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   FEBRUARY 26, 2010                                                            CAUFORNIA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                VOL XXIX, NO.        5

                                                                                                                          Award-winning author
                                                                                                                          gives advice to students
                                                                                                                          during visit to Cal U
                                                                                                                          By ALEX VUCELICH
                                                                                                                          For the Cal Times
                                                                                                                           The keynote speaker of Black
                                                                                                                          History Month at California
                                                                                                                          University of Pennsylvania took
                                                                                                                          the stage at Natali Student Cen-
                                                                                                                          ter Feb. 23. The author, activist
                                                                                                                          and poet Sapphire was there
                                                                                                                          to discuss her work - a tragic
                                                                                                                          collage of a 16-year-old African
                                                                                                                          American female's spiritual and
                                                                                                                          mental growth during the 1980 s
                                                                                                                                                                           PHOTO BY: MIKE THOMA
                                                                                                                          in New York City.
                                                                                                                            Sapphire's book, "Push" was         Sapphire, whose novel "Push" was
                                                                                                                          recently adapted into the movie       turned into the Oscar nominated
                                                                                                                          "Precious: Based on the novel         "Precious," was the keynote speaker
                                                                                    PHOTO BY: KATHRYN FITZGERALD
                                                                                                                                                                of Black History Month at Cal U.
                                                                                                                          Push by Sapphire."
   Students march from the Kara Alumni House for Tuition Freedom Day, celebrating the daywhen state taxpayers be-
   gin paying for student's tuition. The rally moved through campus to the Natali Student Union for speeches by Student    The stories comprising Sap-         happen.
   Government President Jackie Davis and Coordinator ofStudent and Young Alumni Programs Ryan Jerico.                     phire's writing have turned             Sapphire said she knew that
                                                                                                                          from a novel, to movie, to move-     she'd achieved something ar-
                                                                                                                          ment, to Oprah approved, to be-      tistically with the book and also

   Cal students rally for
                                                                                                                          ing translated into 13 different     with the movie, but also knew
                                                                                                                          languages and to being nomi-         that many great stories and films
                                                                                                                          nated for six Academy Awards.        often end up in the "straight to
                                                                                                                            The story of Precious, an          DVD" category.
                                                                                                                          African American raped by              It wasn't until she returned
                                                                                                                          her father and abused by her         from the Sundance Film Festival

   Tuìtìon Freedom Day                                                                                                    mother, is making its way into
                                                                                                                          the conscious of the American
                                                                                                                          mainstream, something that
                                                                                                                          Sapphire never thought would
                                                                                                                                                               and had a missed call, that she

                                                                                                                                                                                     SEE   SAPPHIRE
                                                                                                                                                                                 e0NTINuED ON PAGE   2
   By MARC STEMPKA                        tem of Higher Education is                "We're grateful for their taxes
                                          comprised of 14 universities. To        for paying for us," Wright said.
   News Editor
                                          fund each of the approximately          "If they could, I would like them
      Students took to the streets        117,000 students in the system,         to vote for more so we don't
   and marched across the Califor-        in the 2009-2010 academic year,         have to pay such a high tuition
   nia University of Pennsylvania         62 percent comes from student's         rate. I want them to know that
   campus. The students weren't           tuition and financial aid and 38         we are grateful for what they
   protesting, however. They were         percent comes from the taxes             give us."
   expressing their appreciation to       paid by state residents.                   Student Government Pres-
   the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.            The official date of the tuition      ident Jackie Davis spoke at
      The march through campus,           payment changeover was Feb.              the rally in the union. She an-
   from the Kara Alumni House             9. Due to the snowstorms earlier         nounced the Cal        U   student
   to a rally in the Natali Student       this month, the event had to be         government is drafting an open
   Union, was part of Cal U's Tu-         rescheduled.                            thank you letter to taxpayers on
   ition Freedom Day.                        The date of the 2008-2009            behalf of the students at Cal U.
      The march and rally marked          Tuition Freedom Day was Feb.              Davis said this is a first-of-its-
   the change over from students'         8. If trends continue, Jerico said      kind letter that is meant to show
   tuition dollars paying for their       the tuition changeover day will         the gratitude and appreciation
   education to when the state tax-       continue to fall later and later.       felt by the students. Those two
   payers begin paying for tuition.          "It is very important students       emotions Davis believes are
      Coordinator of Student and          realize this because it gives them      enforced through the Cal U For
   Young Alumni Programs Ryan             a sense of appreciation and with        Life program that started with
   Jerico structured the events of        appreciation comes the fact they        this year's freshman class.
   the day. Jerico said students          can give back to our campus and           "It's notjust a ploy for them to
   should be aware that this              continue to help to keep tuition        want to give more, but it is just a
   changeover in tuition funding          freedom day from happening              sincere thank you because we do
   took place.                            later and later in the year,"           appreciate what [the taxpayersl
     "It's about celebrating and          Jerico   said.                          do," Davis said. "What better
   about creating the awareness,"           Joshua Wright (junior-crim-           way is there to express our ap-
   Jerico said. "We want students         mal justice) took part in the           preciation than to draft a sincere
   to be aware that tuition could         march and attended the rally.           letter to everyone?"                                                            PHOTO BY: APRIL STANISZEWSKI
   be a lot more if it weren't for the
   [Cal UI private donors and with
                                          Wright said he is thankful for
                                          the taxpayers and hope they
                                                                                    Organizers of the event are
                                                                                  hoping awareness of Tuition
                                                                                                                                   Swim team sets two
   the help of the commonwealth           will continue to pay their taxes        Freedom Day will continue to                school records at PSAC5
   taxpayers."                            to support a publicly funded            grow and expand in the com-
     The Pennsylvania State Sys-          education.                              ing years.                                              Details on Pase I I
                    FOR NEWS, SCORES, AND VIDEO ON DEMAND, VISIT THE CA                                        TIMES NEWS SITE ON-UNE             -   WWW.CAUIMES.ORG

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   PAGE 2                                                                                                         CM TIMES                                                                                                     FEBRUARY 26, 2010

                                                                                                      SAPPHIRE     CoNTINuED FRoM PAGE 1

   Uppìng the ante                                                         knew things were getting
                                                                        ready to take off.
                                                                           "When I got home, I heard
                                                                        that Oprah had called," Sap-
   Casino revenues to help                                              phire said with a chuckle. "I fig-
                                                                        ured, well if she can get Obama
                                                                        in the White House, she could
   equip conference center                                              get us in a Cineplex."
                                                                           The novel "Push" was re-
                                                                        leased in 1996 and has been cir-
   By MARC STEMPKA                    conferencing services.            cling the underground for over a
                                        Kindl said aside from the decade. Sapphire, born Ramona
   News Editor
                                      equipment, the funds were also Lofton, gathered her inspiration
      California University of Penn- going to be used to hire a tech- for the work from the stories
   sylvania took a gamble in Oc- nician to maintain the "smart" she heard from her encounters
   tober on bidding for casino equipment and provide training with different African American
   revenues to help pay for a por- to outside personnel who want women throughout the early
   tion of the under construction to use the technology in the part of her life.
   convocation center.                classrooms.                          Sapphire said some critics
      Earlier this month, the univer-   That position will now not be of her book said that the story
   sity received word the gamble included and the training and was an over dramatization of
                                      equipment maintenance will be the struggles going on in the                                                                                                                      PHOTO BY: MIKE THOMA
   turned out to be a good bet.
      The Washington County handled by existing university black community. She whole-                                                                 Sapphire performs a scene from her novel, "Push:' in the Natali Student
   Board of Commissioners voted information technology staff.                                                                                          Union Feb. 24. She wrote "Push" after the various stories she heard from Afri-
                                                                        heartedly disagrees.                                                           can American women throughout her life.
   February 4 to approve the uni-       "The funds we received are         "The stories of sexual abuse
   versity for $500,000 in Local enough for the university to that I've heard from black wom-                                                          of literature, but it's something                 was well deserved.
   Share Account funding to help move ahead and equip the con- en makes 'Precious' look like a                                                         I can't read again," said Monica                     "She's set a bar that hasn't
   pay for a portion of the ex- ferencing center," Kindl said.          walk in the park," she said.                                                   Ruane, a Reference and Instruc-                   been seen in American cinema.
   ecutive conferencing equipment       The funds will be used to in-      Sapphire said that one of the                                               tional Librarian who assisted in                  I was just honored for her to be
   that will be in the convocation stall intermediate-level "smart" ways to help stop the epidemic                                                     setting up a book group discus-                   reciting my words," Sapphire
   center.                            technology in two conference of sexual abuse is to speak out                                                     sion on "Push."                                   said.
      Cal U originally requested rooms and advanced-level tech- about it.                                                                                 Vanessa Huggins (senior-                          When asked what advice she
   $750,000 from the LSA funds. nology in a third.                         "Silence will not save African                                              education) said that the movie                    would like to offer to Cal U's
   The funds are available through      The Washington County Americans," she said.                                                                    definitely made an impression                     aspiring artists and slam poets,
   slot machine revenues from the Chamber of Commerce spon-                The rawness and graphic                                                     on her, especially the character                  Sapphire said to remember that
   Meadows Racetrack and Casino sored the Cal U request for the language of "Push," which had                                                          of Precious's mother, played in                   it is the artist's job to breathe life
   in North Strabane.                 LSA funds. Also submitting let- to be scaled back for "Precious"                                                 the film by Mo'Nique.                             into the characters they create
      The university plans to use ters of support were state Sen. to make it to theaters without an                                                      "She was the most despicable                    and to not be scared to grab the
   the money to purchase and Richard Kasunic and state Rep. X rating, is a disturbing look at                                                          character that I think I've ever                  mic and let your voice be heard.
   install state-of-the-art "smart" Peter Delay, a member of the the reality some people in this                                                       seen in a movie," Huggins said.                      Sapphire also said that after
   technology for the executive University's Council of Trustees. country face.                                                                          For her efforts, Mo'Nique                       she finishes with the whirl wind
   conferencing center in the con-      The Washington County com-         Sapphire's work has left cer-                                               earned an Academy Award                           of press and the Oscars, she
   vocation center.                   missioners will forward their tain readers wanting no more                                                       nomination for best supporting                    plans on returning to "normal
      Cal U President Angelo Ar- fund distribution recommenda- truth for the time being.                                                               actress and already won a Gold-                   life," but until then will continue
   menti Jr. said he is grateful to tions to the state's Department        "I thought it was beautifully                                               en Globe in the same category,                    to spread the word about her
   the county commissioners and of Community and Economic written and is an amazing piece                                                              something Sapphire thought                        Precious.
   the LSA review committee for Development for final approval.
   bringing this project closer to      The Department of Communi-
                                      ty and Economic Development
      "The conferencing center will have the final say on casino al-
   be a tremendous assest to the locations, but historically they
                                                                                                      Students, faculty adjust to syllabus
   region's business and nonprofit accept the recommendations of
   community, allowing business the counties.
   leaders to offer top-quality         This was the first time Cal U
                                                                                                      changes after Vulcan Blizzard 2010
   training sessions right here in requested funds from the LSA By STACY SKIAvo
                                                                                                                                                        as well as the test date of their                 reopened.
   Washington County," Armenti account. Kindl said this prob-
                                      ably won't be the last time the For the Cal Times                                                                 first exam.                                          The week off didn't just affect
                                                                            The snow storms earlier this                                                   "It prolonged my preparation                   class schedules, but also affected
      The total cost of the executive university will look into access-
                                                                        month made California Univer-                                                   to excel on my test in Earth Sci-                 the jobs of residence hall com-
   conferencing component is $2.3 ing funds through this avenue.
                                        "The university would expect sity of Pennsylvania's campus                                                      ence since it was moved to the                    munity assistants. Kalla Brin-
   million. The university has                                                                                                                          following week," Bonar said.                      kley (senior-education) is a CA
   already secured $1.55 million that if we have a project that a mess. Classes were canceled
                                                                                                                                                           The setback of classes forced                  in Residence Hall C and had to
   of that total. With the $500,000 does fit the requirements of the for an entire week on account of
                                                                                                                                                        teachers to switch some things                    make changes to her residence
   from the county, there is still a grants, that we would move the dangerous weather and the
                                      forward again," Kindle said.      effects of the storm on the com-                                                around and make the best out of                   life programming schedule.
   $250,000 gap in funding.
                                        The conferencing center at munity. Losing a week of school                                                      the situation. Assistant Profes-                     "I had to move a program I
      University Director of Com-
                                                                                                                                                        sor of Earth Science Swarndeep                    had scheduled [the week of the
   munication and Public Rela- Cal U will the first in Wash- may seem great at first, but it
                                                                                                                                                        Gill had to adjust his class syl-                 stormi to this week because a lot
   tions Christine Kindl said the ington County. There are three also brings much aftermath.
                                                                            The week-long university                                                    labus to accommodate for losing                   of people had gone home and
   shortfall won't have a major comparable conference centers
                                                                        closure made many faculty al-                                                   a week of class.                                  would not have participated,"
   impact on the construction and in western Pennsylvania, all of
                                                                        ter their course syllabi, causing                                                  "It made things more rushed,"                  Brinkley said. "While everyone
   development of the executive them in Pittsburgh.
                                                                        changes to scheduled events                                                     Gill said. "I try to build the syl-               else got a week off and could go
                                                                        and pushing back several as-                                                    labus with cushioning for sick                    home, I stayed here and kept the
     News, sports, and entertainment on demand: signments, projects and tests for                                                                       days and such, but the weather                    building from falling down."
                                                                        students.                                                                       had taken many of those away                         With Vulcan Blizzard 2010
                                                                            Examples of course changes                                                  resulting in less time to covers                  now becoming only a memory,

