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                                        A S M E I N T E R N AT I O N A L
                                        B I O E N G I N E E R I N G D I V I S I O N
                                        SPRING 2007

                                       MESSAGE FROM PAST CHAIR

                                                                It has been both a        take this opportunity to share some of
 MESSAGE FROM                     2
 CHAIR                                                          pleasure and an           the highlights with you.
                                                                honor to serve the
 MEDAL                                                          Bioengineering Divi-      Our flagship event has become the
 VAN C. MOW                       6
                                                                sion as Chair in          Summer Bioengineering Conference
 MEDAL                                                          2005-2006. The            (SBC) which is now held annually
 Y.C. FUNG AWARD                  7                             pleasure has been in      (2006 was the first “even” year for this
                                                                working closely with      meeting). The conference, led by
 STUDENT PAPER                    8
                                                                BED colleagues in a       Vijay Goel (Conference Chair) and
                                                                collaborative atmos-      Sohi Rastegar (Program Chair), along
 PROMOTION TO                     12                            phere and to enhance
 FELLOW                                                                                   with the other organizing committee
                                          Louis Soslowsky       the reputation of the     members developed an exciting pro-
 NEWS FROM THE                    14                            Division, not only
 COMMITTEES                                                                               gram in a beautiful and enjoyable
                                        within ASME but also nationally within the        venue. We thoroughly appreciate the
 JOURNAL OF                       18    bioengineering community At present, the
                                                                                          feedback obtained from many of you
 ENGINEERING                            BED represents an extremely exciting, ener-       and we look for more as we strive to
                                        getic, and thriving group. The honor has          better serve our membership. Based
 JMED                             20
                                        been to provide leadership for such an im-        on this feedback, the BED Executive
 AIMBEE FEDERAL                   21    pressive group. My year as chair was an
 SYMPOSIUM                                                                                Committee has decided to continue the
                                        exciting one for BED, and I would like to                                 (Continued on page 15)
 NOTE—KEVIN                       22

                                                                                        UPCOMING EVENTS
EDITOR’S MESSAGE                                                                        2007 Summer Bioengineering Conference
                                                                                                   Keystone, CO
I have the distinct honor of bring-          thank all of those individuals who                   June 20-24, 2007
ing you the first newsletter of              have contributed to the news bulle-
2007. The Bioengineering Division            tin and welcome input for future
has been quite active during the             issues.
past year and the 2006 Summer
Bioengineering Conference was
successful with its new format.              Please send your comments to:
In this issue, we have reports from          Richard E. Debski                             See Page 19 for Additional Details
our technical committees, honors             Editor, BED Newsletter
committees and the Journal of Bio-           Musculoskeletal Research Center
mechanical Engineering, as well as           405 Center for Bioengineering              2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference
articles on the division’s major             300 Technology Drive                                 Marco Island, FL
                                             Pittsburgh, PA 15219                                 June 25-29, 2008
accomplishments. I would like to             or email:
  ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                               Page 2


                        This has been    secutive meeting years; when ne-       delays in the preparation of the
                        a memorable      cessitated, increases have been        program and the timely notifica-
                        year for the     kept as low as possible.               tion of authors on the status of
                        Bioengineer-                                            their submission. ASME has of-
                        ing Division     As most of you know, the amount        fered to perform this review for a
                        of ASME.         of volunteer effort devoted by the     fee, but the BED leadership has
                        Our division     membership to the organization of      been concerned about the in-
                        continues to     the SBC is simply tremendous.          creased cost that would have to be
                        thrive, in no    From abstract submission and re-       passed along to the conference reg-
                        small part due   view to local arrangements, from       istration fee. Over the years, the
                        to the success   the management of the student          Executive Committee has battled
  Gerard Ateshian       of our annual    competitions to the finances of the    the ASME Publications committee
                        Summer Bio-      division, every aspect of these ef-    over this matter but we have been
  engineering Conference. The en-        forts is the result of countless       countered by legal arguments that
  thusiasm and support of our mem-       hours committed by our members         we have not been able to over-
  bers has been a tremendous asset       toward the benefit of our bioengi-     come. However, I assure you that
  and ensures that our division will     neering community. On behalf of        we will continue to wrestle with
  continue to be a thriving and lead-    the leadership of the division, I      this matter to make sure that
  ing organization in the bioengi-       would like to thank you all for        ASME understands the concerns of
  neering community.                     your dedication and contributions.     its membership and adapts to mod-
                                         Thanks to the efforts of the confer-   ern times by creating an electronic
  After a small dip in attendance fol-   ence chairs over the past years, we    copyright form.
  lowing the transition from a bian-     have also been very fortunate to
  nual to an annual meeting, the         receive funding from the Whitaker      To accommodate the increasing
  Summer Bioengineering Confer-          Foundation, the National Science       interest and member participation
  ence attendance is rising again in     Foundation, and the National Insti-    in the BED, the Executive Com-
  2007. Over the years, you have         tutes of Health. The Bioengineer-      mittee was expanded this year to
  expressed an interest in keeping       ing Division has been held up as a     include two new members, bring-
  the size of the conference under       notable success story within our       ing the total membership to ten
  control in order to promote greater    larger ASME society.                   voting members. These are the
  interactions among attendants.                                                Member in Charge of Student Af-
  You have also expressed concerns       I realize that a few nagging issues    fairs and the Member at Large.
  about rising costs of the confer-      continue to plague us, most nota-      Furthermore, the position of Secre-
  ence, particularly for students.       bly, the requirement for submitting    tary Elect has been changed to a
  Conference organizers and the Ex-      a signed and scanned copyright         voting membership. In addition to
  ecutive Committee of the division      form at the time of abstract sub-      providing greater oversight of the
  have given high priority to these      mission. This submission is a legal    various activities of the division,
  concerns and efforts are made          requirement imposed upon us by         this expansion also allows a larger
  every year to make the SBC af-         ASME. It causes untold head-           number of members to assume po-
  fordable to everyone. This re-         aches, not only for corresponding      sitions of leadership, thus enrich-
  quires a delicate balance between      authors who have to scramble to        ing the division and providing bet-
  finding agreeable venues for the       collect signatures from their co-      ter continuity over the years. The
  meeting, including as many meals       authors under the pressure of a        division has also created a Student
  as possible as part of the registra-   deadline, but also for conference      Paper Competition committee to
  tion fee, and reducing audiovisual     organizers who have to review the      formalize these student-related
  and publication costs. Whenever        completeness of the forms and re-      activities.
  possible, we have maintained the       quest revisions when necessary.
  registration fee constant over con-    This process causes hardships and
      NEWS                                                                                      Page 3


