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									                    Annual Maintenance Contract

                            Safal Computer Systems
                              115, P.H Road, Chennai – 84.
                         Ph : 8240398, 8206074. Fax : 8255180
              E Mail :   |   Web :

Name of the Customer :                                       No. of machines :

Agreement Date       :                                       Peripherals     :

Expiry Date          :                                       Others          :


1.   Maintenance charges are payable in advance. In addition to the annual charges , any
     local taxes, such as sales tax etc. may be levied at the time of signing the contract
     may be charged at actual if applicable.

2.   This agreement is initially for a period of one year commencing from the date of
     payment of maintenance charges.

3.   No work shall be undertaken on Sunday, Safal Computer Systems holiday and
     beyond office hours of company except by prior arrangement and at additional
     charge to the customer on a "Per Call Basis" at the standard rates currently in effect

4.   Safal Computer Systems shall provide the following services:

     Preventive maintenance based on the specific need of each unit of the equipment as
     determined by company , including fabrication,         necessary adjustments and
     replacement        of unserviceable minor parts. Unscheduled on -site remedial
     maintenance, on request       for repairing    functions     including   reasonable
     replacement of unserviceable parts. The parts replaced will be new parts or parts
     equivalent to new in performance. These parts shall be furnished on an exchange
     basis. The removed parts will become the property of Safal Computer Systems.

5.   During the period of maintenance agreement the machine will not be relocated (or)
     transported without permission from Safal Computer Systems, And on such condition
     company reserve its right to terminate this agreement forthwith. On such termination,
     Company shall have no obligation or liabilities arising out of this agreement and the
     customer shall have no right to claim any refund or compensation.

6.   The customer shall provide full and      free access to machines to provide service

7.   The obligation of Safal Computer Systems under this agreement excludes.

        Any major upgrading of the machine.
        Any major failure of Hard Disks and monitor picture tubes.
        Any work external to the machines, such as maintenance of non Safal
         Computer Systems attachment, accessories etc.
        Repair of malfunction or damage due to accident, transportation, neglect,
         failure due to use of non-standard electrical power, air-conditioning or
         parts, Works due      to alteration in machines by persons other than Safal
         Computer Systems personnel.

8.   This document constitutes the complete and           exclusive statement of this
     agreement between the        customer and Safal Computer Systems and this
     agreement supersedes all proposals written or oral and      all               other
     communications and prior agreements between the parties and relating to the subject
     matter of     this agreement signed by both parties.

1.     NMC shall not cover the replacement of components or parts but will be limited to
preventive and diagnostic calls meant for the repair of the machines.

2.     Under NMC the cost of replacement of parts or components needed for repairs shall
       be borne by the customer at actual. An estimate of such cost will be provided by Safal
       Computer Systems. The customer is free to by these parts or components himself
       and make it available to Safal Computer Systems or may ask Safal Compu ter
       Systems to arrange for these procurements.
       Under the NMC Safal Computer Systems may replace minor components to repair
       the machine without any cost to the customer at its own discretion.

3.     Safal Computer Systems is not responsible for any machine problem such as
       machine hanging, slow speed due to Software's, Virus problem and any major failure
       of Hard disk drive, monitor picture tubes and Printer Heads.

4.     Safal Computer Systems engineer may be allowed to take          the faulty component to
       the Test and Repair Center for due repairs if the need arise.

5.     Equipment which have crossed the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) shall not be
       considered for AMC.

6.     Safal Computer Systems will provide Preventive     Maintenance Service call for every
                MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT - Customer Copy

Customer Name and Address                 Agreement No


                                          AMC Type / New / Renewal

                                          Expiry Date

Sl No.                      Configuration Details                       AMC Charge


Agreement Period    : From :                     To :

Signed on behalf of customer                     Signed on behalf of Safal Computer

Name        :                                    Name      :

Date        :                                    Date      :

Signature   :                                    Signature :

The detailed terms and conditions on the reverse are a part of this agreement.
The customer acknowledges that he/she has read this agreement, understands it and
agrees to be bound by its terms and conditions
                   MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT - Safa l Copy

Customer Name and Address                        Agreement No


                                                 AMC Type / New / Renewal

                                                 Expiry Date

Sl No.           Configuration Details             AMC Charge               Remarks


Customer Signature with Seal                                   For Safal Comp uter Systems

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