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					If you are due to get married then the option of having a marquee for your main venue
is becoming increasingly popular even though the marquee business is well
established and the idea is nothing new. In my opinion the pros of having a marquee
outweigh the cons by a long way, for example marquees can be erected pretty much
anywhere as long as the ground allows it. The normal area in which one can be
assembled is anywhere with a patch of available grass, be it a lawn, field or even
cricket pitch, it really doesn't matter because if the space is big enough then there are
no restrictions as the tent can be easily stabilised either by driving stakes through
allocated leg plates into the ground or on traditional style tents, using guy ropes. This
doesn't mean a marquee can't be put up on a more substantial surface such as a patio,
yard or other concrete type surface as long as it can be safely and securely erected
which might mean drilling into the concrete to fix the structure in place.

Another pro is the fact you are not restricted by capacity as modern clear-span
marquees are modular and can be made to measure taking into consideration your
guest numbers and requirements such as dance floor, music, and bar among other
things. The company responsible for your marquee will calculate the size needed to fit
everything in which is something a bricks and mortar venue may not be able to offer
as the size is obviously restricted.

After deciding that your event requires a marquee there is the matter of the interior
that needs to be addressed next. A clear-span marquee comes as a frame and canvass
structure as standard, fittings and fixtures inside the structure are all optional unless
you have purchased a pre-made package from the company you are dealing with.
Things you will need to consider are as follows; flooring, linings, lighting, heating
and windows. We shall take a brief look at each aspect below.


You can leave the ground inside the marquee bare so you guests will walk on the
grass or another surface the marquee is erected on. This is totally acceptable for
events such as charity gatherings, garden parties, low key functions and the like.
However for grander occasions like a wedding or anniversary then it's usually wise to
opt for a form of carpet or matting.


These are used to dress the marquee and give it a different looking finish, which in
my opinion improve the visual eye immensely. The main event that use them are
weddings and if you have attended a marquee wedding then likely hood you have
seen them as not many weddings go without. The standard colour is generally ivory
white which can then be dressed with coloured valances or swags to match the colour
theme for the bride and groom. The array of valances is vast and means you can have
pretty much any colour you desire. Additionally to the standard lining setup are
starlight linings which are small white LED lights littered over a jet black material
that when switched on gives the impression of a star night sky. These help to create a
brilliant atmosphere and give you event a wow factor.

Self-explanatory, the heating section should be advised by the marquee company who
can tell you the correct heater to accommodate your needs taking into account the
guest numbers and marquee size. A couple of options maybe available to you but all
in all they do the same job and are normally kept out of view so it will just come
down to the price given within the quote.


Traditional structures probably won't have any window sections within the canvass so
this option becomes defunct but with new modern structures such as clear-span
marquees you can incorporate window sections to give you a view from inside the
marquee and allow natural day light in. The invention of these more modern
structures brings a different dimension into the industry because it means people are
now able to use more remote places as stunning wedding venues, name-ably fields
and open spaces because as long as they have a view they can be transformed into a
magnificent venue designed to meet the full requirements of the client.

Wedding Marquees are a great alternative and something you should consider for
your venue if you're getting married. Your local marquee hire company will be able to
advise you on your requirements and provide you with a quote.

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