I am also very pleased to announce     tenure the impact factor of the         lier this year. Kevin is remem-
that the Executive Committee has       journal increased from 1.37 to          bered by his friends and colleagues
selected a new Technical Editor for    1.75; the number of submitted pa-       as an outstanding biomechanics
the ASME Journal of Biomechani-        pers increased from 162 to 401 per      researcher, specializing in dynam-
cal Engineering, to succeed Dr.        year; the journal has become more       ics and controls, a great teacher
Frank P. Yin whose term ends in        selective, decreasing its acceptance    and mentor, a devoted husband and
June 2007. Dr. Michael S. Sacks,       rate from 50% to less than 33%;         father, and a fantastic colleague
William Kepler Whiteford Profes-       the time from submission to publi-      and friend.
sor of Bioengineering at the Uni-      cation has decreased from 16.4 to
versity of Pittsburgh, will be as-     8.8 months; and the international       I have been honored to serve as
suming the editorship of JBME          profile of the journal has been         Chair of the Bioengineering Divi-
from July 2007 to June 2012. Dr.       raised substantially, with increas-     sion over this past year. This
Sacks is a preeminent researcher in    ing submissions from overseas and       unique opportunity has been an
the field of quantification and        greater international representation    enriching experience and I have
modeling of the structure-             among Associate Editors. On be-         been especially touched by the
mechanical properties of native        half of the Bioengineering Divi-        dedication and commitment of all
and engineered soft tissues, with a    sion, I would like to express our       the division members toward the
focus on tissues of the cardiovas-     deep gratitude to Dr. Yin for his       good of our community. It is with
cular and urological systems. He       excellent achievements.                 great expectation that I pass the
is an upstanding member of the                                                 baton to Professor James E. Moore
Bioengineering Division, having        Last but not least, while I have re-    of the University of Texas A&M,
served in several leadership posi-     flected mostly on the positive          who will be assuming this position
tions. I am very pleased that he       events and activities of this past      in July 2007.
has agreed to serve in this ex-        year, it is with great sadness that
tremely important role for BED,        we mourn the loss of a BED mem-         Gerard A. Ateshian
and look forward to his tenure.        ber, Kevin Granata, who was a
                                       Professor of Engineering Science
I would like to thank Dr. Yin for      & Mechanics at Virginia Tech, and
his excellent leadership and contri-   was a victim of the senseless trag-
butions to the journal. During his     edy that befell this institution ear-
    ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                               Page 4


    The Honors Committee is respon-       were presented to the following         gineering; Skalak Best Paper
    sible for administering the awards    individuals: H.R. Lissner Medal         Award (JBME, v.127, 2005) to
    activities of the Bioengineering      was presented to Peter A. Torzilli,     Thomas B. Owatverot, Sara J.
    Division (BED) of the American        Hospital for Special Surgery-Weill      Oswald, Yong Chen, Jeremiah J.
    Society of Mechanical Engineers       Medical College of Cornell              Wille and Frank C-P Yin,
    (ASME). These duties include the      University, for outstanding accom-      Washington University, for their
    awarding of the ASME H.R. Liss-       plishments in the area of bioengi-      paper Effect of Combined Cyclic
    ner Medal, ASME Van C. Mow            neering; Van C. Mow Medal               Stretch and Fluid Shear on
    Medal, ASME Y.C. Fung Young           was presented to Robert Lie-Yuan        Endothelial Cell Morphological
    Investigator Award, BED Richard       Sah, University of California, San      Responses; ASME Fellow to Barry
    Skalak Best Paper Award (ASME         Diego for contributions to              Lieber, University of Miami.
    Journal of Biomechanical Engi-        bioengineering research, educa-         Winners of the Student Paper
    neering), BED Student Under-          tion, mentoring, leadership and         Awards can be found elsewhere in
    graduate and Graduate Paper           society service; Y.C. Fung Young        the Newsletter.
    Awards and ASME Fellow                Investigator Award to Beth Ann
    Awards. At the 2006 Summer Bio-       Winkelstein, University of Penn-        Peter A. Torzilli, Chair
    engineering Conference held on        sylvania, for substantial
    Amelia Island, Florida, awards        contributions to the field of bioen-

 Front: Albert King, Dawn Elliot, Beth Winkelstein, Bruce Simon,
     Back: Gerard Ateshian, Peter Torzilli, Louis Soslowsky
                                                                             Peter Torzilli and Van C. Mow

                      Louis Soslowsky, Vijay Goel, Sohi Rastegar

               Photographs from the banquet at the 2006 Summer Bioengineering Conference.
  NEWS                                                                              Page 5


                                                      The H.R. Liss-     tively. Dr. Torzilli’s principal re-
                                                      ner Medal rec-     search interest is in studying the
                                                      ognizes ac-        mechanobiology of articular carti-
                                                      complishments      lage in health and disease, and the
                                                      in the area of     role of mechanical stimuli in the
                                                      bioengineering     development of osteoarthritis. Cur-
                                                      in the form of:    rent areas of research activity in-
                                                      significant re-    clude studying the interaction be-
                                                      search contri-     tween mechanics and inflammation
                                                       butions; devel-   and how matrix deformation af-
        1977 Robert W. Mann
                                   Peter A. Torzilli opment of new       fects enzyme kinetics. He has more
            1978 Y.C. Fung                             methods of        than 100 publications in these ar-
      1979 Robert F. Rushmer     measuring; design of new equip-         eas and has made significant con-
        1980 F. Gaynor Evans     ment and instrumentation; educa-        tributions to joint biomechanics
           1981 Max Anliker      tional impact in the training of bio-   which led to improved techniques
          1982 R.M. Kenedi       engineers; or service to the bioen-     for the clinical diagnosis and treat-
    1983 Henning E. von Gierke   gineering community and/or the          ment of soft tissue injuries result-
      1984 Perry L. Blackshear   ASME Bioengineering Division.           ing from sports trauma. He re-
         1985 Richard Skalak     The award was established by the        ceived numerous awards including
       1986 Albert H. Burstein   Bioengineering Division in 1977         the O'Donoghue (American Soci-
          1987 Van C. Mow        and operated as a division award        ety for Sports Medicine) and Neer
    1988 Alf Louis Nachemson     until 1987 when it was elevated to      (Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons)
       1989 Robert M. Nerem      a Society award.                        Awards. A Fellow of ASME, Dr.
       1990 Albert B. Schultz                                            Torzilli has had a long history of
     1991 Savio Lau-Yuen Woo     Peter A. Torzilli, Ph.D., is a Senior   service to the Bioengineering Divi-
         1992 John C. Chato      Scientist in the Research Division      sion. He has chaired numerous
        1993 Don P. Giddens      in the Hospital for Special Surgery     committees, served as editor for
      1994 Sheldon Weinbaum      and Professor of Applied Biome-         the BED Newsletter (1977-1983)
        1995 Robert E. Mates     chanics in Orthopaedic Surgery,         and Joint Biomechanics Symposi-
         1996 Albert I. King     Department of Orthopaedics, Weill       ums (1987, 1989), and as an Asso-
      1997 Ajit P. Yoganathan    Medical College of Cornell Uni-         ciate Technical Editor for the Jour-
       1998 Malcolm H. Pope      versity. He received an associate’s     nal of Biomechanical Engineering
       1999 Stephen C. Cowin     in applied science degree in engi-      (1992-1998).
     2000 Morton H. Friedman     neering science from Nassau Com-
        2001 W. Michael Lai      munity College in 1965, his bache-      Albert I. King, Chair
       2002 Kenneth R. Diller    lor’s of engineering degree in engi-
          2003 Vijay K. Goel     neering science from the SUNY at
        2004 John M. Tarbell     Stony Brook in 1967, and his mas-
      2005 Steven A. Goldstein   ter’s of science and doctorate de-
        2006 Peter A. Torzilli   grees in mechanics from Rensse-
                                 laer Polytechnic Institute, Troy,
                                 NY in 1970 and 1974, respec-

                                                                           Albert King, Peter Torzilli and
                                                                                  Louis Soslowsky
  ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                         Page 6


