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   iding   season is officially here!             The group decided to become a
           does that mean for Texas               non-profit organization and give
motorcyclists? It means multitudes of             the excess money to those bikers
events and activities specifically for us; it     and families that were in need due
means benefits and rallies and rides and          to a loss. To date, Bikers for Bikers
runs and FUN!! As we work through this            has been going strong for 18 years,
season - we work for YOU - our readers.           continually generating money to help
Here are some highlights from the first           those in need. In 2002, Bikers for
round of rallies. For more pictures - check       Bikers added a second annual event            I felt that sun-shiny April morning, perfect
out the ThunderCam page.                          to keep up with the need for emergency        riding weather, cruising with a biker chick
                                                  funds for bikers – the Halloween Rally. It,   friend of mine, heading to the Hawgs of
                                                  too, is held at Bikers Park.
BIKERS FOR BIKERS RALLY                                                                         Texas (HOT) Rally on Lake Somerville.
April 18, 2008                                    In 1994, Bikers for Bikers erected the Wall   That was our mission! My friend, Terry,
Montgomery, Texas                                 of Memory. As the sun rose out of the         on her ride and me on “Casper”; traveling                               east, it cast its long shadows over the 68    down the road for a weekend of fun, food,
Region: Piney Woods                               plaques that currently make up the Wall of    beverages and a little adult adventure.
By: Kat Mack                                      Memory. I had the opportunity to sit with     When we arrived near the rally site, we
                                                  Cap and get the history of the wall. “The     stopped at the crazy little biker hotel/bar,
                                                  wall was intended to be a central rallying    Fort Half Moon and the Half Moon Saloon,
                                                  point to remember our fallen brothers and     where we stayed during the rally. We
                                                   sisters,” says Cap.                          unloaded our small luggage bags in the
                                                    A fellow biker joined us while we sat and   hotel room and freshened up for our girls’
                                                     talked about all the great things bikers   night out. And yes men, our luggage bags
                                                      has done for its family community.        were small because we packed only the
                                                       At first he was silent. He listened,     bare necessities!
                                                        nodded, and then decided to tell his    We arrived at the ticket gate and were
                                                        story… They had been out having a       happily greeted by a few rally volunteers
                                                  great ride that day; two friends… fellow      from the San Jacinto High Rollers. Tagged
                                        Eve r y   bikers. At the end of a long day they         with arm bands and a warm hug from a
                               year on the        parted ways, not knowing that it would be     High Roller friend, Meat, we rode on in!
                     third Sunday in April,       their last ride together.                     The party had already begun with the
o n        a little plot of land called Bikers                                                  music and bikers the great state of Texas
                                                  Later, the phone call came… He took me
Park, Bikers for Bikers holds one of its                                                        is known for! And no, I wasn’t born in
                                                  over to the wall and showed me the plaque
annual fundraising rallies. It’s always a                                                       Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!
                                                  to commemorate the memory of his fallen
huge success…
                                                  brother. He reached up and touched the
Bikers unintentionally originated in 1991.        plaque. I knew at that moment all the
A young man returning from military               memories of that day were with him. He
service had bought the car of his dreams,         then went on to tell me what Bikers for
and tragically had a horrific accident that       Bikers had done for the surviving family.
left him in a wheelchair. Even though             The wife was left with children to care for
he had a difficult time getting around            and no way to bury her husband. Bikers
on rocky ground, this young man would             heard her story and lent their helping
attend rallies in his wheelchair. After           hand.
several falls, his friends decided that he
                                                  Several people I talked to that weekend
would be better suited for an electric
                                                  had similar experiences… So if it happens
scooter with over sized tires. The group
                                                  to be the third weekend in April, make
decided to hold a benefit and the turnout
                                                  your way out to Bikers Park on Sandy Hill
was enormous. The results of this benefit
                                                  in Montgomery County and take part in a
were incredible! Not only had they raised
                                                  rally that has done so much for so many.
enough money to buy the scooter, there                                                          Traveling through the ZOO area was our
was enough to buy two more! Cap (one of           * Bikers for Bikers is a non-profit           first route of travel. With tent camping, RV
         the founding fathers of Bikers for       organization set up to raise funds and        campsites, small fires for cooking, and a
                    Bikers) knew he was on        administer emergency assistance to            little drinking-not-driving fun, the general
                             to something.        bikers. This organization was founded by,     tone of this area was set. Different sites
                                                  and is administered by bikers, for bikers.    had different music playing until that
                                                  See you there next year!                      afternoon when bands at the Saloon Stage
                                                                                                started jamming!
