  chemistry. The study of reactions as a whole
  and how they behave
• Inorganic chemistry: the chemistry of all the
  other elements in the periodic table, their
  reactions and the compounds that they form

                                            Science and Maths Courses

Student Profile
Richard Smith
Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and
                                        Further Mathematics                                 now gain an extra AS or A-level in Additional
                                                                                            Further Mathematics.
Physics                                 Why should I come to Runshaw to study
Richard says, “I came to Runshaw        Further Mathematics?                                Students must take Mathematics first, as Further
because it always gets very high        80% of the Further Mathematics students             Mathematics cannot be taken in isolation.
results and I liked the atmosphere.     gained A-B grades and all passed.                   Aspects for study include: core Mathematics such
At Runshaw it is very friendly with     Lessons are presented in a variety of interesting   as algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus,
plenty of different enrichment          ways using, among other activities, quizzes,        mechanics, statistics, differential equations and
activities and lots of things to do.    internet applets, matching activities, puzzles,     decision Mathematics.
The range of facilities is excellent,   interactive computer packages for notes and
and the teaching is great. I really     graphs and of course interactive whiteboards.       What enrichment goes with this A-level?
enjoyed meeting new people and                                                              • The wide ranging Mathematics Academy
                                        Individual provision of academic support is
getting involved in the Science club                                                          programme includes Mathematics challenges
                                        available for each student on request, and this
and the String Group. I am now at                                                             and quizzes, preparation for prestigious
                                        extra support is timetabled in addition to the
Cambridge University studying                                                                 university entries and research portfolios
                                        normal timetable of lessons. Staff are
Natural Sciences.”                                                                          • Students can study extra modules with the
                                        enthusiastic and well-qualified, many of whom
                                                                                              opportunity for gaining an additional
                                        are experienced examiners and moderators.
                                                                                              qualification in AS or A-level Additional
                                        The School of Mathematics provides excellent
                                                                                              Further Mathematics
                                        facilities in a pleasant location.
                                                                                            • Second year Further Mathematics students
                                        Students have the opportunity to participate in       have an opportunity to act as student
                                        both regional and national Mathematics                mentors for AS Mathematics students
                                        competitions. They consistently receive
                                        certificates of excellence for 100% scores in       Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                        modules, and there have been several Runshaw        Mathematics goes with almost any combination
                                        students each year who progress to read             of A-levels. Further Mathematics is especially
                                        Mathematics at Oxford and Cambridge.                sought after in many prestigious universities and
                                        A number of students who follow the AS              for many competitive degree courses.
                                        Mathematics course in the first year go on to
                                        complete the AS Further Mathematics course in       What will the course prepare me for?
                                        the second year in addition to A-level              Mathematics is a key component of many jobs
                                        Mathematics.                                        and degree courses, from genetics and
                                                                                            geography to economics, finance, accounting
                                        What will I study?                                  and computing. Recent research suggests that
                                        Normally students need to study six modules         people with A-level Mathematics can earn 10%
                                        for A-level Mathematics over two years, but         more than colleagues with similar qualifications.
                                        those who have particularly enjoyed                 Runshaw students have gone to a wide range of
                                        Mathematics at school can opt to study Further      UK universities to study this subject
                                        Mathematics, and study twelve modules over
                                        the two years. Many Further Mathematics             How is the course examined?
                                        students now take additional modules and can        • 100% written examination

                                                    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Mathematics                                           What will I study?                                 Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                      Six modules are required for an A-level in         Mathematics goes with almost any combination
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                 Mathematics and three for an AS-level.             of A-levels and gives a rigorous academic basis
Mathematics?                                                                                             for a very large number of university courses.
73% of students gained high grades (A-B) and          You will study:
                                                                                                         The problem-solving nature of A-level
100% passed in Mathematics. There were also           • core Mathematics – extending Mathematics         Mathematics makes it a much sought-after
high levels of student satisfaction based on            from GCSE, including algebra, geometry,          entry qualification for a wide variety of
student surveys and attendance and retention            trigonometry and calculus                        university courses and careers.
                                                      Plus two of the following:
Lessons are presented in a variety of interesting     • decision Mathematics – applying                  What will the course prepare me for?
ways using, among other activities, quizzes,            Mathematics to real world situations and         Mathematics is a key component of many jobs
internet applets, matching activities, puzzles,         decisions in business and computing              and degree courses, from genetics and
interactive computer packages for notes and                                                              geography to economics, finance, accounting
                                                      • mechanics – applying Mathematics to the
graphs, and of course interactive whiteboards.                                                           and computing. Recent research suggests that
                                                        study of motion
                                                                                                         people with A-level Mathematics can earn 10%
Individual provision of academic support is           • statistics – applying Mathematics to the
                                                                                                         more than colleagues with similar
available for each student on request, and this         analysis of data
                                                                                                         qualifications. Runshaw students have gone to
extra support is timetabled in addition to the                                                           a wide range of UK universities to study this
normal timetable of lessons. Staff are                What enrichment goes with this A-level?            subject.
enthusiastic and well-qualified, many of whom         • The wide ranging Mathematics Academy
are experienced examiners and moderators.               programme includes mathematics challenges        How is the course examined?
The School of Mathematics provides excellent            and quizzes, preparation for prestigious         • 100% written examination
facilities in a pleasant location.                      university entries, extra modules and research
Students have the opportunity to participate in
                                                      • Students who do particularly well in the first
both regional and national Mathematics
                                                        year of the A-level programme have the
competitions. They consistently receive
                                                        opportunity to follow the AS Further
certificates of excellence for 100% scores in
                                                        Mathematics programme in the second year
modules, and there have been several Runshaw
students who have progressed to read
Mathematics at Oxford and Cambridge.
A large proportion of students progressing from
Runshaw College to prestigious universities
have studied A-level Mathematics.

