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               14th OCTOBER 2007
                           SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS
1.   Title & Status
     The Forkman Classic Regularity Rally is a Closed Club Event open to members of CRRASA and
     those holding a valid Motorsport South Africa (MSA) Restricted Competition Licence (RCL) or
     higher grade rally licence. For CRRASA members, the results of the event will count towards the

2.   Jurisdiction
     Held under the General Competition Rules of MSA (including amendments), the CRRASA Open
     Odo Regularity Rally Regulations and Minimum Standards for 2007 and these Supplementary

3.   MSA Permit Number                            :

4.   Date of event                                : 14th October 2007

5.   Promoters and Organisers
     The event is promoted by the Classic Regularity Rally Association of South Africa and is organised
     by a sub-committee appointed by the Forkman.

6.   Officials
     MSA Steward                           : Ben van der Westhuizen           082-375-5094
     Club Steward                          : Steve Eden                       082-372-8740
     Clerk of the Course                   : Stewart MacGregor                082-772-4177
                                           : CoC No. TBA
     Assistant Clerk of the Course         : Kim Kitchen                      083-728-5213
     Secretary of the Meeting              : Larina MacGregor                 083-546-5002
                                           :                    Fax:          011-973-2743
                                           :                    e-mail:
     Chief Scorer / Sweep                  : James Keulder                    082-568-6341
     Chief Scrutineer                      : Jim Kitchen
     Chief Marshall                        : Jeremy du Plessis                083-262-7350
     Car Zero / Recovery                   : Bill Dreyer                      082-600-6057
     Competitor Liaison                    : Hazel Eden

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7.   Place and time of start and finish
     Start Venue                               : The Forkman
                                               : 107 Mosaic Str
                                               : Silvertondale Pretoria
     Documentation and Scrutineering           : 08h00
     1st Car off                               : 09h01
     Finish Venue                              : Same as start venue

8.   Description of the event
     The event will be an open odo regularity rally for motor vehicles. The rally will be a one day event
     of approximately 210 km in length. Distance between refuels will not exceed 150Km. There will be
     two speed groups: the set speeds in the normal speed group will not exceed 10% below the set
     speed limit whereas the set speeds in the slow speed group will, in addition, not exceed 70Km/hr.
     A Training Category is offered
     Categories for allied forms of regularity rallying are also offered to cater for Blind Navigators and
     SAVVA Style Fully Sealed ODO – refer to paragraph 18 hereof
     The event will be all tarmac with no special stages.

9.   Entries
     9.1    Entries open immediately and must reach the organisers by 12 noon on Friday 5th October
            2007, which will be the closing date for entries
     9.2    Entry Fees:        Normal                           : R 175,00

     9.3    Entry fees are payable at Documentation in cash or by cheque payable to:
                                         The Forkman
            Entry fees are payable by all competitors who submit an Entry Form, even if they do
            not attend the event
            Late entries and telephonic entries will be subject to a late levy of R 50,00 and will start at the
            back of the field, will not appear on the published entry list.
     9.4    The maximum number of entries is 100
     9.5    The organisers’ reserve the right to cancel the event should there be less than 30 entries

10. Documentation and Scrutineering
     10.1      Documentation and scrutineering will take place at the start venue from 08h00 to 09h00
               on 14th October 2007
     10.2      Provincial Driver’s Licences and Competition Licences valid for this event will be checked
               at documentation. Any crews not having the correct documentation will not be allowed to

11. Scrutineering (Refer to GCR 254)
     The following particulars will be checked:
       Warning Triangles
       Mounted Fire Extinguisher ( 1 x 1.5kg or 2 x 1kg). The fire extinguishers shall be in good
          working order, and, if a gauge is not fitted, evidence must be furnished to prove that the
          extinguishers were purchased new or serviced within the six months prior (GCR 257 refers)

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          Competition Number(s) will be supplied by the organisers and must be fixed to the left front
           door of the vehicle or in a prominent position on the left side of the vehicle. If two sets of
           numbers are provided, the second is to be applied similarly to the right side of the vehicle
          Advertising decals as supplied by the organisers
          Medical Aid Board
          Valid vehicle licence
          Day-Glo sticker fixed to top left corner of windscreen
          Safety Belts: In the event of passengers in the car, a 3 point safety belt, where appropriate,
           must be fitted for each passenger

Please note that each Entrant/Driver will be required to sign an acknowledgement that his/her
vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and in their opinion is fit to compete on this event

12. Results
    12.1      Provisional Results will be announced at the finish venue as soon as possible after the
              last car finishes or not later than 16h00
    12.2      Should Provisional Results not be available at this time, an announcement will be made
              as to when they will be available
    12.3      Subject to protests, the Provisional Results will become final half an hour after the
              announcement of the Provisional Results. Refer to GCR 200 (viii)

13. Categories

    Experienced (E)
    Open to all entrants where either the driver or navigator have been seeded by CRRASA as
    “Experienced” for the 2007 calendar year
    Seeded (S)
    Open to all entrants where either the driver or navigator have been seeded by CRRASA as
    “Seeded” for the 2007 calendar year and neither driver nor navigator fall into the Experienced
    Category above
    Unseeded (U)
    Open to all entrants not falling into the Experienced or Seeded Categories above
    Club (C)
    Open to all entrants, irrespective of seeding, where no distance measuring equipment other than
    the original vehicle manufacturer’s odo, unmodified or calibrated in any way, may be used
    Training (T)
    This category is offered to encourage newcomers to the sport. A calculated route schedule will be
    provided, the entrants will be scored individually but scores will not form part of the CRRASA
    Classic Series


