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									How to Quote Poetry correctly

Quote accurately (every comma, every capital, and every letter)
You may adjust the capitalization of the first word and/or the final punctuation to fit your

If you block a quotation, it should be like a photograph of the original passage.
Block any quotation of more than 3-4 lines or any lines you want to especially highlight.
Always double space blocked quotes- your paper will be double spaced too.
        I hate and love.

     And if you ask me why,

        I have no ans wer, but I discern,

        Can feel, my senses rooted in eternal torture.

(ll. stands for lines l. stands for line)

Comment on this block quotation as follows:
He is more inte rested in the life of “senses” (l. 4) than in the life of rational action. He is
also inte rested in involving the reader in his experience – “and if you ask me why . . .” (l. 2)
– in orde r to prevent him or her from re maining e motionally distant from his “ hate and
love” (l. 1).

If not blocked, then separate lines by space-slash-space:
Shakespeare’s speaker refuses to lay claim to his love after he has departed from the world.
He pleads with he r: “…let your love even with my life decay: / Lest the wise world … / …
mock you with me after I am gone” (ll. 12-14)

The original looked like this:
       When I perhaps compounded am with clay,
       Do not so much as my poor name rehearse;
       But let your love even with my life decay:
           Lest the wise world should look into your moan,
          And mock you with me after I am gone.
                       (Shakespeare, Sonnet 78, ll. 10-14)

If you replace or add words to make the sentence grammatically correct, you must place that
word square brackets. “But let your love [Lucy] even with my life decay” (l. 12) is an
example of

NOTE: I bolded for emphasis – DO not bold quotes in your paper. Do NOT at any point
include a copy of your poe m in your paper – you must quote in portions/segments and
incorporate quotes as you develop.

Also see page 309 in Write for College

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