                                           Science and Maths Courses

                                       Physics                                            plus one of the following:
                                                                                          • astrophysics
                                       Why should I come to Runshaw to study
                                                                                          • turning points in physics
                                       There was a 100% pass rate in Physics, with
                                                                                          Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                       69% of students achieving A-B grades.
                                       Physics is delivered by experienced, specialist    • 3D Design
                                       teachers, in modern well-equipped laboratories.    • Computing
                                       The staff offer extra academic timetabled          • ICT
                                       support on a one-to-one basis in addition to       • Mathematics – Physics involves a large
                                       lessons.                                             number of calculations and you are strongly
                                                                                            advised to take Mathematics AS-level
                                       Students will be given the chance to visit local
                                       universities, Christie’s Hospital and industrial   • Sciences
                                       sites that are relevant to the course. Also
Student Profile                        students have the opportunity to participate in    What will the course prepare me for?
                                                                                          There is potential for progression onto
                                       competitions, including the CERN competition
Lee Stothert                                                                              university degrees leading to careers in
                                       at Birmingham University and attend physics
French, Further Maths, Maths and                                                          engineering, physical sciences and medicine.
                                       lectures at Manchester and Liverpool
Physics                                                                                   You will also develop analytical, numerical and
Lee says, “The extra support you                                                          problem-solving skills that are valuable in a
receive at Runshaw involves things     Several of Runshaw’s Physics students have         wide range of occupations and activities. The
like regular testing, which ensures    taken part in master classes in cosmology,         course will also show how physics interacts
everyone keeps up to scratch.          particle physics and engineering at university     with social, economic and industrial matters.
Individual learning is a great bonus   and in other university based courses including
and makes you really feel valued.”     ‘Insight’ and ‘Headstart’.                         How is the course examined?
                                                                                          Year 1
                                       What will I study?
                                                                                          • 80% written examination
                                       You will study topics which reflect modern
                                                                                          • 20% practical assessment
                                       developments in, and applications of, Physics:
                                       • electricity                                      Year 2
                                       • mechanics                                        • 80% written examination
                                       • particles and quantum phenomena                  • 20% practical assessment
                                       • radioactivity and nuclear energy
                                       • waves and fields

                                  Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Social Science Courses
Government and Politics • Psychology • Sociology

Why should I come to Runshaw to study Social Science A-levels?

The Social Science team is dedicated to the development of future
social scientists - knowledgeable, academically skilful and socially
aware young citizens with the potential to make a real difference in
the ever-changing modern world.

We involve partner high schools in a variety of activities and events to
help promote students’ interests in social science subjects, and foster
confidence with which they will make a successful transition from
                                                                           Student Profile
studying at GCSE level to moving onto their new learning                   Jessica Luhar
                                                                           Drama & Theatre studies,
environment of studying at A-level.
                                                                           Government & Politics, History and
Teaching and learning in all of our courses focuses on students’
                                                                           Jessica says, “At Runshaw every
achievement of their full academic potential. We use high quality
                                                                           student is encouraged in all aspects
resources and a variety of teaching methods to capture students’           of study and enrichment. I had a
interest and passion for studying contemporary issues and ensure that      wonderful opportunity to take part
they enjoy and achieve during their time at college.                       in a project where I was able to
                                                                           interview David Milliband, which I
Our enrichment and academy programmes are varied and geared                would never have had through the
towards extending students’ knowledge, skills and abilities and            normal lesson set up.”

further support their progression onto university or career of their
choice. A great number of our students go onto prestigious
universities to study Government and Politics,
Psychology, Sociology or related subjects, with the
confidence to meet the challenges beyond the
college environment.

Our outstanding success rates include
100% pass rate and over 70%
A or B grades in all Social Science
subjects, consistently exceeding
all national benchmarks and
contributing to our outstanding
grade by Ofsted.

                                                          Social Science Courses

Government and Politics                           What will I study?                                    Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                  As most students will not have studied politics       • Business/Economics
Why should I come to Runshaw to study             previously, prior knowledge will not be an            • English
Government and Politics?                          assumption, and staff will encourage the
                                                                                                        • History
At Runshaw, Government and Politics is            acquisition of skills in the first few weeks of the
popular with people who enjoy current affairs,                                                          • Humanities based subjects
                                                  course. Students will keep a political diary
debates and discussions, and who wish to          through their research into current affairs and       • Law
study a subject that is vibrant and exciting.     developments.                                         • Philosophy
The college regularly hosts visits from MPs and                                                         • Sociology
councillors, and students have the opportunity    The course itself particularly concentrates on
to experience a field visit to Parliament. This   the changeable values of British politics,
                                                                                                        What will the course prepare me for?
year students have been filmed on the ITV         including:
                                                                                                        “What you learn is relevant to life and the
programme ‘Party People’, where they engaged      • electoral systems and voting behaviour              world around you, as politics affects everything.
in live debate and have taken part in the         • features of a representative democracy              It is useful, interesting and challenging.” (Year 1
Granada TV debates in the run up to the           • issues in British politics today                    Politics student)
General Elections.                                • parties and pressure groups
                                                                                                        The course is an excellent preparation for a
Our 100% pass rate, of which 86% of students      • the politics of the USA                             wide variety of university courses and people-
gained A-C grades and 79% achieved an A or                                                              orientated careers such as law, journalism,
                                                  Staff will provide plenty of variety in teaching
a B grade, means that students enjoy and                                                                government, human resources, teaching and
                                                  and learning styles and offer support and
achieve studying Government and Politics at                                                             politics.
                                                  guidance, especially in the initial period. There
Runshaw College.
                                                  is also a Politics Academy.
                                                                                                        How is the course examined?
                                                                                                        • 100% written examination

