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					A Thousand Lies
Lies Every Good American Must Believe
D.W. St.John

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A word from he who put down the lies
These are a few of the lies we must believe if America’s political system, culture and
world dominance is to endure. Our faith in them insures we never question who we are,
how we live or the world we have made. They are essential. We can’t live as we do
without them.
This list is for all Americans—progressive, conservative, moderate or radical. It is
guaranteed to offend everyone.
The list is in neither ordered nor referenced. It is not its purpose to convince anyone of
anything. Those who wish to do research may find abundant resources on the web.
The list is incomplete as any list compiled by one writer must be. I invite you to add your
own lies as you find them. There is never a dearth.

The Lies
Wikileaks threatens the status quo.
The FBI does not create convenient “terrorists.”
Sexual liberation has been good for American women.
Children learn better at public schools than at private or home schools.
Sex education has reduced STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, abortion and rape.
Iraqi woman are better off now than before we invaded Iraq.
One who leafs through a popular glossy magazine and feels no visceral repulsion may be
whole and healthy of mind and spirit.
Our culture is one of modesty, humility, honesty and decency.
Americans are admired and loved around the world.
Those who hate America are radicals, terrorists, militants and for this reason should die.
Muslims are less than Christians.
Organ transplantation is a noble undertaking.
Organ transplantation is without a downside.
Organ transplantation is not profitable not a cash cow.
Organs are not harvested from the helpless over the world and sold to the highest bidder.
Extending one’s life by whatever means, in whatever circumstance is always noble, good
and wise.
Extending life by whatever means, in whatever circumstance is not profitable to the
health care industry.
Ending one’s life by whatever means, in whatever circumstance is always ignoble, sinful
and unwise.
The 9/11 hijackers knew they were going to die.
The 7/11 London bombers knew they were going to die.
The media is incorruptible, their stories designed so we may understand all sides of an
The media is neither infiltrated by nor controlled corporations or the CIA.
Conspirators always know they are part of a conspiracy.
America will recover from the economic downturn without industry, without production
and without allowing the most corrupt and inefficient to fail.
Government can solve any problem given the desire, the need and the resources.
It matters what happens to our bodies, for we are our bodies.
We can always shape our destiny.
Religions need not attack other religions.
Christianity is a religion of peace.
It hasn’t all been done before.
Striving in this world is not without meaning.
It can’t happen here, and what’s more, it hasn’t already.
Contentment is sloth, acceptance, resignation.
Happiness may be gotten by getting more and better of whatever you have.
If you had everything you want you would be happy.
Earth is the creator’s only island of creation.
When we meet life from other worlds there are options other than we enslaving,
exploiting and slaughtering them or they us.
When we meet life from other worlds we will be able to communicate with and
understand them.
Your tastes, your desires, your attitudes are not dictated by corporate media.
Your beliefs are not dictated by corporate media.
What we do matters more than to ourselves.
We guide history.
We are the masters of the Earth.
We are the masters of ourselves.
Knowing is not enough.
In the final accounting, we know what will be counted.
In a world where the grasshoppers are supported by ants, the wise are ants.
The first news reports from a great event are to be viewed with distrust as they are often
proven wrong.
News people who follow the truth after the word has come down warning them away
often win accolades.
Governments are compassionate, moral and efficient.
Citizens are less able to choose wisely than is their government.
The internet is disinformation. / Corporate media is truth.
NPR is a radical, Marxist organization despite corporations and government funding.
Marriage and family is not dying by design.
Caucasians worldwide are not an endangered race due to low rates of reproduction.
Greater civilizations than ours have never existed, nor shall they exist after our passing.
More truth is found in scientific tomes than in poetry.
The Vagina Monologues champions the cause of women’s freedom, rights and
Our culture is at its most basic level, sane, just and sound.
Miracles are rare on this earth.
Those who see folly in others lives can see it in their own.
Man’s wisdom builds upon itself from generation through generation.
God’s will is wrought through man.
Our government spies on us to keep us safe from whatever bugaboo we currently fear,
not to keep the government safe from us.
Terrorist bombings often kill noncombatants, and so, are cowardly, evil and despicable.
American air strikes often kill noncombatants, but are neither cowardly, evil nor
The women, children and civilians killed and maimed by our bombs are less human than
are we and our families.
The Persian salting of the fields was different from our own salting of the fields of Iraq
and Afghanistan with depleted uranium munitions, the radiation of which will last
hundreds of thousands of years.
We support the troops after they return, when they sicken from DU exposure.
Jesus words have come to us clear and uncorrupted.
Veterans Hospitals treat all sick veterans.
The firebombing of Dresden was not terrorism because it spared defenseless women and
If you see it advertised in reputable media, it’s safe, healthy, wise and valuable.
Most Americans can think for themselves and arrive at their opinions after much
informed, critical thought.
Hiroshima saved millions of American lives.
Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack.
America entered WWII to defend the world against totalitarianism.
All coincidence that leads to growth of government power may be accepted as
Prior to the propaganda campaign for WWI, American popular opinion favored America
entering the war.
Prior to the propaganda campaign for WWII, American popular opinion favored America
entering the war.
Prior to the propaganda campaign for Korea, American popular opinion favored America
entering the war.
Prior to the propaganda campaign for Vietnam, American popular opinion favored
America entering the war.
Hiroshima was intended to cow Japan, not impress the USSR.
Incidents ignored by American media is unworthy of reportage.
Corporations reap tremendous profits during wartime but would never conspire to insure
If you would know a man’s heart, inquire of his bank balance.
Many marvels created by man outshine the rising of a gibbous moon on a frosted autumn
The more you study history the more highly you will regard the motives and actions of
men, governments and nations.
At life’s end, only those who have uttered the proper incantations might rejoin the one.
To consider the creator, one must consider religion.
WWII was a good war and we should be proud of our part in it.
It is coincidental that truths about wars, assassinations and momentous events only begin
to come to light after those who experienced them are in their graves.
Nothing worth knowing can be simple; experts are always needed.
Simplicity is the enemy of the profound.
Religions were created by god.
A man closes his eyes and ears to keep the truth in.
When the fox draws the plans for the hen house, the egg harvest increases.
The young have much wisdom to offer.
When bacteria have developed immunities to antibiotics researchers will invent new
Our bodies are not mostly bacteria.
Water is an ordinary compound, not in the least miraculous.
JFK was shot by one man, a man who denied it.
9/11 was planned by one man, a man who denied it.
Animals don’t feel pain.
Animals have neither emotions, intelligence, nor souls.
The oceans are not being systematically scoured of life.
Famine is not in our future.
Our money has value.
Government run schools intend to create thinking citizens.
When we pray, god intervenes on our behalf.
There is no god yet we should do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do.
Democracy puts good people in office and removes them when they cease to be efficient,
honest and honorable.
Copyright protects the copyright holder by maximizing profit.
That 75% of all books ever written in the US are unavailable in any form is proof of the
You have more than this day, this hour, this instant.
Good always triumphs over evil in the end, and you can tell one from the other.