       !iJ         YouTube1com/CUTVNewenter were found in Brandon Bonar's
                                                                        ( junior-business management)
                                                                        Intro to Earth Science class. Lab
                                                                                                                                                        the material now."
                                                                                                                                                           Despite the delay, Gill's class-
                                                                                                                                                        es were back on schedule by the
                                                                                                                                                                                                          classes and events are starting
                                                                                                                                                                                                          to return to normalcy. Cal U stu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          dents and faculty are adjusting
                                                                        due dates were pushed back                                                      end of the week the university                    as classes resume and continue.

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   FEBRUARY 26, 2010
                                                                                     FEATU RES                                                                                         PAGE 3

     POUCE REPORTS                    Krinock's Gourmet Corner: chicken and sausage gumbo
                                      By GRANT KRINOCK                    thickened by mixing flour and
     2 I 3 I 2010                                                         fat. The best roux is usually a
                                      For the Cal Times
                                                                          dark reddish brown or black.
     Drug Arrest                        Winter has buried everyone        Also, keep in mind that gumbo
     Three students were identi-      and everything beneath lay-         makes for great leftovers, which
   fled sitting in a vehicle in the   ers of snow and ice. Every          is perfect for a day when you're
   river parking lot engaged in   morning has an eerily familiar          snowed in and feeling the win-
   drug use. The investigation    routine - shovel the snow from          ter blues. If you're looking for a
   continues.                     the driveway, warm up the car,          couple side dishes to go along
                                  and navigate through narrowly           with your gumbo, try buttered
     Suspicious Activity          plowed roads. Day after day,            corn bread, or even a potato
     At 10:14 p.m. University winter reigns with an unre-                 salad. A Guinness or any heavy,
   Police were dispatched to lenting grip. It is during these             dark beer will compliment the
   Residence Hall A Room 425 weary times, we find comfort in              intense flavor. Alright, time to
   for the smell of marijuana. even the smallest of things. So            forget about winter and dip into
   Upon an investigation noth- tonight, after the driveway has            the heart of Louisiana cousin!
   ing was found and police been shoveled for the second
   were cleared.                  time, indulge yourself in a bowl          CHICKEN AND SMOKED                                                                     PHOTO By: MyREcIPE8.coM

                                                                          SAUSAGE GUMBO                         Need a way to warm up during the cold winter months? Look no further than
                                  of chicken and smoked sausage                                                 this dish, a spicy yet delicious chicken and sausage gumbo.
     2/4/2010                     gumbo.                                    (Makes up to 7 main-dish
                                    Gumbo, a Louisiana trade-             servings)                             a bowl combine onions, green           to a reddish brown, almost
     Assist                       mark, has become one of the               Ingredients:                        bell peppers, and celery, and          black color. Carefully remove
     University Police were state's most popular dishes. The                2 lbs. chicken, cut up              set aside. Next mix the garlic         the pan from the heat and add
   called to assist with a disor- many variations of the dish have          ½ to 1 lb. smoked sausage           powder, salt, cayenne, flour,          vegetable mixture. Then turn
   derly male subject at J. Coles made it a favorite of both the            2 cups finely chopped onions        and chicken in a zip lock bag.         heat to low, and return pan to
   Bar. The male was uncoop- rich and poor. It is so popular                1 cup finely chopped green          Shake, mix well. In large skil-        heat. Continue to cook for 4 to
   erative with police who was that every October there is the            bell peppers                          let carefully heat vegetable oil       5 min. or until vegetables have
   later arrested after a brief annual World Championship                   1 cup finely chopped celery         for frying. Put chicken in and         softened. Stir occasionally. Next
   struggle with police officers. Gumbo Kickoff in New Iberia,              1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour        fry until it appears brown and         pour the basic chicken stock into
                                  La. At the Kickoff, you can taste         2 tbs. garlic powder                cooked on both sides. Then put         a large saucepan, and bring to
     2 I 5 I 2010                 several different types of gum-           1 finely chopped garlic clove       cooked pieces on a paper towel         a boil. Gradually add the roux
                                  bo, including oyster, crab, ham,          1 tbs. cayenne                      to soak up the oil. Very carefully     mixture to the stock. Continue
     Traffic Accident             and beef. Tonight, let's stick            ½ teaspoon salt                     pour the remaining hot oil into a      to stir 1 to 2 min. after adding
     University Police respond- with the traditional chicken and            7 cups basic chicken stock          tall measuring cup. Scrape loose       mixture. Reduce heat and add
   ed to a traffic accident along sausage gumbo.                            5 to 6 cups cooked rice             particles off pan and pour ½ to        the chopped garlic clove and
   State Route 88 near Adamson      Here's some things to keep              Vegetable oil for frying            cup of hot oil back into the pan.      the smoked sausage. Reduce
   Stadium. A university stu- in mind when making gumbo:                                                        Turn stove to high heat. Care-         heat to simmer, and keep at this
   dent lost control of her ve- a great gumbo always starts                 Directions:                         fully stir, whisk, ½ cup flour into    temperature for 45 min. Once
   hide on snow covered roads off with the roux. For those                  Rub chicken in garlic powder        the oil. Continue to whisk for         the gumbo is cooked add the
   striking a pole. The student of you who don't know roux                and cayenne, then let stand for       about 3 to 4 min. as the roux, (oil,   chicken and remaining spices.
   was not injured.               is the sauce, or broth, that is         20 min at room temperature. In        flour, and fat mixture), darken        Serve hot, and enjoy!
     At approximately 11:08
   p.m. California Borough
   Police requested assistance
                                      Students cheer on Ohno as U.S. leads medal count
   transporting a drunk driver By CAROL MANNIX                            for the final time.                   ries to what happened with
   from Wood St. to the borough s tuff Writer                               "He's from Seattle, and he          Lindsey Vonn this year.                 Top U.S. Medal Winners
   building. Suspect was trans-                                           learned to skate in Vancouver,"          "She's been skiing with an
   ported without incident.        The United States is sitting           Neiderhauser said. "He is retir-      injury to her shin," Rocco said.         Bode Miller - Gold, Sliver,
                                      atop of the 2010 Winter Olym-       ing soon, so it's like he went full   "I guess when you train for that         Bronze
     2 / 9 / 2010                     pics medal heap with a total        circle."                              long, for four years, something
                                      of 26 medals, as of press time.       Ohno first competed in the          like that isn't going to stop you."      SlurnI Davis - Gold, Sliver
     Harassment                       Those medals are in large part to   2002 Olympic Games, where                Even though Ohno has an-
     At approximately 1:47 a.m.       this year's Olympic celebrities     he won gold and silver mcd-           nounced this will be his last year       Lindsey Vonn - Gold, Bronze
   University Police responded        like speed skater Apolo Anton       als. Rocco, however, said she         on the track, fans like Rocco are
   to Residence Hall B where a        Ohno and skier Lindsey Vonn.        became fascinated with speed          optimistic for the future.               Julia Mancuso - Sliver, Sliver
   student was harassed by a             "Apolo is one of, if not the     skating before she began follow-         Speed skating fans are set-
   former boyfriend. The male         best, speed skater in the world,"   ing Ohno.                             ting their sights on 18-year-old
                                                                                                                                                         Apolo Obno - Sliver, Bronze
   was advised to stop making         Ashley Rocco (junior-education)       "I always enjoyed ice skat-         J.R. Celski. While competing in
   contact with the female.           said. "And I'm not just saying      ing," Rocco said. "I was intro-       September 2009, Celski fell and        co said. "I just think that's an
                                      that because I like him. He re-     duced to speed skating a few          cut this leg with his own skate,       amazing story. His skating
     Theft                            ally is."                           Olympics back and it is just          missing a major vein by only           techniques are very similar to
    At 6:29 a.m. a student re-           According to US Magazine,        something so amazing. I would         inches.                                Apolo's."
   ported items stolen from his       Ohno has become the most            love to learn how to do it."            "He could have bled out right          Along with the athlete's in-
   car.                               decorated U.S. Olympian ever,         Rocco went on to describe                 there, but he survived           dividual drive, the spirit of the
                                      earning his seventh medal Feb.      Ohno's determination,                           and he's competing in        Olympic Games is also very
     2 / i O / 2010                   20.
                                                                          and how it's this quality                                  the Olym-         prominent for its followers.
                                   "His strategy is just awe-             that keeps him and similar                                    p i c s,"        "I've found that the Olympic
     Harassment                  some," Kelly Neiderhauser                Olympians going for the                                          Roc-                creed is the most inspir-
     A non-student and ex-boy- ( junior-special education) said.          gold.                                                                                      ing," Rocco said. "It
   friend were escorted out of "He starts in the back and just                "He skated at the race in                                                                says, 'The most
   Carter Hall at the request of comes out of nowhere and gets            Torino (Italy) with a hamstring                                                               important thing
   a female student whom the a medal."                                    tear and torn ligaments in his                                                                 in the Olympic
                                                                          left ankle, but he still raced and                                                             games is not to
   male was visiting.              Ohno has been receiving a lot
                                      of press this past week, as his     won gold," Rocco said. "I was                                                                  win but to take
     2 / i 2 / 2010                   career high medal count has also    floored when I found that out.                                                               part, just as the
                                      allowed him to break a record       It made me admire him that                                                                 most important
     Assist                           previously set in 1994.             much more."                                                                              thing in life is not
                                                                             Rocco compared Oh-                                                                  the triumph but the
     At 3:48 a.m. University             "He just broke Bonnie Blair's
   Police was requested to as-        record for speed skating by get-    no's 2006 medal cf-                                                                  struggle. The essential
   sist at 131 Wood St. Apt. 302 ting seven Olympic medals,"              forts despite                                                                thing is not to have conquered
   where a loud party was tak- Rocco said. "And he still has two          inju-                                                          Apolo         but to have fought well."
                                                                                                                                         Ohno, who       As of press time, Ohno had
   ing place.                    races to go."                                                                                        just earned
                                        This year's games may be
                                                                                                                                                       won both a silver and bronze
                                                                                                                                      his seventh
    Assist                            especially sentimental for                                                                 Olympic medal, still
                                                                                                                                                       medal for men's short track
    University police assisted        Ohno, considering he per-                                                             has two races remain-      speed skating. The closing cer-
   with a traffic accident on         fected his craft in the very                                                       ing, and is already the most  emony for this year's Olympics
   Wood St. extension.                city he is now competing in                                                     decorated U.S. Olympian of        will take place on Feb. 28.
                                                                                                                     all time.                  PHOTO COURTESY OF: APOLOANTONOHNO.COM