                                                  HAWGS OF TEXAS RALLY                          As we moved on to the Main Stage area
                                                  April 23-27, 2008                             next to the Marina, we cruised through
                                                  Somerville, Texas                             the Hayfield camping area. All the friendly
                                                                      cheering and howling at two biker chicks
                                                  Region: Prairies & Lakes                      traveling on their own was a great “feel
                                                  By: Donna “Casper” Hyland                     good” moment for this biker lady! There
                                                  Ever see the famous chic-flick, “Thelma       were signs displayed identifying MC patch
                                                  and Louis”; two girlfriends traveling on      clubs and a lot of independent groups of
                                                  their own with a mission? Well, that’s how    riders, like HAR (Houston Area Riders), all

Page 16        June 2008                                                                            
                                               dragging your chick on a tire behind your
                                               scooter, the fun had only just begun!
                                               And then, the beautiful San Jacinto High
                                               Roller wedding of Buckshot and High
                                               Gear, with High Gear dressed in leather
                                               and lace, being escorted down the path of
                                               endearing High Rollers. Pastor Gary, from
                                               the Tribe of Judah, stood patiently waiting
                                               to engage this couple in holy matrimony.               a l w ay s
                                               In the end, their kiss and tender embrace              the highlight
                                               said it all.                                           of any state HOG Rally,
                                                                                                      so we wanted to have the rally in
                                                                                                      the heart of the Hill Country since the
                                               The music line-up at this event was
                                                                                                      riding here is so great”.
                                               a mixture of old tunes and new. On
                                               Thursday evening we listened to none                   The rally hosted seven different guided
in great spirits throughout the park.          other than David Allen Coe and finished                rides and provided maps for those that
While speaking with a bunch of old friends,    off the evening with Powerload in the ZOO              preferred to venture out solo. Guided rides
checking out vendors from pin striping,        area. On Friday night, we enjoyed music                included a “Mountain Ride” thru quaint Hill
LED’s, and tattooing, to t-shirts, jewelry,    by Tommy T and Roadhouse, along with                   Country towns with panoramic views, a
and many leather goods, we ran into Jenni      Vince Neil of Motley Crew and ended with               ride with the Caliente Chapter to the site
and Rob Riley, two of the owners of the        Fireball, and the Alice Cooper tribute band.
                                                                                                      of the “Lost Pines” in Bastrop, a tour of the
HOT rally. While worn out from months          Saturday had more entertainment with
                                                                                                      San Antonio Missions hosted by the Alamo
of hard work, traveling, and preparing for     Great White, Jackle and the Unchained.
                                                                                                      Chapter, a Loop trip following the River
this rally, they were still very excited and   The bands were all awesome and put on
                                                                                                      Road over Devil’s Backbone and around
thrilled to see their party being enjoyed      a great show!
                                                                                                      Canyon Lake, a jaunt to Fredericksburg
by everyone! Rob, Jenni, Sandy, Tommy,         After a wonderful blessing for the journey             with the Gruene Chapter, a 140-mile
and the many volunteers of the HOT rally       home by Pastor Gary on Sunday morning,                 road trip thru Texas ranches ending at
did an incredible job making it a fun event    we packed up our belongings and headed                 Cowboy Harley-Davidson in Austin and a
for all of us!                                 back home – worn out from a fantastic                  Hill Country classic treat of back roads
The events featured on Saturday included       weekend of music, food, friendship and                 known by locals such as Crabapple and
the unforgettable bike games.                  fun. We hope everyone had a safe cruise                Purgatory. All of the rides originated from
                                               home and I’ll see you all next year for the            the Wurstfest Grounds, where the rally
From the slowest bike competition, to                             HOT event being held                was held.