Your food is kept safe by the government.
Destiny, fate and preordination are the philosophies of the primitive man.
Someone is watching the store.
The watchers need no watching.
Brighter minds than yours are at the helm of world affairs and when governments act,
they do so because the wise have determined the action the wisest of possibilities.
The food you buy at the store is fresh, safe and nutritious.
Our health care system is efficient, safe and cost effective, and will be more so should
government run it.
The US Constitution protects you from tyranny.
The US Constitution is protected by those who take an oath to do so.
Governments create wealth.
Governments can be trusted.
The wise ask no questions, for they know all the answers.
Winning is all that matters.
Science shall soon discover the meaning of all things.
Humans are the most advanced species on this, or any other, world.
The US Constitution is the law of the land.
It is possible to live within the laws and regulations of the US without inadvertently
breaking them.
Car makers sell the best, most fuel efficient cars they can produce.
You may trust what you read, hear and see in popular culture.
No one benefits by molding your thoughts, desires and self image.
American culture has evolved naturally over the last century without guidance from
above or without.
We are happier, richer and better educated now than we were a century ago.
The US obeys international law.
Nothing would change in America were devout Catholics, dual French nationals or
Basque separatists were to dominate our culture, media and politics.
To watch the news is to be informed.
Revolutions create lasting change.
Electing women, blacks, gays and Hispanics to government has brought real change.
There are good people and there are bad people.
Heaven and Hell may not be one in the same.
Looking on the bright side doesn’t blind you.
You do what you do because it makes you happy.
Savages are noble.
Advanced civilizations are noble.
When a practice no longer serves a purpose, we stop doing it.
One can both know history and an feel pride in being an American—or human.
The story of man’s relations with other men is one of decency, humanity and generosity.
Torture is a new policy for America.
Torture is more effective now than it was when used to determine who was a witch and
who was not.
Those who enslave, torture and slaughter others do so with what they consider evil goals.
Those with worthy goals may not commit evil.
Written history may be relied upon to convey the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.
Parasites often control the minds and actions of their hosts, excepting, of course, those of
What our generation accomplishes will long be revered as wise, noble and forward
looking by the generations that follow.
What man has accomplished over the course of millennia is worthy of study, note and
America has never tortured, starved, raped or murdered those it has vanquished.
America is unique in the world today and in history.
America is immune to the course run by all empires.
The wise would live forever.
The wise would be young forever.
The greatest tragedy is to die young.
Sexual reproduction and its necessary act are worthy of the quantity of attention lavished
upon it by human culture.
Ignoring the sex act is less progressive than obsessing upon it.
One nation, one religion, one race, one ideology may be better than another.
Thought crimes must be punished.
Crimes against certain groups is worse than crimes against others.
Hate is not hate when directed at state sanctioned targets.
Questioning, researching and rethinking history should be a crime.
Government force is better than force used by gangs, mobs or criminals.
Radar survey has not proven Treblinka’s mass graves never existed.
The US government has never covered up evidence of UFO sightings and crashes.
Jews had no part in Stalin’s murder of tens of millions in the USSR.
A goy using the word, Jew, is proof of hate.
It is a lie that many of the accounts of the German concentration camps written by Jews
have turned out to be lies.
It cannot be true that millions of German men and women were systematically starved to
death and allowed to die from exposure to the elements in concentration camps ordered
by Eisenhower and run by the US after WWII.
The undamaged paper passport of a 9/11 hijacker landed unscathed amid the collapse of
the twin towers.
Americans are the richest, healthiest, freest people in the history of the earth.
The contempt with which we regard our fellow citizens serves us well.
Americans who disagree with you are either misguided, idiots or fools.
There is no need to examine their arguments or the facts upon which they base their
The media encourage us to respect each other and respect divergent opinion by other men
and women of honor, intelligence and judgment.
Media, politics and culture encourage all Americans to see each other as fellow citizens
rather than enemies, nuts and militants.
We are not manipulated into hating each other in order to more easily control us.
Americans are not seen by government as cattle, to be milked, bred, bled and slaughtered.
When corporations and government act as a single entity to further their interests, fascism
is the result—except in America.
All people in America are treated equally by the legal system, government and media.
Jews are in need of protections above and beyond the rest of American citizens.
The word “gay” is not, in and of itself, propaganda.
Incidents of hate crime are rarely hoaxes by the victims.
Jews cannot be prejudiced against goyim, arabs or those who disagree with them.
Israel is an island of reason, equality and decency.
Jews never lie, cheat, steal, murder, torture, enslave, abuse or rape.
American blacks commit no more crime than any other race.
The Mossad, the Israeli secret service, motto: “Through deception shall we wage war”
says nothing about their means of operating.
To compare Israel with aparteid South Africa is baseless and hateful.
We are not influenced by what we see in the media.
The government will protect you.
A child killed by a woman is aborted.
A child killed by a man is murdered.
When we slaughter other men and women, God is on our side.
When we slaughter other men and women, we do so to insure that men and women shall
not be slaughtered.
When our soldiers kill other men, women and children from far away, using technology
that insulates them from personal risk, they are heroic.
When our opponents strap explosives to their chests and commit suicide to attack us, they
are cowards.
There is no reason for anyone to hate us.
We lost Vietnam despite overwhelming air, artillery and technological superiority
because of mismanagement of the war, not because the Vietnamese had the guts, strength
and will to defeat us.
We will lose in Iraq and Afghanistan despite overwhelming air, artillery and
technological superiority because of mismanagement of the war, not because the Iraqis
and Afghanis have the guts, strength and will to defeat us.
America is not an empire.
Empires always fall—except America.
It’s a coincidence that such a disproportionate amount of media is dedicated to portraying
deaths of Jews in WWII.
The story of Jews in WWII is somehow more interesting, tragic or profound than the
stories of the other hundreds of millions slaughtered at other times in history.
Media in America is independent of government and corporate influence.
The CIA has no influence in American media.
The internet is good for kids.
Watching media produced today is good for kids.
What a child sees and hears affects neither his behavior nor his development.
Abortion does no harm to the women who have them.
The soldiers returning home have not been damaged by the horrors they have seen and
had a part in.
The hookup culture has liberated women by freeing them to give men access to use their
bodies without caring about them.
You can achieve success without compromising your ideals and playing the game.
Insider trading is a rare occurrence and always prosecuted when it is discovered.
We learn from our mistakes.
Kick backs, quid pro quo and influence is not business as usual for government.
Corrupt government officials are prosecuted, convicted and punished regardless of
affiliation, connection or power.
Whistleblowers are encouraged, protected and their revelations acted upon.
Those who do, think or say anything outside of the cultural mainstream are odd,
misguided or disturbed.
The mainstream of American culture is what it is because the wise among us have found
it to be the best of all our possible choices.
It is better to be an expert on one topic than to be a jack of all trades.
The story of the tower of babel has no relevance to us today.
All religions are wrong but yours.
There is no wisdom in the bible.
The bible may be read uncritically.
The majority in American prisons are there because releasing them would harm society.