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   PAGE 4                                            OPINION                                          FEBRUARY   26, 2010

                 l'i                             &

                    ***Leasjna Snecial for Fall 2010***
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                    Get $100 off $200 Service Fee Through March                       ist
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                        garbage, free parking, free bus service to campus

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                                                                                         The Feb. 19 front page article

     Attack Theatre Arrìves Wed nesdav
                                                                                       on Vulcan Village erroneously
                                                                                       stated that:
                                                                                         "The University is paying for
                                                                                       the hotel rooms and providing
                                                                                       every displaced student with
        Attack Theatre will bring its spontaneous blend of conversation, creation,     ten dollars for everyday they are
      dance and music to Cal U on Wednesday. The Pittsburgh-based company will         without power."
                                                                                          It should have stated:
       stage an experiential workshop at 11 a.m. in the Performance Center and a          "Vulcan Village and SAI paid
                                                                                       for the hotel rooms and Univer-
          show at 6 p.m. starting in the lobby of Steel Hall Mainstage Theatre.        sity Housing staff assisted with
                                                                                       temporary residence hall place-
                                                                                       ments. Additionally, only the
                                                                                       displaced Building 9 students
     The group uses innovative spaces to create one-of-a-kind, interactive theater     who commuted from home
    performances. This show will incorporate artwork produced by a Cal U student       or stayed in the hotels from
                                                                                       Sunday, February 14 through
                       and a member of the University faculty.                         Wednesday, February 17 will
                                                                                       have a $40 credit applied to
                                                                                       their March rental installment
                                                                                       at Vulcan Village."

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   FEBRUARY   26, 2010                                                          ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                         PAGE 5

   Classics revisited: the birth of Motown                                                                         Dozier and Holland opened
                                                                                                                   the recording booth to Norman
   For the Cal Times
                                                                                                                   Whitfield. Prior to the change,
                                                                                                                   Holland and Co. were so singles       In Theatres Friday:
      Moving into 1959, the United                                                                                 driven that Whitfield gave the
   States was still strongly divided.                                                                              radio and turntables a new and                 uq r$. ;
                                                                                                                                                                       "-  JI
   The North and South shared                                                                                      deeper feel. He rearranged the                J-               _L.
   the same country, but remained                                                                                  pop driven productions, which
   separated by an invisible border.                                                                               earlier had been mastered for a
   The South kept to their politi-
                                                                                                                   strong dance feel.
   cal, religious and moral beliefs                                                                                  Between 1961 and 1971, Mo-
   after the Civil War, holding on                                                                                 town charted 110 top ten singles.
   to their own Jim Crowe laws.                                                                                    Berry Gordy really wanted no
   Much like the state of society                                                                                  part of Marvin Gaye's "What's
   before the war, inequality was                                                                                  Goin' On," butbecame involved
   also hell and faced no chance                                        PHOTO COURTESY OF: DISSONSKATING.COM       thanks to a strong push from
   of refinement before and after Smokey Robinson (left) and Berry Gordy (right) were pioneers of the Motown       "Smokey" Robinson. That re-
   the Civil War. Being black in music scene. Robinson would later become vice-president of Gordy's company        lease became Motown's biggest                      94
   America, especially in the South, that signed acts such as The Supremes, The Temptations, and the Jackson 5.
   meant no choices, no chances on
                                                                                                                      In 1972, the operation in De-
                                                                                                                                                                  Nu=R;-                     LMUO

   the horizon.                         "Motor City" was just a dream into a recording studio. Gordy               troit closed its doors and moved
      As 1959 rolled in, the changes for a young Detroit songwriter moved in upstairs, and the                                                           (op Out
                                                                                                                   to Los Angeles. Motown contin-
   that were slowing beginning named Berry Gordy. He had name "Hitsville USA" was in-                              ued, with some artists gaining        The      (razies
   to boil carried on in a slow but started in music by writing augurated.                                         complete control of their record-
   deliberate fashion with two sig- for Detroit artists, his biggest             His first hit out of the new      ing. songwriting and produc-
   nificant issues for the Negroes success coming out of Jackie studio, Barrett Strong's "Money                    tion. The artists who made this
   in the South in 1954 and 1957. Wilson's release of "Lonely (That's What I Want)," climbed
                                                                                                                                                         NewVideo Cames:
                                                                                                                   choice included Marvin Gaye
   In 1954, a unanimous decision Teardrops." Feeling like he was to number two on the Billboard                    (who started the trend) and the
   was given by the Supreme Court stuck on the low end of the R&B chart. In 1960, The Miracles                     no longer little Stevie Wonder.
   in Brown vs. Board of Education totem pole in the business, he reached number one on the R&B                    Each artist turned out some of
   of Topeka, Kan., making a very decided to borrow $800 from his chart, and number two on Bill-                   the absolute best music that any
   minor dent in the set thinking family and launch his own label, board's Hot 100 chart, becoming                 set of ears out there could tune
   of the South. Then, in 1957, the Tamla. Gordy kicked off a new Berry Gordy's first million seller.              into and listen.
   first civil rights legislation since wave in black music on a new             After this milestone release,        Beyond February being Black
   1875 passed. Senate majority label owned by a black man.                   Tamla incorporated and of-           History Month, the music that
   leader Lyndon Baines Johnson,          His first signing was a group ficially named itself Motown               Berry Gordy introduced and
   a senator from Texas, led the called The Matadors (who later Records. The roster grew and                       continues living today can be a
   bill through from beginning to changed their name to The Mir- grew, bringing in some very                       year long celebration. Enough
   end. In 1963 he became our 36th acles), led by William "Smokey" talented young people ready                     has been written about the his-
   President, moving every major Robinson. The first release came for the chance to cut a record.                  tory of Motown and the music
   piece of civil rights legislation later that year with Mary John- The roster was delivering hit                 movement it created that it
   through to the finish. Later that son's "Come To Me"and in after hit. The Temptations, The                      would take a year long discov-
   decade, Johnson appointed Thu- September the "Smokey" Rob- Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and                           ery and a lifetime of learning to     Endless Ocean: Blue World
   rogood Marshall to the Supreme inson led Miracles released "Little" Stevie Wonder, moved                        realize that beyond the impact        Heavy Rain
   Court, the first black man to "Bad Girl." Between the start of in and out of "Hitsville USA."                   of Motown, equality should be         Last Rebellion
   become a Justice.                    the label and it's first releases,       In the last half of the opening   studied, learned and continu-
      That brings us to Detroit, in Gordy had purchased a piece decade, problems with the main                     ously practiced.
   January 1959. What began in the of property which he converted production team of Holland,
                                                                                                                                                         New on DVD:
          EXPLORE                                           tarIitads
                                                              iEtnttn fiLcnu
          POLAND                                   PE*N CRUSTED TILAPI*
                                                   PARMES4AN CRAB DIP
                                                   CAJUN CATUSN
                                                   CRAB CAKES
                                                      R$ED SHRIMP
                                                  JUMBO PISN SANDWICH
                                                   HRIIP COCKTAIL *                                                                                      The Informant!