                                                    Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Psychology                                             • Developmental Approach: takes a “life span”
                                                         approach to studying behaviour and
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                    experiences and looks at the changes that
Psychology?                                              occur throughout our lives. These include
Students studying Psychology at Runshaw                  factors influencing the development of
College benefit from highly qualified, dedicated         thinking, problem solving, language and
staff who keep abreast of their subject through          childhood phobias
regular attendance at conferences for examining
and professional bodies. Psychology has been           • Individual Differences Approach: considers
one of Runshaw’s most popular A-level choice             the differences between people and looks at
subjects over the past few years. Over 68% of            a range of issues surrounding the concept of
students achieved A or B grades. Students’ pass          abnormality and mental health. The topics
rate is considerably higher than the national            covered in this approach include thinking
average and the department has been graded as            problems of gamblers, schizophrenia and
outstanding by Ofsted in 2008.                           multiple personality disorder

Our Psychology lecturers are an enthusiastic and       • Cognitive Approach: studies mental
friendly team who use many creative and diverse          processes such as memory, reasoning and
teaching methods in delivering the subject. The          language. These processes are not readily
department also offers a vast range of                   available for study as we can only guess what
enrichment opportunities for students including          is happening inside someone’s head by
a residential trip to Rome, trip to Chester Zoo,         observing their behaviour. This means that
attendance at university conferences as well as          psychologists have to use a variety of            • Health & Clinical Psychology: focuses on
welcoming professional guest lecturers from              techniques to study cognitive processes             factors that influence our healthy lifestyles,
fields of Forensic and Clinical Psychology. In                                                               both physical and mental. Whilst studying
                                                       • Physiological Approach: considers the extent
addition, the Psychology Academy offers a                                                                    this module, you will learn about the causes
                                                         to which behaviour and experience is
number of short courses that encourage students                                                              and effects of stress, dysfunctional
                                                         determined by our biology. In particular,
to explore a wide range of topics other than                                                                 behaviours and mental health disorders, as
                                                         physiological psychologists have
those studied on the course; Film Club that                                                                  well as some of the treatment methods
                                                         concentrated on studying the structure and
examines psychological issues portrayed by the           functions of the brain and the nervous
media as well as participation in practical projects                                                       Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                         system in order to find out how these affect
that further develop students’ knowledge and             human behaviour such as spatial navigation,       • Biology
skills and support their university application and      sleep and dreaming                                • Business Studies
chosen career progression.                                                                                 • English
                                                       • Practical Investigations: covers a number of
                                                                                                           • Law
What will I study?                                       research methods used by psychologists to
                                                         study human behaviour, including                  • Media Studies
Psychology is the study of human behaviour and
                                                         observations, questionnaires, experiments         • Physical Education
experience. This course will introduce you to the
theories and methods in psychology and offer             and correlations. Students will develop           • Sociology
you the opportunity to look at some of the               knowledge and skills required to carry out
explanations psychologists use to understand             their own practical activities and report and     What will the course prepare me for?
humans and their interactions with the world.            evaluate their findings                           Studying Psychology helps students develop
From a personal perspective, you should find the                                                           skills that are transferable to a number of jobs
                                                       In year 2 you will focus on the application of
fundamental questions of psychologists                                                                     and professions, including law, business,
                                                       psychology to different areas of everyday life.
interesting: “Why do I behave like this?”, “Why                                                            medicine, journalism, marketing, advertising,
                                                       There will be two taught modules which will
do I feel like this?” and “Why do I think like                                                             personnel work, management and many more.
                                                       provide you with an in-depth knowledge of
this?”                                                                                                     Many of our students continue to study
                                                       these areas and help you further develop skills
                                                                                                           Psychology or related subjects, such as
In Year 1 you will study the ways in which             acquired in your first year, including:
                                                                                                           Criminology. Their intention is to become
psychologists approach the study of human              • Forensic Psychology: looks at the                 either a Psychologist in any of the specialist
behaviour. The topics covered include:                   contribution of psychology to the area of         areas, such as Occupational, Child, Clinical,
• Social Approach: looks at a range of                   crime solving. In particular, you will consider   Criminal or Educational Psychology, or to work
  behaviours that are primarily social in nature,        the explanations of why some people turn to       in related fields such as social services,
  that is, they occur between people or groups           crime, look at the techniques used in crime       probation or youth work, the police and
  of people. Some of the behaviours studied              investigation, different processes that take      teaching.
  in this topic include discrimination, helping          place in the courtroom as well as the ways in
  behaviour conformity and obedience                     which psychologists help develop a range of       How is the course examined?
                                                         crime prevention strategies                       • 100% written examination

                                                 Social Science Courses

                                          Sociology                                        • creating a Podcast on ‘internet social
                                          Why should I come to Runshaw to study            • visits to the International Slavery Museum in
                                          Sociology?                                         Liverpool
                                          Sociology is the study of people in society;
                                          however, what we mean by society can
                                                                                           Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                          determine how we study it.
                                                                                           All subjects complement Sociology and in
                                          In Sociology lessons you will be given           particular:
                                          opportunities to discuss and debate a whole      • English
                                          range of topical sociological issues.            • Government and Politics
                                                                                           • History
                                          What will I study?
                                                                                           • Law
                                          A few examples of topics studied are:
                                                                                           • Media Studies
                                          • Why do some people join gangs?
Student Profile                           • Why do people get married or divorced?
                                                                                           • Philosophy
                                                                                           • Psychology
Poppy Whelan                              • Why do some people underachieve in
                                                                                           • Religious Studies
Sociology, ICT, Accounting and              school?
Business Studies                          • Why do some pupils join anti-school sub-
                                                                                           What will the course prepare me for?
Poppy says,“I came to Runshaw               cultures?
                                                                                           All of the skills that you develop and the
because of the excellent facilities       • How do sociologists research society?          knowledge that you will gain will prepare you
and the variety of subjects the college   You will also have the opportunity to join the   for a range of careers and university courses
offered. I also heard of Runshaw’s        Sociology Academy where you can debate and       such as human resource management,
exceptional reputation and found it       research topics other than those discussed in    journalism, law, teaching, marketing, the police
to be very friendly and welcoming.”       the classroom. Some examples of projects         and advertising.
                                          undertaken by Sociology students include:
                                          • attendance at university conferences           How is the course examined?
                                          • visit to MAPP in St. Helens to discuss         • 100% written examination
                                            disaffected youth with field professionals

                                  Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Sport and Physical Education
Sport and Physical Education

Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Sport and Physical
Education A-level?

