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Classic Regularity Rally


Classic Regularity Rally

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									                                   South African
                                  Regularity Rally
                               Association Newsletter

March 2010                                                Back to the rally, turn page to “5” bottom
                                                          instructions 41 and 46 seem to be the same, written
Greetings from the dam on a sunny summer day. We          distance 61.94 km at 46? Next Honesty Control =21s,
have a report from Manny da Rocha (thanks) on the         whoops! We like instruction 48 have time, back on
Plateau Trial, some notes on upcoming events              time, but not for long - 82.84Km Galena St. turn
                                                          right, sign 60 speed, down to 35 k ph, Hidden
Your comments, jokes and articles? Please send            Marshal, Honesty number four, Secret number nine
them to - brian@quaestior.com. Ed.                        and add 15s to your time, all in about 2 km. Then at
                                                          85.10Km you are two minutes late, this is hard work
                                                          with my fingers burning. We arrive at Secret ten
2010 Plateau Regularity Rally:                            =11s. We would welcome a rest, never mind the
                                                          Passage Control.
The first rally of 2010 SARRA Series was the Plateau
Trial, which started at Cullinan. Documentation was
                                                          Second part of Rally, we are on the start line.
from 07:00 at the Miners’ Pub and Grub aka the
                                                          Stuart MacGregor and Bill Dreyer are holding the
Cullinan Recreation Centre. It was a very nice
                                                          MSA Steward, Ben van der Westhuizen, responsible
venue; thank you to the organisers for the coffee
                                                          for their late starting. He was actually helping them
and sandwiches. Well, for Johannesburg
                                                          with the screw on their carburettor. We must relax
competitors it meant an early wake up on Sunday.
                                                          more, I’m now in control of new calculator ex cept
As a mediocre organiser, on Saturday afternoon I
                                                          that by 98.16Km at the entrance to N4 we are 15
start looking for stop-watches, licenses, etc.
                                                          minutes late, we put foot to arrive at the Open
Calculator, whoops - flat battery, quick to buy new
                                                          Control only one minute early. Sorry to hear that
battery, but still not working, no problems, phone a
                                                          Gavin and Bernadette Noeth had broken-down - at
friend. I can borrow one of course – but it’s a
                                                          the time they only had 38s penalties.
different calculator! Well, in bed at 01:00 but
cannot sleep. It’s incredible that all batteries go
                                                          But the best was arriving at Cravings Restaurant
flat at end of the year? Sunday the 7th Feb, a good
                                                          with complimentary drinks and a good lunch. Thank
sunshine day for the rally.
                                                          you very much to Michael Cabeleira. SARRA is proud
                                                          of you as our event sponsor. Well done to Schalk
All the competitors ready, all smoke around.
                                                          and Susan van Niekerk with a 30 sec penalty. At
Honesty Controls are numbered sequentially, just
                                                          prize giving Schalk commented that there was no
smoke from Mr. Brian and Mr. Syd. However, what
                                                          competition with Syd as the organiser, Laurie
was not smoke was a Passage Control, but after
                                                          broken-down, Chris Andrew with Pat Whelan -
103Km I was finger sore and the lady needed the
                                                          normally Steve Crook’s navigator and Stuart
toilet. You are thirsty, so turn right. I did not look
                                                          MacGregor with a screw problem (I must at this
to see if was a cross roads and if it was 300 metres
                                                          time point out that Stuart’s problem was with a
ahead. Well done, Mr. Syd, only eight competitors
                                                          sticking throttle screw on his carburettor, not that
got it right and thank you that it was only 10 sec.
                                                          he, or Bill Dreyer, were, in any sense of the word,
                                                          screwing around. Ed.). Well done to Robin Ross and
                                                          Craig Naude and also to Richard Grover and Wally
But to the event: one secret =11s, second =15s,
third = 8s, and this is only 20 km of rally. Well, four
months of rest, new type of calculator – we’re a
                                                          Please remember to come to the Noggin every
little rusty. Fourth = 1s - well done, fifth =10s. Now
                                                          Thursday after a Rally at Cesco’s in Kelvin to
Laurie and Greg stop next to the marshal car with
                                                          socialise and to learn about our sport. Gary Berndt
terminal overheating - it is only an A lfa-Romeo. I
                                                          was awarded the monthly “Gherkin” at our last
believe Stuart MacGregor offered to tow them with
a Triumph but he also had a problem with a
carburettor screw.
                                                          Manny da Rocha
First Overall: Schalk van Niekerk / Susan van           The event is planned to start and end at the EMGEE
Niekerk                                                 Workshop. It will be a SARRA Series event as well as
First A: Schalk van Niekerk / Susan van Niekerk         a SARRA Northern Regions Blind Series event. The
First B: Luisa Gomes / Manny Da Rocha                   event date will probably change to Saturday 10th
First C: Henry Ploeger / Herman Ploeger                 July. More in our next News letter.
First D: Mark Wilson / Craig Wilson
First Blinds: Jerry Paice / Diana Craig                 Classified Ads

Forthcoming Events:                                     Dolan Paice needs to buy a car or motorbike (600cc
                                                        max.) Reasonable price. C ontact no: 072 608 6661.
March 7 th 2010: Fiat Dealer Regularity Rally
                                                        Marshal Points
This will start and end at the Fiat Training Centre,
Growthpoint Business Park, Tonnetti Street,             Parking
Midrand. Call Ian Huntly 082-650-0618 for a possible
late entry.

April 17th 2010: Drakensberg Trial

This event has been cancelled to due lack of
support from the competitors. At this point it is not
planned to replace the event.

May 15 th 2010: KZN Regularity Rally

This rally will start and finish in the
Pietermaritzburg area. It is part of the Northern
Regions Series and all of you are encouraged to
enter. More information and entry forms may be
obtained from Jimmy Dewar – call him on 082 825
                                                        Henry Ploeg er
We have organised this event to run the day before
Pietermaritzburg Cars in the Park – so you can spend    The English Penny
the Sunday chilling with lots of gorgeous machinery.
                                                        EU Directive No. 456179
June 20th 2010: Lotus Regularity Rally
                                                        In order to meet the conditions for joining the
Call Steve Crook on 082 653 1572 for more info.         Single European currency, all citizens of the United
                                                        Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must
July 11 th 2010: Icicle Rally                           be made aware that the phrase 'Spending a Penny' is
                                                        not to be used after 31st December 2009.
The bad news is that the MG Car Club, in their
infinite wisdom, have decided to no longer support      From this date, the correct terminology will be:
this rally, which has been one of the longest running   'Euronating'.
events on our calendar. They believe that their
members needs can be better satisfied by a local        Thank you for your attention.
event organised by the MGCC.
                                                        Geoff Tibbitts
The good news is that we have received a proposal
from Roger Pearce, rallyist, racer and owner of the     --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--
EMGEE Workshop. The plan is that Roger will             This message is from the SARRA Google Group
organize and underwrite our July event to be called     The SARRA website is http://www.sarra.co.za
the “EMGEE Winter Rally”.                               -~----------~----~----~----~------~----~-----

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