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									                   IAFF-MG 2010 National Motorcycle Rally
                             The 4th Annual IAFF-MG National Rally will be held in beautiful
                             Fayetteville, Arkansas, June 3rd ~ 6th, 2010. The IAFF-MG will
                             meet in Fayetteville and spend three great days networking and
                             riding in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

                             Located in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville,
                             home of the University of Arkansas and IAFF Local 2866, is the cultural
                             capitol of the region, and enjoys a thriving economy and a vivacious
                             atmosphere. From Dickson Street nightlife to Farmer's Market on the
                             square to the annual Bikes Blues & Barbecue Rally, Fayetteville is big on
                             personality with much to experience, yet has the intimate feel of a small
                             town. There is something for everyone and Fayetteville is the perfect
                             place to relax, re-energize and ride.

IAFF-MG members will enjoy spectacular scenery on the winding roads of the Ozark Mountains.
Remember -- part of the appeal of Fayetteville is getting there! If you're coming from the south, don't
miss out on Highway 540 to Fayetteville. This billboard-free, 38-mile stretch of highway highlights the
beauty of the Ozarks. Boasting 63 bridges and one tunnel, this highway has
been hailed one of the most scenic drives in the United States. For the real
adventurers heading north, try Scenic Byway 71 from Alma to Fayetteville
with its twisting and dipping curves overlooking creeks, cliffs and small gift
shops. Riders will feel like a part of the landscape with this close-up view of
Ozarks. Motorcycle Rides Through Arkansas

The IAFF-MG will be headquartered at the Clarion Hotel, 1255 S. Shiloh
Drive, Fayetteville, for membership, registration, ride information, day ride
routes and other assistance. Participants are responsible for lodging and
making their own hotel reservations. To make your reservation[s] at the
IAFF-MG's HQ Hotel, please call the Clarion Hotel directly and ask for the
IAFF-MG Rally rate of $64.00 per night. Hotel information is listed below.

Clarion Hotel *** (call for reservations)
1255 S. Shiloh Dr
Fayetteville, AR, US, 72701-7800
Phone: (800) 223-7275 or (479) 521-1166; IAFF-MG Rate: $64.00

While in Fayetteville, the IAFF-MG is planning a group ride for all IAFF/IAFF-MG members as well
as several Great Guided Day-Rides sponsored by IAFF Locals 2866 [Fayetteville]. You will be able to
experience some great rides that include -- but are not limited to – The Buffalo Ride, Eureka Ride,
Roaring River Spur, Devil’s Den Spur and the Lost Valley Spur. Directions for these and other rides will
be provided at the Rally. In addition to the great riding, “The IAFF-MG will be headquartered at the
Clarion Hotel where we will host a booth area for Harley Davidson, MDA, IAFF On-Line Store,
Fayetteville Fire Fighters Local 2866, Bikes, Blues and Barbeque, a MDA/Hooters Bike Wash, along
with other vendors. We will be kicking-off the Rally on June 3rd, 2010 with a Welcoming Barbeque
and with plenty of good food and beverages for everyone.

           On-Line Registration for the IAFF-MG 4th National Rally: Click Here
                     IAFF-MG 2010 National Motorcycle Rally
                           District Ride Routes ~ See Links Below ~ If you have questions about the
                           Rally Ride Route for your district, please contact your District Event
                           Coordinator directly.

District        01      [Riding with District 4]
District        02      [Riding with District 4]
District        03
District        04
District        05
District        06      [Contact District Event Coordinator]
District        07
District        08
District        09
District        10
District        11      [Contact District Event Coordinator]
District        12      [Riding with District 14]
District        13
District        14
District        15      [No Riders Registered]
District        16      [See District 3, 4, 7 and 10 for ride routes]

Rally Group Rides: The IAFF-MG and IAFF Local 2866 are planning two [2] guided group rides for
IAFF-MG members and their guests. The Pied Piper Run is scheduled for June 4th, 2010 and will depart
at 0930 from the Clarion Hotel. And the Pig Trail Ride is scheduled for June 5th, 2010 and will depart
from the Clarion Hotel at 1000. If you are looking to ride is smaller groups, you will be able to
experience some other great rides which include – but are not limited to – The Buffalo Ride, Roaring
River Spur, Devil’s Den Spur and the Lost Valley Spur. Directions and/or ride routes for the rides
outlined above will be provided at the rally.

