; Visionary Landscapes book review featuring the art of Justin Michael Jenkins (DOC)
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Visionary Landscapes book review featuring the art of Justin Michael Jenkins (DOC)


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Visionary Landscapes book review fe
aturing the art of Justin Michael J

Word Count:

This coffee table style book featur
es over 30 artist favorites are inc
luded in this edition containing fe
edback from various scholars and ar
tists. This edition also gives each
  reader an intimate and deep perspe
ctive of each work by artist Justin
  Michael Jenkins. 160 pages and ful
l color.

Article Body:
Visionary Landscapes, the long awai
ted coffee table style book featuri
ng thirty-one hand selected master
drawings by the artist Justin Micha
el Jenkins, has been in the works f
or quite sometime. We are now proud
 to offer the world this 160 page f
ull color published book through th
e independent publishing source, Lu
lu. Our vision for this exclusive v
olume edition was to have a high en
d collector style book that feature
s many drawings from the chess, ana
tomy, mind, spiritual, and abstract
 collections. We decided on a 7.5"X
7.5" format that is suitable for ma
ny table styles including most coff
ee table settings. We have publishe
d this through our publishing divis
ion at Imaginative Pencil called Im
aginative Pencil Publishing.

Visionary Landscapes fuses the insi
ghts, critiques, and reviews from v
arious artists, critics, and schola
rs from all over the world with the
 intimate perspectives of each work
 by the artist himself. We collecte
d numerous sources from around the
world with regard to the style and
approach of Justin and organized th
e book in such a way as to portray
each drawing from various perspecti
ves and also do a complete analytic
al reviews of the entire range of t
hought behind all the works. The go
al of this exclusive edition is to
give hidden insights that would oth
erwise go unnoticed by many viewers
 and create a collection of reviews
 and critiques by selected artists
and scholars with a large portion o
f the deeper understanding coming f
rom the artist himself. We want eac
h reader to explore this large sele
ction of drawings that span many co
llections and ranges and to become
more aware of what the artist is tr
ying to achieve both in meaning and
  message. Our hope is that readers
will be rewarded with not only the
secrets of how the artist came to c
ertain conclusions and how he achei
ved them and why, but essentially t
he core meaning of each work will b
e revealed in the simplest terms by
 showing each drawing as a seperate
 analysis within the overall meanin
g of the book. The intimacy of the
book centers on the artists deep ci
ritques and view points of each dra
wing featured which gives the reade
r access to the artist on a more pe
rsonal level like hes in front of t
hem explaining each work.

Book Preface

This first volume will approach the
  latest drawings from the studio of
  award-winning artist Justin Michae
l Jenkins with an analytical, fresh
, and insightful point of view. Wit
h the help of the artist, we have c
ompiled a small volume that will co
ntain thirty of his most recent dra
wings taken from five unique collec
tions. The artist will give us his
insight into each work of art and t
he hidden meanings behind the symbo
lisms and objectivity that lie bene
ath the color and forms.
This book attempts to give viewers,
  collectors, scholars, and historia
ns an ambitious and fresh examinati
on into the mind, soul, and overall
  vision of the artist. We have coll
ected various critics, essays, and
feedback from numerous people about
  the approach and style of artist J
ustin Michael Jenkins and organized
  it in the pages ahead along with a
  gallery of works. We hope this boo
k will give each reader a broader u
nderstanding of what the artist is
trying to accomplish within the bol
d shapes, twisting forms, and surre
al settings. We also want to shed l
ight on the message his work tries
to convey to the world.
Now that you have a basic understan
ding of what this book will attempt
 to accomplish, let_s begin our jou
rney and exploration into the surre
al, visionary, and inventive world
that lies deep in the corridors of
the artist_s mind with the hope of
finding the truth and inspiration b
ehind his style.

Imaginative Pencil Publishing came
to Lulu because the company wanted
to be in control of the publishing
process and found Lulu_s print-on-d
emand tools to be fast, easy and, m
ost importantly, free. Visonary Lan
dscapes is available for purchase a
t www.lulu.com, in a marketplace fi
lled with other unique and wonderfu
l surprises. _Independent publishin
g and print-on-demand is the wave o
f the future, and the future is now
,_ said Michael from Imaginatvie Pe
ncil Publishing. _The Lulu process
allows me to cut out the middle man
 (i.e. a separate publisher) and ge
t my work out there the way I want
it. Our book, Visionary Landscapes,
 is much like Lulu itself_it puts c
ontrol of your destiny in your own


Imaginative Pencil is a company fou
nded in 2004 that specializes in th
e sale, distribution, and exhibitio
n of the visionary and surreal penc
il art of Justin Michael Jenkins.

Justin Michael Jenkins was born in
Saratoga Springs, N.Y. to George an
d Carole Jenkins. Besides his profe
ssional status as a full time artis
t, he is also a writer, designer, a
nd webmaster. His hobbies include s
tudying the game of chess and colle
cting Civil War memorabilia.


Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world_
s fastest-growing print-on-demand m
arketplace for digital do-it-yourse
lfers. Please see www.lulu.com for
more information.
For more information about selling
this book in stores or to order a c
opy for yourself, please visit our
book website at Lulu or contact Mic
hael Retla at publishing @imaginati
vepencil.com or call 1-304-376-0762.

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