Prisons reform prisoners and are meant to.
Governments obey their own laws.
What science cannot explain, it seldom gives a name and sets aside as irrelevant.
Governments reflexively hide, obscure and obfuscate truth for the purpose of keeping us
Science is not the fastest growing religion.
Weeds and flowers are somehow objectively different
The people we kill don’t feel, love and hurt like us.
The chickens do not always come home to roost.
It would be absurd to have those who send us to war, lead the first bayonet charge and
that’s why it will never happen.
There would be as many trillions of public funds stolen were those in charge of them held
to the same standards and were they to suffer the same consequences as the clerk at a
local bakery would were she to lose the day’s bread sales receipts.
Honesty is rewarded, dishonesty discouraged.
If we knew what we were really eating we should enjoy our meal as well.
Democracy is the highest, most noble, freest form of government known to man.
Democracy is not a con job to convince the peasantry it is they who rule.
We know what is right and we try to do it.
Heterosexual, healthy male teachers of teenage girls are never attracted to them, and
exposure does not carry with it a cumulative effect over time.
Men take drugs to enhance sexual performance because they want to frolic like kids.
Our culture recognizes and reveres true beauty, substance and value.
Rape is not about sex.
Theft is not about money.
America is a meritocracy.
Women want the same thing from sexual congress that men do.
Women who dominate their men are content.
Laws regulating food are passed, not to insure corporate monopoly and mediocrity but to
protect the public.
Improvements in any field are discouraged neither by habit, law nor stupidity.
Competition insures improvement in every field and product.
American industry is on the rebound.
American corporations are innovative, creative and efficient.
The market must not be allowed to operate freely or inequality will result.
Price controls work.
There is no level at which rising taxes may cause the sane man to throw down his tools
and line up for the doll.
All taxes are obvious and meant to be.
The tax code is written to protect the middle class taxpayer.
Inflation is neither theft nor tax, but is merely a byproduct of the economy.
Governments can give us things.
Wars make sense.
Humans cooperate to their mutual benefit, but only in small matters, never when
worldwide finance, power or propaganda are concerned.
The major events in history, transferring unimaginable wealth, murdering millions and
insuring the elite’s power over nations and continents are sparked by random
occurrences, unplanned and unforeseen by those who will benefit.
Marriages do not evolve and change.
Women serving in the military has been a success.
The media sexualizes children to free them from guilt.
A professional soldiery encourages freedom.
Neither slavery, poverty, war, nor love will always be with us.
The female ideal body type (a 14 year old boy with boobs) originated by spontaneous
consent, not with the gays who dominate the fashion industry.
Parents are always responsible for what their children do with their lives.
Sports build good character.
People get what they deserve.
After life, heaven or hell forever and ever; After life, nothing.
What you do when no one sees you doesn’t matter.
Women are just men without penises.
Women being men is good for women and men.
Children don’t need a mother and a father.
Never to know your father is no problem for a child.
A world without guns would be a safer, kinder, more peaceful world, as it was before
their invention.
The Bomb has made us safe and given us peace—and will continue to do so.
Butter is bad for you, soybeans are good for you.
Meat is bad for you; tofu is good for you.
If you do what the experts say you will live forever.
Death, when seen clearly, is fearful.
We are not animals and animals are not more like us than we would care to believe.
Corporations are subject to the same laws we are.
The wealthy are subject to the same laws we are.
The politically connected are subject to the same laws we are.
Courts are about justice.
The police are all good; the police are all bad.
Police are here to protect you.
The government exists to serve the citizen.
Governments do all they can to eliminate illegal drugs.
The CIA does not traffic in drugs.
The UN does not traffic in drugs.
The US does not train, maintain and use assassins.
Men and women who possess information on government lies, foul play and corruption
and seem inclined to go public with it often become depressed and commit suicide or
experience other sudden health problems.
If the public knew the truth, things would change.
Cheaters never prosper.
England fought the Opium Wars in China to stop the sale of opium.
Governments never profit from illegal drugs or encourage their production and sale.
The American military has never employed suicide bombing.
The negatives of drug legalization outweigh the benefits.
If drugs were legalized, more people would use them.
American Law enforcement and prison industries do not lobby against drug legalization.
The American government maintains its war on drugs because of concern for children
and families.
The family is not being forced out of existence for a purpose.
Prohibition’s failure taught us the futility of prohibiting substance abuse.
The Gulf of Tonkin was a surprise attack by North Vietnam.
9/11 was a surprise attack by terrorists based in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Our government had no idea planes could be used as weapons before 9/11.
Our government had no warnings of 9/11, either from foreign governments or our own
intelligence community.
Jet fuel melts steel and brings down concrete steel reinforced structures in free fall,
ejecting girders 600 feet away and leaving pools of molten steel.
President George W. Bush has read what he called: “Shakespeares” and “a Camus.”
They hate us because we’re free.
The word, “terrorist,” itself is not propaganda.
Jews in Israel have never used terrorism.
America respects democratically elected governments even when we don’t agree with
them, can’t control them and corporate interests disapprove of them.
Impugning, imprisoning and impoverishing those who question leads to truth.
The 30 million Kulaks slaughtered in the USSR in the 1930’s was not a Holocaust.
The millions of Cambodians murdered by the Khmer Rouge was not a holocaust.
The millions of Vietnamese slaughtered by the US was not a Holocaust.
The tens of millions of Chinese slaughtered by Mao in the great leap forward was not a
The millions of Muslims slaughtered by Israel and the US in Iraq and Afghanistan was
not and is not an ongoing Holocaust.
Prohibiting gun ownership reduces crime.
Governments never manipulate their people to gain wealth or power.
Truth is to be found all at one source.
Those we despise have no truth to tell, no good in them and no reason to dislike us.
If a man/group/religion/creed or party says one true thing, you may believe all they say—
without exception and without thought.
Transfer power from oppressor to oppressed and peace shall reign.
Belgium’s policy of cutting off the hands of Congolese children who failed to meet their
harvest quota of rubber did not lead directly to the Congolese rebellion.
German women were not systematically raped by Soviet troops for months after the
liberation of Germany.
German women were not allowed only starvation level diets and thus easily bought by
American troops after the liberation of Germany.
General Patton was a hero, a genius and a patriot until after the war, when he soon
became a bigot, a Nazi-lover and an incompetent.
Ben Hecht, a prominent Zionist, did not mention the death of 6 million Jews in a 1939
Readers Digest article about Nazi Germany.
The memoirs of Churchill and Eisenhower detailed the gas chambers in Germany.
Transfer power from oppressor to oppressed and peace shall reign.
Youth make poor fanatics, converts, assassins.
The old, given new bodies, would make fine soldiers, following order without thought,
emotion or remorse.
We train our servicemen and women to call their enemy by names like Kraut, Jap, Chink,
Gook, Hadji and Camel F*cker because we intend that they recognize their opponents’
The world is not meant to be this way.
God, having offered us paradise and the free will to accept or reject it, then hears our
prayers and answers them so as to mitigate our rejection of a perfect creation.