                                                                    the last weekend
                                                                                                      This year’s music line-up featured Rotel
                                                                    in April on Lake
                                                                                                      & the Hot Tomatoes from Austin, the
                                                                                                      Mustang Sally Band from Nashville, and
                                                                                                      the Beach Boys headlining the last night.
                                                                     TEXAS STATE                      “Again we wanted something different
                                                                     HOG RALLY                        that had never been done before with the
                                                                     May 1-4, 2008                    music”, Petty claimed.
                                                                     New            Braunfels,
                                                                                                      The rally clearly had a positive impact on
                                                                                                      New Braunfels’ business owners by being
                                                                     T X S t a t e H O G R a l l y.
                                                                                                      a stimulus for local businesses to host
                                                                                                      incentives like music and special sales
                                                                     Region: Hill Country
                                                                                                      to entice riders to patronize their shops.
                                                                     By: Lisa Grissom &
                                                                                                      The biggest of them being Gruene Harley-
                                                                     Ronn Reeger
                                                                                                      Davidson with a carnival, trailer shows,
                                                                     The State Harley                 live music and even daredevil Bubba
                                                                     Owners           Group           Blackwell, who accurately describes
                                                                     (HOG) Rally, which               himself as “crazy”.
                                                                     is a private event for
                                                                     HOG members only,                Continued page 22...
                                                                     was held this year in
                                                                     New Braunfels. This
                                                                     was the first time the
                                                                     rally has ever been in
                                                                     New Braunfels and,
                                                                     interestingly enough,
                                                                     the     effort      was
                                                                     spearheaded by the
                                                                     Alamo HOG chapter
                                                                     in    San     Antonio.
                                                                     Former           Alamo
                                                                     chapter        director
                                                                     and this year’s rally
                                                                     coordinator,       Kate
                                                                     Petty    said,    “The
                                                                     guided     rides    are

Texas’ Oldest Motorcycle Magazine                                                                                      June 2008         June 17
                   Bikers Have BIG Hearts!
                      We all know it... it’s
                      common knowledge in
                                                  CARING CRUISERS
                                                  April 12, 2008
                                                                                                 less fortunate. “Thunder Alley”, located
                                                                                                 on 249, in Pinehurst, was hosting a benefit
                      the biker community         Pinehurst, Texas                               for the Magnolia Lions Club, which was
                      that we are honored         Region: Gulf Coast                             being organized by the San Jacinto High
to be among some of the most giving               By: Donna “Casper” Hyland                      Rollers.
people on this earth! With riding season in
                                                  It was a comfortably cool, Saturday            The place was overflowing with cruisers
full swing, so are the many, MANY benefits
                                                  morning, on April 12th, the Waller County      from all around the Houston area. In
around the state. Some big, some small,
                                                  San Jancinto High Rollers were hustling        attendance, there were many independent
some new, some long-standing traditions...
                                                  around, preparing for the days benefit.        riders, members of the Tribe of Judah,
all with the same basic underlying need to
                                                  With the sound of music, brisket and           the Amigo’s, the HOG group, and a few
help others. And in the state of Texas - we
                                                  boiled crawfish for the hungry mob, and        members from the Hawgs of Texas Rally,
do it in a BIG way! Here are few of the
                                                  an auction to help the needy, the San          all out to support some kids in need! And
wrap ups we’ve received.
                                                  Jacinto High Rollers went to work for those    to ensure safe passage on the roads, the

Rally Wrap-Ups
                                                                                                 Continued page 31...