Runshaw College is currently the North West’s number one college
for its Sports Academy and is ranked fourth overall in the UK.
The college has exceptional facilities that include a synthetic playing
area, two sports halls, a fitness suite and new state of the art sport    Student Profile
science lab. Tutors have First Degrees or higher in Physical Education    Stephanie Teece
qualifications and play sport and coach students to both county and       PE, History, Biology and Drama
national levels.                                                          Stephanie says, “Runshaw is a great
                                                                          place to study sports courses due to
In 2009 there was an excellent 100% pass rate with an exceptional         the excellent facilities and hard
77% of students achieving A-B grades.                                     working staff. Also the college offers
                                                                          academies in many sports allowing
All students are eligible to join the Sports Academy. The ethos of this   you to further develop your abilities
academy is excellence in both academic study and sporting                 whilst continuing your studies.”

performance. There are also many trips and course enrichment
activities, including the mountain activities coursework adventure.

                                                    Sport and Physical Education Courses

Sport and Physical Education                          What will I study?                                   What will the course prepare me for?
                                                      The course consists of four modules and over         Students can progress to university to study a
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                 the two years you will study:                        variety of courses, including teaching, sports
Sport and Physical Education?                         • opportunities for, and the effects of, leading     science, sports studies, leisure management,
All learning is supported by the college’s              a healthy and active lifestyle (applied            teaching, sports therapy, physiotherapy and
interactive environment, where class notes,             physiology, skill acquisition, opportunities for   others.
revision notes, quizzes and guidance notes are          participation and application of theoretical
available for students to access from both                                                                 For those wishing to study physiotherapy at
                                                        knowledge to a practical situation)                university, subject choice should be considered
inside and outside of the college.
                                                      • analysis and evaluation of physical activity as    carefully and further advice sought.
Students have the chance to visit world class           a performer and/or in an adopted role/s
facilities, such as the National Cycling Centre,      • optimising performance and evaluating              How is the course examined?
various universities for exercise psychology            contemporary issues within sport (physiology,      • written examination
testing, Chill Factor (ski-centre) and facilities       psychology and contemporary issues)                • practical examination
such as climbing walls and driving ranges.            • optimising practical performance in                • oral examination
Students will complete a practical unit as part         competitive situations
of the course and will have the opportunity to
utilise their knowledge and understanding             Which subjects complement this A-level?
developed during the course to improve their          • Psychology
own personal performance, as a practical              • Sciences
performer, coach/leader or official. Many
students opt for mountain activities, where they
can plan and participate in an expedition to the
Yorkshire Dales. For many this is a once-in-a-
lifetime trip and the highlight of the course.

                                   Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Visual Arts Courses
3D Design • Fine Art • Graphics • Photography •Textiles

Why should I come to Runshaw to study a Visual Arts A-level?

 If you study at Runshaw you will generally be allowed to take a
maximum of two of the Visual Arts subjects due to duplication of
work and being too specialised if more are taken. Students who
enter onto two Visual Arts subjects generally intend to follow a
career in Art and Design and find that a more extensive portfolio of
work from two areas promotes their skills at university interviews.

We have specialist tutors in each of the areas and there are times
                                                                            Student Profile
when team-teaching is also encouraged to give breadth to the                Lisa Collier
                                                                            Photography, Graphics, Mathematics
students’ work. Specialist technicians also compliment the student
                                                                            and English Language and Literature
experience working in dedicated work studios.
                                                                            Lisa says, “I really enjoy all my
                                                                            courses at college, however I am
Visual Arts courses were awarded Grade 1 indicating outstanding
                                                                            most passionate about Photography
provision in our college inspection.                                        and Graphics as I love Art based
                                                                            subjects. The teachers are really
The inspectors said, ‘Pass rates on all courses are very high and           supportive and all my classes have a
considerably above national averages. Students’ work is of a high           warm and friendly atmosphere.”
standard. Teaching is very good. It is well-matched to the needs of
each student.’

Students regularly exhibit their drawings, designs, photographs and
sculpture in our own Eskdale exhibition space and celebration events
are held to showcase the excellent work produced throughout the
year. It is at these events that students receive achievement awards            Inspectors
and prizes for excellent work to acknowledge success on every level.            commented on
Last year, Photography students exhibited at Worden Arts centre,                the following:
where work was sold for charity and this year Fine Art students sold             • high pass rates on all
prints produced whilst working with an artist in college. The year                 courses
climaxes with an end of year show where all students have the                   • high standards of
opportunity to take part in a professional exhibition.                            students’ work
                                                                                • much demanding and
As well as the A-level courses, a full programme of enrichment                    often inspirational
activities has included visits to Paris and Barcelona and to galleries in         teaching
Manchester, Liverpool and London as well as short trips to local                • excellent resources
exhibitions. Professional artists work in the department and we                 • stimulating enrichment
encourage universities and subject specialists to deliver talks in our            activities to enhance
lecture theatres.                                                                 learning