                                                        The Van C.        paradigm of joint lubrication, and
                                                        Mow Medal         introduced the design of cartilagi-
                                                        is bestowed       nous tissue implants with a biomi-
                                                        upon an indi-     metic lubricant-secreting surface
                                                        vidual who        zone. Over the past ten years, he
                                                        has made          has been a faculty advisor to the
                                                        significant       UCSD undergraduate student
                                                        contributions     chapter of the national Biomedical
                                                        to the field of   Engineering Society (BMES)
                                                         bioengineer-     which received recognition from
                                 Robert Lie-Yuan Sah ing through          BMES for Meritorious Achieve-
   2005 Kyriacos A. Athanasiou
                                  research, education, professional       ment in 2004 and 2005, and it held
    2006 Robert Lie-Yuan Sah      development, leadership in the de-      the first ever Bioengineering Quiz
                                  velopment of the profession, as a       Bowl in 2006 at UCSD. Dr. Sah
                                  mentor to young bioengineers, and       received the 2005 UCSD Out-
                                  with service to the bioengineering      standing Mentor Award in Sci-
                                  community. The individual must          ences and Engineering. Dr. Sah is
                                  have earned a Ph.D. or equivalent       the recipient of the Arthritis Foun-
                                  degree between ten and twenty           dation Hulda Irene Duggan Inves-
                                  years prior to June 1 of the year of    tigator Award, the National Sci-
                                  the award. The award was estab-         ence Foundation Young Investiga-
                                  lished by the Bioengineering Divi-      tor, and the Anne Doner Vaughan
                                  sion in 2004.                           Kappa Delta Award as well as the
                                                                          Young Investigator Kappa Delta
                                 Dr. Sah joined the faculty of the        Award from the American Acad-
                                 University of California, San            emy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. In
                                 Diego in 1992, and he is currently       2006, he was named Professor of
                                 Professor and Vice Chair of the          the Howard Hughes Medical Insti-
                                 Department of Bioengineering. Dr.        tute. Dr. Sah served as Chair of the
                                 Sah received his S.B. and S.M.           Gordon Research conference and
                                 degrees in electrical engineering in     he is on the executive board for the
                                 1983 and his Sc.D. in medical            International Cartilage Repair So-
                                 physics in 1990, all from the Mas-       ciety and editorial advisory boards
                                 sachusetts Institute of Technology.      for Arthritis and Rheumatism and
                                 He received the M.D. from Har-           Journal of Orthopaedic Research.
                                 vard Medical School in 1991. Dr.
                                 Sah’s group has elucidated load-         John M. Tarbell, Chair
                                 bearing and low-friction properties
                                 of articular cartilage, contributed to
                                 the emerging mechanobiology-
    Robert Sah, Van C. Mow,
       and Peter Torzilli
  NEWS                                                                                 Page 7


                                                                            1999 from Duke University
                                                              The Y.C.      (Biomedical Engineering) and
                                                              Fung          joined the faculty at Penn in 2002,
                                                              Young         following a post-doctoral fellow-
                                                              Investiga-    ship at Departments of Anesthesi-
                                                              tor Award     ology, Pharmacology and Toxicol-
                                                              is given to   ogy of the Dartmouth Medical
                                                              a young       School. Dr. Winkelstein’s research
                                                              investiga-    interests include spine biomechan-
       1986 Mark H. Holmes            Beth Winkelstein        tor who is    ics, mechanisms of painful neck
      1987 Steven A. Goldstein                              under 36 on     injuries, mechanical and cellular
                                   or before June 1 of the year of the      mechanisms of pain onset and per-
          1989 David N. Ku
                                   nomination, and has received a           sistence, CNS neuroimmune re-
       1990 Jay D. Humphrey        Ph.D. or equivalent bioengineering       sponses of pain, and defining the
         1991 Michael Kwan         degree within seven years prior to       relationship between tissue injury
           1992 Cheng Zhu          their nomination. The individual         mechanics and the physiology of
        1993 John A. Frangos       must be committed to pursuing            pain. She has received research
                                   research in and have demonstrated        grants from the Whitaker Founda-
         1994 Mehmet Toner         significant potential to make sub-       tion, NSF, NHTSA, CDC, and
          1995 Cheng Dong          stantial contributions to the field of   NIH. She has published over 25
       1996 Antony Keaveny         bioengineering. Such accomplish-         full-length scientific papers, 36
      1997 Gerard A. Ateshian      ments may take the form of, but          abstracts and 6 book-chapters, and
                                   are not limited to, design or devel-     served as primary research mentor
      1998 Louis J. Soslowsky
                                   opment of new methods; equip-            for 27 undergraduate and graduate
   1999 Rebecca Richards-Kortum    ment or instrumentation in bioen-        students, and medical fellows. Dr.
         2000 Farshid Guilak       gineering; and research publica-         Winkelstein’s research has been
       2001 David F. Meaney        tions in peer-reviewed journals.         recognized by awards from the
                                   The award was established by the         Stapp Association and the Med-
       2002 Jeffrey A. Weiss
                                   Bioengineering Division in 1985          tronic Sofamor-Danek Award
      2003 Sangeeta N. Bhatia      and operated as a division award         given by the International Society
      2004 Richard E. Debski       until 1998 when it was elevated to       for the Study of the Lumbar Spine.
      2005 Jeffrey W. Holmes       a Society award.                         She has served as the faculty advi-
       2006 Beth Winkelstein                                                sor for the student chapter of the
                                   Beth A. Winkelstein is an Assis-         Society of Women Engineers since
                                   tant Professor of Bioengineering at      2003. Dr. Winkelstein has been
                                   the University of Pennsylvania and       involved in organization of scien-
                                   holds an appointment in the De-          tific sessions for meetings of the
                                   partment of Neurosurgery. She            ASME-BED, BMES, and World
                                   received her BSE in Bioengineer-         Congress of Biomechanics.
                                   ing from the University of Penn-
                                   sylvania in 1993, earned a PhD in        Bruce R. Simon, Chair

  Bruce Simon, Beth Winkelstein,
       and Louis Soslowsky
  ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                              Page 8


  The 2006 Student Paper Competi-        In addition to the strong student     The review of the 2007 student
  tion at the Summer Bioengineering      participants, a large team of 55      paper competition entries will be-
  Conference again presented a sig-      judges were key to the success of     gin soon after the abstracts are sub-
  nificant number of strong research     these competitions – both in the      mitted in June. If you would like
  projects from our students. Papers     pre-conference review of the writ-    to volunteer to participate as a
  were submitted by 146 students –       ten abstracts and in the on-site      judge – during the pre-conference
  with the submission deadline being     evaluation of the students’ presen-   evaluation, at the conference, or
  set before the general abstract        tation skills. These judges were      both – please contact Matthew
  deadline. 132 papers were ac-          led by a great team of student com-   Gounis, 2007 Student Paper Com-
  cepted for the conference and were     petition co-chairs:                   petition Chair, at:
  divided into groups based on stu-
  dent level (BS, MS, and doctoral)      Doctoral Level              
  as well as technical area. All pa-     Beth Winkelstein (University of
  pers received an initial review, and   Pennyslvania) and James Iatridis      We encourage past student award
  the top papers were then judged on     (University of Vermont)               winners to volunteer and partici-
  site to determine the final award                                            pate in order to give back to the
  recipients. Both the written and       Master’s Level                        program that supported you in the
  the oral scores were factored into     Matthew Gounis (University of         past.
  the final rankings. $7800 in award     Massachusetts)
  money was made available for this                                            Michele J. Grimm, Chair
                                         Bachelor’s Level
  competition by the Bioengineering
                                         Sheldon Wang (New Jersey Insti-
  Division of ASME.
                                         tute of Technology)
NEWS                                                                                      Page 9

       Doctoral Level Podium Competition – Biofluids and Imaging

       1st Place            Rashmi Raghu                   Stanford University

       2nd Place            Rui Zhao                       Carnegie Mellon University

       3rd Place            Lingli Liu                     University of Colorado - Boulder

