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									                           GACTE Conference
                           Wednesday, July 23

Vickie Rundbaken
Executive Director
   FCCLA Membership
   Affiliation Packets
Be Part of It! is your guide to kicking off your year with a bang! The
2008-2009 Be Part of It! membership campaign is now in a content-
rich, easy-to use, CD format! The CD is filled with all of the resources,
project ideas, and tools necessary to start or maintain your FCCLA
chapter. Packaging will include the Be Part of It! poster and the At-A-
Glance poster.
         CD Features:
                   An easy to use format, similar to FCCLA Chapter
                   Handbook CD
                   Pictures of FCCLA students and advisers
                   Intro to FCCLA Lesson Plan
                   Several pages of project ideas
                   New chapter adviser section
                   Middle level and Urban sections
                       Membership calendar
                           Step One Activity and Recognition Certificate
News from National FCCLA
   New STAR Events Competition for 2008-2009

   •Touch the Future…Teach!     Junior, Senior and Occupational
   •Chapter Promotion          Junior, Senior and Occupational

   New Publications

   •FCCLA…What’s It All About? DVD


   •The FCCLA Guide to Preparing
                Future Advisers
 August 2008
    Membership Recruitment
    Program of Work sent to State Office

 September 2008
    Complete Online Affiliation and send a copy to the State Office

12– Georgia News submission deadline mailed to Talia Mangus,
         Vice President of Public Relations – Houston County High School

14– Deadline to complete Online Registration for Fall Leadership Rally at the
         Georgia National Fair

 14– Deadline to submit applications for the Fair Booth Exhibit, Brochure Event,
       Chili Cook-off, Culinary Competition, and Knowledge Bowl
       Competition at the Georgia National Fair

 23-29 – Fair Booth set up at the Georgia National Fair Grounds

 25-28 – Ultimate State Officer Academy
            in Washington D.C.
October 2008
1- Fall Conference Registration Completed Online

7 – Qualification Match for Knowledge Bowl Competition and
  Chili Cook-Off Competition at the Georgia National Fair

8 – Final Rounds for the Knowledge Bowl Competition,
  Brochure Event and Culinary Competition

8 – Fall Leadership Rally at the Georgia National Fair

10 – Jacksonville, FL Cluster Meeting Registration

  24-25- Fall Conference at Jekyll Island, GA

           29- Late Registration for Cluster Meeting due to
                       National Office
November 2008

1 – Affiliation Deadline to be Eligible for Honor Roll

14-16 – National Cluster Meetings in Jacksonville FL & Providence RI

21-23 – National Cluster Meetings in Cincinnati, OH & Dallas, TX

December 2008

4-6 – ACTE National Meeting in Charlotte, NC

January 2009

TBA – FCS Teacher In-Service

8– Japanese Exchange Program Application due to the National Office

16 – Georgia News Submission Deadline
February 2009
1 – Master/Mentor Adviser Forms due to State Office

2 – STAR Events Application forms due to State Office
*** Deadline to affiliate STAR Events participants****

13 – State Scholarship Applications due to State Office and
          State Officer Applications due to State Office

8-14 – National FCCLA Week
TBA – FCCLA Day at the State Capitol

25 - All Postmarked by:
   ◦   National Award Applications to State Office
   ◦   State Project Reporting Form (short form)
   ◦   Honor Roll Notebook
   ◦   Honorary Membership Nomination Forms
   ◦   Scholarship/Gold Quest/Joint Camp/New Horizons/Foundation Fund Contributions
   ◦   Power of One Applications
   ◦   Step One - List of Recipients due to State and National Offices
   ◦   State Officer Selection Committee Applications
   ◦   Be Part of It! Recognition

                                            28 - Region STAR Events
March 2009

3 – Deadline to register for State Leadership Meeting Registration Online

19-21 – State Leadership Meeting at the Classic Center in Athens, GA

April 2009

1 – Be Part of It! Recognition Applications due to National Office

17 – Registration and Payment for National Meeting due to State Office

May 2009

25-29– Summer Leadership Camp at the Georgia FFA/FCCLA Center

June 2009

1-5,8-12,15-19 Summer Leadership Camp at the Georgia FFA/FCCLA Center
TBA– Summer Camp at Camp John Hope

                               July 2009

                               12-16 – National Leadership Meeting in Nashville, TN
Up the Voltage!
     Be Part of It! Campaign
     Adopt A Chapter
     Local Alumni & Associates

Get Wired!
  Georgia Read More
  Student Body
  Legislative Connection
  Helping Hands – Feed the Children

$The Power Generator$
Gold Quest Bronze $25, Silver $50, Gold $75, Platinum $100
Joint Camp
Library Fund *New this year!
State Scholarship Fund
Georgia FCCLA Foundation (New Horizons Fund)
Georgia FCCLA
220 Smithonia Road
Winterville, GA 30684
(706) 742-5816
F (706) 742-7591

National Office
1910 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191-1584
(703) 476-4900
F (703) 860-2713

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