                                                             Visual Arts Courses

3D Design                                          This course explores specialist areas including:   • Exploring Functional Design
                                                   • Interior Design                                  • Working to Design Briefs
Why should I come to Runshaw to study
                                                   • Architecture and Environmental Design
3D Design?
                                                   • Set Design                                       Which subjects complement this A-level?
If you:
                                                   • Product Design                                   Designers come from all walks of life and do
• have imagination and an interest in 3D                                                              not necessarily have a specific talent in
  design                                           Students will be able to participate in various    particular subjects but all the following will help
• have an ability to visualise ideas on paper      visits and trips to exhibitions, including the     complement this interesting and rewarding
• enjoy working and experimenting with 3D          Design Museum and Saatchi Gallery in London,       A-level:
  materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass,   along with local trips to Liverpool and            • Fine Art
  clay, wire to name but a few, then 3D Design     Manchester visiting galleries to look at local
                                                                                                      • Graphics
  is just the subject for you!                     architecture and explore design in its widest
                                                                                                      • Mathematics
3D Design is all about living in a modern world,                                                      • Photography
understanding materials and how these              Over the past four years there has been a          • Sciences
influence design. You will use specialist          100% pass rate and in 2008, 3D Design gained
                                                                                                      • Textiles
workshops to explore materials and create          a Grade 1 classification from Ofsted.
three dimensional work using a broad range of                                                         What will the course prepare me for?
materials and techniques.                          What will I study?
                                                                                                      Employment or higher education in the Art and
                                                   The course investigates all areas of design,
You will learn techniques such as powder                                                              Design field. Examples are interior design,
                                                   looking at the total concept of functional
coating, working creatively with wire, working                                                        architecture, product design, furniture design
                                                   design as well as uses of materials and
to scale in respect to Architecture and                                                               and set design but this is not exclusive. This
                                                   development of ideas.
Environmental Design, creating floor plans and                                                        course allows entry to a wide range of HE
                                                   Areas of study include:                            courses, depending upon your combination of
elevation drawings, working with mixed media
                                                   • Drawing and presentation techniques              A-levels.
and experimental development. You will also
work to a live brief in collaboration with         • Ergonomics and Anthropometrics
Performing Arts on theatre productions,            • Colour theory within design                      How is the course examined?
designing and making sets for performance.         • Modelling and working with a variety of          • One internally assessed unit of coursework
                                                     materials                                          per year
                                                   • Working to Scale                                 • One externally set examination per year
                                                   • Computer Aided Design

                                                       Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Fine Art                                                   will be expected throughout the course.
                                                           Students will also be required to visit and
Why should I come to Runshaw College to                    collect sources to draw and photograph as
study Fine Art?                                            part of all their work. These drawings may
The Fine Art course offers two options:                    take the form of line, tone, mark-making
• mainly painting, drawing, print-making and               using the formal elements in a variety of
  critical and contextual analysis                         media
• a combination of more varied media                     • Extra support and enrichment: the Art
  including craft, textiles, photography and 3D            department runs a variety of life drawing,
  design, in addition to drawing and critical              printmaking and portfolio construction
  and contextual analysis                                  enrichment classes to help you develop
Students become part of one of the most over               further work for interviews, coursework or
subscribed, popular and highly achieving                   just for fun! Extra sessions can also be
                                                           arranged with your subject tutor to gain
subjects at Runshaw. Students enjoy working in
the department involving themselves in                     extra support on any aspect of your work          Student Profile
enrichment activities such as trips to London,                                                               Rachel Spencer
Manchester, Liverpool and Barcelona, as well as          Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                                                                             Fine Art, Sociology, Film Studies and
local exhibitions.                                       • 3D Design
                                                         • Humanities
Throughout the year you will have contact with                                                               Rachel says, “Runshaw ticked all the
                                                         • Media
our artist in residence. They will be teaching                                                               right boxes for me! I have the
you new printing skills and communicating                • Science (for students with an interest in         freedom to explore my creativity in
their experience as an artist to you. You will             architecture)                                     my courses and I love the variety I
also have the opportunity to work with at least                                                              get from them. Life at college is
one visiting artist in residence throughout the          What will the course prepare me for?                never boring!”
year.                                                    This A-level gives students the potential to
                                                         progress to university onto an art-related
Students are taught in fantastic, purpose built          degree course, through a pre-degree
studios that are able to equip most art activities       Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. The
including painting studios, 3D workshops, a              course could also lead to a career in teaching,
print making studio, dark room, Apple Mac                fashion, gallery/museum management,
suites, and dedicated art study room. Students           architecture, interior design, graphics, film and
also benefit from their own art shop on-site,            television design, jewellery design, theatre and
allowing access to a wide range of materials             set design and production, TV and film art
and products.                                            directing or as an artist or art technician.

What will I study?                                       How is the course examined?
• This course will enable you to develop                 • An internally assessed unit of coursework per
  themes such as the figure, still life, landscape         year
  and location and issue based work. Students
                                                         • An externally set examination per year
  are taught a wide range of techniques,
  encompassing in part oil and acrylic painting,
  mono printing, etching, screen printing, large
  experimental drawing and large scale
  paintings on canvas, wood and metal.
  Students’ work may take the form of
  journals, notebooks, worksheets, large scale
  rough studies, with final small and large scale
• Critical and Contextual Studies: written and
  visual analysis of Art history, artists, designers
  and visual sources. This will be completed in
  lessons, workshops or on location as part of
  group work or individual tasks and
  independently in directed time
• Drawing and Recording: drawing underpins
  art, and drawing is a fundamental aspect of
  Fine Art. Drawing from direct observation