       Honorable Mention    Rui Wang                       University of Colorado - Boulder

       Honorable Mention    Hyun Jin Kim                   Stanford University

       Honorable Mention    Devesh Amatya                  University of Minnesota

       Doctoral Level Podium Competition – Solid Mechanics, Design, and Rehabilitation

       1st Place            Raymond Hubbard                University of Pennsylvania

       2nd Place            Jennifer Currey                University of Pennsylvania

       3rd Place            Stephanie Perry                Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute

       Honorable Mention    Simon Tang                     Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute

       Honorable Mention    Craig Duvall                   Georgia Institute of Technology

       Doctoral Level Podium Competition – Tissue Engineering and Cellular Biomechanics

       1st Place            Christopher Wilson             Georgia Institute of Technology
                                                           Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology
       2nd Place            Stefano Oberti
                                                           - Zurich
       3rd Place            W. David Merryman              University of Pittsburgh

       Honorable Mention    Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos

       Honorable Mention    Megan Oest                     Georgia Institute of Technology

       Honorable Mention    Charles Anderson               Stanford University
ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                                  Page 10

     Doctoral Level Poster Competition – Biofluids and Imaging

      1st Place              Jaehoon Seong                   University of Miami

      2nd Place              Alex Barker                     University of Colorado - Boulder

      3rd Place              Sarah Vigmostad                 University of Iowa

      Honorable Mention      Taehong Kim                     Texas A&M University

      Honorable Mention      Kevin Johnson                   Georgia Institute of Technology

       Doctoral Level Poster Competition – Solid Mechanics, Design, and Rehabilitation

      1st Place              Paul Briant                     Stanford University

      2nd Place              Srinidhi Nagaraja               Georgia Institute of Technology

      3rd Place              William Francis                 Southwest Research Institute

      Honorable Mention      Niamh Nowlan                    University of Dublin - Trinity College

      Honorable Mention      Heather L. Guerin               University of Pennsylvania

       Doctoral Level Poster Competition – Tissue Engineering and Cellular Biomechanics

      1st Place              Michael Evans                   University of Minnesota

      2nd Place              Louise McMahon                  University of Dublin - Trinity College

      3rd Place              Victor Nirmalanandhan           University of Cincinatti

      Honorable Mention      Margaret Julias                 Rutgers University

      Honorable Mention      Tao Jiang                       University of Virginia
  NEWS                                                                                           Page 11

Master’s Level Competition – Biofluids and Tissue Engineering

1st Place           Thanh Huynh               University of Alabama - Birmingham

2nd Place           Koustubh Ashtekar         University of Cincinatti

3rd Place           Ariel Hanson              North Carolina State University

Honorable Mention   Dilek Tansoy              Northeastern University

Honorable Mention   Michael Wybenga           University of Waterloo

Master’s Level Competition - Design

1st Place           Kyle Bialczak             University of Louisville

2nd Place           Angela Knight             University of Louisville

3rd Place           Vega Lee                  University of Western Ontario

Honorable Mention   Jiali Wang                Florida International University

Honorable Mention   Nicholas Jardine          North Carolina State University

Master’s Level Competition – Solid Mechanics

1st Place           Cathryn Peltz             University of Pennsylvania

2nd Place           Angela Kedgley            University of Western Ontario

3rd Place           Cheryl Dunham             University of Western Ontario

Honorable Mention   Aoife Connolly            University College - Dublin

Honorable Mention   Joseph Iaquinto           Virginia Commonwealth University

                                 Bachelor’s Level Competition – Biofluids, Imaging, and Cellular Biomechanics

                                 1st Place              An Nguyen                  University of Pennsylvania

                                 2nd Place              Allison Finger             North Carolina State University

                                 3rd Place              Andrea Para                Georgia Institute of Technology

                                 Honorable Mention      Philip Bransford           University of Minnesota

                                 Honorable Mention      Piyush Bajaj               Purdue University

                                 Bachelor’s Level Competition – Solid Mechanics, Design, and Rehabilitation

                                 1st Place              Timothy Ficklin            Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo

                                 2nd Place              Michael Anderson           University of Pittsburgh

                                 3rd Place              Tara Hansen                Michigan Tech University

                                 Honorable Mention      Harsha Tummala             University of California - Berkeley

                                 Honorable Mention      Jami Saffioti              Rowan University
  ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                               Page 12


  Barry B. Lieber, Ph.D. – 2005          co-editor of a book series on          Dr. Lieber has been an active
                                         neurovascular disease. Dr Lieber       ASME member since 1987. He
                     Dr. Lieber's ca-    secured more than $8M in research      was active in the Bioengineering
                     reer spans more     funds from private and federal         technical committees of Fluid Me-
                     than 18 years       sources as a PI and co-investigator.   chanics, Honors, and Education the
                     during which he     Dr. Lieber holds two patents and in    last 18 years and helped organize
                     published 45        addition applied for 4 more patents    technical sessions. He was the
                     refereed journal    that are at various stages of proc-    Chair of the Fluids committee of
                     papers, more        essing and is serving currently or     the Bioengineering division of
                     than 140 confer-    served in the past as consultant to    ASME from 2001-2003; was the
                     ence proceed-       various medical device companies       Bioengineering program Represen-
  ings, three book chapters, is on the   such as Embolic Protection Inc,        tative to IMECE in 2001; and
  editorial board of Critical reviews    Cordis Neurovascular, Target Bos-      chaired the Bioengineering IMECE
  of Biomedical Engineering and a        ton Scientific and Microvention.       program committee in 2003.

  Gerard A. Ateshian, Ph.D. – 2006       and transport, cell mechanics, and     currently serving as the division
                                         tissue engineering. His work spans     chair. He also serves on the edito-
                  Gerard Ateshian is     the range from sophisticated theo-     rial boards of three major journals
                  a leading authority    retical analyses of biological tis-    in biomechanics and orthopedic
                  in the field of car-   sues using mixture theory, to ex-      research. Columbia University,
                  tilage mechanics       quisite experimental techniques for    Ph.D., 1991, Mechanical Engineer-
                  and biotribology,      analyzing tissues and cells, and       ing
                  joint mechanics        engineering tissue constructs. He is
                  and imaging, soft      a highly active member of the
                  tissue mechanics       ASME Bioengineering Division,

  C. Ross Ethier, Ph.D. – 2006           ond most common cause of blind-        medical imaging techniques with
                                         ness), ranging from development        patient-specific blood flow simula-
                  Has made funda-        of new techniques for studying         tions, and the role of biomechani-
                  mental contribu-       fluid flow in the eye to finite ele-   cal factors in arterial disease. Is
                  tions to under-        ment modeling of how mechanical        lead author of a comprehensive
                  standing the role      factors lead to nerve death in glau-   teaching textbook in biomechanics.
                  of biomechanical       coma. Has made important contri-       Mass Inst of Technology, Ph.D.,
                  factors in the         butions to computational modeling      1986, Mechanical Engineering
                  pathogenesis of        of blood flow and mass transfer in
                  glaucoma (the sec-     large arteries, the integration of
     NEWS                                                                                    Page 13


Kai-Nan An, Ph.D. – 2006             engineering and applied mechanics      ments of musculoskeletal disorders
                                     to the research and development of     and injuries.
                  Dr. K. N. An’s     the human musculoskeletal system
                  career spans 30    based on experimental and analyti-
                  years at the       cal approaches. He has developed
                  Mayo Clinic.       and assessed numerous devices for
                  He has used his    joint implant replacement, fracture
                  knowledge and      fixation and soft tissue reconstruc-
                  expertise in       tion. These approaches and devices
                  mechanical         benefit the diagnoses and treat-

