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									      Online Tools
      The following websites offer online tools that can be used to make high-level efficiency, cost savings,
      and GHG emissions reduction calculations. While these calculators do not offer the level of detail
      recommended for project implementation, they will give a general sense of the size of opportunity
      linked to a best management practice for your operations.

      Climate Friendly Nurseries Project (CFNP) Tools

Calculator Name                                                                    Description

                                                                                   GHG inventory tool created specifically
                                                                                   for the Climate Friendly Nurseries
  CFNP Greenhouse                                 http://www.climatefriendlynurs   Project. This tool enables nurseries to
  Gas (GHG)                                 measure and track resource and energy
  Inventory Tool                                  nt_practice_tools.doc            use, as well as reductions in costs and
                                                                                   GHG emissions over time.

      Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Calculators

Calculator Name        Created By                 Website                          Description

                                                                                   GHG inventory tool created specifically
                                                  http://www.climatefriendlynurs   for the Climate Friendly Nurseries
Climate Friendly                            Project. This tool enables nurseries to
Nuseries Project GHG                              nt_practice_tools.doc            measure and track resource and energy
Inventory Tool
                                                                                   use, as well as reductions in costs and
                                                                                   GHG emissions over time.

                                                                                   Carbon footprint calculator designed
                       Australia Nursery &
NurseryFootprint                                                                   especially for the Australian production
                       Garden Industry            ion=View&Category_id=523
                                                                                   nursery industry

                                                                                   Allows for a quick estimation of GHG
Carbon Footprint       C-Plan (Central Scotland   emissions based on land use practices
Calculator             Farmers)                   ator.asp

U.S. Cropland                                                                      Calculator to estimate greenhouse
                       W.K. Kellogg Biological
Greenhouse Gas                                                                     gas emissions from various farming
                       Station                    alculator/
Calculator                                                                         practices
      Agriculture Efficiency Tools

Calculator Name        Created By               Website                            Description

                                                                                   Tool that will model greenhouse
                                                                                   including materials, heating setup,
                                             fuel type, heating schedule,
Virtual Grower         USDA-ARS
                                                cs.htm?docid=19961                 supplemental lighting, and energy
                                                                                   curtains; will estimate plant growth
                                                                                   and fuel costs for the growing season

                                                                                   Online toolkit that assessed farm
                       USDA NRCS, University
                                                                                   operations’ energy efficiency, describes
Farm Assessment        of Wisconsin-Extension
                                                                                   areas for improvement and proposes
Toolkit                and Wisconsin’s Focus    ogin
                                                                                   efficient equipment and management
                       on Energy Group

                                                                                   Tool that estimates electricity
Farm Energy Audit                                                                  consumption by farm equipment and
                       Alliant Energy           s/ForYourFarm/EnergyConserva
Tool                                                                               appliances, recommends alternatives and
                                                                                   calculates potential savings

                                                                                   Calculates typical monthly electricity
Average Farm Energy    Central Iowa Power
                                             consumption based on input equipment
Calculator             Cooperative
                                                                                   and lists ways to save energy

Food and Rural                                                                     Large selection of agricultural calculators
Development Crop       Alberta Agriculture                                         for such operational components as
Calculators                                                                        fertilizer and farm machinery

                                                                                   Tool for calculating potential cost savings
Energy Estimator for   USDA Natural Resources                                      related to nitrogen use utilizing farm-
Nitrogen               Conservation Service                                        specific information on fertilizer types,
                                                                                   costs, timing and placement

                                                                                   Tool that estimates diesel fuel usage and
Energy Estimator for   USDA Natural Resources                                      costs in key crop production and
Tillage                Conservation Service                                        compares savings between conventional
                                                                                   and alternative tillage systems

                                                                                   Tool that estimates the energy costs
                                                                                   from pumping water for irrigation, and
Energy Estimator for   USDA Natural Resources                                      savings from implementing system
Irrigation             Conservation Service                                        improvements
Organic Fertilizer and                                                                Calculator that demonstrates the cost
Cover Crop               Oregon State University                                      effectiveness and soil and crop
Calculator                                                                            requirements for fertilizer options