                                                  WOtffON RUTED NRIMP,                                                                                   The Box
                                                                                                                                                         Everybody's Fine

                                                  PIEROCI *                                                                                              Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

         Open to Ca1U
           community                              VCETBLE QUES*D$LLAS                                                                                        Weekend Events:

               Info:                              PIA,   LASAGNE
        www.eftours .com                          SALMON SALAD
          tour #423884                            CRJUN SHRIMP SALAD
            or contact                            LAGERFRIES AND MUN MUCH
        Sean C. Madden -                          MORE! COME IN FOR LENTEN
        madden @ calu .edu
        Basia Kossecka -
                                                  SPECIALS!                                                                                              Black Eyed Peas - Mellon Arena - March 4
                                                                                                                                                         Martina McBride & Trace Adkins - Peterson

                                                                              724-93B47O                                                               Events (enter        -   Saturday, Feb.
                                                                                                                                                         New Found Glory with Saves the Day-
                                                                       *                     only oet              doys                                Zoo   -   Friday, Feb. 26

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   PAG[6                                                                               (M TIMES                                                                                        FEBRUARY    26, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                              PHOTO COURTESY OF: IGN.COM
   Toy Story fans will be pleased to see that the regular cast of characters will be back for Toy Story 3 with most of the original voice actors, including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

   Pìxar celebrates 15 years wìtb Toy Story 3
                                           group of toys. The new toys in-         spaceman" is how director John          When asked if she was excited
   By CHUCK BRUTZ                                                                                                                                                     beyond!"
   For the Cal Times                       dude Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear and           Lasseter described the film in a        about the upcoming third film,               Thalman said her three fa-
                                           Barbie's boyfriend Ken, voiced          December 1995 Starlog Maga-             Jennifer Thalman (se-                      vorite characters are Woody,
     The third installment of a            by Pittsburgh's own Michael             zine interview. He also stated          nior-English)                              because he's sort of the father
   certain film franchise opens            "Beetlejuice" Keaton.                   that at one time Woody was a            enthusi-                                         figure, Buzz the Adventurer,
   this June in theatres, and once           Along with the rest of the            ventriloquist dummy, and Buzz           astically                                            and Jessie because she's
   again some fans will be split into      cast, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen           a wind up tin toy.                      respond-                                              the sisterly type.
   two groups: Team Woody and              are back as Woody and Buzz.               In the same interview, Lasse-         ed "Yeah,                                                "I always enjoyed the
   Team Buzz. On top of that, 2010         The exception being the voice           ter said that during the making         to infinity                                          mutant toys," Allison
   marks the 15th anniversary of           of Silnky, Jim Varney, who died         of the film, Pixar sought permis-       and                                                 Helman (senior-English)
   the original theatrical release of      in 2000.                                sion from toy companies. They                                                          said. "They were scary and
   Toy Story, so fans get to be taken        Let's take a trip back to the         received a rejection from Mattel,                                                  mean looking, but underneath it
   to infinity and beyond twice.           magical year of 1995. Agents            who wouldn't give the okay to                                                      all, they were really nice."
     According to ign.com, Toy             Mulder and Scully were on the           use the character of Barbie, and                                                       "I can't wait, I'm so excited,"
   Story 3 starts with Andy from           case in The X-Files, people were        Hasbro, who withheld the GI                                                        Stephanie Punjack (senior-com-
   the first two films now college         dancing the "Macarena," and             Joe character.                                                                     munication disorders) said. "I
   bound, and Buzz, Woody, and             Toy Story, the first fully com-           Toy Story was the top film                                                       love the aliens, but my favorite
   the gang thrown out by Andy's           puter animated film, opened in          of 1995, followed by a 1999 se-                                                    is Jessie because we both have
   mom.                                    theatres.                               quel, and the characters earned               PHOTO COURTESY OF: IGN.COM
     The toys end up in a daycare            "A mismatched buddy com-              a   beloved spot in pop cul-           A new character to the series, Lots-O'-Hug-                     SEE   TOY STORY
   center and encounter a new              edy between a cowboy and a              ture, winning over many fans.          gin' Bear is a helpful new friend for the toys,              e0NTINuED   ON PAGE   0
                                                                                                                          voiced by Ned Beatty.

                 INSIDETHE VOLCAN                                                  The Blind Side: better suited
                THEATRE THIS WEEK
                                                                                   for the Hallmark Channel?
                                                                                   By DEREK PEGRITZ                        tive family, headed by matriarch           especially after the giddy, point-
                                                                                                                           Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra                   less abomination of All About
                                                                                   For the Cal Times
                                                                                                                           Bullock)and rightly so, as this            Steve and the seemingly endless
                                                                                       I love football movies. Friday      is more a biographical study               stream of mediocre romantic
                                                                                   Night Lights. Any Given Sun-            of Oher and the Tuohy family,              comedies that she's been wal-
                                                                                   day. Varsity Blues. Hell, even          rather than a traditional sports           lowing in for most of the 2000s.
                                                                                   The Waterboy! Perhaps it's the          movie. However, if director John           Unfortunately, she's absorbed so
                                                                                   mixture of carefully-planned            Lee Hancockwho previously                  much of those romantic farces'
                                                                                   plays and bone-snapping physi-          directed the wonderful baseball            sentimentality that she seems to
                                                                                   cality, or maybe it's the dramatic      film The Rookiehad repre-                  glow with a faux-saintly aura of
                                                                                   potential inherent in any team          sented the game itself a little            perfection as Leigh Anne Tuohy.
                                                                                   effortthere's something about           more strongly in the film, per-              In fact, the Tuohys' in the film
                                                                                   the noble game of football that         haps The Blind Side wouldn't               are all the very embodiments of
                                                                                   always seems to make for good           have come across as so overly              non-denominational Christian
                                                                                   cinema.                                 sentimental.                               charity. Now, I have no doubt
                                                                                      Unfortunately, The Blind Side           This is by no means a bad film.         that those folks are wonderful
                                                                                   is not a football movie.                Though it gets a little drawn-             peoplebut the film makes
                                                                                      Oh, there's football in it, al-      out in the last quarter, the pace          them out to be perfect angelic
                                                                                   right. After all, it's the true         is steady and upbeat for most              beings. Oh, there's a little sug-
                                                                                   story of Michael Oher, a severe-        of its two hour length, and the            gestion of some residual racism
                                                                                   ly-neglected young African-             performances are all adequate.             here and there when Michael
                                                                                   American man who was ad-                Quinton Aaron brings a sad,                first comes to live with them, but
                                                                                   opted by a Caucasian family in          downtrodden tenderness to                  these smudges are wiped away
                                                                                   Memphis, Tennessee, and went            the character of Michael Oher,             in seconds, leaving them gleam-
                                                                                   on to become a multiple-award-          which makes him a very sym-                ing and golden. Michael's back-
                                                                                   winning, All-American college           pathetic lead, and Sandra Bull-            story, which is implied through
                                                                                   football player and a 2009 first-       ock is surprisingly steely but             several quick flashbacks and
                                                                                   round NFL draft pick. The focus         warm as his nominal mother.                a brief scene with his actual
                                                                                   of the film is not on the game          It's nice to see Ms. Bullock in a
           Showtimes are 4 and 8 p.m. daily, February 28                           itself, but on Oher (played by          dramatic role that lets her exer-                              SEE BLIND   SIDE
                                                                                                                                                                                       eONTINuED ON PAGE 0
                             through March 6.                                      Quinton Aaron) and his adop-            cise a modicum of acting skill,

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   FEBRUARY 26, 2010                                                                   ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                              PAGE 7

   Crìme ìn Stereo contìnues to rewrìte hardcore scene
   By CHRIS ORIENT                       wavers on the edge of control
   Managing Editor                       and sheer chaos. "Young" has
    Crime in Stereo turned melod-        a quiet intro with just Hallbert
   ic hardcore upside down with          and lead guitarist Alex Dunne
   2007's Is Dead, an album that         then builds into a jagged, full
   not only solidified their place       band composition. "Type One"
   in the Long Island scene, but         and "Republica" round out the
   completely rewrote the book.          bulk of the record, both bringing
   Three years after the release of      the perfect mix of aggression
   Is Dead, the quintet is back with     and emotion to the table.
   I Was Trying To Describe You To         "Dark Island City" serves as
   Someone.                              a bridge between the closer, "I
      The album opens with the           Cannot Answer You Tonight"
   twitchy electronics of "Queue         and the rest of the record. "Dark
   Moderns" before exploding             Island City" also sounds haunt-
   into CIS's well known aggres-         ingly familiar to Brand New's
   sion. Vocalist Kristian Hallbert      "At the Bottom." Both bands
   sounds crisp and sharp, and the       sprouted from the same scene as
   band matches him note for word        Glassjaw, I Am The Avalanche
   throughout Describe's 11 tracks.      and The Movielife, all of whom
      "Drugwolf" is the band's           have similarities in music and
   catchiest song to date and will       lyrics.
   no doubt become a standard              "I Cannot Answer You To-
   during their extremely fan-           night" also returns to Crime in
   involved shows. "Exit Halo"           Stereo's deeply sunken roots in
   is a fury of effects pedals and       Long Island hardcore. It matches
   contains a bridge that sounds         the upbeat opener and cements I
   like an F-16 taking to the skies,     Was Trying To Describe You To
   while "Not Dead" has a strong         Someone as their most ambi-
   drumbeat coupled with an              tious and brilliant release thus
   equally strong breakdown and          far. What it "lacks" in hardcore
   outro. The title, a possible nod      sound, it more than makes up
   to Is Dead, proclaims that Crime      for in lyrics and delivery. It looks
   in Stereo are alive and thriving.     as though the hardcore rulebook                                                                                            PHOTO COURTESY OF MYSPACE.COM
      The middle section of De-          has been rewritten again, now               Crime in Stereo, led by Kristian Hallbert (pictured above) came out of the Long Island music scene and helped their
   scribe is the real highlight of the   who will follow? Certainly not              genre progress and evolve with each new album.
   album as a whole. "Odalisque"         Crime in Stereo.

   Alkaline Trio combine original sound with new instrumentals
   By GENE AXTON                                                                                                               The new LP seems to stop the otherwise enjoyable "Lead
   Entertainment Editor                                                                                                     that tradition. Instead of car- Poisioning."

