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									The ReliANS installation on PC platform has been tested on several computers with different
operating systems. However, the installation will fail if ANSYS® installation directory is not
accessible (Setup program for ReliANS requires read access to this directory – it will not write or
modify). In the event of network (accessibility) related failure of installation, following
alternative method is suggested:

 1. Locate the files “menulist**.ans” and “UIMENU.GRN” in the ANSYS® installation
    directory (inaccessible). The characters “**” in “menulist**.ans” correspond to the version
    of ANSYS® (e.g., for ANSYS® 5.7, this file is called “menulist57.ans”).

    Example location for “menulist57.ans” file:

        C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\ANSYS57\docu\english
    Example location for “UIMENU.GRN” file:

        C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\ANSYS57\docu\english\UIDL

 2. Create a temporary folder on the PC that will serve as “dummy” installation directory for

    Example location for “dummy” installation directory for ANSYS®:


 3. Transfer the “menulist**.ans” and “UIMENU.GRN” files from the ANSYS® installation
    directory to the folder created in Step 2. This is done so that the SETUP program can create
    the graphic user interface (GUI) files properly.

 4. Place the installation CD-ROM into the appropriate drive of the PC.

 5. Start (double-click) SETUP.exe in the root directory of the CD-ROM.

 6. Choose Install.

 7. Browse and select the “dummy” ANSYS® installation directory created in Step 2 (e.g.,

 8. Browse and select the ReliANS installation directory (the SETUP program will create this
    directory as “C:\ReliANS” by default).

 9. Browse and select the working directory (this may be an existing directory created prior to
    ReliANS installation or the user may create it during the ReliANS installation).

10. Finish.

11. Notice that several files are copied in the ReliANS installation directory (“C:\ReliANS” by
    default). Also, notice that the working directory contains the “menulist**.ans” file.

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