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Technology behind the EGG photo 360
 Degree lens and 360 degree softwar

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This is the absolutely unique optic
al device was developed out of mast
ery of the catadioptric processes a
nd opto-electronics. This is compat
ible with most still and video digi
tal cameras. It can be used easily
by directly mounting on camera lens
. It is different from Fisheye lens
  and panoramic lens.
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ours, photography, panoramic lens,
panoramic fisheye lens,EGG solution
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<p>Technology behind the EGG photo
360 Degree lens and 360 degree soft
<p>This is the absolutely unique op
tical device was developed out of m
astery of the catadioptric processe
s and opto-electronics. This is com
patible with most still and video d
igital cameras. It can be used easi
ly by directly mounting on camera l
ens. It is different from Fisheye l
ens and panoramic lens.<br />
   This technology is entirely diffe
rent from Fisheye lens and panorami
c lens, The fisheye lens is a wide-
angle lens that takes in an extreme
ly wide, hemispherical image and it
 is originally developed for use in
  meteorology and astronomy. On the
other hand <a href="http://www.eggs">EGG Photo 360 Degree
lens</a> is specifically designed t
o take 360 degree virtual tours in
just one shot.<br />
<p>Egg photo 360 degree Technology:<
br />
<p>The perfected a lens specific to
 360&deg; imaging <a href="http://w">virtual tour</
a>. This absolutely unique optical
device was developed out of the mas
tery of the catadioptric processes
(combining lens and reflectors) and
  opto-electronics (lens, reflectors
, sensors and processors). The devi
ce is compatible with most still an
d video digital cameras on the mark
et and can be mounted directly on t
he camera lens.<br />
<table><tr><th><img src="http://www
_techno_angle.gif" width='100' heig
ht="100"/> </th><th>
<p>This optical innovation is combi
ned with software developed by EGG
Solution. The combination makes it
possible to take photographs or to
shoot a movie at 360&deg; in one sh
ot, without editing. An impressive
result is obtained from an image in
  the form of a disk, which is proce
ssed by means of the virtual displa
y software, which emerges in a form
  of a 360 panoramic image.<br />
<img src="
a.jpg" width='100' height="100"/> <
<p><a href="http://www.eggsolution.
com/">EGG Solution</a> is developin
g in advanced .360&deg; image captu
re technology as the demand for dig
ital imaging and interactive imagin
g steadily increases. EGG Solution
is focusing on a core group of key
verticals that have demonstrated st
rong interest in utilizing 360 opti
cal imaging tools to create compell
ing content for the Internet, CD-RO
Ms, and DVDs. EGG Solution company
serves the Photography, Law Enforce
ment, Safety &amp; Security industr
ies with its EGG Video 360 Surveill
ance System; and the <b>Photography
, Real Estate, Travel, E-Commerce,
Entertainment, Sports, and Broadcas
ting sectors </b></p></td></tr>

<tr><td><img src="http://www.eggsol
_illu_lens.jpg" width='100' height=
"100"/> </td><td><p><b>Specificatio
<p>Ultra Light - Power full:<br />
  &bull;Less than 12,4 ounces, Fiel
d of View: 360&deg; x 90&deg; , Pat
ented Optical technology ,The relat
ionship between the height and diam
eter of the optic provides optimal
<br />&bull;A spherical optic is ma
de out of aluminum, allowing for th
e maximum reflection of light.<br /
  &bull;Integrated UV filter. </p>
<p>Minimum focal length : 135 mm</p>

<p>&bull; Weight : Less than 12,4 ou
nces<br />
   &bull; Height: 187 mm<br />
   &bull; Maximum diameter : 137 mm<b
r />
   &bull; Thread size : &Oslash; 46 m
m<br />
   &bull; Integrated UV filter<br />
   &bull; Field of View : 360&deg; x
<p>Accessories :<br />
   &bull; Holster case<br />
   &bull; Microfiber lens cleaner<br
   &bull; Multi-ring adapter kit<br /
   &bull; Cap<br />
<p><br />

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