John C. Bischof, Ph.D. – 2006        thermophysical and biological          applied work in the characteriza-
                                     study of systems after thermal ma-     tion and development of devices
                 The bioheat and     nipulations (i.e. heating or cool-     for preservation and destruction
                 mass transfer       ing). This work is broadly in the      using heat or cold.
                 laboratory at the   scientific areas of cryobiology
                 University of       (low temperature biology) and hy-
                 Minnesota un-       perthermic biology and impacts the
                 der the direction   following applications: Dr.
                 of Dr. Bischof is   Bischof’s work focuses on basic
                 dedicated to the    aspects of thermal injury as well as
  ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                                 Page 14


  The New Directions Committee             JBME with an opportunity. To           With the launch of the new Journal
  has been revived in the BED. This        capitalize on this opportunity, the    on Medical Devices, it seems im-
  is a great committee to serve on         committee recommends making            portant to establish stronger ties
  because it requires brainstorming        JBME more attractive by decreas-       with industry because many de-
  new ways of both strengthening           ing turn around time, increasing       vices are developed in an industrial
  the BED and enabling the BED to          the page count, and allowing           setting. To establish stronger ties,
  better fulfill its mission. During the   manuscripts with primarily techni-     the BED could organize an out-
  past year, the committee has met         cal content to be published as full-   reach program to industry which
  on two occasions including the           length articles.                       might consist of workshops spon-
  recent 2006 Summer Bioengineer-                                                 sored by BED at industry events
                                           Another recommendation is to
  ing Conference and has made a                                                   such as trade shows. Also the BED
                                           broaden the scientific content of
  number of recommendations to the                                                could invite high level industry
                                           the now Annual Summer Bioengi-
  Executive Committee.                                                            executives as keynote speakers.
                                           neering Conference. One means of
  One primary recommendation is to         accomplishing this is to give each     As a final note to the membership,
  strengthen the Journal of Biome-         technical committee the ability to     if anyone has any ideas for either
  chanical Engineering. Arguably           invite a keynote speaker who           new directions or changes in the
  our main competitor is the Journal       would talk on a subject which is       operations of the BED, then please
  of Biomechanics. There is some           complementary, but not directly        pass them along to this committee.
  dissatisfaction with this journal        related, to the activities of that     The input of all is encouraged and
  because of an unrealistically low        technical committee. This would        will be appreciated.
  mandatory word count of 3000             promote ‘cross pollination’ of
  words and lack of consistency in         ideas outside the technical commit-    Maury Hull, Chair
  categorizing papers with technical       tee discipline.
  content. Accordingly this presents


  The member affairs representative        the highest elected grade of mem-      In addition, please let me know of
  to the executive committee is re-        bership within ASME, the attain-       your nomination so that I can fol-
  sponsible for supporting member          ment of which recognizes excep-        low up with an announcement of
  activities within the division. The      tional engineering achievements        the members upgrade in the news-
  current membership of the Bioen-         and contributions to the engineer-     letter and at the Annual Summer
  gineering Division is 2269 ASME          ing profession. The basic require-     meeting.
  members who consider it their pri-       ment is a minimum of 10 years of
  mary division.                           active service to ASME. The            Rita Patterson, Chair
                                           nomination form is easy to fill out.
  During my tenure as member af-           If you know of someone who
  fairs representative, I hope to see      qualifies please go to the ASME
  more Bioengineering division             fellow website at http://
  members promoted to ASME fel-  
  low grade. The Fellow Grade is           Honors/Fellows/Fellows.cfm
   NEWS                                                                                     Page 15


   recent tradition of alternating con-   Committee has been discussing          The discussions on restructuring of
   ference sites between mountain         these ideas and is developing some     ASME continues. Our society con-
   and beach venues. Therefore, we        initiatives based on the input and     tinues to decentralize and division
   return to the mountains this year      advice and of these junior leaders.    structures are being re-evaluated
   for the SBC that is being organized    Ideas ranged from mentoring pro-       with some joining forces to form
   by Jimmy Moore, Conference             grams to educational initiatives, to   self-managing groups called Insti-
   Chair, and Ross Ethier, Program        career guidance and fairs, to col-     tutes. Over the past year BED has
   Chair. The 2008 SBC will be held       laborative opportunities. We ex-       kept its options open about joining
   back at the beach on Marco Island,     pect to hold this event again next     an Institute. We will continue to
   Florida (our first time on the Gulf    year, so please think about indi-      monitor developments carefully in
   Coast of Florida) on June 25-29,       viduals you’d like to nominate.        the coming year so that the Divi-
   2008 and will be Chaired by Barry      We should be proud that we are the     sion is best positioned to serve the
   Lieber. Please see the initial Call    bioengineering society that pro-       membership, while remaining a
   for Papers for these meetings in       vides forums and leadership oppor-     strong functioning entity within the
   this Newsletter and I hope to see      tunities for junior members of our     greater ASME and bioengineering
   you there!                             community in an active manner.         communities.

   At the 2006 SBC, we initiated a        Another new and exciting initiative    My service as Chair has been par-
   new event called the BED Leader-       from this past year was the devel-     ticularly rewarding because of the
   ship Development Lunch. Mem-           opment of a new journal in col-        important programs and opportuni-
   bers of the Executive Committee        laboration with the Design Divi-       ties we have been able to initiate
   and the Chairs of all of our various   sion, the Journal of Medical De-       and implement. As I passed the
   Committees were asked to nomi-         vices. The initial Co-Editors will     leadership to my successor Gerard
   nate junior individuals, just a few    be Art Erdman from the University      Ateshian, I am profoundly grateful
   years beyond their PhD degrees (or     of Minnesota and Jerry Miller from     to all of those who served in the
   similar), who had the potential to     Virginia Commonwealth Univer-          many capacities to make our Divi-
   become future leaders in our field.    sity, both active members of BED
                                                                                 sion so successful. It has been my
   Twenty such individuals, on a          over the years. The area of bio-
                                                                                 privilege to serve along side each
   first-come first-serve basis, were     medical devices is rapidly explod-
                                                                                 one of you.
   invited to lunch with four current     ing and the need for a journal fo-
   members of the Executive Com-          cused in this area was deemed a
                                          high priority. The first issue of      Louis J. Soslowsky
   mittee where truly inspiring dis-
   cussions on the current state and      this new journal will be published
   future plans for the BED were dis-     in 2007 with Volume 1! Please
   cussed. The ideas brought forth        submit your best papers in this area
   and discussed were really exciting     to our new Journal.
   and innovative. The Executive
   ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                                Page 16


