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Rally Day Ideas and Suggestions

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Rally Day Ideas and Suggestions

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									                     Rally Day Ideas and Suggestions
                            from LEA Members
We usually have a Theme for the year, which we emphasize with decorations on tables and in
Fellowship Hall. We have classes gather around round tables and have an activity that deals with
the theme. We recognize the teachers, have snacks, and then have the classes spend the last 10
minutes in their rooms so students know where to go the next Sunday (especially helps the
younger kids). Parents are invited to attend so they also know what the theme is, plus we hand out
Parents SS handbooks that they have the Theme Emphasis explained, listing of teachers and
classroom location, monthly mission offering designation, and a calendar of events for the year.
We also "install" the teachers in the worship services that day.

Last year our Theme was influenced by being in a building and remodeling of facilities. The
theme was "Redeemer Sunday School - Building Christian Character" We had a sign made which
was on display in our fellowship hall where we held our SS Kickoff day. For the next 2 months
the sign was outside in front of our building. Later it was put up on a wall in our Sunday school
area. There also was a cross on the sign composed of bricks. Kick-off day we had paper bricks on
which the children and youth wrote their names and we built a wall on a big display board. The
activity had the classes using poster board with fruits of the spirit spelled out down the left side of
the board and they came up with ways to build up the church or words expressing growth. Like



                                Offering help

                                           Praying for others


The year before the Theme was "Training for a Lifetime of Faith." We used the idea of Cross-
Training, using the cross as a symbol. Also had a sign made which was outside for awhile; then
we placed it on a wall in our SS area. The snacks were all healthy types of food. We encouraged
children and teachers to wear athletic clothes. We talked about what we could use for a healthy
faith life.

This fall the theme will be “Share the Good News.” Our tables will be covered with newspaper.
We have an ""EvangelCube" in all classrooms so the kids are familiar with using them for
witnessing to other kids. Other possibilities are using some of the Ablaze! material and ideas.

Rich Soeken

Teacher Recognition
One of the things we've done to recognize teachers is to have the names of all involved in the
educational ministry of the church listed in the bulletin with a thank-you message. At the end of
each service, someone from the education board reads off the names, asking the people to stand
and remain standing. Several youth and older children have the task of noting where they are,
bringing a carnation to each of them and saying thanks. Then there is a round of applause at the
end. I like it because it includes the kids and other members in expressing appreciation, has a
personal touch, and lets the parish see how many people are active in the ministry. Pastor likes
that it moves pretty quickly.

Kim Wheeler


Balloons & Brunch
Every year we have a balloon release (although I always wonder how much damage we're
actually doing to the environment). We attach laminated tags on the strings with our church
address and a Bible verse. Sometimes we even get the tags back letting us know how far the
balloon made it (no angry letters, yet.) *

We also have a brunch during our fellowship Hour (between services and during the Sunday
School Hour). Kids take their food to their classrooms and it's a great way for the kids and
teachers to sit and chat. Some fellowship and relationship building before the class begins for the

Cheryl Knollman

* Several responses not included here were offered regarding the potential for environmental
damage. Members are invited to check the archive at
with the subject search words rally day, especially items 03812, 03815, 03817, 03828, and 03829.
These were not included because of their speculative or other nature.


Pancakes, Praise, Picnics
We used to start off Rally Day with a Pancake and Praise celebration in the gym during our
education hour. For the past few years, we have combined Rally Day with our church picnic and
also have an outdoor worship service that day at the local park. We recognize teachers during the
service and present Bibles to our third graders as well. Following worship, there are games for the
children and then we conclude with a picnic lunch.

Jolene Siebarth


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