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Data handling
Presentation focus                                    2

To develop an understanding of processes and
procedures for:
• Transfer students (slides 3–7)
• Ceasing learning for transferring students (8–12)
• Reporting an accurate history of learning (13–15)
• Finalising VET courses at end of Year 12 (16–17)
• Transfer student and VET (18–20)
• Variable progression rate (21–24)
• Notional Sound (25–31)
• Provisional statements (32–33)
• Eligibility reports (34–35).
Students transferring to a Queensland
school from interstate or overseas

The receiving school should:
• submit an Application for credit transfer and/or
  relaxation of completed Core form (download from
  QSA website)
• ensure the Application form is complete
• attach authenticated copies of statements of
  results for previous studies
• attach S1 printout generated by SDCS showing
  current enrolment
Transfer students (cont.)                                                                                 4

Queensland Certificate of Education
Application for credit transfer

For Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) candidates undertaking studies in the senior phase of
learning in Queensland who seek to obtain credit and/or relaxation of the Core credit rule on the basis
of previously completed or partially completed study.

Section 1 – applicant to complete
1.1 Applicant details
Title                          Family name

Given name/s                                               Preferred name

QSA Learner Unique Identifier (LUI)*

* If unknown, QSA LUI is available from the enrolling Queensland learning provider.

Contact           Street/Unit/Lot No.
                  Street name

Contact           Phone
Transfer students (cont.)

       Deadline for receipt of applications

             Last day of Term 3

 Transfer applications received in Term 4 can only
be guaranteed to be processed in time for the July
                 issue of the QCE.
Transfer students from another
Queensland school
In SDCS the receiving school enters:
• the subjects undertaken at the previous school
• provisional results for any subjects not continued
  as reported on the S1 printout from the previous
• the actual number of semesters for subjects
  studied at the receiving school
• all semesters of Authority subjects undertaken over
  2 years, for OP calculations.
Transfer students from another
Queensland school (cont.)
                         English and Chemistry
 English and Chemistry   results were provided by
 were not continued at   the previous school.
 the receiving school.

                                   The student began
                                   Geography at the receiving
                                   school for Semester 2.

                           The student changed from English
                           to English Communication at the
                           receiving school.
Ceasing learning for students who
transfer out of a Queensland school
in SDCS for Authority and Authority-registered subjects:
• indicate the number of semesters actually completed at the
• enter provisional results
• enter a “Left early” date.
If a student transfers part-way through a semester, the
receiving school should report partly completed semesters
when completed.

In SLIMS, enter a notional Sound for literacy or numeracy if
Ceasing learning (cont.)

                            Enter a “Left Early” date.

                          Enter a provisional result
                          for each subject.

 Indicate the number of
 semesters completed.
Ceasing learning (cont.)
For embedded and stand-alone VET courses
  in SDCS:
• enter an outcome for each competency
• enter “Yes” in the “Completed” column for each
  competency of “Other VET” courses
• enter an end date that is before the “Left early” date
  for each competency.
Ceasing learning (cont.), embedded VET

Ensure that competencies
from the current syllabus are
                                     Enter an outcome for
                                     each competency

      Enter an end date that is
      before the “Left early” date
      for each competency.
Ceasing learning (cont.), stand-alone VET

                                      For each competency
For each competency                   enter an end date that is
enter an outcome.                     before the “Left early”

                      Enter “Yes” in the
                      “Completed” column for
                      each competency of
                      “Other VET” courses.
Reporting an accurate history of learning
Across all Queensland schools attended by the
student, a true and accurate history of learning should
be reported.
If a student transfers part-way through a semester,
the receiving school should report that semester.
Reporting an accurate history of learning                                   14


  The receiving school has
  correctly reported Semester 1
  of the previous school.                      By the end of Semester 2 the
                                               receiving school was reporting
                                               a Limited LOA for Maths B.

                              The receiving school has validly
                              reported 3 semesters of Marine
                              Studies started in Semester 2.
An incorrect history
                                     The student has left the
                                     school part-way through
                                     Semester 2 (30/08/2007).