   At the 2006 Summer Bioengineer-         •   Fluid mechanics in healthy and     interests. These members report
   ing Conference held at Amelia Is-           pathological states                on other committees’ plans and
   land Plantation, FL, the Biofluids      •   Cellular and molecular fluid       help in developing coordinated
   Committee organized sessions un-            mechanics                          efforts.
   der 5 programmed themes. At the         •   Biotransport and drug delivery
                                                                                  Elections were conducted for a
   conference the Biofluids Commit-
                                           The programming for the coming         new Vice-Chair of the Committee,
   tee hosted 6 sessions with a total of
                                           2007 Summer Bioengineering             and David Steinman was elected
   34 abstracts. Two sessions were
                                           Conference is arranged according       for the position.
   jointly hosted with the Solids
                                           to these overarching themes. In
   Committee of BED. Nine posters                                                 We are continuing our efforts to
                                           addition, efforts are being made to
   from the Biofluids Committee                                                   increase the active membership of
                                           increase our programming with
   were included in the poster ses-                                               the Biofluids Committee, espe-
                                           other technical committees, includ-
   sion. The Biofluids Committee                                                  cially our newer colleagues (post-
                                           ing the Solids Committee and the
   also contributed to all levels of the                                          docs and new investigators) to en-
                                           K-17 Technical Committee, by
   student paper competition.                                                     sure a strong future. We invite all
                                           jointly sponsoring fluid/structure
                                                                                  with interests in biofluid mechan-
   The Committee members continue          interaction, mass transfer, and
                                                                                  ics to participate in our next Com-
   to show interest in diverse areas of    other pertaining sessions/symposia.
                                                                                  mittee meeting, which will be held
   biofluid mechanics, including           To that end, a significant number
                                                                                  during the 2007 Summer Bioengi-
   those related to:                       of the Biofluids Committee mem-
                                                                                  neering Conference. Please con-
   • Imaging in biofluid mechanics         bers serve as liaisons between our
                                                                                  tact Danny Bluestein
   • Fluid mechanics of prosthetics        committee and other technical
                                                                                  ( for
   • Cardiovascular mechanics              committees with whom we share
                                                                                  further details.


   The final SBC 2006 program had 4        Planning for a Biotransport meet-      Announcements:
   themes which resulted in 6 podium       ing has begun for 2008. This           Virginia Tech a began a Summer
   sessions organized by K17 (33 pa-       meeting will take place in Minnea-     Institute for Quantitative and Inte-
   pers). In addition 7 papers were        polis, MN in May. The format of        grative Bioengineering (SIQIB).
   accepted as posters in the general      this meeting will be patterned after   More information can be found on
   poster sessions and 5 papers were       the Allerton Meetings. Briefly,        the NSF website:
   in the Ph.D and 1 in the M.S. Stu-      themes for this meeting will center
   dent Poster Competition. The po-        on biopreservation and thermal
   dium sessions were: Mass Trans-         therapies including talks on Bio-
   fer in Cells and Organs, Biological     logical Thermodynamics and Fun-        AwardNumber=0609225
   Flows and Biopreservation, Mod-         damentals of Bioheat and Mass
                                                                                  This is a program for both under-
   eling in Biothermal Therapy, Bio-       Transfer. Request for information
                                                                                  graduate and graduate students.
   thermal Therapy, Thermal/               can be directed to Dr. John
                                                                                  Please encourage your students to
   Chemical Processes Mass Trans-          Bischof,
                                                                                  consider this program.
   port in Biosystems, Drug Delivery
   and Biotherapeutics.                                                           Charles Lee, Chair
NEWS                                                                                        Page 17

                                   Preliminary Announcement

               2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference
                       Marco Island, Florida
                         June 25-29, 2008

The Bioengineering Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers cordially invites you to attend the
2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference. An outstanding scientific program has been planned, including
Plenary Lectures, Symposia, Workshops, and Student Competitions. Both oral and poster sessions will be
presented in spectacular surroundings. Marco Island is a world-class resort with miles of pristine beaches,
archaelogical sites, several National Parks and the Everglades in its vicinity (http://www.marco-island-

Further information about the meeting will be available via:

Student Paper Competition: Abstracts are solicited for student paper competitions at the levels of BS, MS and
PhD. Students selected for the competition will be able to present their work in sessions where only student
presentations are given – both in dedicated student poster sessions and in highlighted PhD oral sessions. Cash
awards will be made to the top papers at each level in multiple technical areas. Funds are being sought that
would allow for reduced conference registration for Student Paper Competition participants. In addition,
conference organizers are currently negotiating for reduced lodging costs for all students attending the
conference. Further information and instructions for the submission process is available at:

                                       Important dates:
            Anticipated Submission deadline for two-page abstracts: January 31, 2007

                                Conference Chair:       Program Chair:
                                B. Barry Lieber Ph.D.   David Vorp, Ph.D.
                                University of Miami     University of Pittsburgh
  ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                                 Page 18


                     The Journal of      come to ASME from JBME                  This year the journal has plans to
                     Biomechanical       dropped considerably due to the         publish another special issue on
                     Engineering is      decrease in subscriptions. The im-      medical devices but it might come
                     doing well!         pact factor also dropped from 1.62      out as the first issue of a new jour-
                                         in 2003 to 1.29 in 2004. No hy-         nal: Journal of Medical Devices.
                      A large increase   potheses have been proposed for
                      in the number      this sudden drop, but hopefully it is   Several associate editors’ terms
                      of submissions     only temporary. (The impact fac-        have ended. To handle the work-
                      occurred last      tor for the Journal of Biomechan-       load, some associate editors had
  year and the journal published         ics also dropped from 2 to 1.91         their terms renewed and new asso-
  1230 pages in seven issues, includ-    while the impact factor for Annals      ciate editors have joined the jour-
  ing a special issue on medical de-     of Biomedical Engineering in-           nal.
  vices in November, 2005. ASME          creased). In addition, JBME has
  increased the Journal’s allotment      no significant backlog, unlike the      Frank Yin’s term as editor ends on
  of pages to 1000 last year and it      Journal of Biomechanics and the         June 30, 2007 and the new techni-
  was exceeded by the end of the         international visibility of the jour-   cal editor for the Journal of Biome-
  year.                                  nal has been increased by enlisting     chanical Engineering will be Mi-
                                         more associate editors from over-       chael Sacks.
  The average number of pages per        seas.
  article has now exceeded 9 (9.4                                                Frank C. P. Yin, Editor
  last year). However, the net in-


  At the 2006 SBC in Amelia Island,      Mass Transfer in Biotechnology at       Clark Hung (Columbia University)
  FL, there were a total of fifty-five   the next meeting to plan sessions       assumed the chair of the committee
  papers that were presented in six      in areas of mutual interest             and Dan Nicolella (Southwest Re-
  podium sessions and two poster         (including biopreservation and bio-     search Institute) was elected vice-
  sessions. Sessions ranged from         therapeutics). Themes for the           chair.
  Technological Applications in Cell     2007 SBC include Physical Effects
  Engineering to Tissue Engineering/     on Cells, Cell Biomechanics, Mo-        Clark T. Hung, Chair
  Biomechanics: Bioreactors.             lecular Biomechanics and Tissue
                                         Engineering. We anticipate a
  The Committee is strategizing to       workshop in the area of Microflu-
  become better integrated with the      idics/BioMEMS with applications
  other Technical Committees. To-        in cell mechanotransduction and
  ward this goal, we plan to have an     motility.
  overlap meeting with K17- Heat &
   NEWS                                                                                Page 19

            Keystone Conference Center, Keystone, Colorado
                          June 20-24, 2007

Start your summer in the mountains and enjoy the stunning scenery and amenities at Keystone, Colo-
rado's most acclaimed Rocky Mountain resort and conference center, and experience a great Sum-
mer Bioengineering Conference!
An easy drive from Denver, Keystone offers many recreational activities: golf, mountain biking, hiking,
horseback riding, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting, festivals, films, and concerts, to name just a few. Key-
stone and the surrounding area are well known for their wide array of shops, restaurants and accom-
modations to suit any taste and every budget.
As in the past, the meeting will feature a student-friendly casual atmosphere with outstanding plenary
speakers, original science, Student Paper competitions, educational opportunities, and ample free
time to enjoy the venue.

