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Is re-gifting ethical?

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A lot of debate is going on about r
e-gifting and whether or not it is
ethical in nature. People have diff
erent views: some think that it de
pends on conditions; some are of th
e view that re-gifting is economica
l; and some are strictly against re
-gifting. The debate continues.

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By Jeff Kennedy

Most of the people among us either
receive or give at least one re-gif
t in our lifetime;. The question b
efore us is whether the re-gifting
should be avoided or should be carr
ied out as usual.

Many times the original giver of th
e gift may feel badly once you re-g
ift the item to someone else. In th
e situation where the sentiments of
 the original giver are attached, y
ou should re-think before re-giving
 the gift. You should consider the
 feelings of not only the person wh
o gave you the gift, but your feeli
ngs as well. It’s possible you may
 feel badly after you re-gift an it
em given to you by a close member o
f the family or friend. You may fee
l awkward in these situations where
 the sentiments of family members a
re attached and you should give re-
gifting serious thought or avoid it

Some precaution when re-gifting:

If you do decide to re-gift some of
 the duplicate gifts you received d
uring a function or a gift that you
 know you’ll never use, you should
keep in mind several important poin
•    It is imperative that you avoid
  re-gifting the same item to the pe
rson who has given you the gift.
•    Never re-gift a gift to someone
  who knows the person who originall
y gave you the gift.
•    Ask yourself if the person who
gave you the gift will ever have oc
casion to visit the home of the per
son to whom you are giving the gift
. If there’s any possibility whats
oever, don’t do it.
•    Remove the original wrapping an
d make sure there are no cards atta
ched to or tucked inside the gift f
rom the original giver. Be sure it
  is in good condition and carefully
  remove all traces and hints that t
he item was already gifted. Then w
rap the gift with new paper.
•    Never re-gift an item that has
obviously been used before.
•    Some gifts may be out-of-date a
nd thus should not be re-gifted.
•    Do not disclose to the recipien
t that you are re-gifting.
•    Ensure the suitability of the i
tem for use by the person to whom y
ou are giving it. Don’t just give
them any gift because you don’t nee
d it or have an extra one.
Re-gifting is Economical:

On occasion you may find that re-gi
fting is essential for you as you h
ave two or three identical items fr
om different persons. In addition,
 re-gifting is economical no matter
 what the item. Instead of the ite
m lying in your drawer, unused, it
is going to be beneficial for someo
ne else. This is, of course, if yo
u follow the advice above and make
sure the item is suitable to the pe
rson to whom you are re-gifting.

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