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GCSE Coursework
25% of overall marks/grade  3 pieces submitted to exam board  At least one completed in controlled conditions  Draft / Final version  3 pieces= 250 – 300 words Foundation 400 – 500 words Higher

For Grade C or above

Must show evidence of the following:

Variety of tenses (Past, Present and Future)  Opinions and justifications (j’aime….parce que……)  Lots of “salt and pepper”

When writing your draft, you may refer to a variety of source material:

Source material

 Exercise

book  Text books  Dictionary  Worksheets  Web sites (must be declared)
 For

controlled pieces, only a dictionary can be used.

Task: Advertising my school
  


Your task is to produce a piece of coursework that advertises your school Higher Level 150-200 words Foundation 80-120 words You could design: a prospectus a poster a web-page Deadline for first draft: Friday 21 November

Suggested Plan:
  

   

A brief history of the school – when it was built, changes to buildings, staff etc. Facilities (classrooms, labs, sports facilities, canteen, library etc.) Subjects studied, length of day and lesson times Rules and Uniform Any special features/strengths Clubs and after school activities Opinions of students already here Why parents/students should choose this school

    

    

… fue construido … abrió Construyeron/ Hay/ Exista Tiene/tenemos... Se puede hacer/estudiar Tiene que/ No tiene que Está prohibido de…. Las asignaturas obligatorias Las asignaturas facultativas Escogí

…was built … opened They built/added There is…../there exists We have… You can do/study You must/must not It is forbidden to.. compulsory subjects optional subjects I chose

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