                                         AhIÇAhI$E T1IO
                                                                                                                            rying the sound over from            Other choices include use of
     Alkaline Trio is less a band                                                                                           Agony & Irony, their 2008 re- synth in "Eating Me Alive",
   than an institution. Guitarist                                                                                           lease, the band seems to have which not new territory for
   Matt Skiba, bassist Dan An-           THIS ADDICI1ON                                                                     taken Goddamnit and combined the band and works surprising
   driano, and drummer Derek
                                          IN STORES FEBRUARY 23          '      i.
                                                                                                                            the musical ethos of that album well, but makes the track sound
   Grant have influenced both                                                                                               with the musical experiences of decidingly un-Trio. This Addic-
   fans and peers with their music                                                                                          their newer releases. Overall, tion isn't necessarily brought
   ( case in point: Bayside vocalist                                                                                        it works.                          down by the experimentation,
   Anthony Raneri's Trio tattoo).                                                                                              Songs like "Dine, Dine My but it doesn't necessarily bring
   This Addiction, Alkaline Trio's                                                                                          Darling" and "Dead On The anything else to the table either.
   seventh album, was built up                                                                                              Floor" could easily be part of the   Seven full-length records and
   as a return to the bands roots.                                                                                          firsttwoTrioalbums,andmuch counting, Alkaline Trio isn't
   They recorded the album in the                                                                                           of the other efforts seem to fol- going anywhere. Their brand
   same studio and with the same                                                                                            low suit. There are afew choices of emotional punk rock hasn't
   producer as 1998's Goddamnit,                                                                                            that, in the end, stop this from missed a beat since 1998 and
   and released it via punk label                                                    PHOTO COURTESY OF MYSPACE.COM          being a true "return to form."     continues to be the premier
   Epitaph. Walk in, however, and        With cover art ofa heart comprised ofdifferent pills, This Addiction focuses          The recording style is very place to go if you're looking
   not everyone may find what            on the personal lives ofthe band members and themes such as suicide, love,         clean, with the grit of early Trio for alcohol soaked melodies
   they're looking for.                  andwar.                                                                            LP's missing and the glossy aboutheartache,anger,andloss.
      The album begins with the          promise. Once the verses begin              has aged well, carrying a sound        shine of newer efforts intact. Staying both new and true, This
   titular track, and as soon as         though, the song takes a pop                from release to release while          The inclusion of the first ever Addiction is a good decision for
   the first chords hit the album        route, and the new Alkaline Trio            expertly adding to it, creating        horn in an Alkaline Trio song any Trio fan and a great place to
   seems to be making good on it's       shines through. Alkaline Trio               a new experience for listeners.        seems forced and drags down start if you're unfamiliar.

                                                                                                                                        I-2-3 BEDROOM STUDENT
                                                                                                                                              APARTM INTS
                                                                                                                                    STILL AVAFLABLIL FO1 FALL 2010
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                                                                                                                                          AND TFIE UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                                     MANY APARTMENTS WITh OFF
                                                                                                                                                        STRE1'          OR
                                                                                                                                    PRIVATE PARKING AVAILAHLE
                                                                                                                                    STOI IN TIlE OFFICE CALL OR
                                                                                                                                       VISIT OUR WEBS]TE AT
                                                                                                                                   wwwlv ITQI)ErITWQAÇ ¡NCY+CQM
                                                                                                                                          MI THIRD STR IIT
                                                                         724-938-7745                                                         CALIIORNIA PA
                                                                             32i. Third St.. CPjfornj. PA
                                                                             www.dentinoagenc corn                                  OVER 265 QVALITY APARTMENTS
                                                                                                                                          ONLY 70         STIlI.       ABAJLA131E

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   Produced by the Cal U Forecast Team
                                                                                                   WEATHER                                                                 http://www.cup.edu/weather/

                                                                                                   Regional Forecast
                                                                                             Friday Saturday Sunday Monday                                                         Across Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                                                                                    State College:     30-32.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Chance of Snow.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Harrisburg: 38-40.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Partly Sunny.
                                                                                           HIGH: 28-30              ifiGH: 34-36               ifiGH: 37-39       ifiGH: 39-41
                                                                                                         LOW: 19-21                  LOW: 22-24           LOW: 23-25
                                                                                        Snow Showers                   Cloudy                    Cloudy          Mostly Cloudy      Philadelphia: 38-40.
                                                                                              Likely                 Chance of a                Chance of                           Partly Sunny.
                                                                                                                    Snow Shower                  Flurries
                                                                                        Yet  another iae-week system will move through our area, hut this time it is expected to stay
                                                                                           to our east. This will bring us some chance ofsnow with its passing as we will be tucked
                                                                                          ill behind the coldest sector ofthe storm. The presence ofsnow will likely continue into
                                                                                         Monday with the worst ofthe storm passing from Thursday into Friday. Expect a warm up
                                                                                        in temperatures as a ridge will build behind the system bringing us some sunny skies, an ir-
                                                                                                                       regularity as oliate, for next week.
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     i Hammer-                                                                                                                                                Eleven to Fifteen --- Got a Good head on
       head part
     5 Piña colada
     8 Mosque
                          15UU 16U

                                                                             17U                                                                              your shoulders.
                                                                                                                                                              Sixteen to Twenty --- Don't get too excited
       bigwig                                                                                                                                                 there, Honors Student.
     12 Dalai
     13 401(k)
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                          24    25       26             27   28   29                    30
                                                                                                                                                              smart,,,or you looked at the answers.
     14   Unaltered                                                                                                                       Welcome to the easy edition ofBrainiac, This

                                 .. ..
     15   Elliptical
     16   Showbiz job
                                                                                                    Difficulty: Medium                    weeks academic subject is about U.S. History, The
     17   Mothers and                                                                                                                     bonus question is worth 5 points . Good Luck! !!!

                               ... 52
                                         39                       40   41
     18   Mexico's        42    43                      44        45               46   47    48    "Week in Review..." --- Questions about      "Fill in the Blank: U.S. History" --- This

       Big lizard
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       Bit of banter


                               ... .. 58U
                          55 Part of the    8 Dispenser



                                                                            31 Recede
                                                                                                    events that have occurred in the past week, Category is only one question with 4

                                                                                                     1) The White House unveiled President
                                                                                                    Barack Obama's plan to overhaul the
                                                                                                                                                 blanks to fill in worth a total of 8 points.
                                                                                                                                                 The paragraph is concerning The Great
                             loop           9 Hindu royal                   36 Tonic
                                                                                                    health insurance system that would provide
    32 Khan title         56 Use a         10 Congrega-                     37 Allow                coverage for 3 1 million uninsured and set   Historians most often attribute the start of
                             wood e n         tional call                   38 Cap with a
    33 Actress                                                                                      up federal monitoring of private insurers '  the Great Depression to the total collapse
       Vardalos              spoon         11 Small                              propeller
    34 Central point      57 Architect IM.    plateau                       41 Lindbergh            what?                                        of US stock market prices on October 29,
    35 Unsteady           58 Early birds?  19 Kipling poem                     book                     Employee Paychecks                        1929, known as __(1)__, By mid-1930,
    38 Lettuce                             21 Univ.                         42 Morays
                          DOWN                transcript no.                43 Location                 Limits of Coverage                       __(2)__ had dropped to low levels , but
    39 Exist               i Nitwit        24 Mandible                      44 O.K. Corral              Rate Increases                           expected deflation and the reluctance of
    40 Shock               2 Stromboli     25 "I" trouble?                     hero
                             spillage      26 Gabriela of                   46 Phone call?              Employers Paychecks                      people to add new debt by __(3)__, meant
    42 Manor               3 Asian            tennis fame                   47 Online                                                            that consumer spending and __(4)__ were
                             n u rse maid  28 Diarist Anais                      journal
    45 At hand
                           4 Billfold      29 "24 Caprices                  48 Longings
                                                                                                    2) What former Army general who be-          depressed.
    49 Grand story
    50    "-
           Blue?"          5 Tubular          for Solo                      51 West of              came White House chief of staff during the
    52 Home for              pasta            Violin"                          Hollywood            Watergate scandal and secretary of state       "Shuffle Up and Deal" --- Match the
       hippos              6 Swiss            co m pose r
                             canton        30 Fix the                                               during the Reagan administration, died         Correct Card game with the following
    53 Unrivaled
    54 Skedaddled         7    Creche trio              soundtrack                                  Saturday at the age of 85?                     premises,
                                                                                                    a) Alexander Haig      b) Henry Kissinger
   BLIND SIDE CoNTINuED   FRoM PAGE 5              hood, but it's hard to feel truly
                                                                                                    c) K.T. McFarland      d) George Shultz        1) A trick-taking card game most com-
                                                   sympathetic with the protago-
      mother, is never adequately                  nist if all you really know about                                                               monly played with four people in two
   fleshed out in the film, though                 his past is that it was "bad."                   3) An immigrant of what descent, ac-           partnerships with a deck of 24 standard
   it suggests depths of charac-                   Also, even the sport of football is              cused of plotting a bomb attack on New         playing cards.
   ter that the film really should                 softened up and overly-padded                    York City is expected to plead guilty on
   have explored. Quinton Aaron                    in this film, and it's therefore
                                                                                                    Monday, a court official said, speaking on        a card game originating in Uruguay,
   does a great job of playing the                 hard to understand how Oher
   wounded, lost young man. .but,    .             became such a wonderful player                   condition of anonymity.                        in which players attempt to make melds
   ultimately, that's all he really                if all the opponents he played                   a) Iranian             b) Afghan               of 7 cards of the same rank, and "go out"
   seems to be: a wounded young                    on the highschool gridiron were                  c) Saudi               d) Pakistani            by playing all cards in their hand and
   man. Even at the end, when Mi-                  such utter pushovers (literally:                                                                discarding.
   chad briefly wanders back into                  he pushes them right over).                     ou!luO sqSl T00H (i
   Hurt Village, the ghetto where                     The Blind Side is a great fam-                                     SfINOII
   he grew up, and confronts some                  ily film. But in aiming to present                            uiqSjy (q) (T                                   This game is also known as Irish
   stereotypical "gangsta thugs,"                  a very positive, inspiring story, it
                                                                                                    5PH -°P"'°lV (e)             (
                                                                                                                                     S002       I   3d   dIIS Poker, Chico High Low, North Carolina
   the film shies away from de-                    gives the viewer a warm-toned,                                   O1T (D) (j NON              NV       SNOT or Up the River Down the River.

   picting anything truly gritty                   comfy li'l Hallmark Channel
   and delivers only another soft,                 True Story and mostly ignores                                                       JMV  8V                Choices:
   almost tender moment.                           or completely blunts the hard                                                       nI8          NI19OM
     The problem with the film is                  edges of life which, just as much                              UOUI1SOAUI (i.     anN        VIN       VEV a) Canasta                      b) Euchre
                                                                                                                  SuiMoJJoq (T         OVVdNO  is r                         c) Around The World
   that it's too soft. Whereas Pre-
   cious absolutely did not shy
                                                   as his new family's love, helped
                                                   shape Michael Oher. It's a nice                           so1J soJou!         (
                                                                                                                                       }dRd 1R
                                                                                                                                     VNVflI VI1HVO
   away from exposing you to                       story and it'll make you feel                           iipson1        'iiî
                                                                                                                             (T      SJHS       01       1VAO
   the feculent reality of Precious'               goodbut if you want the real                          MuuI1l     ii UI Ilki,, Jvvs vul
                                                                                                                                 VVN  INflU
                                                                                                                                                     VVVT BONUS --- "Week In Review"
   inner-city life, The Blind Side                 Michael Oher story, read the                                                            I