                                                              Visual Arts Courses

Graphics                                            What will I study?                               Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                    You will investigate the main areas of graphic   No subjects specifically complement Graphics
Why should I come to Runshaw to study               design:                                          but below are subjects that can help develop
Graphics?                                                                                            analytical skills within coursework and enhance
                                                    • advertising
Graphics is an exciting and wide-ranging                                                             concepts of language and persuasion, useful
                                                    • illustration
subject that can lead to a variety of careers and                                                    within understanding meanings and promotion:
we aim to provide a complete introduction to        • packaging
                                                                                                     • English
Graphic Design and its disciplines. We want         • typography (design using type and letter
                                                      forms)                                         • Photography
students to leave multi-skilled and aware of all
the opportunities that exist within the industry.   • computers in art and design                    • Media studies
                                                    • historical and contextual studies in graphic   • Psychology
The Graphics course is primarily art based,
developing drawing and image-making skills
                                                                                                     What will the course prepare me for?
using a range of media. This will include           Within these areas you will produce personal     After completion of A-levels many HE
traditional art techniques such as drawing,         responses to set briefs with expressive and      institutions prefer that you complete a pre-
printing, painting and collage.                     experimental use of different media, materials   degree Foundation Diploma in Art and Design,
                                                    and processes. You will develop your drawing     before embarking on an Art based degree
The course is also designed to introduce
                                                    skills for observation, communication and        course. Runshaw Adult College offers this
students to computer-generated graphics using
                                                    experimentation as well as your contextual       option enabling you to continue your studies
software such as PhotoShop, Illustrator &
                                                    understanding of graphic design. Previous        and develop your creative skills. This diploma is
InDesign. Prior knowledge is not essential and
                                                    briefs have included advertising campaigns,      a full-time course allowing you to dedicate your
we always try to develop a range of skills to
                                                    fashion illustration and packaging design, all   full week to your studies. This will then lead to
balance hand-produced and digital image
                                                    focusing on developing your use of visual        a career in graphic design or a similar area in
making within all projects.
                                                    language.                                        the creative industries.
The department is situated in the Eskdale
building, which contains specially constructed
                                                                                                     How is the course examined?
creative arts classrooms including a graphics
                                                                                                     • An internally assessed unit of coursework per
studio, print room and dark room. We have
three Apple Mac suites using industry standard
graphic software. Students also benefit from                                                         • An externally set examination per year
their own art shop on-site, allowing access to a
wide range of materials and products.

                                                   Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

Photography                                          All Photography students have the opportunity         Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                                     to take part in residential visits to galleries and   • Business
Why should I come to Runshaw to study                exhibitions and recent trips have included            • English
Photography?                                         Liverpool, London and the National Museum
                                                                                                           • Film
Photography is a popular course within               for Film, Photography and Television in
Runshaw College’s programme of A-levels and                                                                • Fine Art
is particularly of interest to students who want                                                           • Graphics
to extend their knowledge of different art           It is a subject that is connected to many             • Psychology
forms. Students have the opportunity to              different vocational areas, such as fashion,
develop a wide range of photographic skills          journalism, advertising and marketing.                What will the course prepare me for?
ranging from traditional darkroom to                 Photography is part of the School of Visual Arts      This A-level will enable potential progression to
experimental image making, studio, location          and gained Grade 1 status in the Ofsted               university onto a Photography or Art-related
and digital. In the second year of the course,       Inspection.                                           degree course, or a pre-degree Foundation
the students go on to produce a portfolio of                                                               Diploma in Art and Design. Both could lead to
practical work that shows a wide range of high       What will I study?                                    an art or design-related career, or an excellent
quality images they have created over the two                                                              accompaniment for anyone wishing to go into
                                                     This course will enable you to form a personal
years. This enables the students to have an                                                                a career within journalism or the television
                                                     enquiry and expression using the selection and
excellent record of their work for university                                                              industry.
                                                     manipulation of images. You will have the
                                                     opportunity to explore creative approaches
                                                                                                           How is the course examined?
Photography is taught in specialist, purpose         beyond primary observation and recording. You
                                                     will investigate:                                     • An internally assessed unit per year
built studios and workshops, by staff who have
worked both in teaching and industry. The            • alternative processes                               • An externally set examination per year
department has its own dedicated photography         • black and white photography
studio with a good range of lighting and props       • colour photography
and a fully equipped black and white
                                                     • digital photography
darkroom. Photography students also have
                                                     • location photography
access to the department’s Apple Mac suite.
                                                     • studio photography

                                                  Visual Arts Courses

                                        Textiles                                           What will I study?
                                                                                           You will explore the nature and purpose of all
                                        Why should I come to Runshaw to study              textile processes and discover how ideas
                                        Textiles?                                          develop from initial ideas to finished products.
                                        For the last four years Textile students gained    You will work on themes that explore texture,
                                        100% pass rates, a positive testament to the       colour, pattern, line and form through
                                        outstanding level of teaching and learning         experimentation with materials. You will also
                                        witnessed by the Ofsted Inspection. 86% of         have the opportunity to explore areas of
                                        students achieved A or B grades.                   fashion including design, illustration, garment
                                        The Textile and Fashion department has             construction and creative embellishment.
                                        excellent facilities which are constantly up-      Some of the subjects you will study are:
                                        dated, with purpose-built studios, which enable    • appliqué and reverse appliqué
                                        a positive learning experience for all students.
                                                                                           • batik
Student Profile                         Extra help and support is given to all students
                                        outside lesson time enabling each student to
                                                                                           • garment design and construction
                                                                                           • fashion design and illustration
                                        reach their full potential.
Bethan Tatterton
                                                                                           • combining techniques – to generate creative
Textiles, Religious Studies, Biology    All aspects of textiles and fashion are highly       ideas and new design solutions
and English Language                    encouraged, including computer aided, surface
                                                                                           • creating and developing surface pattern
Bethan says, “I chose Runshaw as it     pattern, garment design and construction plus
offered the subjects I was keen to      traditional textile techniques. This is further
                                                                                           • creative machine and hand-stitch embroidery
study and looked like a great           enhanced by half-termly visits from practicing
                                        textile designers, who run workshops in order      • felt-making and manipulation
college. The teachers make the
lessons fun and varied; they work       to introduce the students to new and exciting      • silk-painting
really hard to get the best results.”   textile techniques and skills.                     • working to design briefs

