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Great Locations to Live In Belize

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									                  Great Locations to Live In Belize

Are you thinking of moving to Belize and don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you
simply want a tropical paradise where you can retire and spend the rest of your life in
peace and harmony? Maybe a second home where you can take a vacation during
the cold, harsh winter seasons?

All these questions can be answered simply by one word: Belize. Apparently, there’s
more to Belize than just pristine beaches and beautiful surroundings. Belize is one of
the most beautiful locations in the world where nature and people harmoniously
thrive at the same time.

The Belize real estate market has a myriad of options for any property you may be
looking for. From modest bungalows to majestic manors, you can also choose where
to build them. There are a lot of places, particularly cities that you may consider
having residence in.

Let’s start off with the most practical ones.


This place is located in the northern regions of the country and is home to friendly
locals with an increasing population of expatriates and retirees. The place is decent
enough for those who simply want to have a comfortable life at a low cost. The
standard of living is rather lower than any other parts of the country.
A favorite of those tourists who are skimping on the budget, the place is near a
fishing village where one can catch his own meal.

Toledo District
This is a place less inhabited by outsiders as the place is a bit secluded. Mostly, the
communities of the ancient Mayan tribes reside here and take care of the
environment the way they were taught by their forefathers. The areas are found to be
mostly rainforest reserves that are not allowed to be touched by any form of

Though the standard of living is also low here, the convenience and comfort may be
compromised. This place is perfect for those who wish to lead a hermit lifestyle.

Stann Creek District

Here in the Stann Creek District, which is a bit near the Toledo District, there is a
gated community that has 24-hour security. Sanctuary Belize is the one of the latest
developments in the country that has been attracting a lot of foreign investors
wanting to spend their money in the country.

The most amazing thing about this is that the community has their own little paradise
within paradise. There are private resorts and spas, equestrian centers and so much
more in this 14,000 acre land wherein only 3,000 acres will be developed. If you
don’t mind spending a bit in order to achieve luxury and sublime comfort, then you
better give this a try and you will never be disappointed.

The homes are created with the environment in mind and have less negative impact
on Mother Nature. There are nature reserves that are homes to endangered species
with the locals helping in their preservation. Also, the highest mountain can be found
in the area.

The Belize real estate industry is actually proud to announce that one does need a
lot of cash in order to invest on a house in Sanctuary Belize. They have devised a
few financial options, such as 0% down or 0% interest, in order to help out
customers who wish to get their very own piece of paradise!

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