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					                                                   Summer Events List!
Is it complete? Certainly Not! Did we leave out something important? You Bet! Why? Hey, if you don‘t like it,
                          make your own list, print 200 copies, and hand it out yourself!

Dates         Description                                                                                      Contacts
06/01-06/12   Isle of Man TT
06/04         First Thursday - Blues Night
06/06-06/14   Big Harley Thing - Wakesha, WI
06/06-06/7    Norton Black Fly Rally Ontario                                                                   Guy Fortier
06/12         DuQuion Ill. Dirt track
06/13         Nick J‘s Party!                                                                                  See article in this issue!
06/14-06/21   Laconia races, rally
06/19-06/21   Back to the 50's at fair grounds
06/19-06/21   Norton -Vincent-Velo rally Iowa                                                                  319-351-7130
06/20-06/21   MN 1000 - See the riders off from Bob's Java Hut on 27th and Lyndale at 10:00 AM Saturday,       Call Eddie at 824-6965 - That's
              see them drag their sorry asses back at 10:00 AM Sunday. The event is full but volunteers are    TAG-MY-OJ
              still needed.                                                                                    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!
06/20-06/21   AMA Road riding conventions                                                                      Joe 800-600-8969
06/26-06/28   CRA Race date - Brainerd                                                                (612) 332-4070
06/26-06/28   NYNOA Bath New York                                                                              Jim Noll 716-288-4546
06/26-06/28   Viking Chapter Antique Club Rally
              Dakota County Fairgrounds, Farmington, MN
06/27-06/28   MN Grande Prix, Mpls
07/02         First Thursday - Thumper Night
07/10-07/12   Mid Ohio Vintage Weekend Lexington Ohio
07/13-07/18   Wolf's Head Motorcycle Rally 98 Cloquet, MN. This new family-oriented rally ties into the
              AMA flat track race in Superior as well as Cloquet's annual Lumber Jack days. A super-cross is   (218) 384-9936
07/17-07/19   4-corners Norton rally                                                                           Utah BBC
07/17-07/19   British Biker Cooperative (BBC) MC Rally and Show. Velocette is the featured Marque.             (414) 263-0158
              Concord center campground Concourd, WI
07/17-07/19   Riondel Norton rally Canada
07/18-07/19   CRA Race date - Brainerd                                                                (612) 332-4070
07/19-07/20   Canadian Vintage MC Paris Ontario
07/22-07/26   INOA Pacific Rim Rally Olympia WA                                                                253-941-2431 Steve Neal
               (99' D.C., 2000 Utah)
07/23-07/26   United Sidecar Assoc. 20th Annual Rally -- St. Joeseph Mo.                                       816-232-2726
07/27-8/01    Velo Sierra Rally
07/31-08/2    FIM super-bike races in Brainerd
08/01-08/02   AMA Trials in Duluth                                                                             (218) 729-6549
08/01-08/02   Curtiss Classic MC weekend in Hammondsport NY                                                    607-569-2160
08/03-08/09   Sturgis
08/06         First Thursday - Vertical Twin Night
08/09-08/15   Velo Lake Superior ride starts in southern MN Barry Owen                                         507-454-4939
08/14-08/16   Thumpers & Twins rally Johnstown PA/OH border                                                    414-487-4562
08/15-08/21   Bonneville Speed Week
08/16         TCNOC Concours - Historic Jeff's House, St. Paul, MN                                             222-6132
08/22         Manx Grand Prix fortnight
09/03         First Thursday - Euro Night
09/05         Springfield AMA Hot Shoe
09/12         Minnesota Mile AMA Flat tracking, Canterbury Downs                                               659-0870
09/12         Shakopee AMA Grand National if noise abatement situation solved...                               CANCELLED – Boycott those
                                                                                                               stupid bastards. This was the best
                                                                                                               chance those clowns had of making
                                                                                                               money and they pissed on us.
09/13         El Mirage Dry Lakes time trials (also 10/4 and 11/14-15)
09/19-09/20   CRA Race date - Brainerd                                                                (612) 332-4070

All Summer:
       Mackenzies Bar Tues nights 8-11 Bike Night
       Oaks Restaurant Becker Hot Rod Cruise-ins 1st wed.
       A+W Big Lake Cruise-ins
              Nick J. To Host Monster Party
We took quite a beating for not mentioning this sooner.
Nick is having his annual birthday bash on Saturday, June
13th. He promises chicken, music, beer, sun, fun, and a
great whopping dollop of BS. Camping is available. He
requests a donation or dish to pass (pot luck, and all). This
party has been the talk of River Falls in years past. You will
get the opportunity to rub & bend elbows with people from
all walks of life, in all states of mind, and all stages of
inebriation. Do the math--it works out to a lot of people. If
the crudely drawn map doesn‘t do it for you, take 94 east to
Wisconsin 35. Go south through River Falls to 29 East.
Follow 29 East for 2.2 miles to Saddle Club Road. Go ¼
mile. Turn Left (also on Saddle Club Road). You should
see cars at this point. Nick‘s house is to the left.
Motorcycle parking is right by the house so ride on in.
Dave Manahan promises to do big time burnouts.