                       Conference Chair:               Program Chair:
                       James E. Moore Jr., Ph.D.       C. Ross Ethier, Ph.D.
                       Texas A&M University            University of Toronto
  ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                               Page 20


  The Education Committee hosted         A number of sessions will be held      engineer at Zimmer Inc. in the area
  two sessions at the 2006 SBC in        during the 2007 SBC in the follow-     of computational biomechanics,
  Amelia Island. A workshop was          ing areas: bioengineering ethics in    was appointed as new chair, and
  held on the first morning of the       education, industry versus aca-        Dr. Mohammad Mofrad, Assistant
  conference that focused on the         demic perspectives on bioengineer-     Professor of Bioengineering at UC
  NIH/NSF Bioengineering and Bio-        ing education (to be held in a con-    Berkeley in the area of cardiovas-
  informatics Summer Institutes.         trolled but confrontational arena!),   cular mechanobiology, was ap-
  The workshop featured invited pre-     and new textbooks and other re-        pointed as vice-chair.
  senters from current and future        sources for undergraduate educa-
                                                                                The committee constitution contin-
  institutes including those at the      tion. Stay tuned to conference an-
                                                                                ues to grow, and we welcome new
  New Jersey Institute of Technol-       nouncements for more details on
                                                                                members. In particular, we are
  ogy, Penn State, and VPI, and gen-     these sessions.
                                                                                eager to increase undergraduate
  erated good interest despite the
                                         As of the 2006 SBC, Dr. Jeffrey        and graduate student involvement.
  early bird start. A second work-
                                         Holmes completed his tenure as         If you are interested, please contact
  shop was held on problem based
                                         chair of the Education Committee.      Jeff (
  learning in biomedical engineering
                                         Dr. Jeffrey Bischoff, a research
  education.                                                                    Jeffrey Bischoff, Chair


  The new Journal of Medical De-         strategies, new methods of drug        instrumentation, Image guided in-
  vices (JMED) is an exciting new        delivery, or other devices that are    tervention/treatment, Endoscopic/
  venture offered by ASME with Co-       intended to reduce the complexity,     Laparoscopic devices, Minimally
  Editors Dr. Arthur Erdman, U of        cost, or adverse results of health     invasive devices, Human perform-
  Minnesota, and Dr. Gerald Miller,      care. Significant biomechanical,       ance/force assessment, Tissue en-
  Virginia Commonwealth Univer-          clinical, or engineering content is    gineered devices, Drug/Cell de-
  sity. This journal offers an impor-    expected. The Design Innovation        liver systems, Medical robotics,
  tant opportunity to our biomedical     paper category is encouraged for       Medical device design processes,
  and design community to describe       reporting about novel devices for      Medical device manufacturing,
  innovative devices used in the         which there may be less extensive      Human factors in medical devices
  clinic and the laboratory, which       clinical or engineering results.       and Sports biomechanics related to
  cannot be easily presented in other    Also, featured in the Journal will     devices.
  journals or venues.                    be a “medical device news” sec-
                                         tion.                                  We encourage you to submit a pa-
  Papers in this Journal are expected                                           per or subscribe to the journal,
  to focus on applied research and       Papers are invited for submission      please visit
  development of new medical de-         to the Journal of Medical Devices
                                                                                Arthur Erdman, Co-Editor
  vices or instrumentation. The Jour-    in the following suggested catego-
  nal will publish papers on devices     ries: New medical sensors/
  that improve diagnostic, interven-     actuators, Orthopedic devices, Car-
  tional and therapeutic treatments.     diovascular devices, Rehabilitation
  Of particular interest are novel de-   devices, Neurological devices,
  vices that allow new surgical          Bioheat transfer devices, Medical
NEWS                                                                                     Page 21


On September 12-13, 2006, the           stitutes of Health, Dr. David Ston-   priations Subcommittee on Com-
American Institute for Medical and      ner, Director of the Congressional    merce Science and Justice, R-AL)
Biological Engineering’s Council        Affairs Section of the Office of      and Rep. Frank Wolf (Chairman,
of Societies (of which ASME-BED         Legislative & Public Affairs within   Appropriations Subcommittee on
is a member) hosted more than 30        the National Science Foundation,      Science, State, Justice, Commerce
scientists and engineers in its inau-   and Mr. Kei Koizumi, Director of      R-VA). Multidisciplinary teams of
gural Federal Symposium. The            the R&D Budget and Policy Pro-        industry and academic researchers
Symposium focused on funding            gram at the American Association      traveled to lawmakers’ offices on
trends and the future outlook for       for the Advancement of Science        Capitol Hill armed with both an
medical and biological engineering      (AAAS).                               overview of the importance of bio-
across various federal agencies.                                              engineering to the nation as a
With federal appropriations bills       Though each speaker had a differ-     whole and a look at specific re-
pending, the symposium, along           ent area of expertise, the overall    search programs taking place in the
with the scheduled visits to legisla-   message was very clear: Research      Representative’s or Senator’s
tors on Capitol Hill the following      funding in the physical sciences      home region.
day, aimed to greatly influence the     has been stagnant for a decade
final FY2007 funding of the De-         though currently the Bush Admini-     As the two-day event came to a
partment of Defense, National In-       stration is moving to bring it back   close it was evident that the voice
stitutes of Health, National Science    to the fore, somewhat at the ex-      of medical and biological engi-
Foundation and other key research       pense of life sciences. Though        neering had spoken clearly and
programs.                               there are many congressional pro-     loudly on Capitol Hill. With new
                                        posals to address the innovation      relationships forged between fed-
The program began with attendees        challenge the problem remains         eral offices, legislators and the
undergoing an intensive one-day         finding financial resources. Fur-     frontline scientists, the Federal
orientation session on the legisla-     ther, as long as Congress and the     Symposium accomplished its goal
tive process and the particular         President continue to focus on cut-   of increasing the visibility of and
challenges facing their drive for       ting domestic spending as the pri-    presence of bioengineering. The
steady, high levels of research         mary way to reduce the budget         high marks of praise from present-
funding. A panel of Washington-         deficit the challenge of securing     ers, attendees and legislative of-
based experts on science research       adequate appropriations will not      fices were a clear sign of success.
funding warned them that an in-         change. However, many of the
creasingly tight overall budget pic-    symposium presenters expressed        As a sponsor of the symposium,
ture – with federal deficits swelling   optimism that members of both         the Council of Societies appreci-
and the Iraq war costing billions       political parties are beginning to    ated the support of the American
weekly, among other factors –           fully appreciate the importance of    Society of Mechanical Engineers,
combines with lawmakers’ tradi-         strong research and development       Bioengineering Division (ASME-
tional focus on short-term results      to a healthy economy, rather than     BED) in hosting this event.
to make advocacy of sustained,          focusing simply on supplies of la-    AIMBE looks forward to partner-
long-term funding a formidable          bor or capital.                       ing with ASME-BED in producing
task.                                                                         more high quality educational pro-
                                        On the second day of the program      grams and grassroots advocacy
Presenters included Mr. William         (September 13) symposium atten-       events in the future.
B. Bonvillian, Director of MIT’s        dees joined with representatives of
Washington office, Dr. Michael          the Coalition for National Science    For questions about AIMBE’s
Huerta, Chair of the Bioengineer-       Funding (CNSF), in visiting more      Council of Societies, advocacy
ing Consortium and Associate Di-        than two dozen House and Senate       policies, or upcoming events,
rector of the National Institute of     offices– including those of Sen.      please visit or
Mental Health at the National In-       Richard Shelby (Chairman, Appro-      email
ASME INTERNATIONAL BIOENGINEERING DIVISION                                                   Page 22


