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					                                                                                          CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                                                                                               January to April 2007
                                             ART IN THE JEAN ROYCE LOUNGE
                            ~ Fibre Artist Andrea Graham ~ Show dates January 9th – February 21, 2007 ~
                           ~ Visual Artist (Painter): Ann Barlow ~ Show dates February 22 – April 4, 2007 ~

                                             BAN RIGH CENTRE                 32 Bader Lane
                                                       NOON HOUR TALKS

                                                           Tuesday, January 9th
                      “Past the due Date” What does it mean to be an infertile (childless) woman?
                                                       Reena Kukreja: Film Maker

The talk will focus on my experience of making a semi-autobiographical documentary that examines the feelings of infertile /childless
women and couples about biological parenthood, infertility and assisted reproduction. Attempting to creatively question, appropriate,
transform, and resist culturally-available discourses about motherhood, femininity and gender roles, I seek answers as to what makes
countless others like me seek biological parenthood. At what cost is it gained, if at all?

                                                          Thursday, January 11th
                                    Emergency Preparedness - Prepare Now, Learn How!
                                 John Cross: Manager, Emergency Services, Kingston Fire and Rescue

By taking a few simple steps today, you can become better prepared to take care of yourself and your loved ones during an emergency.
Learn about Kingston's risks and hazards and how you can create a household emergency plan.

                                                           Monday, January 15th
                                                  Understanding Your Computer
                                             Colleen LaHaise: Computer Repair Technician

The goal of this session is to help allay some of the fears we have about our computers. By understanding the guts of the computer and the
value of its different parts, it becomes a much less intimidating creature.

                                                          Thursday, January 18th
               Missile Defence to Afghanistan: How citizens can confront the Bush agenda in Canada
                     Steven Staples: Ottawa-based defence analyst, and author of, "Missile Defence: Round One.

An insiders account of how and why Canada said no to George Bush and why the missile defense issue will not die.

                                                         Wednesday, January 24th
                                            Phobias: What We're Afraid Of and Why
                           Dr. Roumen Milev: Deputy Head, Department of Psychiatry, Queen's University

Phobias, such as social phobia, agoraphobia and specific phobias (animals, enclosed spaces, heights etc.) are anxiety disorders and are the
most common mental disorders. This talk will focus on their presentation and etiology and outline some basic principles of management.

                                                         Wednesday, January 31st
                          Men Doing Gender, Men Doing Feminism? Pros, Cons, Costs, Politics
                                   Jason Laker: Associate Vice-Principal and Dean of Student Affairs

There has been a growing scholarship and interest in the study of men and masculinities, as well as increased public attention to boys and
men as gendered beings. Many Women’s Studies programs have even changed their names to Gender Studies. We will discuss men’s
gender identities and associated scholarship, but also how a growing interest in men’s experiences (both personal and scholarly) affects
women and the scholarship of Women’s Studies.
                                                            Monday, February 5th
                                             Sea lions and Lizards and Birds, Oh My!!
Join Terrie Easter Sheen and Sue Hendler as they re-trace Charles Darwin's footsteps in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. See pictures of
endemic sea lions, red and blue-footed boobies, hawks, land and marine iguanas, Sally Lightfoot crabs and more! Bask in the sun over
the equator in the depths of a Kingston winter (sunscreen optional).

                                                         Wednesday, February 21st
                                                    Andrea Graham: Fibre Artist
With cleaned, carded and dyed wool fibres, Andrea Graham uses ancient nomadic and modern feltmaking techniques to create magical
images and form. Andrea is inspired by the natural world, her own spiritual journey and the empowerment of women.

                                                     Black History Month Presentation
                                                          Tuesday, February 27th
                                                            Demonic Grounds
                                      Katherine McKittrick: Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies

Drawing on her recent book Demonic Grounds: Black Women and the Cartographies of Struggle, this talk will discuss the ways in which
the production of space is lived, expressed, and resisted by black women. The paper considers the ways in which slave auction blocks
exacted constructions of black femininity, and how the question of slavery in Canada can be read through this particular geo-historical
narrative. The discussion will look also at resistance, past and present, to the history of bondage by arguing for a reconsideration of how
geographic knowledge and the scale of the racial body are valued.

                                                           Wednesday, March 7th
                                                        A Singer in the Making
                                                      Yannick-Muriel Noah: Soprano

The Ensemble Studio program of The Canadian Opera Company serves as a bridge between academic programs and the professional world
of opera. Soprano Yannick-Muriel Noah will discuss the rewards and challenges that come with starting a career in the performing arts.

                                                             Tuesday, March 13th
                                        Peak Oil and the Threat to Global Food Security
                                 Rick Munroe: Frontenac County Local of the National Farmers Union

As global oil production reaches its peak and begins its decline, the effects will be sudden and severe. But these initial effects may be most
ignored, and then most acutely felt, in the agricultural sector. This presentation will feature excerpts from the documentary “The End of
Suburbia” to outline the problem and will offer recommendations.

                                                             Monday, March 19th
                                                    Rebuilding After A Life Crisis
                                                      Kathleen Pratt: M.S.W; R.S.W.

The late educator and therapist Dr. Bruce Fisher developed this model to help people heal and adjust after a separation or divorce.
The rebuilding blocks of adjustment can be applied to other major life losses such as bereavement, job loss, or diagnosis of a serious illness.

                                                              Friday, April 20th
                                                    Therapeutic Horseback Riding
                           Chad Lees: Student of therapeutic riding/Lorna Cane: Therapeutic Riding Teacher

10 yr. old Chad Lees (2006 Easter Seals Ambassador) will talk about his experiences with therapeutic horseback riding and its benefits to
people with cerebral palsy. Lorna Cane who runs a therapeutic riding program at her farm in Pittsburgh Township will provide technical
information about therapeutic riding.

                                                             Tuesday, April 24th
                                                               Balancing Act
                                                    Ann Barlow: Visual Artist (Painter)

Ann's introduction to the process philosophy of art was a turning point in her life. With the help of a video/interview that she is making
with writer Rose DeShaw, Ann will discuss the concept of process, which contends that the act of creating is the most important aspect of
visual art.