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									Apple Company History
In the United States of America, you certainly hear the word "Apple", like millions of time.
Apple in this context is not Apple the fruit, but it is a famous brand of gadget technology, and
they are famous of the product of Macintosh, iPod touch, iPhone, and now iPad. The
company now becomes one of wonderful growing computer company in the world, and this
company also has been the factor of the rapid increase of personal computer. However,
before seeing the huge succeed of Apple, we should flashback to Apple Company History.
You will find it very interesting in seeing how the forerunners of Apple started their
computer company.

Back to April 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs established Apple after they dropped their
college out. Their co-worker relationship started when Wozniak successfully created building
boxes to make free phone calls for long-distance. This was the very first step of Apple
Company History; since it was a huge invention at that time. The huge invention was because
telephone, which was just founded, cost people very expensively. Wozniak himself is a super
talented and self-taught electronics engineer; accordingly, his new invention brought him to a
great selling of the boxes.

Then, after experiencing a great succeed, Wozniak extended his invention again in 1976. He
made another box which was called the Apple I computer. This type of Apple computer was
not like as you see commonly nowadays. It had no keywords, and had not power supply
either. However, pioneering Apple Company History made them sacrifice a lot of things to
build it, such as selling their van and two calculators. The van and calculators could raise
about $1,300 to set up the real company of Apple. With the huge sacrifice and devoted hard
working, they were able to sell 50 units of computers in San Francisco Bay area, and the
computers earned $666, which was already huge in that year.

Shortly afterward, in summer Wozniak made another type of Apple, which was Apple II.
This time, Wozniak's intention was not only to sell computers to local people for simple
needs, but he wanted to develop a bigger market for his small computer company. The Apple
Company History kept on going. In order to make this come true, Wozniak hired local
computer 'engineers' that had enthusiasm and solid commitments to the company. Though he
found out that they were high school students, they were just so in touch with the company to
assemble circuit boards and design software. Besides, hiring those high school students, he
also consulted with Mike Markkula to promote their products. Markkula was a retired
computer engineer who had participated in the marketing of Intel Corporation.

Two years later, which was still 1978, Apple broke through as one of the most rapid-growing
companies in the US. They were spread across the nation through 100 dealers. This succeed
keeps on going until right now, especially after Apple Company launched their new type of
computer which was named the Macintosh, and other several sophisticated gadgets, such as
iPad, iPhone, iPad touch, and the like. And after reading this brief explanation, the Apple
Company History tells us why it now has big four operating divisions; they are Apple USA,
Apple Europe, Apple Pacific, and Apple Products.

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