                                                                                                                                                            1) Continental Airlines Inc is cutting 600
                                                                                                                                      SU!W 9 ;GW! UO!lflIOS
   merely hints at Oher's troubled                 book the movie was based on,                             ..
                                                                                                                 .punoJV (D) (T
   youth while focusing entirely on                Michael Lewis' masterful The                                                             SJ8MSUV
                                                                                                                                                            reservation agent jobs , effective April 11,
                                                                                                                 11s1u1D (e) (
   the salvation Michael finds in                  Blind Side: Evolution of a Game,                                                      1OMSSO13 fiurx     as customers increasingly do what over
                                                                                                                  oJqDnE (q) (T
   the Tuohy family. I'm not saying                which really does show how                                                                               booking in person?
                                                                                                           puu dfI         Jflqs,,
   the film needs to dwell on the                  family and football together can
   deprivations of Oher's child-                   make a titan out of a broken boy.                                 :   sitsuy
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   FEBRUARY 26, 2010
                      oRGANIZATIONS                                                                                                                                          PAGE 9

    The Internship Corner
             The perks of a federal internship
                              By ALYSSA KRUSE
      With the economy in a cur-         to assist students in finding a
   rent state of disrepair, it can be    federal internship that could
   a daunting reality for students       eventually lead to federal em-
   when it is time to graduate and       ployment. Students interested           UPCOMING EVENTS
   join the "real world."                in working or interning with a
      What students may not real-        federal organization are encour-        WANT Job Fair
   ize, however, is that there are       aged to visit www.USAJOBS.
   many job and internship op-           goy, agency Web sites or utilize
                                                                                 Friday, February 26      9:00 am - 1:00   pm Westmoreland County Community College
   portunities available through         personal contacts.
   the federal government.                                                       Register for free at: www.wantexpo.org
      For students who are unsure
   or skeptical about working for          The following are internship
   the federal government, here          opportunities currently avail-          WestPACS Job Fair
   are some facts and statistics to      able through the Internship
   demonstrate the advantages            Center:                                 Wednesday, March 24, 2010 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Monroeville Convention Center, Monroeville, PA
   that come with federal employ-
   ment:                                   California University of Pa.          Pre-registration closes at midnight on March 22, 2010
                                           Cal U is seeking students of
                                                                                    Pre-registration fee - $5.00        Walk-in registration fee - $10.00
     -Between the years 2008 and         all majors to participate in a
   2010, up to 214,428 federal           summer conference assistance            CAREER AWARENESS WEEK - It's time to focus on your career!
   employees have retired or are         internship. The position is paid        March 16 - 19
   expected to retire, resulting in      with room compensation. In-             Services Offered include:
   many available jobs throughout        terns should be able to work
   the country                           well with others, have leader-         Career Coaching, Job Search Assistance, Resume/Cover Letter Review, Interview Preparation,
     -Only 16 percent of federal         ship skills, possess excellent       Job Shadow, Co-op (Paid career-related experience)
   jobs are located in Washing-          phone skills, have the ability
   ton D.C. (our region has 29.5         to work independently and the
                                                                                Dress for Success!
   percent)                              ability to think creatively. In-       When you are job hunting first impressions are critical. It doesn't matter if you are going on an
     -There are federal positions        terns are required to live on        interview or attending a job fair, make sure that you are dressed in a professional manner. Check
   available for all courses of study    campus, work on evenings and         out the Career Services website for tips on professional dress.
     -Federal agencies may assist        weekends and have a valid
   you in paying up to $10,000 per       driver's license. Those inter-          Looking for a job?
   year in student loan fees             ested should contact Richard            Check out College Central, Cal U's job posting website - www.collegecentral.com/ calu
     -Federal employment offers          Dulaney for more information
   job security, stability and room      at 724.938.1573 or dulaney@            Are you Linked in?
   for advancement                       calu.edu.                              Linked in has over 15,500 Cal U members. For tips on how to effectively job search using linked
     -More than 40,000 federal                                                in, schedule an appointment with Career Services.
   employees work abroad                   C orn c a st
                                            Comcast, of Pittsburgh, is
     One way to determine wheth-         seeking business administra-
   er or not federal employment

                                         tion, business economics and
   would be ideal is to participate      marketing students for a paid
   in a federal internship.              direct sales representative in-                                                                 By DOMINQUE THORNHILL
     As with employment, the             ternship. Intern duties involve
   federal government can offer          selling cable, telephone and
   a number of internships in a          internet services. Interns should
   variety of areas.                     have a high school diploma and                                       Black History Month Spotlight
     Government organizations            six months of sales experience.
   include cabinet level depart-         Those interested should visit                          "Change will not come ifwe waitfor some other person or some other time.
   ments, federal subcomponents          www.comcast.com/careers for                            We are the ones we've been waitingfor. We are the change that we seek."
   (such as the National Park Ser-       more information.
                                                                                                ,.   President Barack Obama
   vice and the Bureau of Labor            To view these and all of our
   Statistics) and independent           internship opportunities, reg-                          Our current President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama,
   federal organizations (such as        ister for InternLink at www.                          truly represents what's next for African Americans. Born to a white mother, Ann
   the Peace Corps, and the U.S.         myinterfase.com I cup I student.     Dunham, and a Kenyan father, Barack Obama Sr., Barack grew up in Hawaii. Obama is no stranger
   Postal Service).                      For more information: Visit the      to differences and diversity, and has proved that the color of a person's skin should no longer be the
     Federal internships will help       Internship Center web page at        basis for a person's chances at success.
   students get ahead of the com-        www.calu.edu/ internship or            Obama spent childhood years in Indonesia, and later returned to the States, attending Punahou
   petition by offering increased        stop by the Internship Center,       School, Hawaii's top prep academy. Obama later went on to study at Columbia University and
   knowledge about government            Eberly 230. Questions or com-        Harvard Law. In 1990 he became the first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review.
   service and by helping students       ments? Call 724.938.1578, or         Obama later went on to practice civil-rights in Chicago, fighting for the rights of victims of housing
   get their foot in the door.           e-mail Karen Primm at primm@         and employment discrimination. During this time he met and married his lovely wife Michelle, who
     Several Web sites are available     calu.edu.                            also worked for the firm.
                                                                                Moving forward Obama was elected to the Illinois senate, and later in 2004 Obama was elected to
                                                                              the U.S. Senate as a Democrat. At the Democratic National Convention in Boston, President Barack
   Toy STORY CoNTINuED FRoM   PAGE   5   be repaired, but destroyed, and      Obama delivered a ground breaking key note speech. Despite having only four years of national
                                         they launch a mission to save        political experience, Obama ran for presidency and won! In January 2009, he was sworn in as the
      red hair. She's who I'd be if I    Buzz before it's too late.           44th President of the United States, and the first African-American ever elected to that position.
   were a character, she's fun."           Fences are mended though,            Obama, meaning "blessed by God" in Arabic has become a symbol of hope that anything is pos-
      According to a 2006 Entertain-     and Pixar's fully involved with      sible, not only for African Americans, but for the human race is general. Voted Time magazine's "100
   ment Weekly, back when Pixar          the making of part three in glori-   most influential people in the world" in 2005 and 2007, Obama will forever be recognized for his
   and Disney almost parted ways,        ous 3-D. The beloved toys face       confidence, determination and strength.
   Disney was planning to go full        much competition this summer
   speed ahead without Pixar on          movie season though from Iron          "I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's   keeperthat makes this country work."
   Toy Story 3.                          Man, Edward and Bella, and the                        'Barack Obama
      The disregarded plot involved      A-Team.
   all the Buzz Lightyear toys be-         Who will be the summer               Reminders:
   coming defective and getting          champ that goes to infinity and         'Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this year's Black History Month events. Con-
   recalled back to the corporate        beyond at the box office?            tinue to come out every Thursday to BSU meetings, at 5:15 p.m. in Carter Hall's Multipurpose Room!
   toy company office in Taiwan to         Buzz and the toys are ready           'Our Annual Trip has been rescheduled to March 20, 2010. We will travel to Wilberforce, Ohio to
   be fixed. Woody and the other         to play.                             The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center.
   toys discover that Buzz won't

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   PAGE 10                                                                                CM TIMES                                                                             FEBRUARY 26, 2010

     Three's Company: Vulcan CHA team heads to playoffs
   By ALLISON STEINHEISER                 play. The women's team played
   For the Cal Times
                                          in Hagerstown, Md. Feb. 20
                                          against American University
     Even though the CHA hockey           and won to advance to the final
   team may not get the atten-            against the University of Vir-
   tion of the CHE team here at           ginia the following day. Unfor-
   California University, they are        tunately, the team was not able
   a vital part of the Cal hockey         to hold of the Lady Cavs, and
   program. With their season             lost a heart breaker by a score
   finishing up with a win against        of 3-2. The CHE team is gearing
   Carnegie Mellon University Feb.        up for playoffs this weekend as
   20, the team was able to clinch        well. They have clinched a bye
   first place in the College Hockey      in the first round and are look-
   Association.                           ing to win their fourth straight
      The CHA team finished with a        College Hockey East division
   10-3 record in CHAplay, amass-         championship.
   ing 20 points, good for first place      While the both the CHE and
   in the CHA South Division.             women's teams have experi-
   The Vulcans were followed by           ences of winning division titles,
   CCAC (18 points), Pitt-Greens-         the CHA Vulcans are trying to
   burg (13 points), and Carnegie         avenge past playoff experiences.
   Mellon University (11 points).         They have made the playoffs
   In the north, St. John-Fisher fin-     almost every year of their exis-
   ished with 19 points, followed         tence; however, they have failed
   by Canisius (18 points).               to win a championship. They
      By making the playoffs, Cal         will be looking to doso this year
   hockey was able to score the hat       in the CHA Playoffs, which take                                                                                             j'
   trick of having all three hockey       place in Rochester, N.Y. Feb. 27                                                                                           PHOTO BY: GEoFF BERNSTEIN
   teams advance into post season                                              Dustin Snare (above) has helped California's CHA team to the playoffs as they seek their first CHA Championship.
                                          and 28.