                                               Tool that helps to compare certain tillage
Farm Energy              Montana State
                                                   ware/CPMS/2007/CropMixTillag       practices in terms of energy and cost
Calculator               University
                                                   eEnergyPriceBioD.swf               savings

                                               A list of tools that estimate such
                         USDA Natural Resources
Tools by Land Use                                  echnical/tools/index.html#Irriga   components as fuel use and irrigation
                         Conservation Service
                                                   tion                               systems, as well as many others

Irrigation Fuel Cost                             Calculates the cost of using propane
Estimator                                          aspx                               versus other energy sources for irrigation

                         California Agricultural   www.pumpeffi
Pumping Cost                                                                          Analyzes the cost savings for retrofitting
                         Pumping Efficiency
Analysis                                                                              electric water pumps
                         Program                   lysis.asp#assumed

                                                                                      A list of calculators for farming, livestock
                                                                                      care, and dairies; applicable tools for the
Agricultural Tools       Noble Foundation                                             nursery industry include those for
                                                                                      fertigation injection scheduling and
                                                                                      fertilizer spread rates
      General Energy Efficiency Calculators

Calculator Name         Created By                 Website                            Description

                                                                                      Calculators that show savings from
Energy Savings          Wisconsin Public Service                                      efficient equipment including
Calculators             Corporation                                                   thermostats, duct sealing, gas chillers,
                                                                                      lighting, and others

                                                                                      An extensive list of online calculators and
Calculators Online                                 http://www.martindalecenter.c
                        Martindale Center                                             design tools, many applicable for nursery
Center                                             om/Calculators1_2_A.html

                                            A list of energy efficiency calculators for
Energy Efficiency
                        Alliant Energy             s/ForContractorsTradeAllies/Ne     various types of equipment including air
                                                   wsResources/013446                 conditioning and lighting

Energy Cost             US DOE Federal Energy                                         Tool that estimates savings from the
Calculators             Management Program                                            implementation of efficient equipment

                                                                                      A number of calculators to gauge the
Energy Calculators      Energy Trust of Oregon                                        cost effectiveness of energy efficiency

                                                                                      Tool that provides the cost, energy
Energy Cost                              
                        Penn State University                                         content and heat conversion efficiency
Calculator                                         ator.html
                                                                                      information for a variety of fuels

Energy Efficiency       Oregon State University     Tool for identifying and quantifying
Reference               Energy Efficiency Center   EF_Energy_Efficiency_Reference     energy efficiency opportunities

                                               Tool that helps industrial users quantify
Fan System
                        US DOE                     ndustry/bestpractices/software     energy use and savings opportunities in
Assessment Tool
                                                   _fsat.html                         industrial fan systems

                                                                                      Tool used to assess motor systems and
Motor Master+           US DOE                     /bestpractices/software_motor
                                                                                      guide repair vs. replace decisions

                                               Tool that helps assess pump system
Pumping System
                        US DOE                     /bestpractices/    operations and identify savings
Assessment Tool
                                                   ml                                 opportunities

                                                                                      Calculator that compares unit costs of
                                              varying types of fuel; can be used to
Fuel Value Calculator   USDA
                                                   hline/fuel_value_calculator.pdf    calculate savings for fuel-switching
                                                                                      project technology
      Renewable Energy Project Tools

Calculator Name        Created By               Website                          Description

Wind Project                              Tool that calculates a wind project’s
Calculator                                      default.htm                      capacity factor, cost, and savings

                                                                                 Tools that can be used to evaluate
Clean Energy Project                       energy production and savings, costs,
Analysis Software                               php                              and emissions reductions for renewable
                                                                                 energy and energy-efficient technologies

                       US DOE, American Solar
                                                                                 Tool that provides cost, savings and
                       Energy Society, Solar
Solar Estimator                                                                  recommended system size for
                       Electric Power           page=rightforme
                                                                                 photovoltaic system implementation

                                                                                 Tools for the implementation of
                                                                                 photovoltaic and solar hot water
Solar Energy
                       Texas State Energy   systems, as well as two GHG emissions
Calculators and
                       Conservation Office      ors.htm                          calculators

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