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					                    MoJu Free Quote Form

  Building the website of your dreams is just a few (o.k. more than a few)
questions away. In order for us to properly asses your needs and give
you a proper quote, we ask that you fill out this form as completely as
The more information that we have concerning you, your business or
service and what you expect from your site, the more accurate of a quote
we can give you. Remember, the more details, the better! Please fill out
this form, save it as “free quote request” and email to
as an attachment. Someone will respond to this request within 48
business hours. Thank you!

About You:





About Your Company:

Company Name:

Company Phone:
Will you be making the decision on your site and design alone, with someone or
does someone else have that capacity?

Who other than you would be authorized to make decisions regarding your site
or would be a point of contact for your company?

Will you be available to review work and give feedback or approval quickly
while your site is in production?

What type of service or product does your company provide?

Who are your customers?

Do you have an existing website? If so, what is the web address or URL?

What type of marketing or advertising do you currently or plan to use?

How would you rate your computing or internet capabilities?

Will you be or do you have someone that will be maintaining your site?

Your Site:

What are your expectations for your site?

What is the main objective for your site?

What is your target audience?

Do you have the content for your site?

Do you need help in writing the content for your site?

Do you need pictures of yourself, your products or other pictures for your site?

How often do you anticipate changes to your site?

How often to you anticipate adding or deleting items from your site?

Please tell us about the specific items or pages that you would want with your
(i.e. contact us, product/service pages, about us, quote form etc)
Do you have an expected a launch date of your site? If so, does this date
correlate with another event (i.e. sale, Grand Opening, trade show etc)

How soon could you have your content ready?

Do you currently have corporate identity? (i.e. branding, logo, colors etc.)

Does your company currently have printed media (i.e. business cards, stationary

What websites have you seen that you like? What parts of those sites would you
like to see in your own site?

Do you know of competitors websites? Please list their web addresses here:

What impression do you want visitors to have of your business when they visit
your site?

What action would you like your site to encourage visitors to take when they
arrive at your website?

And Finally….

Have you set up a hosting account for your site, or would you like our help to do
this? If you have the account, what is the name of the hosting company?

Have you secured and registered your domain name, or would you like our
assistance with that? If you have, please list that domain name.

Please keep in mind, that at MoJu, we always register your domain and hosting
to you, in your name. Many web houses prefer to register it for you but in their
name, however, that gives them control of your site. We prefer to keep your
domain and your hosting under your control. During production of your site,
we will need your user name and password to be able to work in these accounts.
These can be changed after launch of your site.

Did we miss anything? If you have additional information that you would like
to share, please add it here:

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