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CRWLC Presentation PowerPoint Presentation Rally

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CRWLC Presentation PowerPoint Presentation Rally

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									Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.®

         2009 National Theme

   Creating Inspiration:
    A Call to Service
   Province Council Presentation
             Brother Elwood Shannon, Chairman
             Brother Jimmy McMikle, Co-chairman
             2009 Province Council


The purpose of this document is to provide a
  comprehensive guide that all provinces
  should follow in outlining a C. Rodger
  Wilson Leadership Conference so there
  will be consistency throughout Kappa. In
  order to implement this program these
  recommendations were presented to the
  Grand Board of Directors, twelve Province
  Polemarchs and the CRWLC chairmen
  from those Provinces.
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

The C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conferences
 will be scheduled during the month of
 September whenever possible. If a September
 date is not feasible, each Province should
 schedule its CRWLC in October. If the
 geographical expanse of the Province is so vast
 as to require more than one session and/or
 location of the CRWLC, every effort should be
 made to conduct them all by the end of
 October of each year.
    The purpose of this move will
     accomplish several goals:
• All Provinces will hear our Grand Chapter
  initiatives and their own Province initiatives
  at the same time (September) allowing all of
  October through the time of province
  reporting (March) to fulfill those initiatives.
• Because CRWLC will occur earlier in the
  “semester” or shortly after elections are
  held, the works and programs of the
  chapters will begin at the start of our fiscal
  year (October 1) enhancing the “one Kappa”
  2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

• This will allow more time to put initiatives and actions
  into practice than if scattered throughout the fall. An
  example would be the GLAD initiative for
  undergraduate chapters. It was first presented at the
  Southwestern Province CRWLC in early September
  2007. As a result the majority of chapters hosting
  presentations that year were from that Province as it
  allowed them more time (Oct through March) to plan
  and implement.
• The CRWLC will return to its original purpose of
  “training for leadership” as intake would occur later.
2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

    • The Province Polemarchs shall commit to having a 1½
      to 2 day CRWLC that includes ten mandatory
      workshops offered to attendees that began in 2008.

    • The Province Polemarchs shall commit to supporting
      mandatory workshops during CRWLC for:
       – Team Building
       – Living the Ritual
       – Etiquette, Customs and Traditions
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

• In addition mandatory officer workshops for
  Polemarch, Keeper of Records, Keeper of Exchequer,
  MOIP Chairman, Chapter Advisor and Chapter
  Reporter will be offered.
• Province Polemarchs shall commit to having a
  minimum of one page added to their Province website
  dedicated to CRWLC. Brothers will be able to access
  information about CRWLC at their discretion 24/7.
• Each Province website will be linked to the National
  CRWLC page on the IHQ website. The National
  CRWLC site will be expanded from one page to a
  dedicated link. This CRWLC site should have a
  launch date of August 1, 2009.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

• Provinces will provide time-and-place
  information for their fall CRWLC to the
  national committee within two weeks after the
  conclusion of their province council meeting.

• Province CRWLC chairmen will attend a train-
  the-trainer workshop during the 79th Grand
  Chapter Meeting in Washington, D.C.
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

• Each Province CRWLC chairman will at the
  conclusion of his province’s conference,
  forward a copy of the program used to
  Brothers Elwood Shannon and Jimmy
  McMikle for review. Province chairmen will
  also forward an online report detailing the
  statistics of the conference within two weeks
  of conclusion of CRWLC. (This tool is being
  developed by Brother Vinson Latimore of
  Seattle Alumni).
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

• Site visits will be conducted by Brothers
  Shannon and McMikle during fall 2009 to
  assess the implementation of the new format.
  This will ensure consistency in information
  and training relayed throughout the fraternity
  and enhance the “One Kappa” concept.
  Findings will be compiled and a final report
  forwarded to all Province CRWLC chairmen,
  the Leadership Development & Career
  Development Cluster Chairman, Brother
 2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Brother Boris Ricks. This report will be made
available in time for the spring Grand Board of
Director’s Meeting.
          Format for CRWLC
• Location – Whenever possible the preferred
  location of meeting space for a CRWLC will
  be a college campus. Placing our conference
  on a campus brings the fraternity back to its
  origins and establishes a reconnect and
  relationship with colleges and universities
  where there are chapters of Kappa. Or,
  perhaps on campuses where there is no Kappa
  presence, this may present the possibility of
  Kappa expansion.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Undergraduate Think Tank – During the time at the
 CRWLC an undergraduate think tank or summit
 conducted by the undergraduate leadership of the
 province will be offered. It will be a closed session
 for undergraduates only as it allows undergrads to
 meet on their own terms and discuss their own
 agenda. This is not to be confused with the
 Undergraduate Luncheon. This “think tank” is the #1
 priority of the Grand Polemarch as it relates to the
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Workshops – All workshop presentations will be
 conducted by a team that consists of an alumni
 and undergraduate presenter. Listing on the
 program should be with the undergraduate
 brother’s name preceding the alumni brother.
 This promotes the sharing of information
 between alumni/undergraduate presenters and
 provides an example of team work that
 chapters in attendance can mirror.
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

A Chapter Reporter’s Workshop is being added
 to the list of required officer workshops. One
 point of the Kappa Commitment is
 Communications: to enhance communications
 at every level, both internally and externally,
 focusing attention on the need to make Kappa
 Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc and its achievements
 known throughout the world. This workshop
 will enhance chapters’ abilities to report and
 publicize the good works of the fraternity.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