            IAFF-MG National Rally Host Harley Davidson Dealer [Pig Trail Harley]

Old School Tattoo Studio and Chris Valle, Tattoo Artist On-Site at IAFF-MG Rally:

Chris Valle a well know Tattoo Artist and owner of Old School Tattoo Studio will be back with two [2]
other of tattoo artists to attend the IAFF-MG’s 4th National Rally in Fayetteville. Chris and the other
artists will be on-site at the Clarion Hotel between June 3rd – 5th, 2010 to showcase his/their artwork
                                 and tattoo IAFF and IAFF-MG members and their guests. Chris will have
                                 various IAFF, IAFF-MG, 911 Memorial and Fire Fighter designs along with
                                 all of his outstanding designs for you to choose from. Old School
                                 Tattoo’s will be offering a 25% discount to IAFF and IAFF-MG Members
                                 and their guests for all tattoo design and work.

                                So if you are interested in getting a tattoo while attending the IAFF-MG
                                2009 rally, please e-mail IAFF-MG National Coordinator Crouse at
                                mcrouse@iaff.org to get your name on the list. If you have your own
ideas and/or designs for a tattoo, bring it with you. Chris will be able to accommodate all requests.
Slots are already starting to fill up, so lets us know if you’re interested...
                   IAFF-MG 2010 National Motorcycle Rally
Custom Engraving Ltd will have a booth at IAFF-MG

IAFF-MG members will be able to purchase and/or
order quality custom parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles
during 2009 IAFF-MG Rally. Thanks to Tim Treacy, owner of
Custom Engraving Ltd., IAFF-MG members can order IAFF
custom parts to individualize your their road machines with
the IAFF logo, local number and name. Browse the Custom
Engraving catalog, then click here to order on-line or pick-up
your part and have it installed at the rally.

IAFF-MG 4th National Rally ~ Schedule of Events/Activities

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010: Riders will start arriving in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the IAFF-MG Rally
will be staged in the parking lot of the Clarion Hotel. The IAFF-MG will have a booth for rally
registration, check-in, membership information, ride routes and arranging for service for your bike and
other assistance that our riders may need while in Fayetteville. Check-in will start at 1300 and all
riders are requested to check-in upon arrival and to obtain updated rally information.

IAFF-MG Rally Area: Located in the parking lot of the Clarion Hotel IAFF Local 2866 will host a booth
area for Rally vendors, that include Pig Trail Harley-Davidson, MDA, the IAFF store, Local 2866’s
booth, MDA/Hooter’s Bike Wash, IAFFMG Tattoo Artist Chris Valle and several guest artists, several
leather shops for goods, repairs, patch sewing, Massage Therapist, Custom Bike Parts and Tric-it-out
Lighting and detailing to name a few.

MDA/Hooters Bike Wash ~ The MDA 2010 Goodwill Ambassador Jordan Lee, our long time friend
and the MDA 2008 Goodwill Ambassador Sydney Roberts and the MDA Team, including and the
famous Hooter Girls will be sponsoring a Bike Wash that will be available to all IAFF/IAFF-MG Riders
                 from 1:00 to 6:00 on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010. The Bike Wash will be located
                 between the MDA and Hooters tents. So after your long ride into Fayetteville have
                 your Bike Washed by the famous Hooter Girls in preparation for the IAFF-MG Group
                 Ride Friday morning… MDA will be accepting donations for the bike wash.

                  Welcome to Fayetteville BBQ ~ IAFF-MG Riders and their guests are invited to
                  the “Welcoming” Barbeque that will be held in the parking lot of the Clarion Hotel,
                  from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. There will be plenty of great food, music, networking to go
                  around. It will be an all around great time. The IAFF-MG District Flags will be posted
                  for the Duration of the Rally and returned to their respective District Event
Coordinators at our closing reception in Bobbisox’s Lounge inside the Clarion Hotel.

Friday, June 4th, 2010: IAFF-MG Group Ride: Join IAFFMG Chairman Ricky Walsh, IAFF-MG
Committee members, District/State Coordinators and the leadership and membership of the Arkansas
Professional Firefighters for “The Pied Piper Run”. All Riders should gather in the parking lot of the
Clarion Hotel NLT 0800. Coffee and Donuts will be provided for all IAFF/IAFFMG Riders starting at
0700. The Pied Piper Run starts in Fayetteville and goes East on Hwy 45. We will be crossing the
bridge at War Eagle Mill; the Mill originally built in 1830s is an authentic reproduction sitting on the
banks of the War Eagle River. Form the mill we will be winding up and down the mountains to Eureka
Springs, a 19th Century Victorian Village nestled in the hills of the Ozark Mountains. We will be
stopping in Eureka Springs to site see and visit the Pied Piper, a very popular Bar and Restaurant in
the Downtown Historical District. From there we will make our way to Huntsville via Hwy 23, and then
Hwy 16 heading back to Fayetteville. Note: The Ride Route may change and the exact route will be
provided to all riders upon check-in.
                   IAFF-MG 2010 National Motorcycle Rally
June 4th, 2010 continued