This world might not be a paradise but for the foolishness, venality and ignorance of
Given the right adjustments, the right tinkering, the right enthusiasm and confidence, we
might change the world.
Religions do all they can to bring man closer to God.
Evolution is called a theory, though it is undeniably proven fact.
Mankind is not a blight on the Earth.
Evil does not exist; nor does good.
The vast majority of the works of mankind are beautiful, enduring and worthy of
A man or woman can easily master their own heart.
You can change the world.
This earth is the place it is not because we have chosen to make it so, but because our
enemies have hindered our good works.
Israel and international banking cartels do not control our politicians and media.
Israel does not spy on the US and assassinate our citizens.
Israel does not allow the traffic thousands of sexual slaves from the Ukraine for use in
Judaism is a religion of peace and love.
Christianity is a religion of peace and love.
Islam is a religion of war and hate.
Religions are the word of God, miraculously uncorrupted by countless generations of
The bible is a manual for how to live direct from God and to be interpreted literally.
The Torah is a manual for how to live direct from God and to be interpreted literally.
The Koran is a manual for how to live direct from God and to be interpreted literally.
Atheism is the word of logic.
Death is an ending.
There are good and valid reasons to slaughter, torture and maim living beings, human,
plant or animal.
Hospitals are safe.
Prescription drugs are safe.
Life is safe.
Charities do all they can to cure, eliminate or fix the diseases they exist to fight (thus
putting themselves out of work.)
Women want nice guys.
Jews want nice goys.
Sexual excitement and attraction is about genital stimulation.
Women who live as men live are happy.
It is progress that girls learn how to make love by watching pornography.
Sexualizing kids has done no harm to the kids themselves.
There is less human slavery now than ever before in history.
Veterans say nothing about war because they are too modest to brag about their heroism,
not because they’ve learned no one really wants to know.
People want to know the truth.
Truth telling pays.
News media exists to inform.
Mistakes by government officials prove their incompetence.
Mistakes by government officials leading to increased government power is never
Governments usually tell the truth to their citizens.
Governmental commissions are designed to reach honest conclusions, though they point
to government corruption, complicity and treason.
Given the will, it is possible to tell the whole truth without either omission or bias.
People are either good or bad, smart or stupid, worthy or worthless, kind or vicious, but
never all.
Good and evil are merely value judgments.
Evil does not exist as an autonomous principle.
Evolution is proven fact and based on logic.
Christianity is a religion of love, peace and forgiveness.
People need to be told in words where lies the line, where is the borderline at the edge of
permissible thought and debate.
Former cheerleaders are chosen to sell drugs to doctors because they are smart.
You should believe what people say, ignoring what they do.
Eugenics is a Nazi plot and we are better off for having discarded the idea.
The Nazis were evil, the allies good.
The Nazis would have taken over the world.
The Nazis were something other than a democratically elected political party, analogous
to Democrats or Republicans.
No profit is made through legal human tissue sales.
When you donate blood, it will be given without charge to those in need.
Donating blood is unlike donating trees to a lumber company.
The majority of your charitable donations sent to fund raising drives end up helping those
in need.
Though the wounds be identical, death by terrorist suicide bombers is more cruel, more
arbitrary and more senseless than deaths inflicted bombs or bullets from a democracy for
the right reasons.
The USS Liberty was attacked by mistake.
The greatest books, music and art are those which endure.
Those who choose which authors endure when their contemporaries vanish from memory
do so on the basis of merit and not because they approve the views expressed therein.
The people demand truth and will not tolerate lies.
Governments who offer their citizens war, hate and fear do so at their peril.
Governments who offer their citizens war, hate and fear must overcome fierce resistance.
Religions are less corrupt than the men who earn their livings from them.
The earth is fragile and we must be careful not to destroy it.
With our passing the earth will be a poorer place.
Conspiracies are absurd except when the media tells us they’re not.
The principle of cui bono (who benefits) is of use only in the law.
People usually do what they say they will, for the reasons they say they will do them.
Progress is being made all the time.
Unlimited technology offers unlimited benefit.
There is a point where science will shy from using some new power it has discovered
because it would be unscrupulous to do so.
Though we are nothing more than pleasure seeking protoplasm, we should be nice to
each other.
It is better to know everything about one thing than half of all there is to know about
many things.
Everyone wants to be free.
Capitalism is freedom, fairness and prosperity.
Communism is freedom, fairness and prosperity.
The American Civil War was fought to liberate the slaves.
The American Civil war will never be repeated.
The American Civil war was a just, honorable and humane war.
An honest person may rise to hold high political office in the US without being amoral,
unscrupulous and corrupted.
No one group controls most of the world’s money, media and politics.
Conspiracies are rare, difficult to organize and impossible to conceal.
To suggest that world events are being guided by powerful groups is a paranoid fantasy.
Were a powerful group to be guiding world events, their first order of business would not
be to convince us that their existence is a paranoid fantasy.
Show trials, tortured defendants, coerced witnesses, tampered juries and kangaroo courts
have not and will not happen here.
There are enemies everywhere and our government seeks to protect us from them.
Our enemies are subhuman, cruel, evil and different from us.
Our enemies remain our enemies forever.
Our friends are good, decent, kind, generous and scrupulous.
The torture and assassination of innocents is evil, except when we do it, when it is
collateral damage.
School busses are not easy terrorist targets; that none have been attacked proves our
government is doing its job protecting us.
The government keeps certain information classified in the interests of keeping us safe,
not ignorant.
The idea that rulers are royalty, and above the law has no place in America.
You will live to do what you want to do after you have done what you must do.
The wise thing to do is to do the wise thing.
More is betrayed by what is said (by politicians and media) than by what is not.
Fools make poor teachers; Teachers make poor fools.
Those without understanding may teach well.
Mankind has never been so advanced as it is now.
Man is the greatest of creatures.
Every law and regulation passed brings us closer to the ideal world.
Those in charge should be.
Those who earn most, accomplish the most.
We understand why we are as we are.
We are gut puppets and nothing more.
The most intelligent most often do what is right.
The world is too complicated to be understood by the common man.
Men form their opinions based on thought, not emotion.
Science is based on logic, religions on faith.
Science is the pursuit of truth, uncorrupted by politics, power or money.
Religion is about knowing god.
News readers know what they’re saying.
Humble, honest, trustworthy men and women may win—and hold—public office.
American children are taught to be team players early because it helps them function in a
free society.
If a people are to be kept docile, they must be taught to think of themselves as a member
of a united citizenry.
Logic keeps Democrats and Republicans loyal to their party.
The soldiers and public are the ones who benefit from war.
Lies are the first casualties of war.
Who benefits from peace?
Corporations, politicians and the generals at the pentagon all say a prayer for peace each
night as they go to bed.
Governments fear an ignorant, unarmed, apathetic citizenry.
It’s easy to think critically about what the government and media tell you.
We receive good value for the half of our income we pay in taxes.
Human rights have improved over the last century.
Humanity’s actions merit our enduring presence on the earth.
