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					                                    CPSC 510 Algorithms
                                         Fall 2010

                                   Midterm Exam Review
The midterm is on Monday, November 8th in class.

 Unit 1: Introduction / Analysis of Algorithms
        o Best-case, average-case, worst-case
        o Growth of functions using big-O notation
        o Divide and conquer algorithms
        o Analyzing divide and conquer recurrences
        o Lower bound limits
 Unit 2: Parallel Algorithms
        o Developing parallel algorithms using: parallel, spawn, and sync
        o Parallel algorithm performance: work, span, speedup, parallelism
 Unit 3: Randomized Algorithms
        o Probabilistic analysis for average-case behavior
        o Developing and analyzing algorithms with random decisions
 Unit 4: Selection and Sorting
        o Median in worst-case linear time
        o Counting sort
        o Radix sort
        o Bucket sort
 Unit 5: Greedy Algorithms
        o Designing greedy algorithms
        o Proving the greedy choice leads to an optimal solution.

From a mathematical perspective, you should be able to:
 Derive a non-recursive formula from a divide and conquer recurrence that uses the Master Method.
 Derive a non-recursive formula for iterative recurrences (such as HW1 – problem 2d)
 Analyze the run-time of a (possibly parallel) algorithm by computing the run time of each statement
   and then combining the results appropriately.
 Compute average-time using probabilities
       o Summation of an arithmetic series

The following topics are NOT on the exam:
 Amortized analysis (Unit 1)
 OpenMP (Unit 2)
 Different ways of implementing parallel programs such as threads, message passing, etc. (Unit 2)
 Amdahl’s law (Unit 2)

In addition, it is not necessary to know the specific algorithms for problems discussed in class or done as
homework assignments. For instance, I’m not going to ask you to trace through an example of a parallel
merge sort.

Additional Comments:
 You are allowed to bring one 8.5” by 11” sheet of notes. You can fill both sides. No other reference
   material or books are allowed. The exam itself will not contain any reference information. Each
   person must bring their own sheet of notes (no sharing).
 Electronic equipment such as calculators, laptops, PDAs, and cell phones are not permitted.
 The exam will start promptly at 3:45pm and will end at 5:25pm (100 minutes). Extra time will not be
   given for students who arrive late.
 The questions are not in any particular order with respect to difficulty.



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