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					                                                                Taymour M. EL-sherry

                       CURRICULM VITAE
Name:         Taymour Mohammed ELsherry

Date and place of birth: 16/9/1975 Assiut Egypt.

Work address: Dept. Of Theriogenology, Veterinary Hospital, Faculty of Vet. Med.
               Assiut university, Egypt.

Telephone number: 2-088-2-334699

Mobile phone:      2- 01895-39-325

e-mail address:

1994-1998: Bachelor of Vet. Science. (very Good with Honour)
            Assiut university, Faculty of vet. Med.

1999-2003: Master of Theriogenology
            Assiut university, Faculty of Vet. Med.

 2003- 2008: PhD of Theriogenology
             Channel system program between Assiut university, and faculty of
              agriculture and Vet. Med. Obihiro university, Japan.

                                                                 Taymour M. EL-sherry

Dissertation /Dissertation abstract:
1-The Master title:
Follicular dynamics and ovarian changes in cyclic and superovulated buffaloes.
        In this research we studied the pattern of follicular dynamics, deviation
phenomenon, the best time for superovulation in buffalo and the relation between the
follicular stage and the Oocyte quality in buffaloes.

2-The PhD title:

Superovulation response in relation to different phases of follicular growth in cows.

      We modified a new superovulation protocol. We succeeded to make a

superovulation under a complete absence of CL. This protocol induced the growth of

large number of follicles (30-36F) in comparison to the conventional protocol and the

superovulation during the first follicular wave. The high response was related to the

interaction of the Progesterone, Estradiol, Growth hormone and IGF-1. The average

number of CL obtained was 17 ± 4.2 CL with maximum result 24 CL in one animal.

Presentation and posters:
1-   Elsherry T. M., Matsui M., Amaya-montoya C., Kida K., Miyamoto A., Shehata

     H.S., Miyake Y. 2007. Effect of progesterone on the multiple follicular growth

     under the FSH treatment in Dairy cows. (poster) Japanese society of animal

     reproduction (JSAR) conference, Journal of Reproduction and development 53,

     September 2007. (impact Factor 1.47).

2-   Best research reword (13th Assiut university conference 2008)

     Effect of progesterone on the multiple follicular growth under the FSH treatment in

     dairy cows.
3-   Nominated for the WHO IS WHO in Science and engineering 2011-2012
     1- Ovarian stimulation with follicle-stimulating hormone under increasing or

                                                                     Taymour M. EL-sherry

        minimal concentration of progesterone in dairy cows. Taymour M.Elsherry,
        Motozumi Matsui, Katsuyo Kida, Akio Miyamoto,G.A. Megahed, Shehata H. Shehata, Yoh-ichi

        Miyake Theriogenology,    73, (2010) 488-495.
   2- Haemodynamic changes of the superovulated follicle as a casue of
        superovulated variability in cattle.
        Taymour EL-sherry, Motozumi Matsui and You-Ichi Miyake, Journal of
        American Science 2010, 6(3).
   3-       3-Ovarian response and progesterone profile during Ovsynch Protocol
        in Heifers and Pluriparous Buffalo-cows (Bubalus bubalis). Hussein H.A.,
        Derar, R., Fahmy S., EL-Sherry T., Megahed, G. 10 Scientific congress of
        Egyptian Society for cattle diseases (2009).
   4- Follicular vascularity during superovulation in cattle as a source of
        superovulation variability. Taymour EL-sherry, Motozumi Matsui and You-Ichi
        Miyake, 22 annul congress of The Egyptian society for animal reproduction and
   5-   Booklet: Ultrasonography of ovarian structure in buffaloes, Heepf, EVET,

   1- Japanese Society of reproduction 2007-2008
   2- The Egyptian society for Animal reproduction and fertility.
   3- Egyptian society for cattle diseases.

Teaching Experience:
1998-2003 worked as administrator in Faculty of Vet.Med, Assiut university,
          department of Theriogenology.

2003-2006: worked as assistant lecturer in Faculty of Vet.Med, Assiut university,
           department of Theriogenology.

2005-2006 a Member of management team of the EVET project (Enhancement Of
           Veterinary Education In The Field Of Theriogenology) for the
           developing the high education programs, Ministry of high education, Egypt

                                                                   Taymour M. EL-sherry

2006-2008 Foreign researcher in dept. Of Theriogenology, Faculty of Animal
          Husbandry, Obihiro university of Agriculture and Vet. Med., Japan.

2008-until now Member of the implementation team in the CIQAP project
(Preparation of Faculties for the Quality Improvement and Qualification for
Accreditation). Ministry of high education, Egypt.

Attended programs/ workshops:
2005     Training course of effective teaching.
2005     Training course of effective communication.
2005     Training course of University Ethics.
2008     Training course of effective presentation.
2008     Training course of using new methodology for teaching
2008       Workshop on (The basic for culturing Animal cells), The molecular biology
           research unit of Assiut University.

Arabic (native language)
English (very Good) pass TOEFL test 2005 and for 2 years
Germany (acceptable)
Japanese (little)

Research experience:
    1- follicular dynamics in Buffalo, cow and sheep,
    2-   Using ordinary and Doppler ultrasonography.
    3-   Some experience in Horse and camel reproduction.
    4-   Experience in Artificial insemination in cattle and buffalo.
    5-   Experience in ELIZA test.
    6-   Basic knowledge about the culturing Animal cells.


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