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					Leading in the Virtual Age

   Some Preliminary Lessons

         HSATM November 19, 2008   1
          Traditional Theories
• Be not afraid of               • Trait Theories
  greatness: some are                – Emotional intelligence
  born great, some                   – Achievement Orientation
  achieve greatness and          • Contingency Models
  some have greatness                – Path-Goal Theory
  thrust upon them".
                                 • Behavioral Models
• Act II, Scene V, Twelfth           – Transactional
  Night by W.                        – Charismatic
  Shakespeare                        – Transformational

                    HSATM November 19, 2008                      2
      Leadership                                               Attila
Chieftains must teach their Huns well that which
is expected of them. Otherwise, Huns will
probably do something not expected of them.

Be generous with small tokens of appreciation-
they will multiply in retuned loyalty and service.

If you tell a Hun he is doing a good job when he
isn’t, he will not listen long and, worse, will not
believe praise when it is justified.

Terminate people at the first sign of disrespect
for the common good, but by no means stifle
individualism or punish the innocent who don't
know the common good. Definitely, do not
allow uncontrolled celebration. Pillaging and
looting are only fun if done in the name of

Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun

                                     HSATM November 19, 2008            3
                • Articulation of a
                  compelling vision
                • The leader as behavioral
                • High confidence and
                  motivation of followers
                • Ascription of
                  extraordinary traits and
                  interpersonal skills
                • Unconventional behavior

              HSATM November 19, 2008        4
                    Transformational Leadership
George Washington   • Idealized Influence
                       – Sets an example
                    • Individual consideration
                       – Caring for others
                    • Inspirational motivation
                       – Clear, compelling vision
                    • Intellectual stimulation
                       – New ideas, a change agent

                    HSATM November 19, 2008          5
S. L. Washburn

Most of human evolution took
place before the advent of
agriculture when men lived in
small groups, on a face-to-face
basis. As a result human
biology has evolved as an
adaptive mechanism to
conditions that have largely
ceased to exist. Man evolved
to feel strongly about few
people, short distances, and
relatively brief intervals of time;
and these are still the
dimensions of life that are
important to him

                                      HSATM November 19, 2008   6
HSATM November 19, 2008   7
          The Virtual Distance Model
                            Social            Relationship
                           Distance            Distance

       Distance                                        Geographic
                     Technical                                            Temporal
                      Support                           Distance           Distance
Multi-tasking                         Distance
                    Operational                     Physical        Organizational
       Communication Distance                       Distance          Distance
          Distance           HSATM November 19, 2008                                  8
Herman Hesse

1946 Nobel Prize
Journey to the East

A servant , Leo, leads members of
“The League:” on a journey to the

Leo disappears and the group
founders into disarray

Later, Leo is discovered to be the
president of the league – A servant

                                      HSATM November 19, 2008   9
                                         Robert K. Greenleaf
Servant Leadership
•Commitment to the growth of
•Building Community

                        HSATM November 19, 2008                10
Herb Kelleher
Southwest Airlines
We are not looking for
blind obedience. We are
looking for People who,
on their own initiative,
want to be doing what
they are doing because
they consider it a worthy
objective. I have always
believed that the best
leader is the best server.
And if you're a servant,
by definition, you're not

                             HSATM November 19, 2008   11
Bill Gardner/Steve Tainer

        HSATM November 19, 2008   12
         Authentic Leadership
•   Self-Awareness
•   Transparency & Openness
•   Trust
•   Guidance toward worthy objectives
•   Emphasis on follower Development

                 HSATM November 19, 2008   13
Building Communities

     HSATM November 19, 2008   14
         Piet Hut and Friend
HSATM November 19, 2008   15
       Paul Levy
Transparency & Openness

      HSATM November 19, 2008   16
                     SU N DA Y , JAN U A R Y 2 8 , 2 0 0 7

         Do I get paid too much?
Here are the facts. As noted by the Globe, my total
compensation was about $1 million in fiscal 2005. Of this,
$650,000 was the base salary. Also, I was eligible for a 30%
incentive compensation payment if the hospital achieved
specified results for clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and
financial performance. I received the full amount that year,
$195,000. The rest of the million comprised payments made by
BIDMC for life insurance and retirement. (Don't worry, there are
no other perks, like cars or country club memberships!)

                          HSATM November 19, 2008                   17
  Phil McKinney
Commitment to Growth

     HSATM November 19, 2008   18
From Phil McKinney’s Blog

       HSATM November 19, 2008   19
            Gina Poole
Understanding and leveraging Technology

             HSATM November 19, 2008      20
HP Halo System

   HSATM November 19, 2008   21

HSATM November 19, 2008   22
  Guido Petit
Boundary Spanning

   HSATM November 19, 2008   23
Boundary Spanning

    HSATM November 19, 2008   24
    Leadership in the Virtual Age
• Trust
• Authenticity
• Transparency
• Technological Adroitness
• Boundary spanning
• Understanding and leveraging social
• Community building
               HSATM November 19, 2008   25

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