Most of us live how we are meant to live, do what we are meant to do, learn what we are
meant to learn.
This world an accident of physics.
We are soulless bags of water, existing only to seek pleasure and happiness.
Religions reveal more truth than they conceal.
The media opposes war that will profit their parent corporations.
Science does not seek the “God particle” because their faith requires they fine one.
Henry Ford, George Patton and Ezra Pound were all cranks and hateful bigots.
Jack London’s best work is his best known.
Truth needs laws to protect it.
Global climate change is proven fact and we must act quickly to save the earth from
carbon dioxide.
Conspiracies must be discussed openly—never are they intuited.
Minds are easier changed by fact than either fear or hate.
Big stuff like wars, booms, busts and revolutions happen by accident.
Economic conditions creating great wealth for a few occur by accident.
You have heard the greatest music ever written and performed.
You have read the greatest stories ever written.
No one profits from our ignorance, prejudice and credulity.
Political parties implement the will of their members, and the members require they do
American literacy has improved since public schools were made mandatory.
A divided citizenry profits no one.
In America we demand our pundits have at least a minimal experience in their field.
We demand our experts have at least tried themselves what they tell us how to do.
There is no massive unspoken conspiracy to deliver fresh milk daily to stores worldwide.
Governments are too incompetent to conduct covert operations without the truth leaking
Those who see government conspiracies where none exist do so because of a need to be
We are surrounded by enemies from which the government will save us if we only
surrender more of our money, freedom and power.
Neither the military nor the government feels the need to threaten their members with
fines, imprisonment or execution in order to insure their silence.
Wealth is more valuable than knowledge.
Slaves are told the truth by their masters.
Religions seldom flaunt their own precepts.
Christian religious leaders, taking Jesus teaching to heart, often refuse to sanction war.
Joy springs from the conscious mind.
Things are never hidden in plain sight.
Bad thoughts are crimes and must be punished.
Media does not determine the boundaries of polite discussion every day.
A slave can say no.
Justice is commonly attainable on earth.
Our laws are intended to apply equally to all.
The world apes American culture because it is uplifting and caters to the higher instincts.
The more things change, the more they change.
Knowledge is power, and power is often willingly shared.
Our independent judiciary effectively enforces limits on government power.
We shall soon see prosecutions for resurrection denial, recovery denial and the genocide
of native people denial.
If nine out of ten Americans, media and government are convinced something is fact, you
may rest assured it is fact.
There are many sadder fates than that of the slave convinced he is free.
UFO’s have been investigated and adequately explained by science.
Cattle mutilations have been investigated and adequately explained by science.
We understand our world.
In the nature/nurture controversy, why does nurture deserves the lion’s share of credit for
forming the personality.
We understand how and why personality is inherited.
Children are not born with inclinations and predispositions of their own.
We are lied to for our own good.
The elite of media, finance and government are composed of a demographic cross section
of the population by religion, race and origin and they rose to their positions through
merit rather than preference.
Leadership positions are filled solely on the basis of talent, skill and knowledge.
In America, members of one race or religion never offer preferential treatment to their
Were a group gain control of media, might this group exercise its power to their benefit?
An ignorant, illiterate citizenry can make reasoned judgments, think critically and resist
the influence of propaganda.
Were the American government to know of the existence of alien life, they would inform
PBS maintains its independent viewpoint by seeking listener contributions as a source of
The rapid decline of the family in the last half century has been the result of no organized
A household is the same as a family.
The needs of children have been thoroughly considered as of primary importance before
granting adoption to gay couples.
When a man dies of aids, it’s more tragic than when a man dies of cancer.
No group has benefited from the loss of the two parent family.
Ten percent of the population are homosexuals.
Kinsey, Horney et al were without bias and their studies should be revered as canon and
used to justify the encouragement of children to accept and embrace homosexuality.
Government health care will be a vast improvement and will be cheaper than predicted.
Our current health care crisis of high costs was not caused by government wage controls
during WWII.
With thirty second commercials for the super bowl selling for millions, it’s reasonable to
assume that visual/auditory media can’t influence behavior.
Films are made with the goal, not of transforming society, but of maximizing profit.
Mankind uses well the powers science has given us.
We are the greatest country in the world.
More is always better.
Faster is always better.
Sane people never prefer lies to truth.
It is reasonable that sex between an adult and a minor is a crime while Lolita and other
books describing sex acts with children are legal and encourage for use in our schools.
When libraries celebrate banned books, they always showcase the books about children
having sex with adults and other children as examples of the foolishness of book banning.
Banning books is always wrong.
Art that endures usually deserves to.
Confidence in the world financial system is justified.
Only guilty people go to jail.
America, the freest country in the world should have more people in prison than any
other country.
Prisons have a purpose other than supporting law enforcement jobs.
Prisons could never be replaced by electronic monitoring, drugs, and home confinement
at less cost.
It makes sense to imprison those who have caused financial loss so that they cannot repay
their debt by working.
Living in an apartment and working in an office to earn the money to buy food and pay
electricity is more advanced than living on a homestead, raising your own food and
gathering your own firewood.
The better armed are the police, the safer you are.
When stopped or arrested by police, it is in your best interest to talk to them and tell them
the truth.
Torture is okay because it will never spread to everyday use by police.
The witch trials were conducted by men and women less educated, enlightened and
intelligent than ourselves.
History is not an endless spiral.
It makes sense to imprison people for using drugs because we’re doing it for their own
Imprisoning nonviolent criminals reduces crime.
Diversity promotes trust, security and a cohesive culture.
There are no differences between the races.
There are no differences between people.
Everyone has the same potential, abilities and intelligence.
The political parties are vastly different.
America’s course changes drastically when one party is turned out of office and the other
The 9/11 commission sought the truth.
Most Americans wanted—and got—the truth about 9/11.
The next welfare program will cure poverty.
The next public schools plan will cure illiteracy.
The next health plan will cure illness.
Children are born blank slates, sans personality, idiosyncrasy or talent.
We can put a man on the moon.
More technology can never be less.
Humility has ceased to be an asset in a man.
An truly educated human need know only how to do his job.
Everything worth understanding can be measured, seen, heard or felt.
We are the most important, smartest, most powerful beings who have ever lived—or will
ever live.
Those who suggest things exist science has yet to explain are either liars or lunatics.
What we call true today we shall call true tomorrow.
Media cannot mold a human mind, much less a culture.
Wars are never waged for profit, and always for the reasons offered the masses in
propaganda films.
We are very concerned with human rights around the world and do all we can to promote
A person enlightened on one topic is enlightened on all.
To stay healthy and strong we need many different and exotic foods.
Living on grain will make you weak as the Roman Legions were weak.
The best learning is found in school.
The bottled water you drink is safer, cleaner and better tasting than tap water.
Vaccines keep you healthy.
HIV causes aids.
Perfumes are safe.
You don’t have to aim a shotgun.
Anyone can write a book worth reading.
Anything that tastes good is bad for you.
Living longer is better.
The philosophers whose names you know are those with the most valuable ideas.
The goods you buy are made as well as they can be.
