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Why The Zune Dock Is An Excellent Pr

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This article tells you all about th
e Zune Dock and what is so great ab
out it. From all the huge features
that make big differences to all th
e tiny ones that make the little di
fferences, I will provide you with
great examples as to why this produ
ct is an excellent product and why
Microsoft has done a great job not
only making their accessories for t
he zune mp3 player, but providing t
he customer service to reach full s

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3 players, microsoft zune

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The zune mp3 player has many access
ories that are excellent products a
nd pose very useful in many differe
nt situations, one of them being th
e Zune Dock. This accessory is an o
utstanding product and has many hig
hlights to it to live up to its exp
ectation. I'm going to let you in o
n some of the exciting and very pos
itive aspects and features of this
product just to show you it's true

This dock is specifically designed
for the microsoft zune mp3 player,
so no, iPod's and other mp3 players
 are not compatible with this produ
ct, but in a sense, for zune owners
, that is a good thing. Because the
 quality of this product, as will b
e explained later, is very high. Th
us, only the people who own a zune
mp3 player are lucky and forunate e
nough to be able to put this amazin
g dock to use.

You can also purchase a cable that
will enable you to sync your zune.
This cable will also allow you to c
harge your zune as well which is ve
ry useful because whats better than
 playing music while charging your
mp3 player at the same time, so the
 next time you walk out the door wi
th your mp3 player while having lis
tened to it through the Zune Dock f
or hours, you now have full charge

The dock comes with an audio/video
output with a built-in amp that you
 can connect to your stereo or tele
vision that will make your zune mp3
 player experience even more exciti
ng because you will be able to sync
 your mp3 player with the great sou
nd system you have for your televis
ion. Or the other way around, the t
elevision having the amazing sound

This product also comes with an int
egrated IR receiver which is compat
ible with the zune wireless remote.
 This makes listening to music hass
le free. You can now lay on your co
uch, bed, or relax in your chair wi
thout ever having to get up to adju
st the volume, change the song, cha
nge the station, or turn off the mu
sic. Especially when your sound sys
tem is all the way across the room,
 who wants to have to get up from t
heir relaxed position to change a s
ong, or turn down the volume just t
o answer a quick call. With a wirel
ess remote, all of that is gone, an
d you no longer have that problem.

Another small feature that just sho
ws that microsoft really does care
about their customer is that there
is even a small spot to place your
remote control in so that it never
gets lost. How many times have you
come home to find that your televis
ion controller has been misplaced,
and it takes an aggrovating 20 minu
tes just to find it hidden between
a couch cover or under a coffee tab
le. Now you can simply place the re
mote back on your Zune Dock and you
r good to go.

One of the best features of this pr
oduct, which really isn't a feature
 of the product itself, is a 1-year
-warranty that your dock is backed
by. You don't have to stress if you
r zune dock falls off the end of yo
ur table and suddenly stops working
, microsoft will replace it for you
 up to one year, what a great servi
ce to have.
Hopefully this article has helped y
ou learn a little bit more about th
e Zune Dock, and now you know why i
t is a very successful and high qua
lity product to have for all zune m
p3 player users.

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