... continued from page 16
TEXAS          STATE      HOG        RALLY        will also find some interestingly unique,      about 500 more
(cont”d)                                          but perfectly conceived activities like pole   than last year. Since
                                                  dancing and weenie bite practice. Some of      the rally is held
The rally drew right at 5,700 people with         their signature highlights were the master     at a campground,
4,000 of those registered in advance.             body painters and Team FMX, a freestyle        camping is a cinch,
People came from states far and wide,             Motocross stunt team. This year’s body         whether it be by RV,
including California, Wisconsin, and Florida.     painters, Sharon Hodges of Enchanted           tent or makeshift
There were even some international                Bodys, and Stephanie Dalvit of Illusion        accommodations.
guests hailing from Mexico, Canada, and           Artistry, painted some extraordinary
the farthest being from Australia!                designs on some of the more daring
                                                  rally goers who showed off their
So where is the rally going to be next
                                                  “new clothes” in a body painting
year? And how do you get the rally to
come to your city? That all happens at the
state rally planning committee on June            Even the vendors were great at this
                                                                                                                                 They are all
29 in Austin. Every dealer and every HOG          rally. We discovered Rock-n-Roll Boots,
chapter director gets a vote, but they must       a brand new boot company specifically
be present to vote; there are no votes by         designed for women. They are stylish                                           Here’s some
proxy. According to Petty, “the best way to       lace-up boots with a heel tall enough to                                       interesting
get the most out of your HOG membership           be fashionable, but small enough that                                          scoop       on
is to get involved”. So here’s your chance        you can still shift your bike. As they say     this rally: last year, during their first year,
to have next year’s state HOG rally where         on their website, www.RuthAnnsBoots.           the local sheriff really gave them hell. He
you want it to be, or at least to have a          com, “put some style in your miles”. A call    obviously is not a motorcyclist and some
vote! For more details, get in contact with       to all ladies…                                 say he is just a plain ‘ol stick in the mud.
your local HOG chapter.                                                                          But anyway, the rally coordinators, as a
                                                  Aside from offering up a slate of great fun
                                                                                                 result of how they were harassed, took it
                                                  for motorcyclists, the Hawgs-n-Hills Rally
HAWGS-N-HILLS RALLY                                                                              upon themselves to see what they could
                                                  has aligned with a heartfelt charity, Camp
May 2-4, 2004                                                                                    do about this situation. The result: they
                                                  Janus, for which they raise money. Camp
Llano, Texas                                                                                     got a new sheriff in town!
                                                  Janus is an annual camping experience                                   for children ages 5-18 who have sustained      To keep up with the rally dates for next
Region: Hill Country                              serious burn injuries. According to David      year, bookmark
By: Lisa Grissom & Ronn Reeger                    & Kathy Hussey, the rally’s founders and       They are expecting to announce their
The Hawgs-n-Hills Rally, held at the Oxford       coordinators, “going to Camp Janus gives       2009 rally dates by end of summer, so be
Campground outside of Llano, is a “must-          kids who are severely burned a chance          on the lookout. It’s a “must-go”!
go-to-rally”. This was the second year for        to camp with other kids just like them
                                                                                                 Additional fun rally pics can be found in
Hawgs-n-Hills and it was better than many         and feel normal in their surroundings”.
                                                                                                 our ThunderCam, page 34.
20-year rallies. The unique attraction            During the rally they offer auctions that
about this rally is that it is so private, even   specifically benefit Camp Janus and bikers     UPCOMING RALLY WRAP UPS
though it’s a public rally. Once you get          may be wild but they are not with small
into the rally grounds, you easily forget         hearts. This year’s rally raised $5,600        There are so many more events and
Highway 16 is perched just above you and,         from auctions and donations and the rally      activities we can report on, but we need
quite frankly, it is so private that if there     is adding another $5,000 to that. “On May      help. We’ll be covering ROT Rally in July’s
weren’t signs on the highway directing            30, we will ride as a group to Brenham         issue and eagerly await pictures from our
you to the rally grounds, you would never         to present the check for $10,600 to Camp       readers to include! If you attend a Texas
even know there was a party going on!             Janus”, said the Hussey’s who ride a Road      rally, feel free to send us your rally write
                                                  King. For more info on partaking in this       up for publication.
The rally had the standard public rally fare      ride, call 325.247.2322.
like bike games and contests, live music                                                                                                    
and vendors selling their wares, but you          The rally drew in 3,500 people this year,

Page 22        June 2008                                                                              

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