Cheap goods, poorly made are better value than expensive goods, made to last.
This life is our first and last.
The earth is an ugly place, beautiful only where bent to man’s will.
This world is a world of truth.
This death will be our first.
Death is to be feared.
Death is tragedy.
Death is an ending.
We will never know the full effects of what we have done in this life.
We will never know all there is to know.
The most successful people on earth are those we call successful.
We are as far above the animals and they are above the ants.
Insects are lower animals.
The sea makes a fine sewer, landfill and hunting ground.
We are homo sapiens, man of wisdom.
Our name should be the same had others named us.
Monkeys consider themselves foolish.
Our subconscious minds should be tightly bound and largely ignored.
The conscious is the source of wisdom, creativity and joy.
We lose memories.
Time is a straight line that we understand.
We know why magnetism exists and what it is.
We know why water acts the way it does.
The unfiltered, uncorrupted word of god is in books.
Man is the only creature that fights wars.
The bottom half of the bell curve has the capacity for critical thought.
All Americans can read.
The nature of man is to revere that worthy of reverence.
Crop circles are all fakes tromped into grain fields by men at night.
UFO’s are all weather balloons, clouds or reflections.
Our hubris is justified.
If there were a god, there would be neither suffering nor evil.
Religions bring men and women closer to other men and women.
Gardening on one’s knees is a poor substitute for attending church.
Divide equally all wealth on earth among its people and we should have no poverty.
The man who said: “The poor shall always be with us” was a fool.
The wise and foolish meet different ends.
Schools can train children to think.
Police and military organizations select employees with the highest IQ’s.
Intelligence and higher reasoning is essential for following orders.
We are right to disdain the aged among us.
Age mellows wine but makes a man no wiser.
We know why virulent strains of disease arise and recede.
Man will soon explore distant stars.
Robots dangerous to mankind will not be created and released.
We should ignore our gut feelings, emotions and intuition.
The region between waking and sleep is barren ground, offering us nothing of value.
Thinking beyond the parameters set by culture is dangerous.
Ask a question and the wise will consider you foolish.
There are questions which must not be asked.
There are truths that must not be known.
Truth is never contradiction.
The clan of man has for aeons cast out the inferior.
Mankind has been selected for creative and independent thought.
Children on a playground know nothing of power plays, influence, politics, corruption,
quid pro quo and paradigms of correct thought.
We are offered the news we want.
The boundaries of allowable thought and behavior are seldom intuited.
Millennia of tribal existence-—and banishment—did nothing to condition conformity in
In the tribe, nonconformists were accepted and survived to procreate.
If reality is what we each know, then reality is what the media tells us.
A hoodwinked public makes no one rich.
What we flush is gone from the earth.
Mankind is not endangered.
Our water is clean.
Perennial growth is a great good.
Were there a Satan, our culture might do more to seduce the young, impressionable and
malleable away from honor and decency.
Morality, decency and humility are our bywords.
Talking to each other is easy.
Agreeing on basic questions is what cleaves us together as a nation.
We need what the stores sell.
Air fresheners make air fresh.
Teflon sprayed on a fry pan never enters our food and thus our bloodstream.
Silicon cookware is safe or it would not be sold.
Exempting energy companies from all rules for polluting is good for America.
America will be the first empire to ever defeat Afghanistan.
We can afford anything we choose to.
The dollar is as valuable as ever.
We care about what happens to our troops once they return home.
Food will always be as cheap as it is now.
Ants fight wars over food; humans will never do so.
Many are born without any gifts to offer to mankind.
We recognize the sacred gift in every individual.
Every man and woman on earth wants something entirely different in life.
The word LOVE has not bee corrupted, demeaned, garbled by our culture.
America has a two party political system.
America’s allies support our goals and policies because they respect and admire us, not
because they are bribed or threatened.
Pumping solvents into natural gas bearing strata and thus into the water table is a wise
way to profit today.
When the pentagon announces a loss of trillions, those responsible are prosecuted.
War is not a business.
There is hope for the betterment of mankind.
Someday we will have peace.
Someday we shall love each other.
Someday all children will have love, food and home.
The sensible man sees the horrors of the world and despairs.
If there were a God, there would be no war, no suffering, none of the horrors we choose
for ourselves.
Spending addiction is rare among Americans.
Shopping is a rare addiction.
Living on a budget is difficult, complicated and no fun.
The feeling of power, freedom and joy we experience when spending money is nothing
that experienced by gambling addicts.
The mall is as close to heaven as we can get on earth.
Going to church on Sunday erases our behavior during the week.
Children sending nude photos of themselves to each other is not symptomatic of a sick
Sexting by children is not a by-product of the sexualization of children in America.
News stories are not timed to distract the public.
Corporations commonly act against their own best interest.
Corporate media would never slant news to inflame the public to support a war that will
boost profits.
There is no incentive for politicians to cooperate with their corporate supporters to
maximize corporate profits.
Neither generals nor politicians step from government into the boardrooms of the military
industrial complex.
Our system can be reformed.
Were there no creator, there would still be ample reason for kindness.
In the Big Bang universe, persons are more than matter and energy.
Our greatest minds know what life is.
When you die, you will not see your life in review.
The experiences of those who die and are resuscitated are the effects of oxygen
deprivation to the brain, nothing more.
You will never know the joy you have brought to the world—or the pain.
You will never know why.
This life is not a test, not a turn of the wheel, not a time to learn, to perfect our hearts.
It matters who wins.
Evil and good are only subjective value judgments.
Reputation, accomplishment, wealth, awards, possessions all matter very much indeed.
Our baubles, trinkets and toys prove we are the most intelligent animal on the planet.
Intelligence always may be determined by the number and complexity of artifacts created
by a race.
You may reasonably trust anyone dressed better than you are.
Government control over our lives will increase only until we are safe.
We may trust the government to know when to stop taking our rights.
The government should own the rain and most of the land in America.
The drive to regain our second amendment rights through the courts will succeed because
the courts follow the constitution.
We will all be safer and freer when hate laws ban hateful thoughts.
During Hurricane Katrina no law abiding citizens were disarmed by national guard or
FEMA has no power to take your home, your guns, your freedom.
Global Climate change can be proven to be caused by man.
Cap and trade will not result in further taxes and restrictions on freedom.
Cap and trade will not make trillions for insiders, governments and corporations.
Cap and trade was not created by the woman who created the credit default swaps that
caused the economic meltdown of 2008.
It can’t happen here because we are superior to Cambodia, USSR, China, Turkey, Israel,
Congo, Rwanda, Siberia, Ukraine, Guatemala, Canada, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile,
Germany, Japan, Vietnam, etc.
The US has never perpetrated, encouraged, caused or ignored genocides.
True value lies in buying the cheapest goods.
Soup must be purchased in a can.
Marriage is two people who agree to love each other for a while.
A cure for cancer is just around the corner, so give generously.
The vast majority of money donated to United Way goes to those in need.
The Red Cross is a philanthropic organization.
The Nobel peace prize is a prize awarded to those to work to achieve peace.