                                        Students benefit from trips to galleries and
                                                                                           Which subjects complement this A-level?
                                        exhibitions throughout the year and also to the
                                                                                           • Photography
                                        annual London residential, which is a highlight
                                        for many students.                                 • Business Studies
                                                                                           • English
                                        The Textile year culminates in the end of year
                                                                                           • Media
                                        exhibition and fashion show which displays an
                                                                                           • Modern Languages
                                        amazing array of students’ work produced over
                                        the whole of the course.
                                                                                           What will the course prepare me for?
                                                                                           An A-level in Textile Design could be the start of
                                                                                           a career in fashion and textile promotion. In the
                                                                                           last five years there has been large growth in
                                                                                           higher education in this area. For example,
                                                                                           UCLAN run the best Brand Promotion course in
                                                                                           the country and Manchester University runs
                                                                                           International Fashion Marketing. They are
                                                                                           aimed at students who want to work in the
                                                                                           fashion business in promotions, or as retail
                                                                                           buyers or range co-ordinators rather than as
                                                                                           practical designers. For these courses you do
                                                                                           not need an Art foundation year.

                                                                                           You will be able to progress to university to an
                                                                                           Art-related degree course through the pre-
                                                                                           degree Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.
                                                                                           This could lead to either an art and design-
                                                                                           related career or teaching.

                                                                                           How is the course examined?
                                                                                           • An internally assessed unit per year
                                                                                           • An externally set examination paper per year

                                                         Applying to Runshaw

Applying to Runshaw
Please note that Runshaw is a very
oversubscribed college; unfortunately we
were unable to give places to all the
students who applied last year. To be sure
of your place you will need to apply early
and achieve the entry requirements for
your course. We will have more detailed
information relating to the admissions
process at our Open Day and Open
Evenings in the autumn term.

Studying A-levels at Runshaw
In your first year, you will study four or five
AS levels to give you a broad experience
and to give you as many options as possible
for your second year. In the second year,
many students will choose to continue to
                                                  where there is an expectation that            GCSE Science. A grade B in Mathematics is
take four or five subjects. However, if you
                                                  applicants can demonstrate a passion for a    also required for Accounting and
prefer to concentrate on three A2 subjects
                                                  subject that involves them in academic        Economics. A grade B is required in
then that’s fine by us. We will not burden
                                                  study which is in addition to their A-level   Mathematics, Statistics or Science for
you by requiring you to do extra subjects or
                                                  studies.                                      Psychology. A grade B in GCSE Science is
compulsory lessons each week on things
                                                                                                required for A-level Sport.
that are of no interest to you. We always
put your needs first.                             Enriching and Enhancing Your                  For subjects where assessment is largely
                                                  Studies                                       based on written English, a grade B in
Our A-level teachers are fully prepared to        We encourage all our students to develop
                                                                                                English is normally required.
meet the requirements of the new                  their personal skills and their curriculum
specifications which started in September         vitae as well as their academic
2008, especially the more stretching
                                                                                                How to apply
                                                  achievements. We also want them to take
                                                                                                Application forms are available from your
requirements for A2. In particular, we aim        part in our enrichment activities such as
                                                                                                school or from Runshaw; contact the
to support as many students as possible to        trips, volunteering, work experience,
                                                                                                Schools Liaison team to request your
achieve the new high grade of A*.                 projects and so on. We think enjoyable
                                                                                                application form on 01772 643000, email
                                                  learning is successful learning so we want
                                                                                                info@runshaw.ac.uk or you can print off an
The Extended Project                              your A-level studies to be fun.
                                                                                                application form from our website. We visit
For able students who wish to take their
                                                                                                schools from September and we hold Open
studies beyond the A-level syllabus, there is     A-level entry requirements                    Events in September, October, November
an opportunity to take the AQA Extended           You should have achieved at least grade B
                                                                                                and March.
Project. This is regarded by universities as      in five separate National Curriculum
the equivalent of half a full A-level.            subjects. However, the college will take      Applications should be handed in to your
                                                  your individual circumstances into account    high school careers co-ordinator or head of
It involves completing a 5000 word
                                                  when you come to enrol on your course.        year, or sent directly to us (with reference
dissertation under the guidance of an
                                                                                                section filled in) at:
academic supervisor and then presenting a         If you want to study a subject that you
summary of the findings to a non-specialist       have taken at school, you should have a       Schools Liaison
audience. The Extended Project involves           GCSE grade B in that subject.                 Runshaw College
extra work and a lot of independent                                                             Langdale Road
research so it’s not for everyone. However,       For Science A-levels, you need to have
it is an excellent preparation for students       achieved a grade B in Mathematics as well
applying to prestigious university courses        as a grade B in the additional element of
                                                                                                PR25 3DQ

                                                    Admissions Timeline

Admissions Timeline
September 2010                              January 2011                                   June 2011
Runshaw prospectus available from school    Hand in your completed application form        You complete your GCSEs.
or college; we start our school visits.     at school to your careers co-ordinator or
College Open Day Saturday 25 September      head of year, who will fill in the reference   July 2011
11.00am – 3.00pm.                           section and send it on to us.                  New Student Days: your opportunity to
                                                                                           spend a day at college.
October 2010                                February 2011
We continue to visit schools: you can       Interviews begin in schools and in college.    August 2011
discuss your application with us. College                                                  GCSE results day and enrolment. You must
Open Evening Thursday 14 October            March/April 2011                               come into college to enrol with your results
4.00pm – 8.30pm. Application forms are      College Open Evening Wednesday 9 March         slip. If you are not able to enrol at your
available from school or college.           4.00pm – 8.30pm. Look out for college          designated time we may not be able to
                                            application deadline: in recent years it has   guarantee your place at college.
November/December 2010                      been 1 April, but due to increasing
College Open Evening Monday 8 November      applications it may be earlier this year.      September 2011
4.00pm – 8.30pm. Fill in your college                                                      College begins!
application form.                           May 2011
                                            You will receive details of New Student
                                            Days and your bus pass information.