    Blind Navigators (B)
    Competitors wishing to enter this category are to contact Laurie Steyn (082-217-2121) for more
    information and to process their entries
    Competitors in this class are requested to enter AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to facilitate the printing
    of the Braille route schedules
    SAVVA Style Fully Sealed ODO (O)
    This category is offered to encourage members of SAVVA clubs to compete on CRRASA Events.
    A pre-calculated route schedule will be provided. Refer to paragraph 18 hereof for further details

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14. Prizes and Awards
    The prize giving will take place at the finish venue immediately following final results
    The following prizes will be awarded:


             1st Overall from categories E, S, U and C              : 2 Awards

             Category E              1st to 3rd place               : 2 Awards each
             Category S              1st to 3rd place               : 2 Awards each
             Category U              1st to 3rd place               : 2 Awards each
             Category C              1st to 3rd place               : 2 Awards each


             Category B              1st to 3rd place               : 2 Awards each
             Category O              1st to 3rd place               : 2 Awards each

    The organisers reserve the right to increase these prizes. No prizes or awards may be
    made if there are less than 5 starters in a category

15. Medical Facilities / Safety Plan
    Medical assistance will be available during the event as per the emergency numbers on the cover
    sheet of the Route Schedule

16. Competitors’ attention is drawn to the following:
    16.1   Hidden Controls:                      The penalties at hidden controls shall be one penalty for
                                                 each second earlier than 5 seconds ahead of ideal time
                                                 and one penalty for each second later than ideal time.
                                                 The calculated error at all other controls shall be based
                                                 on ideal time – refer to Paragraph 3(a) of the Minimum
    16.2   Starting Order:                       The starting order will be determined by the organisers
                                                 in line with Paragraph 7 of the Minimum Standards
    16.3   Licences:                             Each member of the crew must hold a competition
                                                 licence valid for the event. Passengers are allowed, but
                                                 must lodge an MSA Indemnity (free of charge) with the
                                                 CRRASA Membership Official prior to the start of the
    16.4   Controls:                             Refer to Paragraph 3 of the Minimum Standards
    16.5   Protests and Appeals:                 Parts IX and X of the GCRs of the MSA Handbook refer
    16.6   Littering and Excessive Noise:        For any substantiated instances of littering and
                                                 excessive noise (GCR 245) and/or reckless driving by
                                                 competitors, as determined by the Stewards may result
                                                 a)     Exclusion from the final results
                                                 b)     Report to MSA
                                                 c)     Right to refuse entry in future events
    16.7   Tyres:                                The use of slick tyres is prohibited

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   16.8   Behaviour:                         The attention of competitors is drawn to GCR 118 –
                                             Consumption of Alcohol
   16.9   Public Liability Insurance:        Only valid whilst competing on the event as per the
                                             current MSA policy. In the event of a competitor causing
                                             damage to property, the excess will be payable by the
                                             entrant. Motorsport South Africa Public Liability Policy:
                                             R 10 000 000 (excess R 5 000)
   16.10 Odo Calibration:                    A suitable calibration distance, en route to the start
                                             venue, may be detailed in the Final Instructions

17. Equipment
   There are no restrictions on the use of equipment except for Category C where no distance
   measuring equipment other than the original vehicle manufacturer’s odo, unmodified or calibrated
   in any way, may be used. Communication devices such as cell phones or two-way radios shall not
   be used to gain an unfair advantage – Paragraph 8 of the CRRASA 2007 Regulations refer

18. SAVVA Style Fully Sealed ODO Category
   IN ADDITION to these Supplementary Regulations,
   the following will apply to this Category “O” only:

   Jurisdiction: Include the Standing Supplementary Regulations (VSR’s) of the South African
   Veteran and Vintage Association (SAVVA)

   Eligibility:  Competing motor vehicles or motorcycles must be manufactured before 31
   December 1982

   Method of setting speed:       Speeds will be set in accordance with method 1 as defined in VSR
   23 (a). The following speed groups are offered on the entry form:
                    Normal: Maximum 108 km/hSlow: Maximum 70 km/h

   Time Keeping and Controls: All of the CRRASA defined controls may operate. Secret controls
   for this category will operate in terms of Method 1 as defined in VSR 25 (a)(ii)

   Equipment:      No distance measuring equipment of any form may be used. The original
   manufacturer’s odometer AND speedometer shall be sealed to the satisfaction of the scrutineer.
   NO electronic calculators or GPS’s will be permitted

19. General Information
   18.1     The prize giving function will be open to all involved in the rally as well as their
            guests. It is compulsory for all competitors to attend the prize giving – GCR 280
            iii) refers
   18.2     Lunch, in the form of a Spit Braai, and refreshments will be available at the finish
   18.4     CRRASA Membership (incorporating an MSA Restricted Competition Licence) will
            be available for purchase at documentation. Annual membership is R 100 or R 50
            for members of MSA affiliated car clubs, R 20 for Blind Navigators and R 10 for a
            one event membership
   18.5     The Club undertakes to display the MSA Flag at the start of the event

                              End of Supplementary Regulations

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