   Junìor Brìce Myers breaks Williams claims fourth
                               PSAC West Honor
   school record at Kent State                                                                                        By SPORTS INFORMATION
                                                                                                                      For the Cal Times
   By SPORTS INFORMATION                  hundredths of a second and be-       close behind in 15:46.58.
                                                                                                                         After a milestone week, Cali-
   For the Cal Times                      came one of only three hurdlers        Freshman Gavin Volosky (Du-
                                                                                                                      fornia University of Pennsyl-
                                          in Division II to run a sub-eight    bois, Pa./Dubois) also qualified
     California University of Penn-       second race this season. After       for the league championships on
                                                                                                                      vania senior guard Brooque
   sylvania junior Brice Myers                                                                                        Williams (Pittsburgh/Perry)
                                          finishing second at last year's      Saturday, finishing the 800-me-
   (Pittsburgh I McDowell) broke                                                                                      captured the Pennsylvania State
                                          PSAC Championships, Myers            ter run in a season-best time of
   his own school record in the                                                                                       Athletic Conference (PSAC)
                                          enters next weekend's cham-          1:57.93.
   60-meter hurdles and won the                                                                                       West Player of the Week award
                                          pionship at the top seed in the         In the 400-meter dash, ju-
   event with a NCAA Division                                                                                         for the fourth time this season
                                          55-meter hurdles.                    nior Frank Ehrensberger (Saint
   II Championship automatic-                                                  Marys, Pa./Elk County Catho-
                                                                                                                      on Monday, announced the
                                            Also in the finals of the 60-me-
   qualifying time on Saturday                                                                                        league office.
                                 ter hurdles, freshman Toby                    lic) crossed the finish line fourth
                                                                                                                         Williams averaged 26.0 points,
   at the Kent State Tune-Up. In Oduho (Erie, Pa./Cathedral                    overall with a time of 48.65
   addition, the Vulcans also quali-                                                                                  7.0 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 5.0
                                          Prep) finished eighth overall        seconds. Freshman Da'Joun
   fled three new entries for next                                                                                    steals, as the Vulcans took sole
                                          with a season-best and PSAC-         Heidelberg (Erie, Pa./Cathedral
   weekend's Pennsylvania State                                                                                       possession of second place in the        PHOTO COURTESY OF CALVULCANS.COM
                                          qualifying time of 8.57 seconds.     Prep) also posted a season-best
   Athletic Conference (PSAC)                                                                                         PSAC West standings. During             Brooque Williams is currently
                                             The Vulcans qualified a pair of   time of 7.01 seconds to finish                                                 second among California's all time
   Championships.                                                                                                     the week, she became only the
                                          runners for the PSAC Champi-         seventh in the 60-meter dash.                                                  scoring leaders, needing roughly loo
      Myers posted his fourth victo-                                                                                  second player in school history
                                          onships in the 5,000-meter run,        The Vulcans return to action                                                 points to pass Sara McKinney.
   ry of the season in the 60-meter                                                                                   and 11th player in league his-
                                          as sophomore Tim Lahmers             Saturday, Feb. 28, when they                                                   careers with 2,000 points and
   hurdles, crossing the finish line                                                                                  tory to score 2,000 career points.
                                          (Delmont, Pa. I Franklin Region-     open competition at the PSAC                                                   1,000 rebounds.
   in the finals in an amazing 7.99                                                                                   Williams also is now one of only
                                          al) posted a season-best time of     Championships in Edinboro, Pa.                                                   This season, Williams ranks
   seconds. The McDowell product                                                                                      three players in PSAC history to
                                          15 minutes, 43.99 seconds and        before taking part in the NCAA                                                 second in the league in scoring
   broke his previous school-best                                                                                     collect 400 steals in a career.
                                          freshman Chris Werner (Chesa-        Championships in Albuquer-                                                     at 20.3 points per game and is
   mark set last week by four-                                                                                           Against rival IUP on Feb. 17,
                                          peake, Va. I Western Branch) was     que, N.M., March 11-13.                                                        fifth in rebounding with 8.7 per
                                                                                                                      the Pittsburgh native scored a
                                                                                                                      game-high 27 points (17 in the          game. She also leads the 16-team
                                                                           The book on:                               first half) after hitting 13-of-25      conference and ranks among
                                                                                                                      shots from the field. She added         the nation's elite with 4.1 steals
                                                                                            BRICE MYERS
                                                                                                                      six rebounds, two assists and           per game.
                                                                         Class                                        two steals in the 75-56 win                California is currently in sec-
                                                                                                         Junior       against the Crimson Hawks.              ond place in the PSAC West, and
      SAC                                                                Specialty Event                                 Williams then posted her 15th        is looking to wrap up the spot
      MPIOMS    C   *U7                                                                                               20-point game of the season             and earn home field advantage
                                                                                                       Hurdles        on Feb. 20 in an 80-44 victory          in the first round of the PSAC
                                                                         Height                                       over Edinboro, finishing with           Tournament. The first round
                                                                                                             6-2      25 points on 10-of-21 attempts          will be held on March 2 at 7
                                                                         Hometown                                     from the floor and 5-of-li from         p.m., and the PSAC Tournament
                                                                                                                      the free-throw line. She also           semifinals and finals will be held
                                                                                              Pittsburgh, Pa.
                                                                                                                      finished with eight rebounds,           on March 5 and 6 at the site of
                                                                         High School                                  four assists and a season-high          the top seed in the PSAC West.
                                                                                                    McDowell          eight steals.                           Times for those games have yet
                                                                                                                         The award is the 12th of her         to be announced.
                                                                         2008-09 Highlights                           career after receiving it five            The Vulcans are also looking
                                                                         *PSAC Indoor Track Athlete of Year           times as a junior and three times       to earn a berth into the NCAA
                                                                         *AllAmerican at the NCAA Indoor              as a sophomore in 2007. Wil-            Tournament, which would be
                                                                         Track and Field Championships                hams is within reach of joining         their first under head coach
                                                                         *Finished 2nd in 55-meter hurdles            Sara McKinney - the program's           Mark Swasey. Stay tuned to
                                         PHOTO BY: JESSICA ZOMBEK        (7.599 seconds)                              all-time leading scorer and re-         www.caltimes .org for more in-
                                                                         *Finished 3rd in 60-meter hurdles            bounder - as the only players           formation on the Vulcan baske-
     Bryce Myers (above) has set two school records and has won a
     PSAC Track Athlete of the Week award earlier this season.           (8.12 seconds)                               in school history to finish their       ball teams.

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   FEBRUARY 26, 2010                                                                         CM TIMES                                                                                          PAGE 11

   Vulcan swìmmers set records, tìnìsb tìttb at PSACs
   By SPORTS INFORMATION                                                                                                                                            200 butterfly, freshman Bruna
   For the Cal Times                                                                                                                                                Carvalho (Para, Brazil/Miltom
                                                                                                                                                                    Campos) posted a NCAA 'B'
     Behind four top-10 finishes in                                                                                                                                 qualifying time of 2:10.56. Also
   the finals on Sunday, the Calif or-                                                                                                                              in the event, sophomore Ellie
   nia University of Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                   Imhof (Bradford, Pa. / Bradford)
   swimming team moved up one                                                                                                                                       posted a personal-best time of
   position to finish in fifth place at                                                                                                                             2:14.67, which was nearly 15
   the Pennsylvania State Athletic                                                                                                                                  seconds off her seed time.
   Conference (PSAC) Champion-                                                                                                                                        West Chester won the PSAC
   ships.                                                                                                                                                           Championship for the fourth-
     The fifth-place team finish                                                                                                                                    straight season with an un-
   by the Vulcans in 2010 ranks as                                                                                                                                  touchable 756 points. Clarion
   the second-best performance in                                                                                                                                   finished in second with 469
   program history at the PSAC                                                                                                                                      points followed by Shippens-
   Championships behind only                                                                                                                                        burg (397) and Kutztown (351).
   last year's third-place showing.                                                                                                                                 On the final day of competition,
     The Vulcans received 32                                                                                                                                        California moved passed Gan-
   points in the team standings                                                                                                                                     non to finish fifth in the team
   after the 400 freestyle relay of                                                                                                                                 standings with 323 points while
   sophomore Melissa Gates (Lan-                                                                                                                                    the Golden Knights tallied 299
   caster, Pa./Conestoga Valley),                                                                                                                                   points. Bloomsburg came in
   senior Rachel Kurta (McDonald,                                                                                                                                   seventh, Edinboro eighth, Lock
   Pa./South Fayette), freshman                                                                                                                                     Haven ninth, and IUP rounded
   Kelly Geras (Reading, Pa.!                                                                                                                                       out the top ten.
   Muhlenberg) and graduate                                                                                                     PHOTO By: APRIL STANISZEWSKI
                                                                                                                                                                      The Vulcans conclude their
   student Ester Bosch (Barcelona,        (From left to right) Ester Bosch, Melissa Gates, Kelly Geras and Rachel Kurta finished third overall in the PSAC finals   season when they send six
   Spain/Universidad Ramon Il-            last week. The Vulcan squad finished with a 6-10 overall record, but posted a 5-1 record at home during the season.       swimmers - Bosch, Emert,
   lull) finished third overall in the    swam a NCAA Championship                 Emert made a NCAA 'B' time                 Emert was also a part of the          Gates, Geras, Kurta and fresh-
   finals with a time of 3 minutes,       'B' time at 52.12 seconds.               of 2:07.41.                              record-setting 800 freestyle relay      man Caitlyn Sirkoch (Plum,
   31.25 seconds.                           Freshman Georgia Emert                   Emert also eclipsed a school           on Saturday night. The relay of         Pa./Plum) - to compete at the
     Gates and Bosch posted back-         (Lancaster, Pa./Hempfield)               record in the 400 IM with a time         Bosch, Emert, Gates and Geras           NCAA Championships, which
   to-back finishes in the 100 free-      closed her impressive perfor-            of 4 minutes, 32.94 seconds on           finished third in the finals with       will be held in Canton, Ohio,
   style, finishing third and fourth,     mance at the PSAC Champion-              Saturday. In the preliminaries           a record time of 7:46.34. The           from March 11-14.
   respectively. Gates shaved near-       ships by finishing sixth over-           the previous day, she eclipsed           previous school record of 7:47.03         Visit calvulcans.com for more
   ly two-tenths of a second off her      all in the 200 backstroke after          the previous record set at last          was also set at the 2009 PSAC           the latest information on the
   preliminary time to finish the fi-     touching the wall in 2:07.73. In         year's league championships by           Championships.                          Vulcans swimming program.
   nals in 51.13 seconds and Bosch        the preliminaries of the event,          April Staniszewski.                        In the preliminaries of the

