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'Shape-Shifting': The Bane of Women

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"Shape-shifting" is something most
women know about all too well. As t
he years pile on, so do unwanted po
unds that--even among those who rem
ain relatively slim--can literally
change the body's contours.
'Shape-Shifting': The Bane of Women

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"Shape-shifting" is something most
women know about all too well. As t
he years pile on, so do unwanted po
unds that-even among those who rema
in relatively slim-can literally ch
ange the body's contours.

"One may go from an hourglass to mo
re of a shot glass," says Dr. Pamel
a Peeke, a clinical assistant profe
ssor of medicine at the University
of Maryland School of Medicine, bes
t-selling author and creator of the
 "Body For Life For Women Workout"
DVD (rodale store.com). "Aging grac
efully is all a matter of girth con

Not to mention understanding women's

It's Peeke's assertion that recogni
zing what she calls "women's unique
 hormonal hard-wiring" is key to ac
hieving and maintaining a peak body
 for life. There are four hormonal
milestones involved:

• Teens and Twenties. This is
 when estrogen production rises. Wo
men who were skinny teens may sudde
nly find weight going to their brea
sts, hips and thighs. This is the t
ime to build a strong fitness found
ation that can last the rest of you
r life. It's also a good time to bu
ild muscle tone and minimize body f
at changes.

• The Reproductive Years. Sci
ence shows that if you enter pregna
ncy healthy and fit, you'll have a
healthier nine months and a healthi
er baby. Whether you have children
or not, this is the time when your
metabolism begins to slow down. Dur
ing this period, you should add res
istance training-weights-to keep yo
ur metabolism as hot as you can.

• The Forties. This is a time
 of shape-shifting. Fluctuating est
rogen and progesterone levels lead
to a three- to five-pound potbelly,
 or menopot, for many women-on top
of which toxic stress levels boost
your food cravings. You need to reg
roup, ramp up your physical activit
y, examine your lifestyle and put t
hings into balance.

• Menopause. Once you've reac
hed this milestone, it's important
to exercise the mind and body so th
at you stay sharp and keep fit. Kee
p learning. Make the effort to add
resistance training and cardio-revv
ing walks every day. Your goal is t
o live a long and indepen-dent life
 by taking good care of yourself.
Whether you're 20 or 50, Dr. Peeke'
s new DVD, "Body For Life For Women
 Workout," can help you.

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