    Only whole semesters should
    be reported: in this case, one
    semester not two.
Finalising VET Courses at the end of
Year 12
In SDCS a completed stand-alone VET course must
have the “Complete” button ticked if all requirements
have been met as well as:
• an outcome for each competency
• a “Yes” in the completed column for each
• an end date for each competency.
Finalising VET Courses at the end of                                  17

Year 12

                                              Tick the “Complete”
                                              button for completed

                                                For each competency
                                                enter an end date.

For each competency   For each competency
enter an outcome.     indicate that it is no longer
                      being undertaken.
Transfer student continuing a
VET Course
For students continuing VET courses across schools,
the receiving school need only report those
competencies delivered at the receiving school.
If all competencies are completed between the
schools the final school should ensure that the
“Complete” button is ticked.
Transfer student not continuing an
embedded VET Course
Embedded VET courses (modules and results) that
are not continued need to be entered into SDCS by
the receiving school.
The receiving school should enter the previous
school as the provider.
Transfer student not continuing a
stand-alone VET Course
The receiving school does not need to enter
modules or results for stand-alone VET courses
not continued at the receiving school.
Variable progression rate (VPR)
Some students may complete senior studies over a
longer or shorter period of time than usual under a
VPR arrangement.

The requirements and procedures for VPR
arrangements can be found on the QSA website.
VPR — Reporting learning over 3 years                                       22

                          VPR button is ticked.

                                         Ensure the Cert. year
                                         is correct.

  English was undertaken in
                                                    The semester tabs
  2006 and 2008.
                                                    open up to enter year
                                                    and semester.

        Biology was undertaken in
        2007 and 2008.
VPR — Two semesters in one                       23

A student may compress two semesters of study into
one provided they genuinely undertake the learning
and assessment.
 VPR – Two semesters in one (cont.)                             24

Prevocational Maths   Semesters 1 and 2      Semesters 3 and 4
has been completed    have been undertaken   have been undertaken
in a single year.     in Semester 1, 2008.   in Semester 2, 2008.
Notional Sound
If a student exits an English or Mathematics
subject with a Limited or Very Limited Level of
Achievement, literacy or numeracy requirements
may be met if a single semester is assessed as a
notional Sound.
Notional Sound (cont.)
To determine whether a student has met the
requirements for a notional Sound in literacy or
numeracy the school will:
• Use the student’s folio of work for a particular
  semester of an English or Mathematics subject and
  any other relevant information.
• Use the exit standard descriptors as a guide.
• Map the student’s achievements against the exit
  standard descriptors.
• Retain one annotated student folio for each subject in
  each year in which a notional Sound was awarded.
Notional Sound (cont.)
Learning providers should be familiar with the
contents of the booklet, The Quality Assurance of
Authority-registered Subjects.
To enter a notional Sound into SLIMS
1. Log into SLIMS as the Main Learning Provider
2. Retrieve the specific student learning account
3. On the personal details page, select the drop-down
   arrow for literacy (or numeracy) notional Sound
4. Select appropriate subject and semester
   combination for literacy or numeracy
5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
Recording a notional Sound

                             Click on drop-
                             down arrow

      Select subject –
      semester combination
Recording a notional Sound (cont.)
• Notional Sound can only be recorded by the current
  main learning provider.
• Other learning providers wishing to have a notional
  Sound recorded for a student should make formal
  application to the Certification Unit of QSA.
To remove an incorrect notional Sound

1. Log into SLIMS as the Main Learning Provider.
2. Retrieve the specific Student Learning Account.
3. On the personal details page, select the checkbox
   Remove literacy notional Sound or Remove
   numeracy notional Sound.
4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
Provisional statements
Provisional statements are generated in August and
October each year for Year 12 students.
These need to be carefully checked by each student
to ensure accuracy of personal details and learning.
Provisional Statements (cont.)                             33

                           Students should check
                           spelling of names and correct
                           address for posting of SEPs.

 VET and other
 recognised studies will
 appear if reported at
 the time of issue.                 Correct subjects and a
                                    true transfer history
                                    should be indicated.
Eligibility reports

Eligibility reports are issued in August and October
each year for Year 12 students and in October for
Year 11 students.
These reports list students who are eligible for a
Senior Statement (SS) or a Queensland Certificate of
Individual Achievement (QCIA) and predict for schools
QCE-eligibility and OP-eligibility based on assumed
success in learning programs.
They should be read in conjunction with provisional
statements or information in the students’ learning
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