Those who perform at Carnegie Hall are great talents, worthy of great accolade.
If you write a book, you must submit it to big publishers or agents for their approval to
know if it’s worth anything.
It’s better to
Children make the best fanatics and soldiers because they are more difficult to
indoctrinate with propaganda and lies.
Soldiers commonly refuse to comply with illegal orders.
Were the founders of our country to visit America today, they would offer us
congratulations on preserving our freedoms.
Our political leaders are elected by a majority of Americans.
American elections are never tampered with, as they are in primitive countries.
Corruption in our legal system is rare and harshly punished when discovered.
There are many independent news organizations in America.
When famous politicians write books, they actually write the books.
Vitamin C does not have any effect on the immune system as suggested by Linus
The comics read by millions daily are entertaining and clever.
The internet is not changing everything.
In a sane world, the functions served by cell phones, TV, radio, watches, ipod, email,
book readers, newspapers, magazines, texting, skype and keyboards would not be
incorporated into one device.
Publishing as it has existed for generations is not all but dead.
Americans still have privacy.
The UK is not but a step ahead of America in progress toward a police state.
There is a way to prevent the coming police state, terror and horror in America.
People cannot be convinced of anything, regardless that it may contradict everything they
know to be true, as long as it appeals to their emotions.
We learn from the study of the history of human folly.
Controlling the minds of the people has not been the goal of every ruler since the first
tribal strongman aeons ago.
Advances in government arms will not soon obviate the disarming of Americans.
Cakes must be done when they are removed from the oven.
There are many ways of cooking meat that approach grilling over red hot coals out of
The wealth Americans have enjoyed for the last century will last.
Americans are still a great producer of goods.
GM crops will bring us ever greater abundance of food.
The bees are dying coincidentally to the introduction of GM crops in open field testing.
The great art mas has created ameliorate his depredation of the earth and justify his future
We are alone in the universe.
Man’s first meeting with those originating off-world has yet to take place.
The Earth is better off for man’s development of technology.
The greatest minds work in science.
Those who tend and are fascinated by plants have involved themselves with a lower
Those who work in suits are deserve greater respect, privilege and wealth than do those
who work in coveralls.
Education is accomplished in a political vacuum.
The relaxing of educational standards a generation ago has resulted in the stated goal of
yielding a more creative American.
Self esteem is more important than knowledge, tenacity and perspiration.
Mood enhancing drugs will help us all to be happier.
The more one visits a doctor and the more one abides by his advice and allows his
procedures, the more healthy you shall be.
The majority of what is read is worthy of being read.
The majority of what is heard is worthy of being heard.
The bogeyman is real and the government will protect us from him.
Our leaders lead.
American presidents are more than puppets, able to make decisions and steer the nation
as their conscience dictates.
Americans are a unified people, sharing common goals and outlooks.
In general, Americans see each other as neighbors to be respected, not as potential
criminals to be feared.
An armed society is one less safe, less polite and less law abiding.
The data is not yet clear on the results of permitting the carrying of concealed weapons in
American states in relation to the results where concealed carry is banned.
Abortion is a service to young women.
Fathers should not have a say in whether their children are terminated in utero.
There will not always be looking for—and finding—witches to burn.
Mankind will reach enlightenment.
Heating with wood is not as efficient as solar heating.
Heating with wood is not solar energy.
Wind turbines have no negative side.
The free market needs help from government to remain efficient.
Our government knows best.
Those who have learned that this world is a world of lies are happier than those who
believe the lies true.
Thinking critically is easy and fun.
One may reason with those in the grip of emotion.
Those who make good bread with their hands are lesser men and women than those who
create financial derivatives and earn a thousand times more.
Government is our servant.
Sending our children to war is a small price to pay for our freedoms.
America has never had to resort to enslaving its youth to fight its wars of empire.
In the war of 1776 a man could buy his way out of the draft, but the rich and influential
have had no way to ease the burden of war for their children since.
Were political office to pay nothing, it would be impossible to get good people in office.
Political donations are not bribes and may never be kept by politicians.
The modern world is too complex for the average man to understand how it works.
Given a choice, our troops would not exchange all our support for a ticket home.
Our troop’s morale is high as they fight for our freedoms.
America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.
America doesn’t bribe terrorists.
When the FBI interviews witnesses, it does so to ascertain the truth.
Most homosexuals are happy to be homosexual.
There is no conflict of interest having homosexuals council young teen males on whether
or not they might be homosexual; it’s nothing like having heterosexuals council young
teen girls on whether or not they may be ready for sex with an adult male.
Science, reason, fact drives our laws, culture and society.
Science fiction predicted rather than modeled for the future.
American culture epitomizes progress, humanity and equality.
Sexual restraint was very hard on women and they are much better off now.
Men and women are now judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their
Taboo, heresy and correct thought has not always and will not be always a part of human
It is better to be a master of one trade than a jack of all.
Emotion can always be trusted as a guide.
Emotion should never be trusted as a guide.
Amoeba have need of morality.
We have no need of morality.
It takes a village is a useful phrase.
Equality is achieved by preferential treatment.
Markets cannot purge themselves without government interference.
Photons behave the same way whether or not they are observed.
When Darwin first proposed his theory of evolution, it was greeted with no dissent
among his fellow scientists.
Watching the government’s reactions to an occurrence will not tell you whether or they
are hiding something.
The best scripts are made into films.
The best actors rise to become the most popular.
Genius is rewarded in corporate culture.
People do what they say they do, want what they say they want and are what they say
they are.
Kipling’s Gods of the Copybook Headings is a poem who’s truth has expired.
In a century today’s writers, musicians and actors will be remembered.
In a century the book you are now reading will still be read.
The bible at the time of it’s compilation is the bible read today.
Trust the government that asks you to surrender your arms.
Quality is worth sacrificing to get consistency.
A beggar in ancient Rome would have eaten the bread we buy and consume today.
That our most beautiful women opt for cosmetic surgery betrays no cultural pathology.
Growing old needs a cure.
A world without death would be a heaven on earth.
Inflation is good/deflation is bad.
Evidence was discovered to verify American claims of mass graves in Bosnia to justify
our bombing of Yugoslavia.
Evidence was discovered to verify American claims of weapons of mass destruction to
justify our invasion of Iraq.
Evidence was discovered to verify American claims of Afghan complicity in 9/11 to
justify our invasion of Afghanistan.
We will be the first empire since Alexander to pacify the Afghan Pashtun tribes.
Our drones have the right to go anywhere and kill anything on earth.
Drones and robots will not be deployed on American soil.
Honest Abe Lincoln wanted to free the slaves, not deport them to Africa.
The American Civil war had nothing to with tariffs and all to do with freeing the slaves.
Oswald killed JFK acting alone.
Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK.
American presidents are the most powerful men in the world.
Landfills solve the problem of solid waste.
Centralized production, storage and shipping of food is more efficient than small,
localized food production, like raising chickens in the backyard.
The more we spend on the military, the closer we shall come to peace.
Women in government has resulted in a kinder, gentler government.
