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					          2. New Media {for Dummies}
           1990s: Media Only Viewed W/ Computer Power
    videos, CD-ROMs, videogames, computer software, PowerPoint,
      …anything NOT traditional media (print, TV, radio, meetings)

2007: Technology + Communication + Design [Wikipedia]
             + Social Purpose [Ramla A.]

   All above + Email, Websites, Web-Based Diaries/Logs (aka Blogs),
Streaming Video, Wiki (Collaborative writing tool), Podcasting (publishing
 MP3s; downloadable on iPods & other players), Interactive Web & TV &
Cells & Installations, SMS, RSS (getting keyword-filtered news in 1 place,
                 from many sources), and other doohickeys
 3. New Media  Social Media
                    I call it Social Media
i.e. New Media + a Purpose Served in the Human Society
       = media that creates global social connectivity
  (for idea exchange, cultural transfer, transaction facility, engagement)
          [Which was the whole darn point of media to begin with!]
                No point using new media/ technology in 2007
   if not for achieving purpose. Making meaning. Creating connections.
    A wireless mike is to forget the mike & talk-walk about.
     New Media is for social-economic-political purposes.
            For operating the business of life.
             In a super-connected flat world.
4. The Great Human Conversation
            1999: CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO
            a Set of 95 Self-Evident Truths
                       By Locke, Doc, and David

            Truth #1: Markets are Conversations!
          Truth #2: Markets are People, not Demographics.
      Internet connects public-employees-organizations-info.

Real-time. Connected. People-driven. Boundary breaking. Beyond
 corporate borders. Infiltrating corporate walls. People2people.

         Cluetrain: Markets = A Brief History of Time: The Universe
i.e. Not changing/creating the Market (Universe), but stating truth about it
5. The Cluetrain Manifesto {official}
     We are not seats or eyeballs or end users or consumers.
    We are human beings – and our reach exceeds your grasp.
                           Deal with it.

 Online Markets...                        ...People of Earth

 Networked markets are               The sky is open to the stars.
 beginning to self-organize         Clouds roll over us night and
 faster than the companies that          day. Oceans rise and fall.
 have traditionally served them.   Whatever you may have heard,
 Thanks to the web, markets are     this is our world, our place to
 becoming better informed,         be. Whatever you've been told,
 smarter, and more demanding           our flags fly free. Our heart
 of qualities missing from most        goes on forever. People of
 business organizations.                         Earth, remember.
6. Economics of Conversations
        Driving Force: Connectivity. Riding on: The Web 2.0
         (= Internet with real-time interactivity / sharing ability)
      People are talking. Talking about people. Talking about Ideas.
          What? How? Who? When? Where? Why?
Buy _. Look at my purse, car, city. Visit _. Stay away. Don’t talk to _. Don’t trust _.
    Did you hear _? I recommend _. _ gave me a bad deal. I work for _; they’re
wonderful/ dreadful. I see you’re reading/watching _ from your list; I’m getting one
   too. I’ll also attend _ event, b/c 19 friends signed up. _ look popular. See my
  media. I liked your profile; I want to hire you. Get more info here. Let’s start _.
                                         Stop _.

             Each conversation X multiplier affect [= social authority*]
              Each conversation X 100s of times => Take it seriously.
8. New Media 4 a New World
The World of Traditional Media         The World of Social Media
                  Scarcity Mentality   Abundant Mentality
                   Hierarchy/ Chain    Web/ Cycle
               Function vs. Design     Purpose at Hand
                                Tell   Talk
               Institutional Control   Consumer Control
                          Contrived    Open and Honest
                      Time-Delayed     Real-Time
           Print, TV, Radio, Person    Traditional + Web + Cell