               The Motorcycle In Cinema
Steve Gray‘s muse was fettered this month by the Goddess
of Winds, who saw fit to drive the Gods of Lightning and
Water from Steve‘s Burnsville home. Abandoned by family
(and so-called friends) Steve had to move back in with
Mom. Man, guess who won‘t survive when civilization
collapses? Steve figures that his situation will return to
normal in a few days & promises a killer movie review next

                         Bugs No More
The worst part about working out in the garage on a summer
morning or evening is the bugs. I hate ‗em, but leaving the
doors closed turns my garage turns it into a sweat lodge.
Well, I just finished working all evening in my garage and
enjoyed a pleasant breeze that brought with it NO bugs. I
built screen doors for both of the doors for about $40.00.
The fit is great and it took me less than 2 hours. Here‘s how
you can do it.

I measured the garage door – 7 feet high x 10 feet wide.
The side door was 80 by 36. I went to Knox and picked up
2 rolls of black fibre-glass screening material. One roll was
4 feet by 25 feet. The other was 4 x 7. The long roll cost
about $18. The short roll cost about $7. I took the long roll
to a local alterations shop and, while I waited, they cut it in
half and sewed it back together as a piece just over 10 feet
wide and about 90 inches tall. It took them almost an hour
because the piece so big and slippery. The charge: $15.
Dashing home I took a 118-inch-1x2 piece of trim I had
laying around, drilled holes in each end and glued in dowels
making it about 130 inches long. I then stapled the screen to
it. With the garage door open, I can place the dowels in the
extra mounting holes for the bracket that supports the doors
tracks and drape the screen over the opening. I use a couple
of magnets to hold the screen to the tracks and keep it from
billowing out in the breeze. The side door was easier. I
used a couple of bungees on the trim and they hold the
screen over the door. Eventually I might replace them with
some expandable window curtain holders—if I find them
for free. My total investment was just about $40 and now
I‘m looking forward to evenings in the garage!

             Norton Back in Business (or not!)
Norton Motors, International, a company based in
Plymouth, MN, of all places, claims to be reviving the
defunct British motorcycle manufacturer‘s name and
constructing and marketing an entirely new line of vehicles.
Many of you saw the slick binder stuffed with photocopies
of press releases and foreign motorcycle magazine articles
at the May meeting. They claim engine design work by a
noted formula 1 engine designer and plan to field a V-8
based monster called ―Nemesis.‖ The Commando is to be
revived as some giant cruiser thing – ugh. The Manx will
return as a 600 cc DOHC bike that has something to do with
a racing series in England. Big talk backed up by a bunch
of drawings, fuzzy photos of clay mockups, a slick web-site,
and, of course, a couple of mysterious foreigners with deep
pockets. Are they truly the saviors of the most famous
name in racing or lying sacks of shit? You tell us. They
plan on coming to the meetings. Ask them the hard
questions. While we don‘t exactly condone beating it out of
them, if they turn out to be like those guys with the Indian

Most of you with a thirst for things British will find that a
modern Triumph a couple of kegs of stout will set you back
far less than any of the projected prices of the Nortons
which will, because of the limited production runs, exceed
the $20,000 mark.         The most affordable offering,
apparently, will be the Manx which will run about the price
of a Buell with half the CC‘s and half the cylinders. Oddly
enough it will probably be twice as fast. This bike will have
NOTHING to do with the Rotax-powered Norton
C652SuperMono. That is being built by a German who
owns the rights to the name ―Norton‖ in Germany and in
parts of Europe but not in England or the US. Confused?
But wait, there‘s more.

Rotary fans should begin the wailing and the gnashing of
teeth right away. These Norton guys don‘t seem to have
much to do with the twin-rotor Wankel that was kicking ass
over the mountain a few years ago. They have no plans to
offer a bike featuring the motor many of us would stand in
line to buy.

The claim is that we‘ll see a proto-type maybe around the
end of the summer. Although none of us will probably get
to ride it or anything, we hope apply Dr. Rob‘s eyeballs to it
an get a report either here or in that notoriously Anti-
Women motorcycle publication ―Minnesota Motorcycle

 Norton Motors International can be reached at (612) 694-
     The OTHER Norton guys (with the Rotax) are at
              Zoa And Jeff Have Wonderchild
Member Zoa Buske, helped along by a small donation from
fellow member Jeff Hahn, delivered a beautiful baby boy on
5/22/98. This young Norton/Triumph/Guzzi heir and Moto-
Mutt member, named Keanon Patrick Hahn, weighed in at
7-1/2 pounds and 21 inches. A loud child, he goes by the
nicknames ―Old Squinchers‖ and ―Ghengis.‖ All involved
are healthy, happy, and practicing sleep deprivation.

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