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					                                                                                            Newsletter edition: 19
                                                                                            Season/Year: Winter 2009
                                                  MAGNETO                                   Edited by: Simon Rogers
                                                                                            Mobile: 07762 748236
                                Motor Club Ltd Newsletter
Happy New Year:                                                                             Forthcoming Club Events:
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all Broughton-Bretton members a very Happy         22nd January - Nav Run - Simon
New Year and all the best for 2009. We at Broughton-Bretton MC hope to make 2009
                                                                                            Rogers/Holly Dougan - See Website
a very successful year for the club and we would like to invite you to come and helps
us succeed in our task. In 2009 we are looking at putting a few more club events on,        for Details
as well as the Firefly Road Rally.                                                          31st January - BBMC Scatter Rally
Membership Renewal                                                                          5th February -AGM-New Inn-
Also as it's a new year it means it's time renew your club membership. Remember no                    8.30pm
club card means no start on the nav runs and no points towards the club stage and           7th February - Awards Evening-
road championship. No exceptions. Its only £10 and it entitles you to enter all the clubs   BICC Club House Wrexham
championships and events. Make sure you purchase yours before Januarys Nav Run              19th February - Nav Run - John
if you want to take part.
                                                                                            Youd / Dave Roberts
BBMC Awards Night:
A date for your diary is the 7th February. This is for our annual award evening. The        And the Winner is.....
venue is the same as last year, at the BICC Club house in Wrexham. Tickets will go          BBMC has not just had
on sale very soon, keep an eye on the website for more details. This years guest
speaker is M-Sports, Mike Stuart. As well as having a guest speaker, we will be
                                                                                            championship winners in its club
presenting the club championship awards, a buffet and a disco as well. Why not come         championship either; club members
and join us on this great social event. Tickets are on sale now, see website for more       have had success in a variety of
details                                                                                     championship. A big well done goes
Championship Award Winners                                                                  to:
2008 provided to be a close fought competition in the club championship, with a few         ANWCC:
usual faces retaining their championships, while a few new faces claimed the top spot.      Roger Powley - 3rd O/A Road Rally
A run down of the club championships points can be seen on the club website.                Driver & 1st Class A2 Historic Road
Winners of the awards are as follows:                                                       Rally Driver
Road Rally:                                                                                 Leigh Powley - 3rd O/A Road Rally
                Pos              Driver             Navigator                               Navigator &1st Class A2 Historic
                1st              Roger Powley       Michael Hughes                          Road Rally Navigator
                2nd              Howard Price       Leigh Powley                            Michael Hughes - 1st Expert Road
                3rd              Ian Lloyd          Chris Webber
                                                                                            Rally Navigator
                1st Novice       Ken Sant           Ieuan Robertson
                                                                                            Ken Sant - 3rd Novice Road Rally
 Stage Rally:
                    Pos      Driver             Co-Driver
                    1st      Richard Ceen       Sarah Ceen                                  Andy Acott - 3rd Beginner Road
                    2nd      Gareth Roberts     Simon Rogers                                Rally Driver
                    3rd      Tristan Rogers     Malcolm Rogers                              Trawsfynydd Challenge:
Navigational Run:                                                                           Gareth Roberts & Ian Lloyd - 1st
                     Pos      Driver           Navigator                                    Class A Driver & Co-Driver
                     1st      Cyril Jones      John Youd                                    Formula 1000 Championship:
                     2nd      Dave Roberts     Richard Bestwick                             Simon Rogers - 2nd O/A Forest Co-
                     3rd      Gavin Butler     Ieuan Robertson                              Driver & 1st Class B1 Forest Co-
Awards can be collected at the awards evening on the 7th February.                          Driver
Well done to all the championship contenders and Good Luck for 2009                         Tristan & Malcolm Rogers - 1st
BBMC Scatter Rally - 31st January                                                           Class A Tarmac Driver and Co-
BBMC are running a scatter rally on the 31st January. Anyone who would like to take         Driver
part in the event can find the regulation and entry form on the club website or contact     WAMC:
Chris Webber for more details                                                               Sarah Ceen - 2nd Class 4 Clubman
BBMC Production Car Autotest:                                                               Co-driver & 2nd B13 National Co-
Plans are in the process of being made for organising a production car autotest. This       Driver & 1st Under-25 National Co-
will be run in early march more details will follow soon as will regulation when a          Driver.
suitable venue has been found for the event. Keep an eye on the club website for             A big well done to all and good luck
more details. Anyone who would like to help out or enter this event, please contact
Simon Rogers (See details above).