Downtown ~ Fire Fighter’s Dickson Street Pub Crawl: Dickson Street is the heart of Fayetteville
and it won’t be difficult to hear its heart beat, especially when we arrive. Starting at 6:30 IAFF Local
2866 [Fayetteville] will be Hosting “The Fire Fighters Dickson Street Pub Crawl” inviting IAFF/IAFF-MG
Riders and their quests to meet-up at Grubs Bar & Grill [220 N. West Street] on one end of Dickson
Street and ending up at Jose’s Mexican Restaurant [324 W. Dickson Street] at the end of Dickson
Street, and enjoying everything in between. Dickson Street pulses with fun well into the night. These
Bars and restaurants [as well as the others] offer live music and if you want to dance, this is your
place. And if a game of pool sounds like a good idea, there is no need to look anywhere else. And
along the way you will be able to enjoy Dickson Street with other IAFF/IAFFMG Riders and their
guests. We will all meet at Jose’s at 9:00 pm to end the evening or continue on as necessary. The
IAFF-MG’s energy on Dickson Street will be reinvigorating, even for the most exhausted Rider. The
Clarion Hotel will be providing Transportation to/from the Clarion to Dickson Street starting at 6:00
and ending at 12:00. In addition, IAFF Local 2866 members will be able to assist with transportation
from Dickson Street to your hotel should there be a need. Transportation details will be available at

Saturday, June 5th, 2010: IAFF-MG Breakfast ~ The Pig Trail Ride: There are a few places on
earth that offer the scenery and attractions available in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Sponsored by
IAFF Local 2886 and Pig Trail Harley Davidson ~ “The Pig Trail Ride” will be starting at 0900,
IAFF Local 2866 will offer a guided ride for IAFF/IAFF-MG Riders.

Starting from the Clarion Hotel Riders will head out of Fayetteville on HWY 16 east. Once out of town
we will turn south on Highway 23. Nicknamed the Pig Trail, this stretch of road takes you right thru
the heart of the Ozark National Forest. Enjoy the hardwood forests and the dogwoods blooming in the
spring, clear natural springs and long winding roads. We will be stopping at Pig Trail Harley Davidson
for a Barbeque hosted by Pig Trail HD. IAFF-MG Riders and their guests will have time to eat, shop,
service their bikes before taking a scenic route back offering some panoramic views of the wine
country. We will wind up and down through the hills through Mountainburg and Artist Point on Old
Hwy 71 back to Fayetteville. To participate in this ride; please sign-up for the Pig Trail Ride when you
check-in at the IAFF-MG Booth.

For those of you that want to go off on your own or in smaller groups, here are a few suggestions for
your day rides are the Buffalo Ride, the Roaring River Spur Ride, the Devil’s Den Spur Ride or the Lost
Valley Spur Ride to name a few. Click here for additional motorcycle rides in Arkansas.

The IAFF-MG National Rally Closing ~ IAFF/IAFF-MG Riders will gather at Bobbisox’s Lounge
located at the Clarion Hotel at 7:00 pm. Financial Innovations will be hosting a reception from 7:00 to
9:00 for all IAFF/IAFF-MG Riders and their guest. While at Bobbisox’s DVP/Chairman Walsh will bring
to a close the IAFF-MG’s 4th National Rally. IAFF-MG District Flags will be taken down and returned to
the respective District Event Coordinators.
                   IAFF-MG 2010 National Motorcycle Rally
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SAFETY: This 10-minute video in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Guide to Group Riding Kit
explains riding formations, pre-ride meetings, hand signals, and more. As you prepare to ride to the
IAFF-MG’s National Rally in Fayetteville, AR, please spread this important traffic safety messages to
your friends, your clubs, and you’re riding buddies as riding season begins again this year. Everyone
can benefit from brushing up on their skills before they head out on group rides this year. Ride Safe!

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available. If you have any questions and/or need
additional information, please contact Michael Crouse, IAFF-MG National Coordinator via e-mail or
phone [202] 549-2572.

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