                    Concentration      Fragmented Attention
                     Brand Loyalty     Self Satisfaction
         Communication Impresses       Communication Engages
                   Buying / Selling    Matching
           Rifle? Shotgun? AK47?       Duck Online, Orchestrating Life
            Controlled Information     Open Information
               Corporations Know       Consumers Own
                       Transaction     Lovin’ It, ‘n’ Livin’ It
                            *Finis*    Etc…
                       9. Characteristics
           Audio, Video, Text, Touch, Intuition
          [“A Visual Culture is Taking Over the World.”]
                                John Naisbitt, 2000 – Mind Set!
         [“A 6xSense-ational Culture is Being Awoken.
         We are, Indeed, Creating Hyper Sense-ational
                  Virtual Realities. Think Second Life.”]
                            Ramla A., 2007 – [NEXT> by Ramla]

                                           Rule of the Thumb:
                                 Red Matter (Heart)
                                 Gray Matter (Mind)
                              = Emotion Rules Logic
(=> Story Rules Data => Human Voice Rules Corporate Speak)
             10. Letting Fear Go
Q: 10,000,000s of messages. 1,000,000s of people. 1000s of
channels. 10s of social networks.
How can I (1) live in this Mad Multiverse of Media!?

A: Be like the Surfer who rides The Ocean Waves.
You Can’t Change Flow.
So Go With It.
Learn. Adapt.

                                  Master The Change.
11. Ground Rules
Communication is conversation, not monologue.
Don’t tell, be engaged. From Conception till End.
Listen. Talk. Share. Dis/Agree. Be human. (How’re you doing?)

Participants in social media are people, not
corporations. (Organizations are people, not manage-bots.)
Conversations are attributed clearly to source.
Anonymity, and Voice of Brochure are not on.

Core Values: Honesty and transparency.
Manipulate or spin, and people will walk.

It's pull, not push. People place communication
and products around their lives.

Distribution, not centralization. Conversations grow like trees.
Many talkers, many listeners. Info not owned, but shared.
Everyone has access.
     12. Tools How-to {selected}
               Social Networks + Websites:
 Watch updates. Gather Intelligence. Create Conversation. Buy +
Sell. Foster communities. Create word-of-mouth referrals. Start up
businesses. Rally resources. Hire. (Fire!). Buy micro-focused ads.
          Upload it on YouTube. On Flickr. Link back to it.
                         Blogs + RSS:
 Place messages in contextually relevant blogs. Start own blogs.
      Create interactive user spaces. Syndicate messages.
                  Physical/ Virtual Space:
      Behold their on-body/ personal media: Behold them.
   Create tactile touch-points. Get them to do physical action.
  Don’t overwhelm. Don’t impose upon who doesn’t want you.
         Stick with those who love you. They are plenty.
   Look for lovers. If you can’t find any, you basically suck.
                 13. Opportunities
Take Away                                            Give Away
(But only takers = losers.)                        Spread your ideas.
Capture the Zeitgeist                              Contribute to open
(by observing social networks).                      source projects.
Education + Entertainment.                      Test prototype ideas.
Make beneficial connections.                 Barter your unused idea
Use wisdom of the crowds.                     for another’s expertise.
Ask for help & knowledge.                 Inspire. Motivate. Be loved.
Get free/ low-cost media.                      Change what you can.
Share from collaborations – create   Share organizational knowledge.
new income channels.                             Share brand stories.
Rally support for causes.                 Your trash = their treasure.
Get markets’ honest feedback.                Entertain and education.
Multiplied, multi-level reach.        Connect people and resources.
Etc. Enjoy the Surf.                           Etc. Go with the Flow.
                                 Copy-left Notice
                                     Proposed & Researched by

                                              Ramla Akhtar
                        Social Designer, Futurist, Speaker, Writer
                               Owner of: NEXT> by Ramla
            A futurist consultancy with focus on society, enterprise & media
                                         Ramla Akhtar can be found on:
This presentation was first prepared to supplement Ramla's article in AURORA – a Pakistani publication on ideas
                                             and marketing approaches.
You may share this; just keep this slide and any hyperlink within the presentation intact. If partial slides are to be
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