The Chapter Reporter’s Workshop will include tips on
  writing effective press releases and developing
  relationships with the majority and minority press,
  both on campus and in the community.
Supplemental workshop topics may be added to
  presentations based upon the need or pleasure of the
  Province. Such topics may include: The Basics of
  Grant Writing, Guide Right/Kappa League, Dress for
  Success, Interviewing Skills, and Presenting a
  CARE/GLAD program.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Songfest – Each Province shall dedicate a minimum
  of 15 minutes to the singing of Kappa Songs at
  the start of the General Session of the conference.
  This pre-meeting time will be used as a rally to
  get Brothers motivated to take on the challenges
  that will be presented later in the session. Now
  that IHQ has provided a new Songbook of Kappa,
  chapters should return to learning and singing the
  songs of our fraternity. Please contact your
  province musical director for details or Brother
  Leonard Morton, our National Music Chairman.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

National Website – The current page on the IHQ
  website referencing the CRWLC will expand to a
  dedicated section. This site will provide a recap of
  Grand Chapter initiatives presented at the province
  CRWLC. Information contained will be available
  until next year’s conference and will be updated as
  needed. Chapters will have year-round access to this
  information and it will be available for them to
  reference as needed in spring or fall, e.g. Sunday of
  Hope, CARE/GLAD, or other resource information.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

This site will also direct Brothers to supplemental
  resources regarding Leadership, Team Building
  and Etiquette. Examples would be recommended
  books for reading from our Grand Polemarch;
  biographies of, or books authored by Brothers of
  our fraternity; online assessments to test your
  leadership potential; any resource to assist
  Brothers with personal development to fulfill
  responsibilities to themselves and their chapters.
  This is being done in anticipation of the new
  automation initiative that is coming forth.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Social Activities – Should the province have two
  nights of social activities for brothers to
  participate in (Friday and Saturday), one of those
  nights should be dedicated to a joint social
  function with both alumni and undergrad brothers
  present. No longer should there be two nights of
  separate alumni socials and undergrad parties.
  One of those nights should be dedicated to a joint
  function where both groups are accommodated
  and considered.
      2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Many provinces have a golf outing for early arrivals
 to the conference. Those who do are encouraged
 to use this outing as more of an educational or
 social experience for undergrads as opposed to the
 usual. As undergrads are not expected to own
 golf clubs the alumni brother should include them
 on the outing or take them to a driving range if
 time and weather permits. If not done prior to the
 start of the conference it may be done at the close
 of the session. There is an unofficial website at that can be a resource for this
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

While weather may be a factor in some
 Provinces during autumn and prevent
 some from hitting the links, brothers may
 also resort to other activities such as a
 ROPES course or some indoor activity to
 foster camaraderie. Dominoes,
 backgammon or a chess tournament may
 provide a means for brothers to bridge the
 gap between alumni and undergraduate.
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Vendors – In addition to having the usual
 vendors present during the conference,
 consider having a university or local
 representative from INROADS present
 and available to speak with brothers
 about their program. INROADS is the
 minority organization that grooms and
 prepares students for internships and the
 corporate world.
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Because our preferred location will be the
 college campus you might also have a
 representative from the college bookstore
 as a vendor with books that are available
 addressing leadership, team building, or
 books that are authored by, or about
 brothers of Kappa.
  2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

CRWLC Suggested Program Guide

 -      Event for consideration
 +     Recommended event
 *     Required event
            CRWLC Program Guide
Friday morning
- Golf outing with alumni and undergrads at a driving
  range or a round of golf.
- Dominoes, backgammon or chess tournament with
  alumni and undergrads
Friday afternoon
* Undergraduate Think Tank (summit) for undergrads
  only (Grand Polemarch’s priority)
* Chapter Advisor’s Workshop

- event for consideration   + recommended event   * required event
          2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Friday evening
Officer Workshops (each workshop will be co-
  presented by an undergrad and an alumni brother)
          * Polemarch
          * Keeper of Records
          * Intake Chairman
          * Chapter Reporter
Social Activity #1

- event for consideration   + recommended event   * required event
         2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Saturday morning
* Songfest – (minimum of 15 minutes conducted
  by Province musician)
Business Session
  * Roll Call
  * Grand Chapter Initiatives
  * Province Initiatives
- event for consideration   + recommended event   * required event
           2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Undergraduate Luncheon
Saturday afternoon
   * Roll call
   (three of four required)
       *Team Building
       *Etiquette, Customs and Traditions
       *Living the Ritual

- event for consideration   + recommended event   * required event
          2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

Saturday afternoon (continued)
      +The Basics of Grant Writing
      +Guide Right/Kappa League
      +Dress for Success
      +Interviewing Skills to Learn for Job #1
      +CARE/GLAD workshop presentation
      +Other at discretion of the Province
- event for consideration   + recommended event   * required event
        When all of the above are met we will have
  attained these goals under Kappa’s Commitment

• Undergraduate Development
       • Increased participation at Conclave and Province
       • Increased participation and transition to Alumni
       • Increased fiscal resources to undergraduate programs
       • Increased leadership roles in fraternity and on university
• Policy
       • Ensured national programs are replicated on the
         Provincial and local level (one KAPPA)
       2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

• Communications
     • Made Kappa known world-wide via press release usage
       following the practice of IHQ as learned in Chapter
       Reporter’s Workshop
     • Built relationships with other organizations and
       enhanced partnerships (moving conferences to college
       campuses, association with INROADS,
• Financial Management
      • Managed fiscal affairs consistent with good business
      • Identified cost reductions to streamline expenses (using
        conference calls, internet instead of face-to-face)
     2009 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference

In summary the new format of the CRWLC
  strongly supports different aspects of Kappa’s
  Commitment as noted throughout this
  presentation, most notably those in
  Undergraduate Development. This format is a
  beginning of where we are going as we must
  not be complacent with the status quo, but
  always look for ways to improve our processes
  and methods as we push towards our
  Centennial and beyond.

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