Dear Biomch-L subscribers,                which was filled with all sorts of     work well into the evening. How-
                                          wild and strange devices he and his    ever, he was also careful to reserve
Like all of you, I am saddened by
                                          students had come up with to test      time for his family. He was proud
the loss of so many at Virginia
                                          various theories. Despite the occa-    of his children and a loving hus-
Tech and in particular about the
                                          sional horror of the physical thera-   band and father to his family. I
loss of Kevin Granata. It is unfa-
                                          pists in the lab at some of the        remember one time when his old-
thomable how such an event could
                                          strange devices, he came up with       est son had gotten into trouble at
occur. The world is diminished by
                                          many clever ways to test the theo-     home. The boy, who was no more
their loss.
                                          ries he was examining.                 than about 8 at the time, had taken
I was a post-doctoral research as-                                               it into his head to pack his brother
                                          4) People are important.
sociate of Dr. Granata's during his                                              and baby sister into the van
time at the University of Vir-            My father mentioned a story that I     (making sure to strap his sister into
ginia. I learned many things from         had forgotten about Kevin. When        her car seat) and proceeded to start
him during my time there that I           I first came to Virginia, I had been   the van and drive it down a steep
thought I would list:                     living in Boston where a car is un-    embankment behind their
                                          necessary. As such my driving          house. Their mother, who was at
1) Science is fun.                        skills were weak and rusty. My         home at the time and had been dis-
                                          father had driven my car to Vir-       tracted only for a second, was up-
If you ever heard Kevin speak at a
                                          ginia and had come to Kevin's          set and worried. I am sure Kevin
conference, one of the things that
                                          house to meet up with me. When         gave the boys a serious lecture at
was most notable was how excited
                                          Kevin discovered it had a stick        home. However, the next day,
he got when he presented a cool
                                          shift, he was concerned that I         when Kevin related the story, it
idea or discovery he had just fig-
                                          might not be able to handle            was obvious he was really proud of
ured out. He was also excited
                                          it. When I left that night, and had    his son for having figured out how
when he read other's work and was
                                          to back down his long dark drive-      to start and drive the car at such a
inspired by it.
                                          way, he watched me the whole           young age. Kevin regularly in-
2) To be a good scientist one             way to make sure I was OK. My          cluded pictures and videos of his
should look broadly.                      father remarked "I remember how        daughter in his talks on gait in chil-
Kevin's research is most notable          gracious Kevin was when I              dren and always seemed to beam
for his ability to cross interdiscipli-   brought the Jeep back to U-Va,         when he spoke of her.
nary boundaries, bringing the tech-       how he was concerned that it had a
                                                                                 To conclude, Kevin taught me
niques of engineering control the-        stick shift."
                                                                                 much of what I know about being
ory to bear on improving the un-          He thought a lot about his students    an engineering professor. He
derstanding of the etiology of low        as people and how to encourage         taught me not only how to write
back injuries and the neuromotor          them to be the best they could         grants, manage research and nur-
and musculoskeletal effects of            be. He continued to be concerned       ture students, but also how to be a
cerebral palsy. He was always             about me long after I left his lab,    good and balanced person. He will
looking for new ways to look at the       contacting me occasionally to tell     be missed by all of his current and
problem, searching the literature of      me about a paper he had read and       former students and post-docs.
other fields to see how they could        keeping up on my research direc-
be brought to bear on the problem         tions.                                 Sara Wilson
at hand.                                                                         Originally posted to Biomch-l
                                          5) Family is important.
3) Creativity in science is impor-
                                          Kevin worked long and hard. As a
                                          post-doc, I could never beat him in
The best example of his creativity        in the morning and he often would
could be seen in a tour of his lab,
  NEWS                                                                                     Page 23


                                         Ben Johnston. Individuals with          ally increased. The largest in-
  Industrial Advisory Committee
                                         questions or an interest in becom-      crease went to the National Insti-
  This committee is spearheading
                                         ing active with the NIH Task Force      tute of Allergy and Infectious
  efforts to increase the BED’s inter-
                                         should contact David Vorp at Vor-       Disease (NIAID), which will re-
  actions with industry. We feel that
                                A visit to the            ceive $4.59 billion, a total that
  the BED in general and the Sum-
                                         National Institutes of Biomedical       includes a $200 million contribu-
  mer Bioengineering Conference
                                         Imaging and Bioengineering              tion to the Global Fund for HIV/
  (SBC) in particular do not serve
                                         (NIBIB) on the NIH campus was           AIDS.
  our industrial constituents well
                                         made by the Task Force on Febru-      • The NIBIB has a broad mission
  enough. This includes doing better
                                         ary 27, 2007, during which a meet-      and a small pot of money (which
  at programming at the SBC geared
                                         ing was held with NIBIB Director        is the reverse of most institutes)
  toward industrial attendees, and
                                         Roderic I. Pettigrew, Ph.D., M.D..    • The NIBIB FY 2008 budget re-
  also at guiding our students and
                                         We also attended the 5th Annual         quest is $300 million, an increase
  post-doctoral fellows towards ca-
                                         Engineering R&D Symposium               of $4 million or 1.3 percent from
  reers in bioengineering-related in-
                                         held on May 8, 2007, on Capitol         the FY 2007 continuing joint
  dustry. The committee will meet
                                         Hill. Some of the most relevant         resolution. Taking into account
  once a year, at each SBC, and be
                                         (and sobering) notes from our at-       the 3.7 percent inflation rate (as
  comprised of volunteers from in-
                                         tendance at these events include:       estimated by the Bureau of Eco-
  dustry or with industry ties. Mem-
                                                                                 nomic Analysis) this effectively
  bership is open and innovative         • Just prior to the budget doubling
                                                                                 amounts to a decrease in funding
  ideas are sought for making it a         days, the NIH budget as a whole
                                                                                 by 2.4 percent.
  success. Interested individuals          enjoyed roughly a 7% increase
                                                                               • The number of research project
  should contact David Vorp, Chair         per year, always outpacing infla-
                                                                                 applications to NIBIB continues
  (                        tion.
                                                                                 to grow (a 5% increase was noted
                                         • The total FY 2008 NIH budget
                                                                                 in FY 2006 over FY 2005).
  ASME NIH Task Force                      request is $28.85 billion, which
                                                                               • The success rate (i.e., payline) for
  This task force traditionally has        represents a $330 million (1.1%)
  been spearheaded by the BED and                                                applications to the NIBIB was 17
                                           REDUCTION from the $29.18
  is charged with “keeping an ear to                                             percent in FY 2006 versus 20
                                           billion approved in FY 2007.
                                                                                 percent in FY 2005.
  the ground” on NIH funding issues      • Federal funding is increased from
                                                                               • NIBIB has a larger than average
  that impact the bioengineering           FY 2007 to FY 2008 in general
  community. Active NIH Task                                                     (across all institutes) portfolio of
                                           for weapons- or defense-related
  Force members are BED members                                                  SBIR grants
                                           departments (NSF, NASA, and
                                                                               • Quantum projects are being en-
  Jimmy Moore, Texas A&M Uni-              DOD).
  versity, Mohamed Samir Hefzy,          • While the overall FY 2008 NIH
  Univ of Toledo, and David Vorp,          budget decreased compared to
  University of Pittsburgh, and                                                David A. Vorp, Chair
                                           FY 2007, the budgets allotted to
  ASME staffers Anthony Quinn and          some institutes and centers actu-


         Spring 2007
         News Bulletin
         American Society of Mechanical Engineers


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