The net does not commonly scoop the mainstream media, the MSM reporting on stories
only after being forced to by viral news stories in order to save their credibility.
American culture is kid friendly.
Terrorists should be tortured when captured.
Our troops should not be tortured when captured.
American citizens can’t be tortured as terrorists without due process.
We shan’t miss Habeas Corpus or the rest of the magna carta.
Those with views outside the cultural mainstream are militants, and militants may be
killed as the need arises to preserve order.
Governments do not eventually use all the powers allowed them and take more.
The TSA keeps us safe by humiliating us, but humiliation and subservience are a small
price to pay for safety.
Americans do not view each others ideas, abilities and opinions with contempt.
Americans do not fear their neighbors; they trust them.
Americans for the most part know, respect their neighbors.
Americans have a strong sense of community with their neighbors.
None of this is the result of media spreading fear and distrust.
The American government has never infected American citizens without their consent,
using contagions to test the effectiveness of biowarfare.
Americans are comfortable thinking for themselves.
There are limits to what Americans will tolerate from their government.
Depleted uranium is good for our troops and has no lasting effects where it is burned.
Mexican illegal immigrants are not changing this country into the country they have fled.
It behooves no politicians to encourage the flood of immigrants dependent upon
government largesse.
Many Americans are without medical help and are often left to die on the street when
unable to pay.
American children are not molded, directed and guided by the films the watch, the music
the listen to and the sites they visit.
Suicides in our military is at an all time high because our troops believe in what they
have done.
We are not allowed to see our returning war dead because our government is concerned
with the feelings of the families of the troops.
 Embedding reporters with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has resulted in fine
investigative journalism bringing the realities of the conflicts to Americans at home.
Camel jockeys, camel f*ckers, hadjis are less than human.
Our troops have not been told all Hadjis (Iraqis) are all queer and all pedophiles.
The VA cares for all sick vets, whether their illness can be proven to be combat related.
The VA has not repeatedly refused care to vets suffering from illness caused by the
Vietnam and Gulf War because it would have been too expensive to offer them treatment.
Tasers offer police a safe, effective tool to bring suspects into custody.
Tasers are seldom misused or overused by police.
It is a healthy sign that our swat teams, police and military wear masks.
The differences between men and women end at the genitalia.
Divorce should be common, easy and of no importance.
Children are not hurt by divorce.
Those who stick yellow ribbons on their cars support our troops.
There are not nearly a million current claims from sick vets with the VA.
Military contractors in Iraq were not paid hundreds of millions in bonuses for providing
dirty water to our kids.
One of the best ways to support our troops is to “stop loss” them, i.e., to keep them in
against their will for tour after tour.
Stop loss is good for our troops and their families.
War makes more than death destruction and millionaires.
Innocence can survive in this culture.
The system can be fixed.
We’ll see the one that hits us.
Aztlan will remain a part of the US after Mexicans become a majority.
Quality of care will increase when government controls health care.
An America without families will be the same America.
Pedophiles should be released without chemical or surgical castration.
Hemp use causes violence.
Children don’t have access to alcohol.
Might makes right, so we can do no wrong.
My country, right or wrong is the position of a man with the capacity for thought.
Anyone who mentions unflattering facts about America may be discredited by accusing
them of being part of the “blame America first crowd.”
The ability to hold two mutually exclusive thoughts simultaneously is a sure sign of
Eating diet foods will make you thinner.
Silicone breasts are sexy.
Fast food is not poison.
Walmart is great for America.
Malls are progress and shall endure.
Growth and sprawl can go on forever.
We have nothing to be humble about.
We live according to the teachings of Jesus.
God will help us get the best deal on our new car.
We don’t voluntarily submit ourselves and our children to video propaganda.
Going to church makes us close to god.
Mother Theresa, Ghandi and MKL were saints.
Our offspring, our homes and our thoughts belong to us and are respected by our
government servants.
The Department of Homeland Security has no reason for stocking up on 2ooM rounds of
.40 cal ammunition.
Political term limits would be bad for America.
We would not be better served by selecting random names from any telephone book to
fill the congress and white house.
Our government would never intern American citizens.
Our government would never disappear American citizens.
It is better to surrender your arms and trust to the government to protect you than to break
the law by keeping them.
Young men and women today learn about sexual behavior from porn videos.
Government will not employ or support the majority of Americans.
Government employees are paid about twice what comparable employees earn in the
private sector.
One can learn nothing about the habits of men by observing hogs at their food.
Poems are the easiest form to write because they are short.
Hollywood films are not created consciously to undermine our concept of morality and
push the limits of what is acceptable; they just do it because that’s what people want.
When we are all dependent upon government, our freedom will be secure.
Social Security is essential to our survival.
We may avail ourselves of government largesse without giving government the right to
tell us how we may live.
He who trades freedom for security drives a shrewd bargain.
It is a coincidence that the smartest, funniest, most attractive characters in film are either
homosexual, adulterers, murderers or thieves.
Raising a child today is no more difficult than it was two generations ago.
Innocent people never plead guilty.
Our legal system is not weighted for convictions regardless of guilt or innocence.
Jury nullification (the right of juries to judge not only the facts, but the law) is no longer
The legal system informs jurors of their right of nullification, i.e., their right to judge a
law void and so acquit a defendant.
Love is about sexual intercourse.
When intercourse recedes in importance, love must fail.
Our culture is sex, youth and wealth abscessed.
Americans are a people.
The US will not break up as the USSR did.
Men and women have never felt more respect for each other now that women act more
like men.
Our homes are beautiful.
Our space program demonstrates our mastery over the universe.
As a race we are competent to wield the power we do.
The popularity of games and their growing sophistication will not result in a major shift
in human existence.
Railways largely disappeared from the US because they were inefficient.
Gang members make poor soldiers in our army.
The Iraqi people are freer and better off now, as was our intent.
The military experts featured on the news do not own stock in the corporations directly
benefit from the continuation of war.
Newsreaders understand what they read.
Presidents write their own speeches and understand what they say.
Our culture has not been in decline for a century.
We live in harmony with the earth.
We shall devise a recycling system approaching the efficiency of nature.
The use of food for green biofuels will not result in famine.
Our banks do not knowingly launder drug cartel money.
Pedophilia, sex slavery and human sacrifice are not practiced by the world elite and
protected by their minions in the courts, government and media.
The idea that Satanist secret societies and cabals are real is ridiculous.
Were there secret and powerful organizations we should have heard of them on the
news... the parent corporations of which are controlled by the members of those societies.
Our current rifle is superior to the Russian Automavot Kalashanakova.
Americans are not cut off from their roots close to the earth.
Mankind will never revert to a tribal existence.
Tito held Yugoslavia together for half a century by gentleness.
America’s treatment of native Americans has been fair.
Gold will serve as a means of exchange if the dollar becomes worthless.
The American Revolution would have succeeded without French aid.
America is not an empire.
The world loves and admires America and Americans.
We remember each day that we will die.
History is not endless cycles repeating.
There is a way out.
There is an end to lies.

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