                                                                                                           for 2009
2009 Club Championship: Anyone wishing to enter the 2009 Broughton                          For Sale: BBMC clothing, polo shirts,
Bretton Championship can simple either return there championship application form           sweatshirts, fleece and hats. For more
with the membership renewal or download a copy from the club website and bring it           details please contact Howard Gittins
along with you on any club night and just hand it over to one of the committee              For Sale: BBMC windscreen Stickers.
members. Championship regulation will be sent with membership renewals and also             £1.50 each. Please Contact Darren
available on BBMC Website.                                                                  Chuter
                                    Event Calendar 2009

BRC 2009                                                                   ANWCC
Bulldog - 28th March                                                       Tar Stage Rally:
Pirelli - 17th-18th April                                                  North West Stages - 20th-21st Feb
                                   Red Kite - 18th Jan
Jim Clark - 22nd-23rd May                                                  Tour of Eypnt - 22nd Feb
                                   Wyedean - 7th Feb
Isle of Mann - 10th-11th July                                              Slaters Stages - 8th March
                                   Bulldog - 28th March
Ulster - 21st-22nd August                                                  Roskirk Stages - 8th March
                                   Plains - 16th May
Trackrod - 26th September                                                  Lookout Stages - 22nd March
                                   Severn Valley - 30th May
Rally GB - 23rd-25th October                                               SMC Stages - 29th March
                                   Swansea Bay - 18th July
                                                                           Horiba D'Isis Stages - 4th April
ANCRO 2009                         Woodpecker Stages - 5th
                                                                           Twyford Stages - 19th April
Sunseeker - 27th-28th February                                             Lee Holland Memorial - 26th April
                                   Cambrian Rally - 17th Oct
Border Counties - 21st March                                               Procare Stages - 3rd May
Pirelli - 18th April                                                       Clywdian Car Stages - 23rd May
Manx - 8th-9th May                                                         Weeton Stages - 20th June
Severn Valley - 30th May                                                   Enville Stages - 21st June
                                   Rali Bro Caron - 21st-22nd Feb
Swansea Bay - 18th July                                                    Ranges Stages - 12th July
                                   Rali Bro Teifi - 11th-12th Apr
Woodpecker - 5th September                                                 Ranges Stages - 8th Aug
                                   Night Owl Rally - 25th-26th Apr
Trackrod - 26th September                                                  Centenary Stages - 9th Aug
                                   1000 Lanes Rally - 20th-21st June
                                                                           Pendragon Stages - 30th Aug
BTRDA 2009                         PK Memorial Rally - 27th-28th June
                                                                           Prom Stages - 5th Sept
                                   Pacemaker Rally - 11th-12th July
Wyedean - 7th February                                                     Meirion Stages - 12th Sept
                                   Greenleaves Rally - 22nd-23rd Aug
Malcolm Wilson - 7th March                                                 Hall Trophy Rally - 13th Sept
                                   AFG Rali Mon - 19th-20th Sept
Somerset - 25th April                                                      Dukes Stages - 15th-17th Sept
                                   Briedden Road Rally - 3rd-4th Oct
Plains - 16th May                                                          Adrian Baker Memorial - 27th Sept
                                   Farrington Road Rally - 28th-29th
Dukeries - 13th June                                                       Keith Wood Memorial - 4th Oct
Quinton - 11th July                                                        Gareth Hall Memorial - 10th Oct
Woodpecker - 5th Sept                                                      Glyn Memorial - 7th-8th Nov
Cambrian - 17th Oct                                                        Neil Howard Memorial - 22nd Nov
                                   Road Rally:
                                                                           Oak Leaf Stages - 28th-29th Nov
WRC 2009                           Moonbeam Rally - 14th-15th March
                                   Rali Llyn - 21st-22nd March             Non-Championship Events
Ireland - 30th Jan - 1st Feb
