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What Is An iPod

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I need look no further than in the
front pocket of my backpack. What_
s in there? Nothing short of a 20
gig powerhouse packed with nothing
less than thousands of my favorite
What Is An iPodIpod Moviesipod movie

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What is an iPod? Who are you, my m
other? Well, it_s a reasonable eno
ugh question. Chances are that you
 are probably aware that it_s an iP
od is a little gadget that your gra
ndson wants for his birthday and th
at its costs a lot of money and wha
t wrong with this transistor radio
anyway? What_s wrong? Everything.
You want to know what is an iPod?
It_s a product created by Apple. D
epending on which version you have
its possibilities for functionality
 are seeming to approach limitless.
   Lets assume that you_re going to
pick up the new 5th generation for
the grandkid, because if he_s like
most kids nowadays, he_s probably r
ude, disrespectful and ungrateful&u
nless he gets exactly what he wants
; which is a 5th generation iPod.

When he opens it up and starts it u
p he_ll be looking at the possibili
ty of storing up to 15,000 songs, a
nd oddly enough he will too. He_ll
 be able to load his iPod up with 2
5,000 crystal clear color photos.
His new best friend has the capacit
y to store up to 150 hours videos o
r movies that all have the same qua
lity as the photos. And he can roa
m the mean streets of your quiet to
wn for 20 hours before this thing r
uns out of batteries.

So aside from everything that shoul
d have tempted you to buy the kid o
ne long ago, excellent quality, gre
at capacity, podcast possibilities,
 etc; you_ve got every reason in th
e world to push aside your concerns
. The new iPods are smaller, light
er, and have more options than one
could reasonably want. The new 5th
 generation iPod does so many thing
s that you won_t be asking what is
an iPod, but what isn_t an iPod.

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