   Making waves: Melissa Gates swims to the top
                                       "Joining Cal's swim team                    the value of team work, friend-          have to protect it. People can't        and swimming," Gates said.
   For the Cal Times
                                     helped me to improve my times,                ship, and that nothing is out            do something themselves they               The woman go on to compete
                                     especially in the 50 and 100 free-            of your reach. She stays fully           want to tell you that you can't         at the NCAA Division II Swim-
      The women's swim team is style, and I knew I just wanted                     focused to reaching her goals            do it. If you want something, go        ming and Diving Nationals in
   known for being on top of their to keep swimming after high                     with her team mates.                     get it. Period.'                        Canton, Ohio March 10 to 13.
   game and leaving their competi- school and see where it would                     "I love the quote from the                "In the end, the only one that          Gates hopes she and the team
   tion in the dust, but one student take me."                                     movie The Pursuit of Happi-              can get you to reach your goals         can end the season by working
   seems to stand out on the team.     Gates serves as only one mcm-               ness: 'If you have a dream, you          is you, and that applies in life        toward their highest ranking.
      Melissa Gates (sophomore- ber out of the 14 woman on the
   environmental science) has team. She feels the team is very
   helped lead the women's team close and that is a key factor in
   to record-breaking achieve- their success.
   ments in the 50 meter freestyle     "By the end of the season the
   and the 100 meter breast stroke team is like my second family.,"
   events.                           she said. "We go through every-
      She is also an All-American thing together and are always
   member of the 200 freestyle supporting each other."
   relay, and a three time All-        The team's success, as well as
   American honorable mention at her own, have been showcased
   this past year's NCAA Division in the previous NCAA and
   II nationals.                     PSAC competitions.
      Gates was one of the captains    "This past PSAC meet we
   at Conestoga Valley High School earned 5th out of 14 teams in our
   in Lancaster, Pa. and wanted to conference, which is very good,
   continue swimming throughout considering a lot of the girls are
   her college years.                freshmen," Gates said. "Only
      "In high school, I made it to three out of the 14 members this
   the PIAA state meet and YMCA year were upper classmen. We
   nationals my senior year, which have even swam against some
   really helped me get the experi- Division I teams, like Pitt and
   ence of a big competiton," Gates Marshall."
   said.                               Swimming has taught Gates

          The book            ou     MELISSA GA1S
     Hometown                             High School
                     Lancaster, Pa.               Conestoga Valley
     Specialty                            Class
         Freestyle/Breaststroke                                sophomore
     2008-09 Highlights                                                                                                                                                PHOTO By: APRIL STANISZEWSKI
              Gates finished with the best overall times on the Vulcans            Melissa Gates (above) has set numerous school records in her two years as a member of the Vulcans squad. She was
     squad in the 50 freestyle, 50 breast, and 100 breast races.                   also a part of the 800-freelance relay that set a school record at the PSAC Championships with a time of 7:46.34.

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   PAGE 12
                                                                                        SPORTS                                                                                          FEBRUARY   26, 2010

   Leag ue of The ì r Own                                                                                 A sneak peek atVulcan Softball 2010

   Vulcans look to repeat as PSAC West champs                                                                                 The Road to Victory                  Cal's 2010 Schedule
                                                                                                                                                   Home games are played at
   By ALIx KUNKLE                                                                                                                          Consol Energy Field in Washington, Pa.
   Sports Editor                                                                                                              3-6        Sciences in Philadelphia    Away *        1 p.m.
     The Vulcan softball team
                                                                                                                              3-6        Saginaw Valley (Mich.)      Away *        3 p.m.
   finished 35-10 last season and                                                                                                                                           *
   advanced to the NCAA Re-                                                                                                   3-7        Truman State (Mo.)          Away          9 a.m.
                                                                                                                              3-7        Northwood (Mich.)           Away   *      1 p.m.
   gional Championship game last
   season.                                                                                                                    3-8        Concordia-St. Paul          Away   *      3 p.m.
     With the wealth of talent                                                                                                3-8        Stonehill (Mass.)           Away   *      5 p.m.
   returning to the Vulcans this                                                                                              3-9        Southwest Minnesota State Away *          9 a.m.
   season, an NCAA championship                                                                                                                                             *
   may not be out of the question.                                                                                            3-9        Northern Kentucky           Away          11 a.m.
      The Vulcans return their top                                                                                            3-10       Minnesota State-Mankato     Away   *      11 a.m.
   six hitters, including first base-                                                                                         3-10       Ferris State (Mich.)        Away *        3 p.m.
   man Julia Mueller and second                                                                                               3-11       New York Institute          Away *        i p.m.
   baseman Julie Mackenzie, as                                                                                                3-11       C.W. Post                   Away *        3 p.m.
   well as their top three pitchers,
   including Maria Greco and So-                                                                                              3-12       Wheeling Jesuit             Away *        3 p.m.
   nia Petrosoniak, and have been                                                                                             3-12       Lynn (Fla.)                 Away   *      6:30 p.m.
   chosen to be the favorites in the                                                                                          3-19       Wheeling Jesuit             Away %        7 p.m.
   PSAC West.                                                                                                                 3-20       Charleston (W.Va.)          Away %        11 a.m.
      The Vulcans, who finished
                                                                                                                              3-20       Alderson-Broaddus (W. Va.) Away %         5 p.m.
   first in the PSAC West last sea-
   son, are banking off of that co-                                                                                           3-21       Davis & Elkins              Away %        9 a.m.
   maraderie to help propel them                                                                                              3-21       West Liberty                Away %        11 a.m.
   further into the playoffs.                                                                                                 3-24       Edinboro (DH) #             Home          2:30 p.m.
      "We returned a lot of girls                                                                                             3-26       Mercyhurst (DH) #           Away          2:30 p.m.
   from last season and we have
                                                                                                                              3/27       Clarion (DH)                Home          1 p.m.
   high expectations, and we are
   all working hard and hope to                                                                                               3-30       Slippery Rock (DH) #        Away          2:30 p.m.
   have a great season," Melissa                                                                                              4-2        Gannon (DH) #               Home          2:30 p.m.
   Lupinacci said.                                                                                                            4-3        Edinboro #                  Away          1 p.m.
      Cal's top six hitters are noth-                                                                                         4-7        IUP (DH)                    Home          2:30 p.m.
   ing to pass over, though. Julia
                                                                                                                              4-10       Shippensburg (DH)           Away          1 p.m.
   Mueller hit 0.357 last year to
   lead the team. Alyson Johnson                                                                                              4-11       Lake Erie (DH)              Away          1 p.m.

   hit   13   home runs and Jillian                                                                                           4-13       Mercyhurst (DH)   #         Home          2:30 p.m.
   Russell eight to pace the squad,                                                                                           4-16       Slippery Rock               Home          2:30 p.m.
   and Julie Mackenzie, the second                                                          PHOTO BY: DAVID HAGUE
                                                                                                                              4-17       Gannon (DH) #               Away          1 p.m.
   basemen, stole 12 bases in 12 at-          Junior Maria Greco (above) posted 147 strikeouts in just 137 innings
                                              last season. She looks to propel a veteran Vulcan squad into a playoff          4-18       Lock Haven (DH)             Away          1 p.m.
   tempts. Seven returning players
   hit over .300, and each had at             opportunity.                                                                    4-21       Davis and Elkins (DH)       Home          2 p.m.
   least 20 RBI.                          (Petrosoniak, Greco, and Sha-              of California pitchers.                  4-23       PSAC Semifinals             TBA           TBA
     The pitching staff is just as        heen) had ERAs under 2.00, and             Stacy Skiavo also contributed to         *          Games held in Savannah, Ga. as part of Savannah Invitational
   impressive. All three pitchers         hitters hit a combined 0.209 off           this report.                             #          PSAC West match

   B est of tb e tIest
                                                                                                  California returns six starters from last season. Here's a
                                                                                                    look at their starting nine for the upcoming season.
                Alyson Johnson                 Ij           Julia Mueller                              Julie Mackenzie

                                                                                                                                                 Danielle Easton                      Jillian Russell

   Height                                 Height                                      TT
                                                                                      rueight                                      ileight                              Eleight
              5-4                                  5-9                                           5-5                                     5-7                                 5-8
   Class                                  Class                                       Class                                        Class                                Class
      Soph.                                         Sr.                                          Sr,                                       Jr.                             Soph.
   Bats                                   Bats                                        Bats                                         Bats                                 Bats
      Right                                   Left                                      Right                                         Right                                  Right
   Throws                                 Throws                                      Throws                                       Throws                               rhrows
      Right                                   Left                                      Right                                         Right                                  Right
   #22.   ,,from Waynesburg, Pa...       #l2,,,from Bairdford, Pa...led all #25 from Mississauga, On-
                                                                                            ..                                    #lO,,,from Hanover, Pa...third       #l6,,,from London, Ontario...
   provded a power boost from            Vulcan hitters with a 0.357 aver-           tario . ..led Vulcans with 1 7 doubles       on Cal with a 0.421 OBP...one of     second on squad with 8 HR and
   behind the plate , hitting i 3 home   age...second on the team with a             and second with 15 walks in 132              only two Vulcans with more walks     three tripples . ..third on squad with
   runs in 144 AB.                       0.987 fielding percentage.                  AB last season.                              than srikouets.                      81 total basess.

                          Kayleigh Braim                                 Laurel Marshalek                                         Merissa Daley                                Maria Greco


                                                          CF eight                                               Teight                                        Height
                    5-2      i                                    5-6                                                5-3                                             6-2
          Class                                           Class                                             Class                                              Class
                    Sr,                                      Soph,                                                     Jr.                                             Jr.
          Bats                                             ats                                              i:   ats                                           Bats
              Left                                           Right                                               S witch                                         Right
          Throws                                           hrows                                                 hrows                                         Throws
            Right                                            Right                                                Right                                          Right
         #6,,,from Macungie, Pa...third                   #24.   . from Scenery Hill, Pa...ap-              #7  . . ,from Whitby, Ontario...ap-
                                                                                                                                                             #92.   , ,from Pickering, Ontario...

         on squad with a 0.347 average and                peared in 17 games for the Vulcans,               peared in 40 games for California and            the staff ace on the Vulcan squad,
         second with 10 doubles...led Vulcan              hitting 0.231 with 3 hits in 13 AB...             posted a perfect 3-3 SB, second on the           posting a 15-6 record and 12 com-
         squad with 52 hits and three 3B.                 alao posted a perfect i .000 fielding             squad...also scored 17 runs in 64 AB.            plete games. Also struck out 147.

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