                                                        Important Information

Important Information
Disability and equal opportunities                Where applicants have extreme needs, the       Contact us
Runshaw College is committed to equality          college will exercise professional judgment    If you would like any further information
of opportunity for all members of its             as to whether we are able to offer an          about any of the courses or activities
community and we respect all students for         individual a place. Assessment will be made    included in our course guides, or would like
their individuality, abilities and aspirations.   against the following criteria:                an application form, please contact:
We actively encourage applications from           • social and educational needs of the
                                                                                                 Schools Liaison
students with disabilities or learning              applicant
                                                                                                 Runshaw College
difficulties and you will be given the
                                                  • level of present educational                 Langdale Road
support you need to achieve your full
                                                    performance                                  Leyland
learning potential. If you need more
                                                  • additional support needs                     Lancs
information, please ask for a copy of the
                                                                                                 PR25 3DQ
college’s disability statement, ‘Enabling         • medical health needs
Success’ and the Disability Equality Scheme.                                                     Tel: 01772 643000
                                                  Runshaw will match these against its ability
                                                                                                 Fax: 01257 469286
                                                  to support the special applicant, as well as
Financial support                                 the needs of other students at college. If a
                                                                                                 Email: info@runshaw.ac.uk
Financial support is available to students in                                                    Website: www.runshaw.ac.uk
                                                  student is refused entry to college, they
the form of the Education Maintenance             may appeal in writing to the principal.
Allowance. For more information please
call the student helpline on 0800 121 8989        Safeguarding
or visit the EMA website at                       Runshaw College is committed to
www.direct.gov.uk/ema                             safeguarding and promoting the welfare of
                                                  children and vulnerable adults and expects
Information in the course guides                  all staff to share this commitment.
Courses are offered in good faith but
Runshaw reserves the right to:
• cancel courses if they do not reach
  enrolment targets
• change the syllabus of a course without
  prior notice

Runshaw may require applicants to provide
or allow access to evidence of suitability for
admission to a particular course. This may
be a reference from a previous education
institution, employer or doctor.

Students will be expected to:
• meet the entry criteria for their chosen
   course and provide proof of
   examination grades, a good record of
   achievement, a good record of
   attendance and a supportive reference
• meet the residency criteria laid down by
  the funding council or pay the
  appropriate course fee
• disclose any criminal conviction

                                                   How to get to Runshaw

How to get to Runshaw
Directions From M6                            Bus routes to Runshaw
• Exit at Junction 28 for Leyland             College buses provide easy transport to Runshaw from a wide surrounding area. These
                                              buses are timed to arrive at college at 8.50am and leave at 4.38pm. In addition to these,
• Turn left from north and south exits into
                                              local bus services run regularly between Chorley, Preston and Leyland town centres, and
  Leyland Way
                                              students living in these areas can use these services throughout the day (a college bus pass
• Take the second turning on your left        is valid for one journey into college in the morning and one journey home in the afternoon
  into Bent Lane                              on one bus route). A college bus pass may be purchased to cover the cost of the year’s
• At the end of Bent Lane turn right into     transport. The cost of the pass for 2010 – 2011 is £320 and £105 for a Leyland Zone pass.
  Heald House Road                            Information and application packs are sent out to all applicants in June.
• At the next mini roundabout turn left
  into Langdale Road
• Proceed for approximately ¼ mile and
  Runshaw College is on the left

                                     Course index

Course index
A-level subjects index                      81 Graphics
29 Accounting                               49 History 16th Century (Tudor)
67 Biology                                  50 History 20th Century (American/World)
30 Business Studies                         51 History 20th Century (European Dictatorships)
68 Chemistry                                58 ICT
57 Computing                                52 Law
45 Critical Thinking                        70 Mathematics
33 Dance                                    42 Media Studies
79 3D Design                                61 Modern Languages – French, German, Spanish
34 Drama and Theatre Studies                63 Music
31 Economics                                64 Music Technology
37 English Language                         65 Advanced Musicianship “Virtuoso”
38 English Literature                       35 Performance Studies
39 English Language and Literature          54 Philosophy
41 Film Studies                             82 Photography
80 Fine Art                                 71 Physics
69 Further Mathematics                      74 Psychology
46 General Studies                          55 Religious Studies
47 Geography                                75 Sociology
48 Geology                                  77 Sport and Physical Education
73 Government and Politics                  83 Textiles

                       Runshaw College A-level Courses 2011

“Students are very well-prepared
for examinations and beyond...”

Saturday     25 September 11.00am - 4.00pm
Thursday     14 October   4.00pm - 8.30pm
Monday       8 November   4.00pm - 8.30pm
Wednesday 9 March 2011 4.00pm - 8.30pm

Runshaw College
Langdale Road
PR25 3DQ
Telephone:   01772 643 000
Fax:         01257 469286
Minicom:     01772 642 005
Email:       info@runshaw.ac.uk
Website:     www.runshaw.ac.uk

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