                                   VK Derbyshire Rally - 4th-5th April
TAR / JUNIOR                                                               Winter Challenge Road Rally - 24th-
                                   Nigh Owl - 25th-26th April
Norway - 13th-15th Feb                                                     25th Jan
                                   Border 100 - 2nd-3rd May
SNOW / PRODUCTION                                                          Valentine Road Rally - 14th/15th
                                   061 Road Rally - 9th-10th May
Cyprus - 13th-15th March                                                   Feb
                                   Danum Rally - 16th-17th May
GRAVEL / PRODUCTION &                                                      James Trenholme Road Rally -
                                   GP Memorial Rally - 13th-14th June
JUNIOR                                                                     14th-15th Nov
                                   PK Memorial Rally - 27th-28th June
Portugal - 3rd-5th April                                                   JJ Brown Road Rally 5th-6th Dec
                                   Drystone Rally - 18th-19th July
                                   Morecombe Rally - 25th-26th July             Broughton Bretton Events
                                   Rali Gogledd - 1st-2nd Aug
Argentina - 24th-26th April                                                Autosport International - 9th Jan
                                   Barcud Rally - 8th-9th Aug
GRAVEL / PRODUCTION &                                                      Nav Run - 22nd Jan
                                   Greenleaves Rally - 22nd-23rd Aug
JUNIOR                                                                     The Bring it on - 31st Jan
                                   Firefly Rally - 12th-13th Sept
Italy - 22nd-24th May                                                      AGM - 5th Feb
                                   AFG Rali Mon - 19th-20th Sept
GRAVEL / PRODUCTION &                                                      Award Evening - 7th Feb
                                   Clitheronian Rally-26th-27th Sept
JUNIOR                                                                     Nav Run - 19th Feb
                                   Bolton Midnight - 3rd-4th Oct
Greece - 12th-14th June                                                    Production Car Autotest - 1st March
                                   Breidden Rally - 3rd-4th Oct
GRAVEL / PRODUCTION                                                        Nav Run - 19th March
                                   Classic Illuminations - 24th-25th Oct
Poland - 26th-28th June                                                    Nav Run - 23rd April
                                   AB Motorsport Rally - 7th-8th Nov
GRAVEL / JUNIOR                                                            Go Kart Evening - 7th May
                                   Eagle Rally - 14th-15th Nov
Finland - 31st Jul - 2nd Aug                                               Nav Run - 14th May
                                   Farrington Rally - 28th-29th Nov
GRAVEL / JUNIOR                                                            Concourse D'Elegance - 12th July
Australia - 4th-6th Sept                                                   Fire Fly Road Rally - 12th-13th Sept
GRAVEL / PRODUCTION                                                        Nav Run - 24th Sept
Spain - 2nd-4th October                                                    Go Kart Evening - 8th Oct
                                   Forest Stage Rally:
TAR / JUNIOR                                                               Nav Run - 22nd Oct
                                   Red Kite Stages- 18th Jan
GB - 23rd-25th October                                                     Nav Run - 19th Nov
                                   Winter Stages - 14th Feb
                                   Riponian Rally- 15th Feb
                                   Malcolm Wilson Rally - 7th March         All dates are subject to
Clubman:                           Bulldog Rally - 28th March                       change
                                   Plains Rally - 16th May
Red Kite - 18th Jan
                                   Mid Wales Stages - 28th June
Telford Winter Stages - 14th Feb                                            Don't forget Broughton
                                   Quinton Stages - 4th July
Severn Valley - 30th May
Mid Wales - 27th June
                                   Swansea Bay Stages - 18th July           Bretton MC meet every
                                   Coracle Stages - 26th July              Thursday at the New Inn,
Coracle - 26th July
                                   Woodpecker Rally - 5th Sept
Neath Valley Stages - 15th Aug                                              Pontblyddyn form 9pm
                                   Trackrod Rally - 26th-27th Sept
Woodpecker Stages - 5th
                                   Cambrian Rally - 17th Oct
Cambrian Rally - 17th Oct                                                      Good Luck for 2009

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